Zhan Long

Chapter 471

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Chapter 471 Even in the Next Life, It’ll Still be You

Not long after, we created 100 meters of rope out of a vine. After I repeatedly tested its strength, I tied one end to a nearby tree and tossed the other end into the abyss. Once we prepared everything, Wang Jian slowly stood up from the ground with a sour face.

“Are you going to eat anymore cantaloupes now?”

Wang Jian’s face went red and he shook his head, “Never again, f*ck my life…”

I laughed and grabbed the vine as I said, “You guys just wait here, I’ll go down and check it out. Afterwards, I’ll come back and take you guys down one by one. This vine might not be that strong, so we need to do this one at a time. Li Mu, you’ll be last.”

“Understood. Don’t worry, this Sword Saint Forest is only 15 minutes away from Dragon’s Den. This is all considered [Zhan Long]’s territory. Other guilds won’t rashly try and charge over here. At least they’d let us know first.”


I stepped into the abyss and started to slide along the rope. Wind rushed past my ear and heat waves kept coming at my body. Damn even though, my War Swept Cloak was made of thin cloth, and the cold autumn air surrounded the area, I could still feel my body temperature rising. All because of this whole suit of heavy armor I was wearing.

After sliding about 50 meters, I finally made it onto the first ring of steps. This ring was about 5 meters wide and scorching hot from the magma. Slivers of smoke rose from the ground. The closest monsters to me were around 3 meters away, and it was 5 Lv 91 Thunder Tier Blaze Scorpions. Clearly, they aggro’d me as they began to get close to the border and start screeching. They meant to have a long battle with me! Thank goodness I was the first to come down, otherwise, anyone else might not have won against these 5 Thunder Tier Monsters!

“What’s the situation like down there, Li Xiao Yao?” Wan Er asked in the team chat.

I grunted and said, “Wan Er, come down first. There’s a few monsters here. I’ll clean them up first. Otherwise, it’s pretty safe.”



The vine started to rustle. In the distance, I saw the beautiful little miss and her snow white cape fluttering behind her, as she revealed her two mesmerizing legs. However, her leg guards hid the most tempting area. Hei hei, the person who designed this equipment really is a beast.

Grabbing onto the vine, I swung my weight towards the other side, and my entire body flung over. In the air I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and a [Blade Spin] with my Cold Iron Sword. “Hong!” the two skills exploded on the other side. Sparks flew and the group of Blaze Scorpions screeched in pain. “PA!”, my Cloud Stepping Boots smacked against the ground, and I turned around and summoned my Flaming Tiger God. After locking onto one of the Blaze Scorpions, I swung my sword and threw a [Wind Blade] + [Combo]!








A chain of damage numbers flew up. On top of that, my Flaming Tiger God let out a [Flame Roar]. My Cold Iron Sword followed in suite and slashed forward. The first Blaze Scorpion immediately cried out and fell to the ground and died. When I began to attack the second Blaze Scorpion, Wan Er’s beautiful figure already flew over, and her Dragon’s Kiss dagger was glowing red. Before she even reached me, her [Blade of the Death God] flew over, and cut the Blaze Scorpion’s health in half. The three slices and a [Twin Blade Harmony] killed the Scorpion in a flash.


Purple smoke began to rise around Wan Er as she summoned her pet Purple Kirin Dragon and it let out a ringing roar. It really lives up to its name as a Divine Tier BOSS pet. With a single dragon’s breath, it dealt practically 6000+ damage. On top of that, it was an area attack. It dealt a whole lot more than my Flaming Tiger God. There was no other way, after all it was a Divine Tier boss. The good part was the fact that Wan Er was one of [Zhan Long]’s people. The stronger the Purple Kirin Dragon was, the more our enemies would tremble.

One after another, people fell from the sky. Qing Qian, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, and Wolf all came down. Finally, Li Mu grunted as he carried his sword and descended to the ground.

“Wa, so hot!”

Dong Cheng raised her staff and hopped around. The place I was standing on was actually a piece of magma rock and she was almost burned. Thankfully, we were in game. If this was in real life, everyone probably would’ve suffered 5th degree burns.

I patted Dong Cheng’s shoulder and said, “Stop whining. At least you have cloth shoes. It’s fire resistance is higher. Look at the rest of us, all of our armor boots are made of iron. It’s actually pretty good at transferring heat….”

As I said that, I wiped away some sweat from my face. Wang Jian laughed, “That’s right. I’m practically standing on a hot pot. Why don’t we hurry up and kill monsters. It’s way too hot here. I’m afraid that by the time we kill our way to the 7th level, we’ll die of heat stroke. This map really makes people go crazy.”

“Yup, let’s head out and push forward. I don’t even know if the BOSS is here. I can’t even see the second level’s entry point” I said as I looked into the distance.

Qing Qian fluttered her eyes at me, “Brother Xiao Yao, can’t we just swing our way down to the next level the same way we got here? You don’t even have to worry that much, jeez….”

Dancing Forest looked beside me and said, “Melon, I think you said that a little too soon. Why don’t you look at the state of our vine rope…”

Qing Qian turned around to look, and jumped, “Wu, why’s it like this?”

I don’t know when, but all of the water in the vine had evaporated. On top of that, the sparks from the magma began to fly and it started to burn the vine. Hua La La, it began to burn. No matter how I looked at it, it didn’t look like it was very stable.

“Then how are we supposed to go back?” Qing Qian asked in astonishment.

