Zhan Long

Chapter 477

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Chapter 477 Halberd Whirlwind

“Not necessarily….”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Based on what I know, all of the jobs have their own way of using the Drunken Sword Style. It all depends on if you’re willing to sacrifice some of the really good stats for special equipment. In addition, at the current stage, there aren’t that many special equipments out there. Even equipments that increase rage haven’t appeared until now. Who knows if there really will be a true Drunken Sword Style?”

Wang Jian walked over and patted my shoulder, “Brother Xiao Yao….”

I glared at him, “F*ck, what what do you want?!”

Wang Jian blushed, “Now that you have the Halberd Wielder’s leg guards, then why don’t you give me the Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards? You can think of it as a consolation prize. I’ve been thinking about that [Recovery of the Dragon Knight] special skill for a while now, I just didn’t want to say anything….”


Unhappily, I took the Dragon Knight Leg Guards from my bag and handed them to him.

Dancing Forest Raised her long bow, “ Thinking about it, there’s two other equipments that we haven’t looked at the stats for. Hurry up! I’m so tired and hungry!”


Continuing on, the third piece of equipment was a fiery cloak. I raised it up and gave it a light shake. The stats appeared as waves of heat radiated from the cloak. One after another, the dazzling numbers appeared—

[Halberd Wielder Cloak] (Saint Tier)

Defense: 970

Strength: +102

Endurance: +100

Agility: +99

Additional: Increases the user’s agility by 15%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP to 2200

Special: [Wind Rider], Increases the user’s movement speed by 17%

Special: [Swift Victory], Increases the user’s attack power by 15%

Required: 85


“Fck, it’s another Saint Tier equipment. What kind of luck is this?!” Li Mu’s jaw fell to the ground.

I raised the Halberd Wielder’s Cloak and said, “It’s a cloak type equipment, so any class can wear it. However, that 15% increase in agility is clearly targeted towards Archers, Musketeers, and Assassins. Come, how about our leather type players all ROLL for it….”

From that speech, everyone knew that this cloak was destined to end up with either Qing Qian, Wolf, Wan Er, or Dancing Forest. Very soon, the four began to ROLL. In the end, Qing Qian had the best luck, and won the cloak with 87 points!

The last equipment was a pair of leather shoes that was Emperor Tier Even though it wasn’t exactly trash, it was worth getting excited for. It ended up getting ROLLED to Thousand League Spring.

The last item was a green skill book. I waved my hand over the book, and the stats appeared in the air

[Halberd Whirlwind] (SS Tier) : Summons the strength of a halberd and deals a fiery whirlwind of attacks to all targets within a 20 yard radius. All damage dealt by the skill is 140% of the normal damage. Requires a halberd, a lance, a long sword, or a long blade. Class: All warrior types Level: 84 Charm: 4 Points


My hand shook a little and I smiled, “Damn, it’s a close combat area attack skill!! Motherf*cker, this, this is a priceless treasure. Even Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword haven’t collected many area attack skills. This [Halberd Whirlwind] is a SS tier skill, a top tier area skill. My luck really is good, its OP!”

Li Mu excitedly smiled, “Here, there are only three heavy armor types here. This [Halberd Whirlwind] is definitely going to become one of us. Let’s ROLL it, the time for the most suspenseful moment!”

I nodded, and accepted the three people into the ROLL. My roll appeared in the sky: 71 points. Not bad, it wasn’t too terrible, and it wasn’t too good.

Wang Jian also threw out his die and got 83 points, defeating me in one blow!

Li Mu didn’t get that many points, 11. Way too low!

Wang Jian ended up getting the [Halberd Whirlwind]. He was so happy that he could’ve jumped off a cliff from the excitement. He held the skill book in the palm of his hand. “Shua!” it disappeared. Afterwards, everyone stared at him, waiting to see the effect of the [Halberd Whirlwind]!


Wang Jian lowered his body slightly, and roared. At that moment, flames began to flare up around him. Right afterwards, an energy began to gather in his body, and start to whirl around, creating a 20 yard radius. “Hong!” it disappeared in a second! Even though it didn’t last very long, I could still feel the strength of the [Halberd Whirlwind]!

Very good, I was extremely excited. Now that he got the [Halberd Whirlwind], Wang Jian’s strength on the frontlines would greatly increase. This meant that [Zhan Long]’s heavy armor team’s strength would greatly increase! Wang Jian originally had extremely good maneuvers, and top tier equipments. On top of that, the SS tier skill [Halberd Whirlwind], is made just for top tier warriors. If only [Zhan Long] had 10 Wang Jian’s on the battlefield, wouldn’t we pretty much rule the world?


“Alright already, I’m so tired….” Wan Er leaned against my shoulder and sneezed, “Let’s rest back in the city. We can just keep the teleportation crystal with us, and come back later. How does that sound?”


I looked around at everyone and said, “Right now it’s 12:40. Eating and sleeping will take 11 hours and 20 minutes. Everyone, let’s meet up together against at 12:00 tomorrow night. We’ll try and finish the quest completely right after that!”

Everyone nodded, “Alright, back to the city!”

I put away the teleportation crystal into my bag and crushed a City Return Scroll. The entire group appeared in Ba Huang City one by one. Nobody wanted to fix up their equipments at the moment. Instead, they all just logged off, first thing. We were all tired and hungry, and needed to get some food.


