Zhan Long

Chapter 475

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Chapter 475 The Halberd Wielder Tian Chen

As I held onto the Garrison Soldier Helmet, I couldn’t help but laugh, “Our luck has come! A Lv 84 Emperor Tier Set. It seems like we can get some more armor for [Zhan Long] in this Sword Saint Abyss.

Wan Er laughed lightly, “Hehe. That’s great. Yue Yao Yan and the others came to Ba Huang City to help us fight before and we should reward them. We don’t want to make them feel like they don’t belong in the guild.”

I nodded, “Yeah. If we can get some more Garrison armor sets, we’ll definitely give it to Yue Yao Yan and their guild first. As the Guild Master, I need to work harder to make our core players stronger!”

Wan Er laughed sweetly and said, “Unn. Then I’ll thank you in her place.”

Looking at the cute miss, I couldn’t help but smile. “Are you trying to take my Guild Master position….”

“Don’t. I’m only kidding…..”

Qing Qian laughed on the side, “Brother Xiao Yao, let me see the stats for the garrison soldier armor set. I want to see how strong it is. How much better is it compared to the desolate heaven set? Well, the garrison soldier set is probably stronger since it’s a Emperor Tier set.

I waved my hands and the stats popped up—

[Garrison Soldier Set]

2 Piece: Attack + 25%

3 Piece: Defense +40%

4 Piece: Attack Speed + 40%, Magic Resistance + 150%

5 Piece: Garrison! Health + 5000, Attack + 60%. After dying in battle, there is a 5% chance to revive at the place of death. The higher the player’s charm, the higher the revival rate will become. Skill Available: [Impact Roar]


“Damn…..” I clenched my fist and said, “Now even I want to change my equipments to this set.

Wang Jian eyes widened, “That last effect Garrison is too OP! This set basically beats a bunch of Valkyrie tier items together. A total of 5000 health, 85% attack, and 40% Defense and Attack speed and 150% Magic Resist. AND that’s only the set effect! Combined with each armor’s original stats, that’s basically like cheating!!’

Li Mu nodded, “Mhm. This Emperor Tier armor set basically beats out the Desolate Heaven set that we had before in every way possible. Especially with the [Impact Roar] skill that it comes with. If someone wearing this set charged into the enemy frontlines with this skill, it would be more destructive than Old K’s [Flaming Sun]. Damn. I don’t even want to think about it.

I looked at the Garrison Soldiers and laughed, “Let’s work hard and kill them then. We all want these Garrison Soldier sets but… these Garrison Soldiers are pretty hard to deal with. Two of you guys almost got insta-killed by them…. I don’t even know what to say to that…..”

Li Mu replied, “Well it seems like before Lv 90, having 9000 health just isn’t enough for warriors anymore.

Wang Jian laughed, “9000 Health? Did you not notice that brother Xiao Yao has 17000+ health? I feel like at Lv 100, Knights will be the focal point in battles. However, if we want our Knights to be able to take on the opponent’s front lines, they need at least 15000 health. That is the minimum requirement. If not, then Mages and Archers will bombard them with their skills and slaughter them easily. Look at Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue’s attacks. They are far too strong for front liners with lower health. One of them alone can damage a whole group of people. An ordinary group won’t have the health to withstand their attack.

Li Mu face-palmed and laughed, “15000 health. How much +health equipments do we need for that?”

“We’ll take it slow!”

I raised my sword and grinned. I began to lock [Great Realm of Desolation] onto the distant Garrison Soldiers. At the same time, I was thinking of how [Zhan Long] should develop in the future. It was just as Li Mu and Wang Jian had said, most guilds are prioritizing their over ten thousand health heavy armor teams. Now that [Zhan Long] was among the top 5 ranked guilds on the Chinese Server, we have to create our own heavy armor army, or else we’ll never be able to make a name for ourselves in future battles. Just having ten thousand + health wasn’t enough though. They must have equipment that adds health while increasing attack power, or else they’d just have health and no attack power, and they’ll never be able to touch other people. No matter how hard they try like that, it’ll be of no use.

However, these Garrison Soldier Sets present a great opportunity for us. Not only do these Garrison Soldier Sets increase health by 5000, it also increases attack power by 80%. It suits [Zhan Long] perfectly. On top of that, these were Lv 84 Emperor Tier equipments. Using them all the way to Lv 120 wasn’t too big of a problem. We should get more of these outfits, and help [Zhan Long] create a heavy armor team. For that was the true way of a king!

We slowly advanced forward. After that earlier lesson, we decided to lure less monsters over at a time. Instead, Dong Cheng used her [Magma Abyss] to lure the monsters, bringing 5-7 over in one attack. This way, there wasn’t that much risk for everyone, and we weren’t that slow in killing them.

“That….” Dong Cheng raised her staff and suggested, “I feel like we shouldn’t just recklessly kill these. Everyone here can tell that these Garrison Soldier sets are really important, so I think that we should have the people with the highest charm be the ones who deal the last attack on these Garrison Soldiers. That way, there would be a higher drop rate, isn’t that right?”

Qing Qian nodded, “Un. Then let’s say how many charm we each have!”

Li Mu, “71”

Wang Jian smiled, “67.”

Dancing Forest, “Damn. I’m embarrassed…..I only have 40”

Fox, “44……”

Qing Qian, “I’m a bit on the high end, 91!”

