Zhan Long

Chapter 474

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Chapter 474 Garrison Soldier Helmet

As we got close to the end of the third level, it was already around 5 o’clock and everyone was getting weary. However, we couldn’t go offline right now. There were a total of 7 maps, and at the very least, we couldn’t rest until after the fourth floor. This map wasn’t restricted to just our team. If anyone found out what we were doing, based on [Zhan Long]’s ability to attract hostility, we would definitely draw in trouble.

“Sha sha….”

My Cloud Stepping Boots slid across the sand. Finally, I had dealt with all of the Steel Scorpions. As we moved forward, we walked into an ashen area. The map clearly had an enormous red dot. A hot smokey fog began to seep in from the distance and filled the area in front of us, as if creating a new dimension.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and quietly said, “Everyone stay here, I’ll lure the BOSS out!”



I stepped into the smoke and squinted. I swept out my sword, and created a gust to clear out the smoke. Suddenly, I saw an enormous monster that was coiled around itself and sleeping there. It was a 20 meter long, giant centipede! A fiery hot shell covered its entire body and it had countless claws that were each as sharp as knives. On its head, grew two beady red eyes. On top of that, there were two, two meter long arms with a blade in each hand and hard shells covered every inch. This was probably some kind of two bladed centipede weapon!

“Ji Ji….”

That was the signal that started the hunt. The BOSS had noticed us. It immediately waved its swords and rushed at us. It was crawling along the ground at a shocking speed. Just watching the scene made our hearts tremble a little. F*ck, the closer this game gets to the end, the scarier the BOSS’ designs become! Female players probably don’t have the courage to battle in close combat with a BOSS like this!

I opened my hand and locked [Great Realm of Desolation] on the BOSS. Afterwards, I used my Cold Iron Sword with a [Blade Spin] and let it spiral right towards the boss. It pierced the BOSS’ body numerous times, and dragged the aggro to myself. At the same time, I quickly scanned the BOSS’ stats. It was Lv 93, which was 4 levels higher than myself. On top of that, it was only a Valkyrie Tier BOSS. It shouldn’t be a problem to deal with.


My Cloud Stepping Boots slid a few steps forward. I arrived before Wan Er and Dong Cheng and said, “This BOSS is a bit ugly, so I’ll solo tank it. Wan Er, Qing Qian, you guys just take the experience. Healers, lock your heals onto me. Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest will deal damage. Just make sure you don’t take away the aggro from me…”

“How’s that possible? You have such high damage. Even if I wanted to steal aggro from you, it wouldn’t be easy….” Dong Cheng giggled. But, once she saw the Lava Centipede appear from out of the fog, her pretty little face turned ashen, “Wu, this BOSS really is ugly. Thank god I’m a long distance type….”

Wan Er’s expression was also a little disgusted and she cried, “Nevermind, I’ll just watch you kill this BOSS. Good luck pig….”

I didn’t say anything. The Lava Centipede crossed it’s swords and “Ka Ka” aimed right at my chest, leaving two deep cuts. Each attack dealt 2700 damage. This BOSS had already broken through quite a bit of my defense. After all, it wore down quite a bit of my [Wall of Dou Qi]. It’ll probably break in 60 seconds.

I summoned my Flaming Tiger God out to help and damage. Behind me, Dancing Forest used her [Shield Breaker Shot] three times, and decreased the BOSS’ defense by over 20%. Killing it like this would be much easier.

The Lava Centipede’s attack pattern was very simple. He just used his two swords to hack at me, and when he started to turn around, he was going to use his tail to sting me!

“Ji Ji….”

With a screech, the BOSS suddenly twitched and spun around. “Shua!” it wrapped its body around me, and cut me at the same time. My health suddenly dropped and Wan Er immediately shouted, “You can’t let it wrap around you! Otherwise, the heals won’t be able to catch up. This is the BOSS’ killing skill! Interrupt it!”

I quickly nodded in understanding. With a shot, I activated a [Combo] and slashed at the Centipede to get out of its grip. With a slide, I got a good 5 meters away from the BOSS. I spun my swords, and aimed each cut right at the Centipede’s joints. These were all weak points. After that round of attacks, the centipede screeched in pain and its health decreased by a lot, making it a much faster kill.

After a short 7 minutes, the BOSS’ health dropped to the bottom. I glanced around and said, “Qing Qian, come over and get some experience. Use [Twin Blade Harmony]+ [Combo] and then deal a [Grip of the Firefox]. It should be close enough to dying!”

“Alright!” Qing Qian lept up.

I raised my two swords in front of my chest in a defensive position. “Keng keng keng” I blocked the BOSS’ dying blows. Qing Qian dashed out and flashed her daggers. The Centipede screeched and fell to its death. Qing Qian successfully leveled up, and a pile of equipments fell to the ground.

I walked forward and picked up the three equipments that the Lava Centipede dropped. This time, we weren’t as lucky. There was only one Valkyrie Tier equipment. The rest were all Emperor Tier. I decided to not mention the Emperor Tiers to everyone, and gave one to Darling Duck and one to Dancing Forest. The Valkyrie Tier armor plate had pretty good defense, so I gave it to Wang Jian.

