Zhan Long

Chapter 465

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Chapter 465 Electric Arc Sword

‘Hermit God’s Certificate?”

I was shocked. It was a white scroll. After opening it up and looking at the contents, I was surprised. A Job-Change certificate!

[Hermit God’s Certificate] The Hermit God. Legend has it that the Hermit God was one of the protectors of the world. The Hermit God is omnipotent; equipped with the power of concealment and the ability to call forth the wind and rain. It is said that every empire sought after his genius. However, the Hermit God disappeared from the mundane world and hid himself in a place that no one could find. Using this scroll, will show you the way and grant you the right to seek the legendary Hermit God. The user would receive his legacy and become the Descendant of the Hermit God. Job Requirement: Assassin. Level Requirement: Level 80.


Without even thinking, I handed the certificate to Wan Er and said, “A hidden job advancement for Assassins. Go change jobs. Maybe you’ll get some OP skills or something.”

Wan Er widened her eyes, “Eh, I just joined the guild so I shouldn’t be taking this for myself. This won’t be fair to Qing Qian and Song Han.”

I hushed her, “Qing Qian and Little Wolf both have a lot of merit but it doesn’t amount to what you’ve done for Zhan Long. Who else could give Zhan Long a whole city? Don’t forget, it was you who single-handedly got me the city. A contribution like this far surpasses anyone else’s contribution by a few fold already. You also got the guild to Lv 4. Ah! I’ll let you join the Zhan Long Hall? Immediately as well; you’ve earned it!

“Then…. Fine……”

Wan Er held the Job Change Certificate and gazed at me, obviously pleased. It was easy to see that she’s been wanting to change to a hidden class for a long time. Everyone covets hidden classes for their OP skills. For example, my [Blade Spin] and [Dou Qi Wall] are basically stronger versions of [Flying Sword] and [Dou Qi Armor] respectively. Even a blind person can see the difference between them.

A system notice popped up: ‘The game will be going through a 10 hour maintenance in 30 minutes.’ This was just what we needed – a chance to rest after the battle.


Seeing that the guild was lifeless, I left a message for everyone: “Thank you everyone for your contributions in this fight. The battle in the Purple Demon Forest was under my command and, due to my carelessness, we suffered heavy losses. I will take responsibility for everything so I hope everyone can forgive me. However, we have successfully captured the city so that’s a big blessing in disguise. It’s all thanks to everyone’s efforts that we were able to achieve this. Also, the two beauties, Cang Tong and Cang Yue, have since joined our guild and brought over the brother guild – the [Zhan Long Guards]. Everyone…. I’ll see you guys in ten hours. All of the spoils in the battle were put into the guild storage. We’ll let the players who lost the most levels have a priority during the item distribution. In the spoils there’s 1 Saint Tier item, 15 Valkyrie Tier items, 147 Emperor Tier items, and 1024 Purple Tier items. I don’t think that anyone will be disappointed. Okay. I’m tired, so I’ll be off first.”

After that, Wan Er and Dong Cheng both greeted the guild members. After turning in all of the Barbarian Maiden Handkerchiefs for experience, they were both mentally and physically exhausted. Right now, I’m Lv 88 so I should be the highest leveled in Ba Huang City….


I got offline and took my cellphone out, giving Li Mu, Qing Qian, Matcha, Song Han and the others a call. It’s a good thing that they were used to losing levels already. Although, It’s easy grinding those lost ten levels back, I know that inside, they’re a bit depressed about it. The least I could do was to compensate them.

In the evening, I accompanied Wan Er and Dong Cheng to the cafeteria for a meal. Tang Qi was there too.


Tang Qi placed his rice bowl next to Dong Cheng. Immediately, Dong Cheng shot him a glare, stood up with her tray and came to my side, urging, “Move over a bit….”

I moved over a bit towards Wan Er, allowing Dong Cheng to sit down next to me. No matter what, she wouldn’t sit with Tang Qi.

Tang Qi felt embarrassed and rubbed his nose, “Did I…. Did I do something wrong again?”

“What do you think?” Wan Er glared at him. “All 4000+ members of [Zhan Long]’s main force lost at least 10 levels, do you have anything to say about this”

Tang Qi embarrassingly nodded, “Fine. I admit that I’m at fault here. However, I was just doing my job as one of [Hero Mound]’s Elders. I can’t just go and leak a highly classified secret to someone else. Although I feel sorry about what happened to [Zhan Long], I can’t just sell Q-Sword out for Xiao Yao.

Wan Er was quiet, “Yeah I know… We’re not blaming you for that. However, we now walk different roads. Dong Cheng and I are part of [Zhan Long] now while you’re part of [Hero Mound]. After the battle in the Purple Magic Forest, [Zhan Long] and [Hero Mound] will not be able to get along.”

Tang Qi looked towards me, “Li Xiao Yao. You’re a man right? Don’t tell me you’re this petty?”

I put my chopsticks down, looked at Tang Qi and smiled, “Right I’m a man. Even if Q-Sword killed me and made me lose 10 levels, I wouldn’t complain at all; it would only mean that I was inferior to him. However….. Q-Sword chose to fight in the Purple Magic Forest and attacked all 4000 of my guildmates, causing them all to lose ten levels each. I will never forgive him for that. He can obviously choose to fight elsewhere but he chose to fight in the Purple Magic Forest. He must’ve had some sort of plan in mind. In short, [Zhan Long] will never be friends with [Hero’s Mound]. This is the promise that I made to my 4000 guildmates, and my responsibility as their Guild Master!”

