Zhan Long

Chapter 468

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Chapter 468 Sword Saint Forest

I turned around to look. There weren’t that many [Zhan Long] players currently in the Dragon’s Den. Moon Feather and Star Blade were both here though. I shouted out, “A two thousand player team from [Thousand Burial] has appeared in the Southern Forests. Go take a few people and check out the situation for me. [Thousand Burial] has already declared war on us, so there’s no reason we should let them get close to Dragon’s Den.”

Moon Feather nodded, “Ok. How many people should we bring? Should I contact Yue Yao Yan?”

“Just bring a hundred man team….” I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and gave a confident smile, “[Thousand Burial] probably doesn’t have the courage to fight us head on. It won’t do them any good. If our hundred man team can’t defeat them, then contact Yue Yao Yan. There are quite a few [Zhan Long] teams that are training in the area, and we’ll just crush them with sheer numbers.”



A few minutes later, I lead a hundred man team out of the city and ran straight towards the Southern Forest. Once we reached the forest, I noticed that [Thousand Burial] had already spread out to grind levels. In the distance, Shen Bing raised her long bow. Shua Shua Shua, she killed some boars that were roaming the forest as she excitedly said, “I heard that these boars will drop mount eggs. Work hard….”

You Yi’s long sword pierced the boar and smiled, “Sister Mo, are you sure these boars will drop eggs?”

Shen Bing mumbled, “Doesn’t matter, why don’t we kill them first…. besides, why are we grinding levels here? We’re so close to [Zhan Long]’s territory. They can ambush us at any time. We’re practically provoking them!”

Not Ordinary smiled, “Exactly! I want to test out Li Xiao Yao’s patience!”

“What does that mean?” Shen Bing asked.

Not Ordinary raised his battle axe, as his lips curved into a smile, “For me, Li Xiao Yao is a big person in the game, but is just a small ant in real life. Killing him in real life is as easy as stepping on him. But, I don’t want to do that as that wouldn’t be fun at all. Therefore, I want to test him in game, and see whether or not Li Xiao Yao dares to challenge us [Thousand Burial]….”

Shen Bing smiled, “I don’t think so….”

You Yi quickly exclaimed, “Careful! [Zhan Long]’s people have come and Xiao Yao Zi Zai is personally leading them. Moon Feather, Star Blade, and a few others are among the hundred man team!”

“A hundred man team?”

Not Ordinary quietly said, “Isn’t that too crazy? Do they really think that a hundred man team will actually destroy us?”

“I don’t understand either….”


“Shua shua shua….:

One after another, the sounds of arrows whooshed through the forest, and broke through the dense leaves. I brought along Moon Feather, Star Blade and others to rush into the middle of the forest. Directly in front of us was [Thousand Burial]’s players, and their names were all red because they had attacked us first.

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai!” You Yi angrily looked at me and shouted, “This is where [Thousand Burial] will be grinding levels today. Why are you guys here? Are you trying to pick a fight?”

I smiled, “However, directly North of this place is [Zhan Long]’s city—— Dragon’s Den. This is clearly our territory, unless, you guys have territory here too? If you don’t, then why are you grinding levels so close to our map? Have you not heard of respecting other people’s space? Since [Thousand Burial] has appeared here, aren’t you looking for a fight?”

As I said that, I pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword with a “Keng!” and pointed the blade forward. I shouted, “If you are trying to pick a fight with [Zhan Long], then just come right at us. After all, there are over 8000 of [Zhan Long]’s players currently grinding levels in these surrounding forests. At any given moment, I can dispatch 5000 [Zhan Long] players to this exact spot and fight a basic forest battle right here, right now. Would you like that?”

Not Ordinary grinned, “Li Xiao Yao, aren’t you just a little too crazy? Did you forget what happened to you at Fortune Mountain Valley? If you really have, then do you want to experience that feeling of desperation again?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Wei Fan, you should go and ask Ou Yang Chuan how long it took for him to recover from his wounds after he went back? Besides, Ou Yang Chuan can kill me at any time, but if I wanted to, I can also kill you at any time. Are you sure that you can keep Ou Yang Chuan at your side 24/7?

