Zhan Long

Chapter 463

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Chapter 463 First Time Battling Together

Wan Er gripped her Dragon’s Kiss dagger. With one hand, she raised her Saint Tier umbrella, and calmly looked at Q-Sword. She quietly said, “You secretly created all of these Death God Arrows behind my and Dong Cheng’s back. Without a single word, you took the entire main guild to Ba Huang City. From the start, you calculated everything and bought intel from everywhere, and found out that there was a map like Purple Demon Forest. Q-Sword, I never realized that you had such a calculating heart. [Zhan Long]’s elites have all lost 10 levels. What is your goal?”

Q-Sword gripped his blade and responded quietly, “This is exactly what I wanted to achieve. There’s no other explanation. Wan Er, if you want to kill me, then come at me! Today, between Xiao Yao and I, only one can survive!”

Wan Er raised her right arm, as light reflected off of the blade of Dragon’s Kiss onto her pretty face. Her clear eyes were filled with killing intent as she smiled, “If it’s like this, then I will declare war on [Hero’s Mound] for the sake of [Zhan Long]! Dong Cheng, go save Li Xiao Yao, activate all of your spells!”

In the midst of the crowd, Dong Cheng dashed over and raised her staff. [Magma Abyss] exploded under my feet, and “Pi Pi Pa Pa”, it burned away all of the Death God Arrows. These nearly hundred meter long poisonous vines had pierced and wrapped around my body. Even after that, I was continuously losing health. If I didn’t have healing spells and lots of health, I probably would’ve died a long time ago.


“Shua shua shua….”

Rays of healing light fell upon me. [Zhan Long: Defense Army]’s group of Healers all gave me heals, and my health jumped to full in seconds. Wan Er glanced back at me with a smile, “You good?”

I looked at all of the [Zhan Long] corpses on the ground. Li Mu, Matcha, and Qing Qian and everyone else all died. Our entire elite tier had basically all died. These Death God Arrows had activated too suddenly, and had completely exceeded all of our expectations. Bitterness filled my heart. I softly muttered, “I’m not good at all. It’s all my fault. I had completely missed the fact that there were only 7000 [Hero’s Mound] players on the battlefield instead of the 8000 that he came with. I had missed 1000 whole people. I had missed why Sword Tears would suddenly disappear in the middle of such a huge battle. It was my carelessness, that…. that made [Zhan Long] suffer such a big humiliation and loss…”

Wan Er lightly punched my shoulder and said, “Idiot, don’t blame yourself too much. This isn’t your fault. Any other person would’ve fallen for the trap too….”


I turned around and swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Dou Qi began to gather the winds around me. Behind me, my War Swept Cloak was drenched in blood as it fluttered in the winds. There were even several holes made by the Death God Arrows in the cloth. Despite it’s tattered appearance, it seemed even more ferocious looking than before. I looked up at Q-Sword and gripped the handle of my sword even tighter. I yelled, “Q-Sword, you must die today!”

“Do you even have the skill to kill me?” Q-Sword smiled, and suddenly a large amount of [Hero’s Mound] players appeared from the forest. Among them, Sword Tears walked up and stood beside Q-Sword with her long sword and smiled, “Brother, the plan succeeded. I just didn’t think that Fan Shu City would have a guild like [Zhan Long: Defense Army]. We didn’t know at all….”

Q-Sword glared at me and softly said, “For the sake of Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong secretly bought troops from Fan Shu City. To be honest, I should’ve known. This branch of [Zhan Long: Defense Army] never revealed their insignia to the outside world. They just secretly grinded their levels and did quests. Hmph, they’re a level four guild, and they managed to hide from everyone so perfectly!”

Wan Er tilted her head and looked at Q-Sword and smiled back. “Aren’t you just as amazing? Before, when I joined [Hero’s Mound] what was the promise you made to me? You promised that you would never lead your armies against [Zhan Long]. Now look at where we are. Nevermind about leading armies against them, now you’re even secretly making Death God Arrows behind your two Vice Guild Masters back? I’m not a stingy person, but Q-Sword, the recipe for creating Death God Arrows was something that Dong Cheng and I invented. It really is karma. The first battle these Death God Arrows were used on was on [Zhan Long]. I really reap what I sow….”

