Zhan Long

Chapter 470

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Chapter 470 Sword Saint Abyss

After I shared the details of the Sword Saint quest with everyone. Dong Cheng Yue suddenly grinned, “Chi Yu Han, such awesome sounding name. This BOSS must be a heavy armor type. If we are supposed to kill him, then I’m only going to say four words —— Please Bring Me Along…”

I was speechless, “Yup, if this was a killing quest, I would definitely bring you along. There isn’t anyone in [Zhan Long] that has more DPS than you. Even if you didn’t want to go, you would still have to. The team members for this quest must be carefully picked, or else we would never finish this SSS Tier main quest!”

As I finished talking about it, I hesitated for a second and said, “The team needs 10 people. I was thinking, for the highest chance of success, we have to bring Cang Tong, Cang Yue, Darling Duck, and Thousand League Spring for sure. Afterwards, there are still 5 other spots. We’ll give priority to those who lost levels in the Purple Demon Forest and are strong.”

Qing Qian gave me a pouty face and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, there has to be someone to interrupt the BOSS’s skill…. Sister Cang Tong by herself isn’t enough…”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Yea, let’s also bring Qing Qian. How about another Assassin, Wolf, you come along too.”

General Li Mu added, “What about main tank and damager? How do Wang Jian and I sound?”

I nodded, “Sure. We’ll take you and Wang Jian. Now we just need to bring one last person. Yup…. how about a long range damager. Let’s bring Dancing Forest, Ok?”

Dancing Forest smiled at me, “I’m included? That’s great! Hei hei!”

I walked over and patted Old K and Bai Qi’s shoulder and said, “You two, why don’t you take Matcha, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, One Second Hero, Cang Lei, Moon Feather and Star Blade to a large scale map and make a hundred man team. I assure you, that if you were to all deal damage, you will definitely grind a lot of levels really quickly. On top of that, you’ll earn quite a bit of guild points. Don’t relax too much though, this quest can only take 10 people so I can’t take all of you.”

Bai Qi smiled, “Don’t worry Guild Master. We don’t feel snubbed. The brilliance of games goes far beyond just SSS Tier quests. Old K and I will take the young ones to grind levels!”

“Yup, alright!”

I looked at the simple foundations of the Dragon’s Den and said, “Dragon’s Den is just a Lv 1 city. We don’t even have teleportation circles. Everyone has to work hard. When guild members get together to grind levels, 0.1% of the experience gained goes towards the City’s experience. Once Dragon’s Den gets enough experience, it will level up. And so, everybody has to work hard to level up the Dragon’s Den as fast as possible!”

“So it’s like that. Then that will be easy!” Li Mu clapped his hand and said, “We have to raise the Dragon’s Den to Lv 10 as soon as possible!”

“Yup! Let’s prepare to head out!”

I turned around and looked at everyone. I needed to invite all 9 people into the team. Afterwards, I shared the quest with them and asked how long it would take everyone to prepare their equipment, potions, and cards. We were definitely going to have to return to the city at least once or more during this quest to repair our equipment. At least this way we wouldn’t have to go back to the city too soon and can head straight to the Sword Saint Forest!


I held my Dragon’ Reservoir Sword and walked ahead of everyone. Wan Er walked beside me, with the moonlight shining on her long snowy legs. The night breeze blew the little miss’s hair and her light purple eyes seemed to be smiling. I quietly relished in this beautiful scene. She turned around and looked at me, “Once this quest is finished, and we don’t lose too many levels, everyone should be able to level up quite a few times. Especially you, you might even reach Lv 90. I heard, that when you’re Lv 100, the 5th job advancement is a watershed. Especially for the heavy armor players. That means that you’ll get the ability to ride a mount and obtain one…”

Satisfactorily, I continued walking and said, “Yup. Oh mounts. That will definitely lead to a main war. The age of mounts will definitely arrive within a month!”

“Yup.” Wan Er smiled and nodded, “At that point, a small Assassin like me probably won’t have a place where I can fit in under the tramplings of a stampede. No matter what kind of maneuvers I make, I probably won’t be able to do anything…..”

I glanced at her and smiled, “Can you not try and act pitiful? You’re a Hermit God. You aren’t just an Assassin. You have a godly armor that doubles your defense. It’s practically on par with heavy armor types. On top of that, you have [Domain Control], [Blade of the Death God], [Hermit God’s Arrival], [Frost Revolution], and [Shield of the Mundane World] those virile skills. You are almost on the same level as a top tier heavy armor player. If you wanted to ambush someone, a heavy armor type player would never be able to defend against you…”

Wan Er’s face went completely red, what do you mean by virile? You’re just saying dirty words!”

I trembled, “What did I just say? Let’s get back to the main point, Wan Er, do you think that we [Zan Long] should plan ahead and make preparations for mounts?”

“Huh? What kind of preparation…”

I thought about it for a second and said, “Mount battles. In terms of charging and defense breaking ability, Swordsmen and Berserkers will be the strongest. As for formation based defenses, Knights and Monks will be the strongest. However, for those who have both high attack and defense, I feel like the strongest players will be the Moon Elf type Knights and Swordsmen! Think about it, when you’re rushing at the enemy’s formation, the front row Knights will definitely suffer a lot from the enemy’s magic attacks. However, all Moon Elf tribesmen carry an iron umbrella with them that decreases the damage from spells. Therefore, Moon Elf soldiers are the most suitable to decrease magic damage, which means they’re the best choice for riding on the front lines. [Zhan Long] should start preparing and form a Moon Elf heavy armor player group, a team that is ours.”