I picked up the teleportation crystal from the Lava Centipede’s body. I gripped it in my hand and crushed it. Once it broke, a magic circle appeared. Fourth Floor of Sword Saint Abyss, I’m coming!

I gripped the Dragon Reservoir Sword and turned around to look at everyone. “The fourth floor can be considered a harder floor. From here on out, everyone must be more careful!”

“Yeah, you be careful too!”

I leapt into the teleportation circle and heard the sounds of battle all around me. Hot winds began to blow into my face. The closer we were to the seventh floor, the hotter the environment around us became. Sweat started to seep through my battle robes. It was a good thing that the game didn’t have something like dehydration, or else the only way I could battle is if I had a gallon of water in one hand and a sword in the other.

Not far into the distance, there were a few soldiers dressed in armor who carried swords, battle axes, and maces and were roaming around the perimeter. When they saw me coming, they immediately started waving their weapons and shouted, “For the honor of the Commander, for the honor of Zh Yuan City’s Bai Meng Army!”

I raised my long sword and rushed over. I commanded my Flaming Tiger God to help me destroy them. In the end, one of them cut into my shoulder with a battle axe, dealing 1000 damage. These fourth floor Thunder Tier monsters were really strong. Their stats weren’t as simple as just having one more level!

Wan Er, Li Mu and Wolf all teleported to the new map. The beautiful little miss was extremely clever and saw the meaning of this, “These fourth floor monsters, their stats are completely different!”

I quickly listed out the new stats in the team chat. They really were very different from the previous Thunder Tier monsters that we had fought before——

[Garrison Soldiers] (Thunder Tier)

Level: 94

Attack: 3700-4550

Defense: 4000

Health: 200,000

Skills: [Charge] [Rage Cut] [Impact Roar]

Introduction: Garrison Soldier, these elite warriors used to all be soldiers of Ze Yuan City and were members of the Bai Meng Army. They followed the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han to attack Ba Huang City. However, due to past events, they were willing to fight for Ba Huang City instead. However, due to the suspicious nature of Luo Lei, he didn’t trust these soldiers to hold the fort for Ba Huang City. In one night, Ba Huang City’ Army, and the Bai Meng Army were completely massacred, and the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han was sealed. Today, these Garrison Soldiers have awoken from their sleep in Hell, and have been summoned here by Chi Yu Han. Their only goal is to bathe Ba Huang City in blood.


“It’s Ba Huang City’s ants!” One of the Garrison Soldiers swung his halberd and shouted, “Trample them! Let Ba Huang City’s hypocrites know the wrath of our Bai Meng Army. Let them know our pain!”

There were a total of 11 Garrison Soldiers that charged at us. Their attack was pretty good. I immediately shouted, “I’ll block them by myself. Li Mu and Wang Jian, you both drag two of them away. Wan Er drag another two away. The 5 others, I’ll take!”

I swept out my blade and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. My Flaming Tiger God also let out a [Flame Roar]. However, when the group of Garrison Soldiers charged into me, their third skill was truly terrifying. The five Garrison Soldiers all raised their heads and shouted, “Battle, is our final fate!”

This roar turned into a small scale shock wave. Wan Er, Li Mu, Wang Jian and I were all in the attack range. Wan Er raised her iron umbrella to minimize the damage. My magic defense was really high, so every shockwave dealt only 1500 damage to myself. However, Li Mu and Wang Jian each suffered at least 2500 damage. In seconds, their health dropped to the bottom. Luckily, the two bastards gulped down a health potion. If they hadn’t done that, they would’ve been instantly killed!

Darling Duck quickly used an area heal, her face was ashen, “Eh, such a strong skill. Be careful!”

Dong Cheng quickly used a [Thunderbolt Finger] and a [Magma Lance] and stuck her tongue out, “Woah, you guys were almost killed by these monsters. If this gets out, won’t you be humiliated to death….”

Li Mu’s face was pale, “Beautiful Dong Cheng, please don’t joke around. Wang Jian, let’s retreat, let Guild Master go against them….”

“Brother Xiao Yao, good luck!” Wang Jian pulled out his sword and retreated.

I nodded. My health was too high, at around 17,000, so I can definitely block it. These two bastards’ equipment are far weaker than my own. If they had less than 10,000 health, they definitely can’t block it.


After a flurry of attacks, we finally killed all 11 Garrison Soldiers. I began to sweep the battlefield for drops, and noticed a red helmet. I held it in my hand, and felt heat radiating from the equipment. I suddenly got excited. He he, it’s another high tier equipment!

[Garrison Soldier Helmet] (Emperor Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 610

Strength: +65

Endurance: +62

Agility: +59

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 12%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 10%

Outfit: Garrison Soldier Outfit – Helmet

Introduction: Garrison Soldier Outfit, many years ago, Chi Yuan City’s King was extremely aggressive. In order to dominate the world, he went looking for an iron smith from the Chi You Tribe. There, he captured a dozen Chi You tribesmen and forced them to create armor for Chi Yuan City. In the end, he obtained several hundred elite armor outfits. These outfits were from then on, known as the Garrison Soldier Outfits. All of the warriors that had worn these outfits before were well renowned heroes and the outfits became a legend.

Required: 84


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