Behind Wan Er, a female Knight walked over to her. The symbol of Vice Guild Master floated above her head. Yue Yao Yan, one of Fan Shu City’s ranked Knights. She murmured, “Sister Can Tong, don’t make yourself responsible. Get ready for battle, Q-Sword still has quite a few people. What should we do? Don’t forget, anyone who dies here loses 10 levels….”


Wan Er looked up at Q-Sword and smiled, “Little Purple will help me kill him….”

“Little Purple?” I turned around and looked at her.

Wan Er glanced at a pile of bones. A purple dragon was flapping it’s wings, and looked at me with human like eyes. It was a—— Purple Dragon?

“Don’t think too much about it….” Wan Er grinned, “Purple Kirin Dragon, it’s a type of enormous dragon and is a Divine Tier BOSS pet. I found this treasure in Fan Shu City’s Immortal Mountain Range. I’ve already secretly grinded it to Lv 79, and it’s stats are astonishing….”

I nodded and tightened my grip on my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Wan Er, we have to kill Q-Sword, or else I have no way of explaining myself to the dead brothers of [Zhan Long]. We must kill him!”


Both sides drew their swords. Q-Sword stood facing Wan Er and I, and he didn’t seem to even have a sliver of intent of retreating.


I reached behind my back and pulled out my Cold Iron Sword. Without a sound, Wan Er dragged me into the middle of the crowd and quietly said, “Q-Sword’s Spark Armor increases his defense by 120% and lasts for 7 seconds. During this 7 seconds, it isn’t that easy to kill him, but I can have my archer’s use [Shield Breaker Shot] to decrease his defense. After that, I’ll command Little Purple to cut off Q-Sword and the rest of his army. When that happens, we’ll take the chance to kill him off. However, we have to be careful of Q-Sword’s counterattack. There’s also that Sword Tears. Her maneuvers are extremely strong. She can activate explosive attacks in seconds!”

“Got it! I’ll go first….”



The second Wan Er nodded, I already took my Flaming Tiger God and rushed out. I activated my [Wall of Dou Qi] and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] right at Q-Sword!



Expectedly, Q-Sword easily dodged the [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. After that, I commanded my Cold Iron Sword to fly out. I had already calculated the [Blade Spin]s path of attack, and “Shua!”, the blade spun at a 30 degree angle while I lunged at the right flank with my Dragon Reservoir Sword!

“That’s right, come at me!”

Q-Sword used one hand to raise his sword as he laughed and rushed forward. “Keng!” his blade rammed right into my Dragon Reservoir Blade. The two of us trembled from the force of the impact. Suddenly, my Cold Iron Sword pierced right through Q-Sword’s chest, bringing out 3678 damage. Such a high defense!

I didn’t show the slightest bit of hesitation. In a flash, my Dragon Reservoir swept towards my enemy’s lower half. Q-Sword’s maneuvers and reaction time were all extremely high level, and he kicked at my wrist. At that moment, my entire arm went numb, and I nearly lost my grip on my Dragon Reservoir Sword.

I activated [Cloud Walker] and suddenly leapt up. With precise calculations, I grabbed the returning Cold Iron Sword. I then threw out 5 heavy slices with both swords!

“Keng keng keng….”

Sparks flew as Q-Sword succeeded in parrying three of the slices. The other two attacks cut down 7000 of his health.

“Sha sha….”

Miserably, Q-Sword retreated several steps. Bloody wings suddenly opened up behind Q-Sword, it was [Hawk Slash]!

“Ji ji”

In the midst of the sound of a bird’s cry, he basically landed a slice right onto my chest plate at the speed of light. Q-Sword’s handsome face was filled with rage. He threw an [Afterglow Slash], and stunned me for 1.5 seconds. On top of that, it dealt quite a bit of damage ——



Such a terrifying bastard! His attack doesn’t seem to be even the slightest bit lower than mine!

1.5 seconds was enough. Q-Sword smiled at me and activated the combo——[Six Directional Thunder]!


My Flaming Tiger God raised its claws as it pounced forward. “Peng!” it landed an attack right on Q-Sword’s blade. At that moment, the skill actually disappeared. This was my one-time two front attack, and it actually succeeded!

