Zhan Long

Chapter 469

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Chapter 469 Shield of the Mundane World

“Chi Yu Han?”

I slightly jolted, then raised my sword and said, “That name really does seem fantastical…. Is he really strong?”

Angela nodded, and softly said, “Before I was born, Chi Yu Han had already become the strongest warrior in the land. At a young age, he managed to break through into the Sky Knight Level, a level only a handful of Sword Saints could even reach. When he was 20 years old, he traveled the seven kingdoms, and looked to duel with all of the Sword Saint Level experts. He had dueled 14 people, and became renowned as the strongest person of the land. Afterwards, Chi Yu Han broke through the Sword Saint level and made it into the Holy level. Thirty years later, my father lead 10 Arch Mages to create a magic circle that would seal him in this forest, thus giving this forest the name, Sword Saint Forest….”

I furrowed my eyebrows, “Chi Yu Han didn’t do much, why did Duke Luo Lei lead a team of Arch Mages to seal his power?”

Angela shook her head and frustratedly said, “I don’t know. The imperial historical texts that talk about Chi Yu Han have all been erased. I managed to hear some information from the Arch Mage Master though. Chi Yu Han had trained among the Chi You Tribe Abyss. Afterwards, he was invited to meet with the royal family, where he was appointed to become Chi You City’s Major General, and he fought for Chi You in the north. On the way there, he laid waste on the lands that he passed through, destroyed Fire Cloud City, and Sea City, and finally led his troops all the way to Ba Huang City. When he reached the city, he found out that one of the generals there, named, Chi Yang, was his father. However, he heard rumors that Chi Yang had died in battle, thus agitating his rage. He commanded a hundred troops to bathe Ba Huang City in blood. It was probably because of that event, that my royal father sealed him in the Sword Saint Forest…”

As I listened, I almost fell into a trance, and couldn’t help but sigh, “If it were like that, this Chi Yu Han was pretty much godly. Too bad he had been sealed when he reached the Holy level, that’s just too bad…”

“Oh?” Angela glanced at me and couldn’t help but smile, “You know what the Holy Level is? Holy Level is a tier above Sword Saint. Holy Level is the closest level to gods that humans can attain. Throughout history, there’s only a handful of people that have reached Holy level. Even my brother Luo Lin isn’t on that level. Just from that you can tell how difficult it is….”


I looked at the thousands of troops behind Angela and said, “Your royal highness, are you leading these troops to Sword Saint Forest then?”

“Yes!” Angela affirmed with a nod.

I smiled and said, “Well, I think, if Chi Yu Han really did reach Holy Level, then you are basically sending the people you’ve brought with you to their deaths. They won’t be of any use….”

Angela smiled, “You don’t have to worry about that. Chi Yu Han is just a ghost that has awakened. Most of the Arch Mages who made the seal are still alive. Even if Chi Yu Han were to awaken, at most, he can only use around 30% of his strength. So, there’s no need to be too worried about him. What I want to do, is enter the Sword Saint Forest, find Chi Yu Han’s grave and kill him!”

My heart started to beat and I smiled, “Princess Angela, why must you personally lead the attack? How about you let me do it? Whatever you need me to do, I’ll finish it perfectly for you!”

“Really?” Angela smiled at me, “You aren’t tricking me, are you?”

“Of course not!”

“But….” Angela revealed a worried expression and said, “However, Chi Yu Han still has a lot of strength. I’m afraid that if you were to go, you would also be heading straight to your death….”

I patted my chest, and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll find some extremely strong partners.This way, I won’t be completely defenseless before Chi Yu Han. I’ve got it handled.”

“Then… alright….”

Angela reached into the bag behind her and fished out a golden scroll and said, “This is the imperial command. Take it, then head towards the deepest part of the Sword Saint Forest and kill…. Oh wait no, if you just imprison him, that will be enough. Afterwards, take him back to Ba Huang City. There you will receive ample rewards!”

I thought about it for a second and said, “You want me to capture him alive and bring him back to Ba Huang City? Is a Holy Level tier person going to obediently follow me back?”

“You don’t have to worry about that….”

Angela pulled out a red chain and smiled, “This is a magic chain that the Arch Mage Master made. He used a piece of the center of an ancient glacier to create it. This iron can greatly increase the power of the seal. Even if the target was a Holy Tier Chi Yu Han, once he’s locked up by this chain, he’ll be weakened. This way you can safely bring him back to Back Huang City!”

I raised the command scroll and the magic sealing chain and happily smiled to myself. Angela looked at me and asked, “Young warrior, are you sure you want to take on such a heavy task?”



In the next moment, a system bell rang through the sky——


System Notification: Congratulations, you have received the SSS Tier Quest [Sword Saint Chi Yu Han]!

Quest Details: After obtaining Angela’s task, take the command scroll and the chains into Sword Saint Forest and look for the deepest part of the forest. On the seventh floor, you will have to defeat Chi Yu Han and use the power of the magic sealing chains to seal his strength and bring him back to Back Huang City. You will receive an ample reward from Duke Luo Lei. However you must be careful, Chi Yu Han’s power is far beyond what you can possibly imagine and you must bring some people to completely finish the quest. The maximum number of people that can complete the quest: 10


I was so excited. Now that I got the quest, next was the happy journey to collecting an ample reward and experience. It just so happened that Li Mu, Qing Qian and the others had all lost 10 levels. I’ll just bring them all so that the quest could make up for the levels they lost and quickly bring up the levels of all the core members. This way, when the guild battled with the other guilds, we wouldn’t be at a disadvantage!

