Zhan Long

Chapter 472

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Chapter 472 Blaze Demoness


Under my feet, magma suddenly burst out and sparks began to scatter all over as smoke began to rise. When the floor had completely split open, a beast roared. It was an enormous scorpion that broke through the ground. It was just like a c*ckroach that grew gigantic. Layers of hard shell covered its body. It had two pincers, eight legs, and feelers reaching out into the air. Just looking at it made goosebumps raise on my skin.


Qing Qian’s shout traveled to my ears. She hadn’t dodged in time and ended up getting caught in the monster’s pinchers. Her health quickly dropped.

“Hurry up and interrupt it!” I yelled.

Wan Er stepped off the ground and activated [Blade of the Death God]. She dashed forward, her Dragon’s Kiss dagger glowed red. She suddenly pierced forward and dealt a [Gouge] at the BOSS!


Success! The BOSS was stunned. Qing Qian fell from 4 meters up. But that f*cking scorpion opened up its mouth, and waited for our little beauty to fall into its mouth!


I swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and activated [Haste] to rush forward. I stepped off of one of the scorpion’s legs and leapt up, and caught Qing Qian’s hip. Afterwards, the two of us crashed into the wall with a “Peng!” and fell to ground painfully. “Wu wu” Qing Qian clutched her swollen arm and looked at me, “Brother Xiao Yao, are you ok?”

I slowly crawled up and swung my arm around, “No problem. My skin’s pretty thick. Let’s go kill the BOSS!”


At that moment, Wan Er and Wang Jian had already begun attacking the BOSS. It was a Lv 91 Valkyrie Tier BOSS. Wan Er and Wang Jian were more than enough to deal with this. After all, it was a tier lower than them, so it couldn’t be that strong. However, I quickly read the BOSS’s stats and listed them out on the group chat just to be sure. As expected, monsters from a SSS Tier Main Quest are quite a bit stronger than monsters from normal maps——

[Scorpion King] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS)

Level: 91

Attack: 3150-4250

Defense: 3400

Health: 5500000

Skills: [Blaze Slash] [Steel Shell] [Poison Field]

Introduction: Scorpion King, originally, it was a poisonous scorpion that was in a deep sleep in the earth. As it was cooked in the flames of the Earth’s core, its body began to transform, and it became bigger and stronger. On top of that, it also gave birth to a group of small Blaze Scorpions. The Scorpion King took control of the territory. Unfortunately, a stronger rival appeared. Chi Yu Han, that incredible man that entered the Holy Level appeared in the abyss. Just by using [Domain Control], he was able to defeat the Scorpion King. In the end, he commanded the Scorpion King and its scions to become the first line of defense for the Sword Saint Abyss. You must kill the Scorpion King in order to obtain permission to enter the second floor.


“The stats are pretty much just like Ping Yuan Jun….” I smiled, “Just kill it without a worry. There won’t be too much pressure from this one Wang Jian and Li Mu, control your aggro a little and don’t get too into the battle. With your levels, it’ll be very easy to be instantly killed.”

Li Mu said, “Not necessarily. When I died in the Purple Demon Forest, I lost a pair of boots; except that the main equipment that add defense, health and attack are still on me. I have 3 Lv 83 Valkyrie Tier equipments and my MaxHP is over 8000. This BOSS won’t be able to kill me.”

Wang Jian smiled as well, “I’m pretty much the same. Brother Xiao Yao, you don’t have to worry too much!”

“That’s good then, continue to attack!”

As I finished talking, I rushed forward. My Dragon Reservoir Sword and my Cold Iron Sword crossed each other and I let out two combos. The chain of attacks dragged the BOSS’s aggro firmly towards me. The Scorpion King screeched and its pincers began to burn ferociously, It was [Blaze Slash]!


Sparks flew off of my Magic Spite Armor, and a damage number flew up. It wasn’t too bad——


I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and used a [Blade Rush] to flank the BOSS. I then threw a [Fierce Ice Blade] + [Blade Spin] right into its side. Attacking in front of the BOSS were Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest’s long range attacks. Wolf and Qing Qian roamed the sidelines, waiting for their opportunity. One after another, they dealt [Flying Dagger]s and [Twin Blade Harmony]. Killing this BOSS was going very smoothly. The two Healers only needed to cast a few healing spells before the BOSS was almost dead.

In the end, not even 10 minutes later, the Scorpion King guardian died with a screech. Even though it had been cooking in the flames of magma for over ten thousand years, in the end it was just a piece of steak. How could it possibly take a barrage of attacks from experienced and strong killers like us? Getting defeated was it’s fate. The only thing was that after meeting us, it suffered an even more cruel defeat.

“Hua la la….”

A pile of equipments dropped. I walked forward and raised them all up. There was a grand total of 3 equipments. Afterwards, I listed out the stats in the team chat. Either way, I wasn’t planning on taking any of these——

[Scorpion King Wristguards] (Valkyrie Tier): Heavy Armor Type, Strength +77, Endurance +75, Agility +70, Increases attack by 11%, Increases MaxHP by 1100, Required: Level 85

[Scorpion King Boots] (Valkyrie Tier): Heavy Armor Type, Strength +74, Endurance+72, Agility+71, Increases attack by 12%, Increases Max HP by 1200, Required: Level 85

[King’s Ring] (Valkyrie Tier): Strength +75, Endurance +75, Magic+75, Increases Magic Attack by 15%, Decreases Cast Time by 10%, Required: Level 85


After a ROLL, the [Scorpion King Wristguards] were taken by Wang Jian and the [Scorpion King Boots] went to Li Mu. It was perfect since his last ones were dropped in the Purple Demon Forest. Giving him a Valkyrie Tier pair of boots was a good way to compensate for that. As for the King’s Ring, it was a pretty OP magic equipment. Dong Cheng was interested in the 10% decrease in cast time and so she took it. For a Mage, this ring was pretty good, as it decreased the time it took for a spell to activate, and increased the user’s ability to defeat their opponent.