Surprise flashed across Q-Sword’s face. He turned around and pushed back the Flaming Tiger God. With a roar, he stabbed his long sword into the crowd, and activated [Destruction Wolf Formation]. Within 10 yards of him, rabid wolves suddenly ran out. Wan Er was originally planning on reinforcing me, but ended up opening up her iron umbrella to block the attack. In the end, she was only an Assassin, how could she take on Q-Sword’s attack!

At the same time, countless Archers and Mages behind Q-Sword began to open fire right at me!

Right as the stun vanished, I suddenly growled and activated my special skill——[Dragon Transformation]! Dragon power began to emanate from my skin, and my armor began to shift and writhe into Dragon Armor. The roars of a dragon emerged from my throat as my battle robes all fluttered. After I received a [Grip of Compassion] from the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] Healers, I charged right at Q-Sword.

My body spun in the air and I suddenly swung out my swords, releasing 7 slices!

The first attack smacked right into Q-Sword’s blade, and forced him to retreat. My strength had increased exponentially. Following that first slice, the 6 other attacks landed right on his shoulder. However, there were too many people healing him, and in that moment, I couldn’t kill him.

“Be careful! Sword Tears has locked onto you!” Wan Er said.

I gritted my teeth, “I’m risking it all. Now that Sword Tears is trying to kill me, that means that Q-Sword is also going to attack as well. Wan Er, Dong Cheng, support me. I’ll take Sword Tears attacks, you guys help me kill Q-Sword!”




In the midst of my dragon roars, the Purple Kirin Dragon suddenly descended from the sky. “Peng!” it landed right in the forest. It threw a Dragon’s breath and its sharp claws right onto the crowd behind Q-Sword. I silently cheered it on. The timing of the attack was just too great. The Purple Dragon’s attack had diminished at least half of Q-Sword’s supporting heals and attacks. Our chance has come!

On the flank, Sword Tears face froze, and she charged right at me with her blade raised. Suddenly, her blade turned into flower and frost began to crawl up the blade. It was an ice type attack. Within seconds, 6 cuts appeared on my armor. It really was a high level explosive attack from a top tier swordsman!







Within seconds, my health dropped to the bottom. A smile appeared on Q-Sword’s face. He suddenly passed by me and punched my shoulder. At the same time, his blade brushed against my neck. Motherf*cker, you want to kill me like this?!

I gulped down a health potion and activated [Dragon Knight’s Recovery] and took the pain. I then swept out my Cold Iron Sword with my left hand. Sword Tears practically rammed into me, and her blade pierced through my Magic Spite armor. I on the other hand, struck the Cold Iron Sword’s hilt right into her back. “Peng!” her armor split, and blood began to spill out, staining her cloak.

“Wu…” Sword Tears cried out.

I spun around and landed a kick onto the sword, and made a retreat. I then threw a cut with my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Q-Sword had no way of dodging. I sliced right into his shoulder. He was also risking it all. With a jolt, he activated [Fierce Tiger Burst] and suddenly, a tiger appeared on his blade!


“Oh no….” my health was far too low to take a hit like that.

Right at that moment, a red glow flashed across the Dragon’s Kiss blade. “Keng!” it knocked away Q-Sword’s blade. Wan Er’s [Gouge] succeeded! In the next moment, the little miss Cang Tong’s most terrifying and explosive attack appeared. It was [Chain Attack] + [Twin Blade Harmony]+[Flying Dagger]+[Ice Pick Whirlpool].

“Pig!” She glanced at me, “Hurry up, [Great Realm of Desolation]!”

I understood, [Great Realm of Desolation] could decrease the target’s healability!

I suddenly opened my palm and threw a [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Right after the attack landed, Dong Cheng opened her snowy palm, and lightning began to accumulate on her finger tips. It was [Lightning Finger] + [Magma Lance] + [Magma Abyss]. At that moment, Q-Sword’s body was crushed by Dong Cheng’s chain of spells. Seven dazzling Warring States Talisman’s dropped. On top of that, a Saint Tier bracelet and a pile of 7 – 8 other equipments also dropped. One of them was a superior Emperor Tier equipment.
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Yup, Q-Sword’s drops really are great!!

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