Zhan Long

Chapter 473

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Chapter 473 Guild Rankings

“What a sin….”

I shook my head, “We have to save another princess’ spirit….If we kill her, then it would be considered a release. But, killing a magic type BOSS will be hard….”

“Hard?” Dong Cheng stuck her full 34Cs out and rebelliously said, “My basic magic attack is around 5000. Why don’t you praise me?”

Stunned I said, “That’s a Valkyrie Tier BOSS and has hidden stat boosts. Are you a Valkyrie Tier player?”



Wan Er asked with a smile, “Alright alright, stop stop. Why don’t we talk about how to kill it? Li Xiao Yao, how about you hold off the BOSS and I’ll kill it?”

I thought about it for a second, “Wan Er, how about you do that? I’ll just deal damage. You’re a Moon Elf, and so you have better defense against magic BOSSes. On top of that, your damage would deal enough damage to attract aggro.”

“Alright~” Wan Er cheerfully agreed.

Li Mu’s eyes widened, “F*ck, this is the first time I’ve seen an Assassin be the tank. Alright then, why don’t I keep my eyes open and watch carefully….”


Wan Er put away her dagger and pulled out the iron umbrella on her back. She activated [Absolute Step] and rushed straight at the Blaze Demoness. Before she even reached the boss, her dagger glowed [Flying Dagger]. “Pa!” it pierced right into the Blaze Demoness’ chest. Right afterwards, she lunged forward and grabbed the returning dagger. She then threw a [Blade of the Death God], and landed three cuts!




It had to be said, Assassin cloth types are just too strong. Especially Wan Er, who had a special class like Hermit God. Just with one attack, she could completely lock the BOSS’s aggro completely on herself. The Blaze Demoness screamed and began to wave her mage staff. Angrily, she activated [Blaze Rush]!

Wan Er moved sideways and threw the dagger behind her. She spun around and gathered momentum. “Peng!” her iron umbrella rammed into the BOSS’s shoulder, but still couldn’t interrupt the skill. Thus, the beautiful little miss jerked her shoulder, and opened up her iron umbrella with a “Pa!”, which covered up her beautiful figure. The Demoness screeched, and threw a ball of fire right onto the iron umbrella, and dealt 2700 damage. She could still withstand the attack, as Wan Er had 8000 total health. It wasn’t going to be that easy to instant kill her.

She raised her right arm, and forced her dagger into the BOSS. When the Demoness raised her staff to cast a fire spell, Wan Er immediately used her umbrella to parry the attack. The rhythm of her defense and attack moves was practically perfect. The battlefield was practically a one man show by Wan Er. If I were to look at the whole population, there weren’t that few Moon Elves, however Wan Er is probably the only one that can fight at this level.

“What are you waiting for? Attack…” I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and smiled, “Did you guys want to just happily wait for experience and items to just fall into your laps? Hurry up and deal some damage. Let’s finish this BOSS in ten minutes!”


The whole team ran forward to attack. There wasn’t going to be too much danger anyways. Darling Duck basically used AOE heals for everyone. The Blaze Demoness was surrounded by a fiery shell, and could deal a lot of burn damage to all of us. Using AOE heals was the best.

I crossed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword, and made the Blaze Demoness cry out. How could a Valkyrie Tier BOSS handle that kind of damage? It didn’t even take 5 minutes for her health to fall to the bottom. The BOSS’s [Magma Abyss] was enormous though. The attack had a 20 x 20 yard range. On the bright side, all of us close range players could take the damage. Instantly killing us isn’t that easy.

“Li Xiao Yao, deal the last attack!” Wan Er raised her umbrella and started to retreat. Her cloak revealed her hypnotizing figure.

I nodded and swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I threw a [Combo] and normal attack. With one set, I threw 10 slices. On top of that, I dealt 4 normal attacks. These 14 attacks cut the Demoness into pieces. “Hua la la” she dropped quite a bit of equipment. This time, it was mainly magic type equipment. I picked them up one by one and revealed the stats to everyone——

[Grip of the Undead Princess] (Valkyrie Tier) : Cloth Type, Magic Power: +72, Endurance: +72, Strength: +70, Increases magic attack by 12%

[Leg guards of the Undead Princess] (Valkyrie Tier): Cloth Type, Magic Power: +74, Endurance: +71, Agility: +68, Increases heal by 27%

[Princess’ Hairpin] (Valkyrie Tier): Cloth Type, Magic Power: +72, Endurance: +71, Strength: +69, Increases magic attack by 11%

[Blazing Guards] (Valkyrie Tier): Strength +75, Endurance +72, Agility +70, Increases attack by 14%, Increases attack speed by 7%


“Woah….” Dong Cheng couldn’t close her mouth, “Just in one go, we got 4 Valkyrie Tier equipments! Brother Xiao Yao’s charm and drop rate is really amazing!”

I nodded with a smile, “It really is a good thing. After going through this Sword Saint Abyss quest, we should aim to switch at least 1-3 equipments per person. This way, [Zhan Long]’s officials will have all the top equipments in Ba Huang City. This way, our top tier strength will show itself, and it encourages the rest of the guild to become stronger as well!”


We began splitting up all the things. The Grip of the Undead Princess went to Dong Cheng, since she was the only one that really needed more magic attack. The leg guards were rolled away to miss Thousand League, since it gave a 27% increase in heal. This was a top tier Healer equipment. The Princess’ Hairpin was also given to Dong Cheng, and made her equipment look even stronger. I decided to not bother her. As for the [Blazing Guard], it was rolled away by Qing Qian. That was good, she also needs to raise her equipment. If the difference between her and Wan Er’s strength was too great, that wouldn’t be good either.

