Zhan Long

Chapter 467

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Chapter 467 Building the City

“Which one should I choose?” I listed out the three plans to everyone.

Li Mu raised a fist, “We must choose the third plan. If the city isn’t big enough, then there might be complications in the future. I don’t even know if we have the option of expanding the city size. At most, we just have to spend a little more money at the start…..”

I checked out the money in National Beauty. We already had accumulated over 50,000,000 G. I nodded and said, “Ok, then we’ll choose the third one!”

I confirmed our choice, and 50,000G left the guild’s wallet!

The Guardian of the City suddenly pulled out his sword and shouted. He then threw a slice at the ground, and “Peng!” the shockwave cleared out the area. The old fence was broken to pieces and 2000 meters away, a deep ditch surrounded a square area. This was the prototype of our base. Currently, it was just the foundations. We didn’t even have the materials yet.

“Master of the City!”

The Guardian of the City looked at me, and growled, “You must create a sturdy wall around the city. Only then, can we block out the bandits, poisonous snakes, and beasts!”

The first step to building Dragon’s Den was already completed. I looked at the guild’s quest screen and smiled, “Alright brothers. Since that’s been finished, the next quest is to gather materials and create a wall around the city. All heavy armor players, spread out. Find some sturdy stones in the area. Afterwards, send them back to the city. I’ll be in charge of the gathering. Li Mu…..yeah Li Mu, how about you supervise the construction process?”

Li Mu patted his chest and said, “Yup, let me do it. I’ve been head of construction for over a year!”

I grinned, “I’ve done it before too, four projects in Tong Zhou…”



We headed out, and Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I were a team. We headed straight for the border of Grave of the Warring States and the Purple Demon Forest to search for materials. There were several black colored stones in the grass over there. They seemed to be enormous black meteors. Using these stones to build the wall would be best.

After entering the Purple Demon Forest, I carefully looked around and didn’t see any players. There were just some noises from monsters roaming around the place. I let the pets take care of them. My Flaming Tiger God tyrannized the monsters, while Wan Er’s Purple Kirin Dragon flew around and dominated the skies. With each pet attacking, there were no monsters that could hold us back.

“Each person’s bag can only hold one rock, and so, the bigger the better…” Dong Cheng giggled.

I looked towards the side, and saw a boulder that was around the size of a table. And so, I patted the rock and smiled, “Dong Cheng, here try this out. Let’s see if you can put it into your bag?”

Based on the rules of the game, all items that go into a player’s bag is dependent on what the player can pick up. Dong Cheng Yue is a Mage, and so she had basically no strength points. In the end, that little brat wrapped her arms around the boulder and for a while, she wailed as she tried to pick it up. The scene was so cute that I was mesmerized. However, no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t pick it up. In the end, she clapped her hands and said, “I can’t move it, how about you…..”

“How about Wan Er?” I looked at the little miss beside me.

Wan Er wryly smiled, “What’s the use? How about you cut the boulder in three? That way, we might be able to try it out. Otherwise, we definitely won’t be able to pick it up.”

I nodded, and pulled out my Cold Iron Sword, and made a slice!


Sparks flew, I only cut 5 meters into the stone! I switched hands, and used the Dragon Reservoir Sword. I threw a simple fast cut, and then quickly hacked at the boulder. “Ka” the enormous boulder broke into two pieces. A Saint Tier equipment’s sharpness really was much sharper than a Valkyrie Tier. I threw another cut and cut one of the halves into two. Afterwards, I smiled, “Here, can you guys pick these up?”

Wan Er reached out to pick up one of the pieces of boulder. “Wu wu”, she cried out. She really couldn’t pick it up. Even though her equipment added quite a bit of strength, it wasn’t enough. Dong Cheng Yue tried extremely hard to try and pick it up., but in the end, I had to help them cut it in half again. It wasn’t until I cut it into 16 pieces were they able to carry a piece. Afterwards, the two girls stared at me with their beautiful eyes, as though they were waiting for me to make a faux pas.

I smiled to myself and reached towards one corner of the big stone. With a shout, I lifted the thousand jin* boulder. It was really heavy, and I put it onto my shoulders. I shakily stood there, and shifted a few times before I was able to hold my balance. I then smiled at the two girls and said, “How’s that?”

Wan Er pouted her lips and said, “Herculean!”

Dong Cheng Yue softly smiled, “The grown but simple Brother Xiao Yao!”

“Let’s go back…. weak little miss Dong Cheng…. “ I ridiculed back.

Dong Cheng Yue cried out. Afterwards, she followed behind Wan Er and I as we walked over. At that moment in time, the Dragon’s Den grounds were filled with people. One after another, they lined up pieces of stone on the side. However, we couldn’t use them immediately. We needed some kind of sharp weapon to cut apart these stones before we could do that.


The boulder on my shoulder fell to the ground, and raised up a bunch of dust and dirt. Li Mu’s eyes widened, “F*ck, Guild Master really can lift cauldrons*….. If we don’t use this strength to lift bricks, then it’ll really be a waste…”

I smiled, “You speak too highly of me!”