I smiled, “You don’t have to think about how we get back. We’ll just kill our way to the 7th floor. When our equipment all falls to 10% durability, we’ll just go back to the city to repair everything. At that point, we’ll just create another vine rope. It won’t affect the progress of the quest.”

“Ok, that sounds good. Let’s stop talking and kill monsters!”



Everyone turned around. On the circular path, a couple of Blaze Scorpions were screeching. They swung their pincers, as though they were protesting our invasion of their territory. Too bad we were above average people. These Lv 91 Thunder Tier monsters were just ants. I was already Lv 88. I was just three levels under them. With my equipment, stats, and skills, these Blaze Scorpions were extremely weak!

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and ran forward. I smiled and said, “Li Mu, Wang Jian, us three will pull the aggro towards us. Dong Cheng, Wan Er, Little Dance, and Qing Qian will all deal damage. Darling Duck and Thousand Spring, you two just need to focus on healing Li Mu and Wang Jian. While we’re killing these small monsters, you don’t need to heal me. My 10% drain is enough.”

“Yes sir!”

I rushed forward and swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and let a whole field of damage numbers pop up. The Blaze Scorpions swung their pincers in respond, and started to deal attacks to me. They crossed their pincers and threw a [Blaze Slash]. One of their poisonous fiery tails flew right at me, and pierced my shoulder. Unfortunately for them, my defense was too high and I had a Lv 9 [Wall of Dou Qi]. It didn’t hurt at all!



I crossed my two swords, and “ka ka”, dealt over 10,000 damage. On top of that, my 10% drain brought my health up again. My Flaming Tiger God roared and began its attack. In the distance, scorpions heard our attacks and rushed over. Very soon, they melded into a crowd and stood right in front of the three of us. Wan Er quickly activated her [Wall of the Mundane World] and began killing monsters on the front line. The [Shield of the Mundane World] was a SS tier skill, and wasn’t that much weaker than my [Wall of Dou Qi]. Like this, Wan Er’s survivability was even a little higher than Li Mu and Wang Jian. It was because of Wan Er, that I dared bring a group of [Zhan Long] experts under Lv 80 to do this SSS Tier Quest.

The earth began to tremble as miniature volcanoes began to open up on the ground. Magma began to spurt from those volcanoes and dealt 5000 damage to all of the scorpions. Dong Cheng’s spells were just too terrifying. She opened up her palm and lightning began to flash in her palm and traveled up to her finger. “Pa Ts” all of the Blaze Scorpions knelt before the Queen.

The attack power of [Thunderbolt Finger] was incredibly high. On top of that, Dong Cheng had a pretty high spell burst. One after another, damage numbers higher than ten thousand popped up. Even Li Mu couldn’t help but shudder, “Goddamn, so this is Cang Yue’s magic power, isn’t that,… too brutal!?”

Wang Jian then said, “Too bad that Cang Tong and Cang Yue didn’t join us during the City Battle. Otherwise, magic power like this will definitely be enough to change fate, or at least be enough to herd a flood!”

Dong Cheng giggled, “Oh? Am I that important? To be honest, I wanted to bring the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] to Ba Huang City from the start. However, Wan Er didn’t want to, so we dragged it on til the end….”

Wan Er gave a wry smile and calmly explained, “Without complete confidence that I would win, I would definitely not rashly make any decisions. [Zhan Long]’s goal was all 10 Talismans. If we go too soon, we’ll end up sparking [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Hero’s Mound]’s attention. At that point, [Zhan Long] would become the target of everyone. Thus, I took the 3000 people to hide in the mountains and waited until the very end to head over. I just didn’t think that [Hero’s Mound] would use Death God Arrows, leading to so many losses in the main guild. That indeed was my fault, and I won’t push the responsibility.”

I cut two scorpions in half with a slice and smiled, “Wan Er, you don’t have to worry about that. I actually think that you did extremely well. In a situation like that, we must remain rational and know how to make sacrifices. If you were as rash as Dong Cheng that little brat, we might not actually have Dragon’s Den.”

Dong Cheng stuck out her tongue, “I’m just expressing my care for you, isn’t it just because I love you….”

As she finished saying that, Dong Cheng’s face turned red and couldn’t say anymore. It was as though this was her first time saying that.

Qing Qian gave a wry smile, “Oh, did I just hear something interesting?”

Wan Er said, “Eh….”

I remained calm and said, “Kill monsters. What are you guys thinking about at such a serious time…. too bad, Dong Cheng isn’t my type. Why don’t you try again in the next life…”

Dong Cheng waved her staff, casting another [Magma Abyss] among the monsters and smiled, “The next life? In the next life I might even know Wang Li Hong*. Let me ask you Brother Xiao Yao, how can you compare?”
TL Note: A famous pop singer in China/Taiwan

I waved my hand, and small currents of wind began to spin around my hand as I said, “At least I’m stronger than him….”

“Alright, I’m still yours, still yours….”

Wan Er said, “Enough you two…”


The Lv 91 Thunder Tier monsters gave quite a bit of experience, especially for Wang Jian, Wolf and the other Lv 80 players. Their experience just constantly rose. After 3 hours, we cleaned out the entire path and all of them leveled up.

“Sha sha…”

My Cloud Stepping Boots stepped across the magma rock and I exclaimed, “Where’s the BOSS? There can’t be none right….”

“Nope, there’s one!”

Wan Er pointed at the ground and said, “Over there. There seems to be a big red dot that’s moving towards us!”

My eyes froze and I shouted, “Careful, everyone back up!”

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