Wei Fan hesitated for a second, then gave a groan and didn’t say anything. It was clear that he knew. Based on my current strength, I can’t kill Ou Yang Chuan. However, against a normal person, then it will be as easy as cake.

On the side, Sheng Bing raised her long bow, and sweetly said, “Ai. Why is it that whatever comes out your mouths, is a stab? Guild Master Xiao Yao, to be honest, [Thousand Burial] is passing through this area. Don’t be too nervous, we don’t have any intention of coveting [Zhan Long]’s territory, isn’t that right Guild Master?”

Wei Fan had reached the point of no return. The most important reason was that he was scared was by the “8000 [Zhan Long] players”. If we were to actually start fighting, these [Thousand Burial] players were pretty much giving us equipment. And so, he furrowed his brow and nodded, “Yup, the beauty Bai Mo Yan was right. We were just passing through this area. Li Xiao Yao, aren’t your nerves too BS?”

Just I was thinking about destroying them, “Di!” I got a message from Bai Mo Yan, in other words Shen Bing, “You bastard, if you keep pushing them into a corner, next time I go back to HQ, I’m telling Lin Tian Nan that you had “pa pa pa” with his daughter, and you used all 72 styles.

My face turned green and I responded, “Shen Bing, don’t joke around. I’ll just give up….”

Right afterwards, I spread out my hands and smiled, “Then I guess it was all a misunderstanding. You friends from [Thousand Burial]. I’m very sorry, why don’t you guys leave, or else you’ll be too close to [Zhan Long]’s territory. Even if they didn’t have my command, all of [Zhan Long]’s team leader ranked players will automatically attack you guys. At that point, it’ll be difficult for me. Why don’t you think of it as a favor for me!’

You Yi laughed, “Seeing as Guild Master Xiao Yao Zi Zai said that, then why don’t we give him this favor!”

Wei Fan nodded, “Let’s go, we’ll head over to Firestone Canyon!”

You Yi said, “Hei hei, isn’t that [Vanguard]’s territory? Jian Feng Han will definitely beat us up!”

Wei Fan said, “Why don’t we go to Nightmare Plains!”

You Yi, “Isn’t that [Prague]’s territory? Yan Zhao Warrior will beat us up!”

Wei Fan, “Then let’s go to Poacher Camp!”

You Yi said, “That place is filled with monsters higher than Lv 120, are you trying to kill us!”

Wei Fan exclaimed, “Let’s go to the Moon Shadow Forest!”

You Yi, “The monsters there are only Lv 50+!”

Wei Fan responded, “F*ck! Then where can we go!”

You Yi: “How about we return to the city first and depart after we have given it enough thought!”

Wei Fan answered, “Okay!”

Everyone of us was speechless.


Seeing that the group of [Thousand Burial] players was leaving, everyone was shocked. Sister Moon Feather held her long sword and asked, “Why do I feel that I don’t understand what I am seeing. What is [Thousand Burial] doing?”

“No Idea.” I smiled.

Star Blade spoke, “I feel that they are very afraid….”

“What do you mean?” Moon Feather asked .

Star Blade opened his hand and said. “Ba Huang City’s power struggle is far too complicated. The top-rank guilds are [Zhan Long], [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies At The Gate]. Second-rank guilds are [Flying Dragons], [Wrath of the Heroes], [Valley of Gods], [Blood Contract], etc. [Thousand Burial] could only be considered as a third-rank guild. However, Not Ordinary fancied himself. He couldn’t win against the top-rank and second-rank guilds, yet he still wanted to provoke us [Zhan Long]. As a result, he got scared back by just one sentence spoken by our Guild Master as he knew that Guild Master is a person that dares to speak and dares to act. A person that doesn’t threaten but just attacks immediately…….”