Dong Cheng raised her brows and said, “Right. You’re a member of [Hero Mound]. But don’t forget, we’re your friends too. You can follow Q-Sword’s orders, but don’t neglect your friend’s safety. In this Territory battle, [Hero Mound] completely disregarded everything and destroyed [Zhan Long]. This was only a territory war, it was too much.

Tang Qi became silent. He stirred the food in his bow and sighed, “Sorry. That’s all I can say. I can’t betray Q-Sword. I’m basically someone who lives in a well. Li Xiao Yao, you and I are friends. Q-Sword and I are friends as well. I can’t just choose one and betray the other. At the same time, I’m a part of [Hero Mound]…..”

“So you’ve decided….” I smiled.

Wan Er also pursed her lips and said, “From what I know, a real friend will use everything they have to protect you, no matter if you’re right or wrong. They won’t put on a fake face and distance themselves from you even knowing you did something wrong. The meaning of the word “friends” is very simple – someone worth protecting. So Tang Qi, don’t you dare insult the honor of friendship. Li Xiao Yao is not your friend. Dong Cheng and I both left the guild and brought backup to rescue [Zhan Long]. This is something that you couldn’t do because you don’t understand the true meaning behind the word ‘friends’.”

Tang Qi was at a loss for words.

I lightly bumped Wan Er’s shoulder and smiled, “Okay Okay. That’s enough. We shouldn’t press Tang Qi. I mean, the results weren’t that disastrous. At least we have the city and most of the [Hero Mound] members lost ten levels as well. [Zhan Long] took a big hit, but [Hero Mound] was not that well off either.”

Wan Er smiled and softly said, “Okay. Got it. Eat quickly and then get a good night’s sleep. There is a maintenance right now so don’t go online. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Okay. Dragon City is only level 1 right now. We need to develop it…..”

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then!”



Returning to the dorms, I slept to my heart’s content until noon the next day. I woke up when Wan Er called me to tell me that we were eating out for lunch.

After changing into a fresh set of clothing, I went downstairs to the girl’s dorms, before noticing that there was a brand new white A4 sports car parked there. Wan Er stood next to the car in a elegant dress looking like a car show girl

I immediately walked towards them and couldn’t help but smile, “This….”

Wan Er nodded and twirled the car keys around her finger, “That’s right. This is your car….”

Dong Cheng ran over with a small bag, “Let’s go! Brother Xiao Yao will take us out for a spin!”

I caught the keys that Wan Er threw to me and sat in the driver’s seat. My own car. It already feels different. I looked back and asked, “Where are we eating in the afternoon?”

“Hui Huang Restaurant”


As expected, when we arrived at the restaurant, Lin Tian Nan was waiting for us with a feast prepared. After the meal, I stood up and was preparing to leave when Lin Tian Nan called out, “ Li Xiao Yao, don’t be so hasty. Come to my room for a bit; I have something to give you.”

“Huh?” Surprised, I lead the two girls, following after Lin Tian Nan.

We entered hotel room 705 and the guards immediately closed the door. Lin Tian Nan proceeded to retrieve a silver box from under the bed, entered the passcode and opened up the case. Inside, there was a black lump that looked like a sword’s hilt.

“This is?” I was startled.

Lin Tian Nan muttered and said, “This is a weapon that the Tian Xin group started making three years ago. A high quality sharp blade for close combat…..”

“High quality sharp blade?” I laughed, “Don’t joke around. I don’t see any sharp blade.”

Lin Tian Nan showed a rare smile, “This was created using a new type of technology. Only upon using it will you feel its strength. Li Xiao Yao, how about you give it a try?”


I held the hilt and sent some of my energy into it. I felt my hands shake. The energy within the hilt was quickly spinning as well and a blue colored light appeared. “Shua.” A dark blue blade appeared from the hilt. It shot out like a bullet! What technology!”

(TLN: Is this a lightsaber? o-o)

“This…..” Wan Er was shocked.

Lin Tian Nan smiled, “This was created by utilizing lasers in order to excite the activities of the ions within the metal blade. This creates a pseudo hollow cathode effect that discharges the polarizing electromagnetic energy waves within the ions and shoot them out to surround the blade. The theory is similar to how the nerves in our bodies create a reflex that moves our body parts when it senses something. The sword was named the Electric Arc Sword due to the theory. The sword was created such that it takes in the account of the reflex of the user. It is most likely that only practitioners are able to use this. This was basically made just for you.”

I nodded, “Uhhh. Okay….”

Lin Tian Nan gave Wan Er a pampering look and then gazed back at me, “Ouyang Chuan is a Yangyan level expert. You need to train harder. This Electric Arc Sword will only increase your chances of winning by a bit. Maybe it’ll be able to cut through his Yangyan armor, maybe not. I don’t know. There wasn’t a single Yangyan expert that would let me try……”

I was speechless.

I took the Electric Arc Sword and put it around my waist so it could be easily drawn out. Now I have three different types of weapon – an M9 handgun, two army knives and the electric arc sword. They’re all hidden from public view to prevent any misunderstandings.


After bidding farewell to Lin Tian Nan, I returned to Liu Hua University and logged on. It’s time to check out our base!

Dragon’s Den , here I come!

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