Actually, after I thought about it for a while, Wan Er, Qing Qian are both the guild’s top tier Assassins, but they didn’t seem to have any conflicts at all. Wan Er’s class was extremely special too. She could practically be used as a heavy armor type. On top of that, Wan Er’s maneuvers and strategy were better than Qing Qian’s. We’ll just let this killing goddess go onto the frontlines to battle. Qing Qian can continue being the number one ambusher.


I picked up the red crystal that the Blaze Demoness dropped and crushed it. A teleportation circle appeared in front of us. I activated the [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Wind] BUFF again. I raised my sword and took my Flaming Tiger God to rush in. It took us very little time to sweep the map. Of course, it had to be fast, otherwise this entire quest would take 3 – 4 days to finish.


When I entered the third floor of Sword Saint Abyss, I started hearing a “Jie Jie” sound beside me. I looked into the distance, and saw a few scorpions crawling around. They were only a few meters away from me. These scorpions were covered in a black shell and had two horns growing on its head. They looked like big c*ckroaches.


Wan Er followed behind me. She immediately furrowed her eyebrows and hugged my arm, “Wu, this monster is really gross. Can I not kill it?”

“You’ll get used to it…” I patted her soft arm, then raised my sword and rushed forward. I laughed and said, “Everyone prepare your area skills. I’ll lure the monsters over. Let’s get some experience!”

Once a group of Lv 93 Thunder Tier Steel Scorpions saw us coming, they began rushing at us. They used their sharp claws to attack, but only dealt around 500 damage. Compared to my 17312 health, it was like a little scratch. I threw a few cuts, and lured nearly 10 of those steel scorpions over. Dong Cheng immediately used her [Magma Abyss] and [Magma Lance] AOE skills. Li Mu released his [Covering Sword Slash], while Qing Qian used her [Grip of the Firefox]. Wolf used his [Ten Way Sword] and Wan Er unleashed [Ice Pick Whirlpool].

Within moments, the brilliant light from the skills all melded together. The scorpions all screeched, while our experience bars rushed up. After clearing out all of those steel scorpions, I glanced at my experience bar and saw that I was already 92% to Lv 88. Looks like I’ll level up to 89 on this floor. The speed at which I’m leveling up is faster than I thought. After we sweep out the entire floor, and if I don’t die leveling up to 92 shouldn’t be a problem. If I’m lucky, I might even reach Lv 94.

Without us noticing, two hours passed by. “Shua!” a ray of golden light fell, and I was already Lv 89. I looked at all of the team player levels, and it looked as though they had made up quite a bit of their levels——

General Li Mu Level 83

Yue Qing Qian Level 83

Song Han Level 82

Dancing Forest Level 82

General Wang Jian Level 82


Yup, after sweeping out this new level, Qing Qian and Li Mu will probably get into the top ten in Ba Huang City. However, I couldn’t be too optimistic. This was only the third level. I can’t even tell how hard the sixth and seventh levels are going to be.

“Brother Xiao Yao….” Qing Qian yelled out.

“Yes? What’s wrong Qing Qian?”

She giggled, “I got some really good news. In 20 minutes, the Chinese Server Guild Rankings will refresh. This is the first time it has refreshed in half a month. All of the calculations are happening right after we captured Dragon’s Den, and so, just you wait. [Zhan Long] will probably make it into the top ten guilds. This ranking is really important for us!”

“Yup, we’ll find out very soon….”

As I killed monsters, I waited for the rankings to refresh. Close to 25 minutes later, I refreshed my page once again. Just what I was waiting for, the new guild rankings!

Chinese Server Guild Rankings——

[Legend] Guild Master: Fang Ge Que
[Hero’s Mound] Guild Master: Q-Sword
[Vanguard] Guild Master: Jian Feng Han
[Judgement] Guild Master: Ye Lai
[Zhan Long] Guild Master: Xiao Yao Zi Zai
[House of Prestige] Guild Master: Bai Li Ruo Feng
[Appearance Alliance] Guild Master: Mu Xuan
[Prague] Guild Master: Yan Zhao Warrior
[Emerald Porcelain] Guild Master: Death’s Contract
[Enemies at the Gate] Guild Master: Misty Cloud
[Moonlit Lake] Guild Master: Gong Zi Ying
[Flying Dragon] Guild Master: Soaring Dragon
[Blood Contract] Guild Master: Han Bei Song
[Dao Jian Xuan] Guild Master: Blade Hero
[Valley of the Gods] Guild Master: Lu Dong Bing


Just as we thought, [Zhan Long] made it into the top ten. On top of that, we rose all the way to the top 5. We were actually ranked higher than [House of Prestige], [Appearance Alliance], and [Prague] those established guilds. This ranking was truly astonishing!

Li Mu smiled and made a fist, “F*ck, ranked number fifth! We’re too amazing!”

Wan Er gave a big grin and said, “Yup, this ranking really is high. Is it possible that the system administrators are also fans of [Zhan Long]?”

“Who knows….”

I happily swung my sword and continued killing monsters and said, “Let’s keep up the work. We got this ranking mainly because of the two city battles. [Zhan Long]’s ranking was the result of blood and sweat, and that is something we should be proud of. Afterwards, our main goal will be to recruit more members. As long as we have around the same number of members as [Legend] or [Hero’s Mound], then we’ll be able to compete with them!”


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