Moon Feather chuckled, “This should be the feeling of being in a dilemma. It is really difficult for Wei Fan to find any sense of existence.”

I was secretly speechless. Fortunately, Wei Fan wanted to find a sense of existence in this game. Otherwise, if he did make a move towards me in the real life, I am afraid I might really be in danger. That was also the reason why I did not start the battle immediately. It would be better to not enrage Wei Fan and Ou Yang Chuan before I break through and stepped into the Yang Yan Level as it wouldn’t be good if they went berserk.

After arranging Moon Feather and Star Blade to continued leading people to grind levels, I held my long sword and wandered in the forest. Unknowingly, I had walked into the heart of the forest and had reached the border of the Sword Saint Forest. Sword Saint Forest had just been refreshed for a while. For now, no one was willing to enter because the lowest level monsters are Lv 90. It is impossible for ordinary players to approach while powerful players are not willing to come since this forest was too close to [Zhan Long]’s territory, and going to this forest would raise the suspicion of provoking [Zhan Long].



As my Cloud Stepping Boosts stepped on the grassland in the forest, the Cold Iron Sword held by my left hand and the Dragon Reservoir Sword held by my right hand crossed and sliced forcefully. It caused streaks of airflow to surge towards the surroundings. It blew the grassland apart and formed shockwave-like air billows. I stood there with my eyes closed, and entered into a state of meditation. After reaching the peak of the Royal Air level, there was no need for me to train my body or practice with my aura. Now, I am trying to train a free and leisure mental state, with no confusion, doubt, and anxiousness. A state of mind that remains immovable. A mental state that remains immovable when facing the warning of the whole world and feels no discouragement when facing the criticism of the whole world. This is being truly free.

Of course, I am still a long way from that. When so many of my people were killed by the ambush set by Q-Sword, I would feel rage. When Jian Feng Han took away the Citadel Defending Decree, I felt unjust. When Lin Tian Nan doubted my position beside Wan Er, I felt bitter. It was because this was the real me. Otherwise I am afraid I would have long reached the Yang Yan level.


I have no idea how long had passed when a sudden sounds of hooves thundered and were coming increasingly closer. According to my understanding, there were no players that possessed the power of riding on mounts, so it must be NPCs!”

As expected, a group of NPC cavalry rushed out of the forest, and held the royal flag high up. It was the NPCs of Ba Huang City. The one at the front was a beautiful knight who grabbed a sword with her left hand and held a royal flag with her right hand. She has a fair face with rosy cheeks and a body like a beautiful jade. It was the princess of Ba Huang City——Angela, the legendary moon elf princess.

Seeing a group of cavalry dashing forward, I stopped training, walked forward with my Dragon Reservoir Sword in hand and yelled loudly, “Your highness!”

Angela knew me. I once lent her a cloak to cover her naked body and it was also because of her, that I said Frost is narrow-minded. Angela definitely remembers this kindness.

“Oh, it’s you…….”

The corner of Angela’s mouth curved up and she leaped down the horse. She placed her hand on the handle of the sword and smiled, “Why are you here?”

I answered, “I am training here. Your highness, why would you lead……..this large army to this wasteland?”

Angela pursed her red lips and replied, “Because there will be an upheaval in this Sword Saint Forest, thus, I had to come personally to do some surveying.”

“Oh? What upheaval?”

“The royal Arch Mage Freyr was interrupted during his meditation on the prophetic tower. He prophesied that a powerful one buried within this Sword Saint Forest is arousing slowly. Therefore, Father ordered me to lead thirty thousand elites here and kill this powerful being before his awakening, otherwise the whole Ba Huang City will be trampled.”

I was shocked and asked, “What kind of powerful being can make Ba Huang City tremble like this?”

Angela took a deep breath and exclaimed, “The Sword Saint Chi Yu Han, the most astounding Sword Saint Master in the world of Destiny for over a hundred years!”

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