Beside us, Wang Jian led a group of people to raise a bonfire. The flames licked the clay, lime, and sand. This was the game’s way of substituting the materials that are used in cement. He he, Li Mu really is someone who has worked on a construction site. In these terms, he was much stronger than all of us.

After measuring out the width of the ditch, we found it was 1 meter. So, I raised my Saint Tier Dragon Reservoir Sword and used it as a cutting instrument. I quickly hacked at the stones and made each the same size. The other [Zhan Long] players began to build the wall. In the distance, a group of heavy armor players were roaming around the borders. It was [Zhan Long: Defense Army]’s miss Yue Yao Yan, and she led a thousand people to patrol the borders of the area. To be honest, more than 5000 players from the main guild were currently grinding levels in the Grave of the Warring States. This was now our territory, and we had to guard it well, in case any people who had evil intentions came and wanted to halt our progress in constructing the city.

Not even three hours later, around 3 meters of wall had already been built. The entire Dragon’s Den had four main gates. Once we finished constructing the surrounding foundation, the gates were automatically added to the wall by the system. However, they were bronze gates that were covered in green copper. Looks like they weren’t very sturdy, and probably could only defend against beasts and mountain bandits. If it were against an actual army, it would fall with just one charge at it.


A 5 meter tall cliff stood before the main gate. Li Mu and Wang Jian were gasping for air. Old K raised his battle axe and said, “For the sake of this sturdy rock, it took a dozen of us to carry it all the way over. It really is heavy. If we use this to construct our wall it’d be pretty good right? Little Li, you’re the Guild Master, why don’t you write a character on it?”

I nodded. As an upright young man, I also learned a bit of calligraphy. I walked over and took some mud. Then, with a grand flourish, I wrote out “Dragon’s Den”. Afterwards, I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and “keng keng” sliced across the surface of the boulder. Sparks flew, and rock fragments dropped. Within a few minutes, I carved the two words into the rock.

“We should fill it in with some color…..” Li Mu smiled.

“What should we use as the color?” Dong Cheng Yue questioned.

I smiled, “That’s easy!”

Wan Er glanced at me, “What do you want to do?”

I raised my left arm, and let my Dragon Reservoir Sword slice across it. “Pu Chi”, fresh blood splattered onto the “Dragon’s Den” characters. It was extremely red. Everyone was stunned. I smiled, “This Dragon’s Den was obtained with my own blood. This stone is a symbol of [Zhan Long], and it’s also proof of our strength. From now on, we’ll also use our blood to guard this city. Therefore, there’s no better color than the color of blood!”

“You pig…. does it hurt?” Wan Er sympathetically looked at me.

I quickly gulped down a health potion, and my injury completely recovered. This game was really great, the potion’s ability to take away scars really was top rate.

Matcha then wet her sleeve with water and wiped away any blood that was outside the characters. At that moment, the system seemed to have recognized the fact that the rock was a part of the city. The color of blood had completely seeped into the boulder and couldn’t be wiped away. Water couldn’t even wash it away. Li Mu looked at the boulder and took a deep breath, and smiled, “This will be the beginning of a legend….”

Wang Jian smiled, “Actually, based on milestone monument, we’re already a legend….”


I decided to ignore the musings of those people. I walked over into the city and continued to talk to the City’s Guardian NPC. I then listed out the plans for the city. There were going to be a total of 20 neighborhoods, medicine shops, iron smiths, teleportation circles, stores and other necessary buildings. On top of that, I planned out an enormous central plaza, where we would allow players set up stalls, create teams, and talk.

Sitting on the cornerstone of the palace of the main city, actually it’s just a few pieces of blue stones.

General Li Mu Level 80

Yue Qing Qian Level 80

Hero Old K Level 79

Wolf Level 79

General Wang Jian Level 80

Dancing Forest Level 78

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands Level 78

One Second Hero Level 78

Tang Xin Level 77


Although the system automatically gave a lot of experience after the end of the Warring states Battle, which did compensate many players. However, the loss was still apparent. Fortunately, the points of Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian and the others were extremely high. Through those points, they exchanged many experience points, and still remained above level 80. The 4-7 levels difference can be overcome through some extra effort.

In the distance, Wan Er had already begun forming a ten people team to do Hermit God’s Certificate quest. I continued to stay here and build my territory. When the night arrived, a shabby building finally rose in the city. It was a total of 11 buildings, while the rest were still desolate fields. It was at this moment, the request was finally fulfilled and the sound of bells rang beside my ear——


System Notification: Congratulations! Your territory [Dragon’s Den] successfully leveled up to Lv 1 City. As the first city to upgrade to Lv 1, all members of the [Zhan Long] guild shall receive rewards : Charm+1!


Looking at such rewards, I couldn’t help but smile. This is great. All members of the entire guild added together would mean a reward of around 10000 charm! This is an improvement of our overall power!

At this moment, a sudden “Di” sound rang out. It was a message from Yue Qing Qian: “Brother Xiao Yao, At 1500 yards south of Dragon City, there are around 2000 people of [Thousand Burial] moving! Be careful!”

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