I waited at the bottom of the girls dorm. Wan Er and Dong Cheng both came down the stairs. The two spirited girls seemed extremely tired, and rubbed their eyes as they watched. Wan Er said, “So hungry, so tired. Let’s go eat some…”

I nodded, “Yup, how about we go to the buffet?”

“Alright, we’ll wait for you here. You drive!”


I headed to the parking lot, and drove the white A4 over. Afterwards, the two girls got into the car. We passed through the urban district and arrived at a buffet. I parked the car at the side of the road. I looked back and smiled, Wan Er and Dong Cheng had both fallen asleep in the back.

After I got out of the car, I woke up the two girls. The second we entered the buffet, a wave of scents overcame our noses. At that moment, the two girls seemed to fully wake up. It was as though they were little white rabbits that had smelled the scent of fresh grass. We paid money to the waitress, and we went in to get all the food we could see. After an hour, I had eaten my fill and drank three bowls of soup and started a conversation with the two girls——

I said, “This quest in the Sword Saint Forest, probably will give us another 2- 5 Saint Tier equipments. This SSS tier quest’s drop rate really is too great. After this quest, our core players’ strength should go up quite a bit.”

Wan Er nodded, “Yup yup. Li Mu got the Tian Chen Sword and Wang Jian got [Halberd Whirlwind]. The General Family’s two generals have already gotten much stronger by the fourth floor….”

Dong Cheng smiled and asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, why’d you forfeit the fight over the Tian Chen Sword? Based on your OP luck, you had a high chance of getting the sword. That Tian Chen Sword’s attack is much higher than the Cold Iron Sword’s. This way, when you use your [Blade Spin], the damage dealt will be much greater.”

I pursed my lips and said, “Nevermind. They’re all my brothers. Besides, Li Mu and Wang Jian’s equipment really isn’t that good. Raising their strength means raising my own strength. I don’t care if I don’t have the Tian Chen Sword. After all, my main damage comes from my Dragon Reservoir Sword.”


“Let’s go back and sleep. Afterwards, we’ll wake up a little earlier, and eat a good meal when we wake up.”



We left the restaurant and got onto the A4, and by the time I stopped before the girls dorm, the two girls had already fallen asleep again. After all, they didn’t have the same stamina as me, who has reached the level of Royal Air top tier, so it wasn’t surprising that they didn’t have as much energy or stamina.

I opened up the car door and shook Wan Er’s shoulder, “Wan Er, it’s time to wake up…”

Wan Er slowly squinted her eyes, and then fell back asleep, “Let me sleep now….”


I was speechless. I reached out and wrapped my arm around her slim waist. I then put my other arm under her legs, and lifted her out of the car. I smiled and quietly whispered in her ear, “Wan Er, hurry up and wake up. Someone’s kidnapping Dong Cheng. If you don’t hurry up and wake up, she’ll end up being pa pa pa….”


Wan Er opened up her beautiful eyes and said, “Where?”

She turned around and saw that Dong Cheng was lazily laying on the car seat. She then immediately looked back at me said, “You bastard, aren’t you tricking me? Besides…. why are you holding me….”

I immediately put her down and said, “Hurry up and take Dong Cheng back to sleep. It isn’t comfortable in the car.”


Wan Er slowly woke up completely and supported Dong Cheng and walked over to the door. Afterwards, she waved at me without turning around and smiled, “Hurry up and sleep. Don’t tire yourself out!”

I was speechless.

I watched as they both went upstairs. Afterwards, I glanced around at the hidden guards, before I went to park the car. I quickly rushed back upstairs to my door and covered my head with my blanket and fell to sleep.


When I woke up, it was already 10 at night. I got up from my bed. I then went downstairs to go pick up Wan Er and Dong Cheng to eat a midnight snack. When I returned to the dorm and got online. It was time to continue the Sword Saint Abyss quest. I couldn’t drag this quest for too long. I couldn’t just leave Matcha, Old K and Fox and the others to manage the guild. After all, the only person who’s actually managing the guild is probably Matcha. Old K was a crude person, there was no way he knew how to manage a guild. Fox was only good at logistics. The only person that was good at managing, was the clever Matcha.


When I appeared in Ba Huang City, it was already 11:40. Looking at all of the structures around me, I felt much more refreshed. After I fixed up my equipment, I replenished my potions. Afterwards, I took out the 119 pieces of Garrison Armor pieces and put them into our guild storage. Very soon, all nine members of the team logged on and met up in the city.


I took out the red crystal and said, “Is everyone ready?”

Everyone nodded and said, “Ok, let’s go!”


The crystal summoned a teleportation circle that lasted for 50 seconds. Within the blink of an eye, we arrived on the fifth floor of the Sword Saint Abyss. I raised my sword and walked forward, with Wan Er close behind me. All around us were waves of heat, and the monsters from the fourth floor had yet to spawn again. Clearly, nobody had gone in yet. The fifth floor monsters screeched. It wasn’t until the teleportation circle behind us disappeared, did I feel relieved. Doing this was necessary. I didn’t want someone to suddenly appear at a critical moment while we were fighting the BOSS.

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