I put away the Dragon’s Reservoir Sword and I walked towards Dragon’s Den. Afterwards, I sent a message to the little miss, “Wan Er, have you finished the class change quest yet?”

“Yup, I’m finished. What’s wrong?”

“Come to Dragon’s Den! I just took on a SSS Tier main quest!”

“Wah, you really do have good luck!”

“Hei hei, don’t say any more. Let me see just what the Hermit God is like!”

“Alright, I’m coming!”


When I reached the gate of Dragon’s Den, I stood outside the simple wall. Not long after, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Qing Qian, and Li Mu all arrived. These people were all going to help with the quest. Wan Er stood at the very front, a line of words floating above her head and extremely clear——

Cang Tong Lv 87 Hermit God

Main City: Ba Huang City

Guild: [Zhan Long]

Job: Vice Guild Master

Ranking: Ba Huang City’s Second


I looked at the little miss’s spirited look, I couldn’t help but smile, “How is it, what kind of skills does the Hermit God have? Let me see some of them!”

Wan Er stuck her chest out and gave a hypnotizing smile, “Do you really want to see?”



Wan Er pointed to me and smiled, “Then how about you be my sandbag….”

“Pa!” a blood red flag fell. This was the system’s way of showing that a duel started. I immediately lunged forward and yelled out. I used [Wall of Dou Qi] as well as the [Dragon’s Whistle of Lightning and Thunder]. Wan Er’s attack was just too high. If i didn’t have a high enough defense and resistance, I wouldn’t be able to take her attacks.

“Are you ready?” Wan Er smiled.

I nodded, “Yup, come at me!”

Wan Er didn’t say anything. Her beautiful face had a bewitching smile. She opened up her hand. She suddenly gave a delicate shout. “Hum!” the environment around us seemed to twist and warp. My body seemed to be pushed by an invisible force for around 3 yards. I quickly reached out to stop my body from being controlled. This was Wan Er’s new skill—— [Domain Control], and she now has a degree of control over the area!”

In the next moment, Wan Er dashed over, her face carried a sweet smile. The Dragon’s Kiss dagger suddenly glowed red. I then raised my Dragon’s Reservoir Sword and my Cold Iron Sword to defend myself. The more attack I can decrease, the better. My chest suddenly felt a sharp pain. Wan Er threw three slices, each slice stronger than the last!




The dagger started to glow. What a strong attack! This was the Hermit God’s special skill—— [Blade of the Death God]. The skill threw three attacks, and the attack didn’t decrease and was a specialized instant kill skill.

Wan Er’s lips curved up and she smiled, “I’m coming at you again… regain some health….”

I quickly used my [Dragon Knight’s Recovery] and nodded, “Come at me!”


The Dragon’s Kiss dagger quickly began to get covered by frost. One after another, beautiful flakes of snow began to whirl around the little miss’s beautiful figure and she activated her next skill——[Frost Revolution]. Within 10 seconds, any attack that Wan Er dealt had a 30% chance of freezing the opponent, which would last 2 seconds. The cooldown was 60 seconds, and was another astonishing solo skill!

“Ka ka ka….”

After a chain of three attacks, I was frozen and layers of ice began to form around me. I was sealed in ice!

Wan Er stopped her attacks. If she continued, I would’ve been beaten to death. She smiled as she looked at me and said, “Alright already. I can’t just not let you make a counter attack. Come at me, try and attack me and use your strongest skill!”

“Oh, are you sure?” I smiled, “If it hurts, you better not cry…”

“Wu, come at me!”

My hand shook, and my Cold Iron Sword flew out of its sheath and shot right at her with a [Blade Spin], going straight at the little miss. Right as I was about to checkmate her, Wan Er’s body gave a slight tremble and a shield skill suddenly flared out—— [Shield of the Mundane World]. Dou Qi energy suddenly began to envelop her, and greatly increased her defense and resistance. The cooldown was 60 seconds!

A chain of damage numbers flew up. The [Blade Spin] and the [Combo] all fell upon her. Wan Er’s defense was so high that it managed to defend against it. With a cry, she activated her 5th Class Advancement skill—— [Hermit God’s Arrival]! For 7 seconds, while she’s in flight, all of her stats increase by 20%!


Suddenly flying up, the beautiful little miss stopped 10 meters above me. Just like a goddess, she smiled at me, “Now you can’t hit me….”

I opened up my hand and smiled, “[Defeat the Dragon]!”

Wan Er quickly pursed her lips, “Hmph, if you dare grab me, I’ll cry in front of you!”

I quickly took my hand back and smiled, “Come down here, I understand the Hermit God skills. It really is strong. It’s a class that is king of the solo battles. On top of that, the ability to control the domain is amazing. Yup, in the future, when there are large scale team battles, Wan Er, you can open up the [Shield of the Mundane World] and you can charge into battle with me….”

Wan Er softly smiled to me and cancelled the duel, “Yup yup, I was thinking of that. That’s right, have you gotten the SSS Tier Quest? Hurry up and let me see. Afterwards, let’s choose who to bring. It just happened that this group of rats are all crying about how they don’t have a high tier map to grind on….”


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