“Wu…..” Wan Er pursed her lips and said, “Moon Elves, that type of tribe is mostly filled with female players. On top of that, the female players that choose to become a Moon Elf must be between 160-175 cm tall, and around 40KG – 55 KG and they must be female. On top of that, they have to have a really good figure to become a Moon Elf. The requirements are extremely high. Ba Huang City doesn’t even have many Moon Elf players….”

I smiled, “Exactly, so, I’ll be leaving this to you. If I were to do it, it probably wouldn’t be all that suitable…”

“Is that so?”

Wan Er looked at me with a smile, “Are you sure that this Moon Elf team that you’re creating is for the sole purpose of fighting battles, and not to satisfy your secret desire to pick up girls?”

I stuck my chest out and said, “What kind of a person do you think I am? Besides… after being with you all day,I get to see a beauty like you all the time which makes other girls seem like nothing.

Wan Er’s face went red but she couldn’t hide her smile, “Alright, you pass. I’ll get Dong Cheng and we can plan out this Moon Elf team. We definitely won’t disappoint you. Ba Huang City doesn’t have enough beautiful players, so we’ll just go to Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City to dig them up. I don’t think that we won’t be able to create a full team of Moon Elves…..”

“Yup, good luck!”


At that moment, our 10 man team had already reached the border of the Sword Saint Forest. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked in the front and said, “When we enter Sword Saint Forest, we’ll have crossed into dangerous territory. Everyone must be careful. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Little Wolf, you guys protect the Healers. Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I will scout out ahead.”


I summoned my Flaming Tiger God and cautiously entered the forest. At night, the Sword Saint Forest seemed a little strange. In the distance, a Shadow Wolf appeared from the bushes, it was a Lv 90 Phantom Tier monster. My Cold Iron Sword flew out of its sheath and pierced the wolf’s body, which lured it over. I then swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and threw a [Wind Blade] + [Fierce Ice Blade] into its enormous body——



Beside me, Wan Er’s Dragon’s Kiss began to glow red, and the three strikes from the [Blade of the Death God] flew right at the wolf, and created 3 extremely large damage numbers. Two of the hits that popped up were criticals——





In the end, the Shadow Wolf gave a dying scream and died. Dong Cheng’s finger had a light on the point, and she hadn’t even had a chance to cast the spell. Speechless she said, “F*ck, you guys are savage. Can’t you guys give me a chance to show off a little….”

Li Mu laughed, “This team, really is inspiring!”

We continued to push into the forest. Very soon, Lv 91 and Lv 92 monsters began to appear. They were called “Bai Meng Deserters” and were human type monsters. The introduction said that they were Chi Yu Han’s Chi Yuan Army. When Chi Yu Han was sealed, some of the soldiers deserted and began roaming around Ba Huang City’s outskirts.

After 2 hours, we finally killed our way through the forest and reached the deepest part. There, we found the entrance for the quest!

In the distance, a fiery light rushed into the sky. There was just a piece of forest between us and the light!

Excitedly, I raised my sword and took everyone as we charged through the forest. Once I rushed out of the trees, I was stunned. Before me wasn’t a forest or a valley, but an enormous deep abyss. The pillar of light rushed out from within the abyss, and it looked like it was covered with magma. This was the Sword Saint Abyss, the place we were headed towards. Looking at it, however, made my legs a little soft.

Standing at the border of the Sword Saint Abyss, a fiery light reflected off of our faces. Waves of heat began to spread towards us. Wolf gripped his dagger and exclaimed, “F*ck, this…. how are we supposed to get into this map? If we jump in, we’ll be completely cooked into grilled chicken….”

Li Mu couldn’t help but smile, “If we all had the same IQ as Old K, we might just all jump in. However, we have Guild Master Xiao Yao here, and that makes it a whole new matter….”

Beside me, Wan Er’s purple eyes darted around as she looked into the abyss, as though she had discovered something. She reached out and pointed, “Li Xiao Yao, look, around 50 meters down into the abyss over there, there seems to be a narrow broken path. There are a few monsters on it, but it seems that the 7 floors of the Sword Saint Abyss should be accessible through that!”


I gave a firm nod and said, “Let’s think of a way to get to the first floor of the Sword Saint Abyss. Afterwards, we’ll just kill our way on down!”


Wang Jian said, “How do we get down there?”

I looked at the scenery in the distance and said, “Just now, when we were passing through Sword Saint Forest, I saw a lot of strong vines. We should use those and tie it to something. Afterwards, we’ll swing our way down. That seems a bit safer, otherwise, I’m afraid that the geysers of steam will blow us somewhere else and we’ll land in some magma to be cooked into turkey.”

Wang Jian’s lips twitched, “But Brother Xiao Yao, those are cantaloupe vines. I even tried one, and it’s sweet….”

I said, “Those are Numb Melons, isn’t your tongue feeling a little numb?”

“I….I ….” Wang Jian couldn’t say anymore and just sat onto the ground.

“Just give me ten minutes and I’ll be fine….”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Li Mu, you stay here and watch over Wang Jian. The rest of you, cut some of those vines down and help make some ropes!”

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