Afterwards, I split up a few stones. The last one was a red crystal. I held it in my palm. He he, it was a transportation crystal, and would take us straight to the second floor!


After I used the crystal, a small teleportation circle suddenly appeared before us and it was going to last for 1 minute. I quickly said, “I’ll head over first. you guys come right after. Don’t drag your feet, or else this teleportation circle will disappear!”

“Yup, ok!” Wan Er and Dong Cheng both nodded.

I gave a shout and used a [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning]. I then raised both swords and stepped into the teleportation circle. I felt my body get pulled by a force and I quickly appeared in the second floor of the abyss. The entire area was pitch black and I couldn’t see a single thing. In the distance, I heard the mournful cries of a woman. It was a few Lv 92 Thunder Tier monsters —— [Evil Witch Spirits]!

There was a woman dressed completely in black. She had clearly long gone to the dark side. Once they saw me appear, these Evil Witches immediately raised their arms and fire blazed in their palms. In the next second, a chain of flames washed over me. My War Swept Cloak began crazily blowing up behind me. F*ck, I was a heavy armor type, so these magic spells really hurt——





I raised my sword and rushed over. I summoned out my Flaming Tiger God and with wave of my hand, I used [Binding Chains] on one of them. Then, with my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I threw a [Wind Blade] and cut at another one. My Flaming tiger God pounced on the third one and activated [Fierce Roar]!

These were all cloth type monsters, and so they had really low health. With only a few slashes, I cut down one of them. I also drained a lot of health, so I had no problems surviving. Right as I cut down the third Evil Witch Spirit, Wan Er, Qing Qian, Wang Jian and Li Mu all appeared on the second level. Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Wolf all looked at the Evil Witch Spirits and got all depressed, “They have such nice figures… too bad they have such ugly faces….”

I glanced over. Just as they had said, these Evil Witch Figures had 34D’s and curvy bodies. On top of that, they were only wearing a single layer of light muslin, so you could see little mounds sticking out. As the moonlight shone over their figures, it was truly an enchanting sight. Too bad their faces were just not pretty at all. They had deep set eyes and black ink that formed circles around their eyes. On top of that, their mouths were wide open and their 20 centimeter long tongues drooped out of the corner.

I looked into the distance and saw that the abyss was filled with those Evil Witch Spirits. Looks like it’ll take us a while to kill them all. However, that was a good thing for us, since everyone here needed the experience and equipment. These witches were probably going to give us a lot of experience and equipment. At least we can earn money off of the equipment if we don’t end up using them.

Wan Er started discussing the battle plan, “Start off by using long range attacks to lure the monsters over. The close combat members will cut them off halfway and start the attack. This way we’ll be able to quickly kill the monsters while minimizing our losses.”

Dong Cheng and Dancing Forest nodded. They immediately began casting their skills and lured witches over one by one. The rest of us rushed forward and began our attack, slaughtering them all. While we were battling, I could see the Dragon’s Den experience bar slowly rising up. Looks like it’ll take us at most 2 days to grind it up to a Lv 2 city. Especially since we were grinding levels down here in the Sword Saint Abyss, we were gaining a ton of experience, and pushing the experience bar up even faster.


There seemed to be no end to the number of monsters that appeared on the map. Finally, after a whole 3 hours, almost all of the witches on this floor were killed by us. My bag was full of Lv 80-85 Gold Tier and Purple Tier equipments. As we walked even further forward, we finally arrived at the BOSS area. In the distance, an enormous fiery pillar rushed into the sky. It was a Demoness that was completely clothed within fire.

“Careful, it’s a magic type BOSS…” Wan Er smiled and patted my shoulder, “Your [Wall of Dou Qi] will be greatly cut down….”


I slowly walked forward and saw that the BOSS was actually a beauty. A line of silvery words floated above her head and she had a mage staff in her hand. She was clothed in human type armor. When she saw me walk over, her expression slowly began to twist into a sinister smile, “Rash adventurer, do you know where this is? You dare trespass upon my territory? I will personally cut short your life!”

I didn’t say anything in response, and just quietly shared the BOSS’s stats in the team chat——

[Blaze Demoness] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS)

Level: 92

Magic Attack: 2850-3950

Defense: 2400

Health: 4,500,000

Skills: [Blaze Rush] [Magma Abyss] [Volcanic Field]

Introduction: Blaze Demoness, this pitiful human woman was originally Jiu You Empire’s princess. Afterwards, her city was invaded by the undead and the King was killed. The Undead Commander took interest in the princess’ beauty, and imprisoned her in his palace for obscene acts. Finally in the end, he killed her and stripped her of her soul, turning her into a true demoness. This Blaze Demoness has been sleeping in the ground for tens of thousands of years and was saved by the Sword Saint Chi Yu Han. To show her appreciation, she became the guardian of the second floor.

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