Dong Cheng, “I have 144”

Wan Er, “142……”
Then everyone looked at me. I looked at them and said, “198……”

“Tyrant!” everyone stared.

I rubbed my nose and laughed, “Don’t be like this guys….”

Qing Qian laughed, “Okay then. When the mobs reach below 10% HP, stop attacking. Let brother Xiao Yao, Sister Cang Tong and Sister Dong Cheng get the last hit. Their charm is high so the chances of an item dropping is higher for them. Especially Brother Xiao Yao. You need to get the most last hits. I don’t think anyone’s going to be mad if you got a bit more EXP.

I nodded, “Okay! Got it.”

Very quickly, I let everyone see the power of my superior ability to steal monsters. I cast [Great Realm of Desolation] from a distance to instant kill them, [Blade Spin] to cut off their heads, and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] for area kills, and [Combo]+[Wind Blade] for one on one kills. Over half of the Garrison Soldiers had fallen under my two blades. This way, the drop rate was extremely high. Within 30 minutes, 11 of the Garrison Soldier Outfit pieces had dropped and we successfully made another Outfit. I gave it to Wang Jian to temporarily use, since the stats were better than his current equipment.

The more careful we were in killing, the slower we were advancing. It took us a whole five hours to kill all of these fourth floor monsters. It wasn’t until the second day at 11 o’clock, that we finally managed to kill the last crowd!

I stood beside the bodies of the last Garrison Soldiers and looked into the distance. On the other side, there stood a general that was completely clothed in armor and equipped with a long halberd. His bloody cloak fluttered in the wind as he loftily glanced at us. We were too far away, and so we weren’t going to attract any aggro at the moment. However, he was clearly the BOSS of the fourth floor!

I looked at my bag, and saw that I had a grand total of 119 Garrison Soldier set pieces. I think that was around enough to form 21 outfits, which was quite a bit. I looked in front of us and excitedly said, “The BOSS is here. Prepare for battle. When we finish killing him, we’ll log off and take a break. Are you guys all looking forward to that?”

Dong Cheng looked at me with her red eyes, “Brother Xiao Yao, I’m so exhausted…..”

Wan Er lovably sneezed a few times and smiled, “Good luck on the last battle! Wu, this BOSS seems to be on a different level also, its…. its a Saint Tier BOSS. We’re really in for it…..”

Very soon, the little miss listed out the BOSS’ stats in the team chat. This Sword Saint Abyss BOSS’ stats were really savage——

[Halberd Wielder Tian Chen] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 94

Attack: 5000-5600

Defense: 4800

Health 14000000

Skills: [Blaze Rush] [Halberd Exorcism] [Halberd Whirlwind] [Purgatory Demon]

Introduction: Tian Chen, Chi Yuan City’s number one War God. He was known as a once in a hundred years rare general. His one halberd sweep was unrivaled throughout the entire country. Afterwards, he was defeated by Sword Saint Chi Yu Han, and became great friends with him. He followed Chi Yu Han to the Eastern War Front. There, he made many great achievements. Finally, Tian Chen followed Chi Yu Han to Ba Huang City, and was finally defeated by Bai Meng Army’s soldiers. On top of that, Tian Chen was shot through the heart by Purple Star, and he fell to Hell. After spending several years in Purgatory, he finally awoke from his slumber in Sword Saint Abyss, his heart filled with vengeance


He looked at me from a distance and waved his halberd as he roared, “I recognize that symbol on your shoulder. You’re one of Ba Huang City’s bastards. Come at me! Let me send you to the depths of hell where you will never reincarnate again. I’ll let you have a taste of what true desperation is!”

I acted quickly and whispered in the team chat, “This is a Lv 94 Saint Tier Tian Chen. His stats are just a little lower than Mu Lin’s stats. He’s really strong. Later, I’ll advance first, so that I can tank him. Li Mu and Wang Jian can only take one attack from Tian Chen. There’s no way they can take another attack. Therefore, you guys, make sure you guys stay alive. Wan Er, make sure you watch the durability of my [Wall of Dou Qi]. Once it’s getting close to finishing, I’ll hand the BOSS over to you so that I have time to take a breath. Little Wolf and Qing Qian must stun the BOSS when my [Wall of Dou Qi] is in cool down and do their best to drag down Tian Chen. We need to slowly whittle away his health. I’ll start off attacking the BOSS. You guys wait a little before starting. Don’t start until you understand the different skills he has!”

“Mhm!” Wan Er nodded and looked at me, “You be careful too!”

“Got it!”

I sighed and activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and my other BUFFs. I brought my Flaming Tiger God with me, and walked towards the BOSS. “Shua.” My Cold Iron Sword flew out. At the same time, I opened my hand, and three Dragon Reservoir Sword images appeared in the air. In seconds, they pierced through Tian Chen’s body, while my Cold Iron Sword completed the first attack from [Blade Spin]——



I was astonished. I completely couldn’t budge this BOSS, his defense was way too high!

Tian Chen held his halberd and rose from the ground. He charged at me, his body completely robed in flames. He accelerated towards me. This was the effect from [Blaze Rush]. He raised his halberd, and threw a fiery slice at me. This was an area attack! Even though I managed to parry it, he raised his halberd again and spun, and continued a barrage of attacks that lasted for a second. It was just like [Whirlwind Slash], and it was actually his skill [Halberd Whirlwind]. I felt searing pain rush through my chest. Two damage numbers flew up——



Good thing I had the effect of [Wall of Dou Qi]. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if it was not activated….

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