Zhan Long

Chapter 459

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Chapter 459 Q-Sword’s Battle Style

Why not? It has to be you….” I took the Blood Flag and handed it over to Matcha and smiled, “Now in the future, Matcha will have to be in all the big battles. Good Luck. Once you get to Lv 84, you’ll be one of our [Zhan Long]’s Elders. You’re going to be responsible for the commands in the guild then…..”

Matcha looked at me with tears in her eyes, “Okay…. Don’t worry boss. I won’t disappoint you!”

On the side, Song Han laughed, “Good. Now sister Matcha will truly be our godly strategist. Everyone already knows how good Matcha’s tactics are and now she has this AOE BUFF shoulder item. She can now finally be considered a top rank commander.”

Matcha pouted and smiled, “Hehe. During the City War, [Zhan Long]’s real commander is the boss…..”

I looked back at her, “I can’t be leading every single battle. When I’m not here, Matcha will be the commander in chief. Her position will be higher than Li Mu and the others…..”

“Okay…..” Matcha smiled. “Thanks for the promotion boss. I’ll do my best!”



Everyone started running into the distance, and not long after, we caught up to the team that General Li Mu had led ahead. [Zhang Long]’s ten thousand troops passed through forests and mountains, all the way to the border of Glacial River Valley. Our last map before heading towards Bowl Valley, which was now only 1000 yards away from us.

“Sha Sha……”

With the effects of my Cloud Stepping Boots and War Swept Cloak, my speed had greatly surpassed that of a normal player’s. I looked around and surveyed the area. In the sky a group of [Zhan Long] Wind Elves were flying about. From their reports, the area around the ravine was very safe.

“Brother Xiao Yao, slow down a bit. Wait for us….” Qing Qian desperately chased me from afar. “I feel that something bad is about to happen. Uncle Yan Zhao had already gone offline. It seems like he’s been done in.”

I furrowed my brows. I had already smelled the bloody being carried by the wind.


I charged over a hill and rushed into the forest. Once my boots stepped onto Bowl Valley, I witnessed a scene of human desperation. I stood there, stupefied. Behind me, Qing Qian, Wolf, Matcha, Li Mu all were speechless

Blood had seeped into every inch of dirt and the ground was littered with the corpses of players. Broken swords and halberds hung from the bushes and trees. Most of the bodies were from [Prague]’s players. Crows spiraled above the valley in the air, and waited for the chance to feast. A few wild coyotes hid in the bushes, as their noses filled with the scent of blood. [Prague]’s flag lay in a pool of blood, torn.

I slowly walked forward, my hand trembled with rage as I tightly gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I had predicted that [Prague] would lose, but I never would’ve imagined that they would be completely annihilated. This battle… It looks as though nobody escaped with their life!

I looked up and saw the Vice Guild Master, Epic Hero’s, body pierced by a halberd and pinned to a boulder. No matter how hard he tried to push away from the bolder, he just hung from there. His face and chest had been scorched black from magic fire. You could tell that before he had died, quite a few people had tried healing him. Sadly, he was still killed in an explosion of spells.

I couldn’t bear to watch anymore. I looked down and took Qing Qian, Wolf and the others forward.

I walked further ahead, towards the center of the valley. This place was originally a small hill in the mountains, but now corpses covered the entire place like mountains. Blood flowed freely like rivers, and the originally green ground was now a black red color.

“Yan Zhao Warrior? Was he killed?” I made a fist.

Qing Qian bit her lip, “I…. I don’t know…”

Li My raised his long sword and gritted his teeth “Aren’t they just a little too savage? To think that they’d completely annihilate [Prague]. And it looks like, [Hero’s Mound] only lost around 5000 players. Just how strong are they? They managed to kill all 20,000 of [Prague]’s players with a 1:4 ratio!”

Wang Jian coldly said, “Q-Sword is known as the second strongest player in the Chinese Servers. He used to be known as the Death God. On top of that, [Hero’s Mound] is a super guild on par with [Legend], and without some cheap tricks and courage, they would’ve never been able to sit on the throne of second best. Now that I see this, they really do have some strength. They were actually…. they were actually able to completely destroy [Prague] within an hour. No matter what, [Prague] is one of the top ten guilds in the server….”

One Second Hero gripped his halberd, his brows were furrowed, “Such a cruel battle….”


I looked up and suddenly flew forward several steps and rushed up to a pile of bodies. I dragged away a few [Hero’s Mound] corpses, only to see the body of [Prague]’s Guild Master, Yan Zhao Warrior. He was at the very bottom of the mountain. Yan Zhao Warrior was basically buried to death by all of the [Hero’s Mound] players. The sword in his hand was covered with nicks, the remnants of blood still on the blade. On his body, I could see marks left from several axes and swords. The most tragic part was the fact that there was basically not a single inch of his skin that wasn’t covered with wounds. His chest plate, neck, two legs and arms all had arrows sticking out. One arrow had been buried right into Yan Zhao’s left eye, the blood still seeped out from the wound.

I couldn’t bear to watch anymore. I swept out my blade, and energy burst out of my body. A pile of [Hero’s Mound] bodies flew up. I dragged Yan Zhao’s body out, and softly laid him on the ground. My chest heaved as I took in some heavy breaths. I looked up at everyone. All of the players from [Zhan Long] gritted their teeth as they looked at me.

“Guild Master!”

Li Mu pierced his longsword into the earth and raged, “[Hero’s Mound] has gone to the extreme. This is just a territorial battle, there’s no need to kill everyone, is there? Without a single hesitation, they threw a sneak attack on Ba Huang City, and killed everyone in [Prague], without a single survivor. What exactly are they planning? Q-Sword, the most perfect man on the Chinese Servers… he really is perfect with his methods!!”

Old K looked at Yan Zhao’s body on the ground and gritted his teeth, “Even though I didn’t exactly like [Prague] or Yan Zhao Warrior, but…. But this really is just a small internal City battle. They didn’t even declare war, and decided to slaughter all 20,000 players from [Prague]….”

Qing Qian walked up and knelt beside Yan Zhao Warrior. As she saw his body, she began to tear up, “Wu…. Uncle died such a cruel death. He was probably the last person to die. He looks so hopeless…. So unjust. He…. he didn’t even have time to send me a message, and he was just massacred like that….”

Dancing Forest raised her long bow and said, “Guildmaster, why don’t you say something. What exactly should we do?”

I took a deep breath and looked at everyone. Then in an emotionless voice, I said, “Q-Sword has brought his troops to our gates, and has declared that he is going to participate in this Ba Huang City battle… We have no other choice but to fight. All of Ba Huang City’s guilds have been fighting hard for 24 hours, and there aren’t many left. [Zhan Long] managed to preserve most of our 10,000 man force. But, Q-Sword brought with him 50,000 of [Hero’s Mound] players. He had calculated well, and it seems, he is determined to get the 10 Talismans. It’ll be hard for [Zhan Long] to avoid a battle with [Hero’s Mound]. I have nothing more to say. The bravest side when rivals have to meet in battle will win. [Hero’s Mound] is just a stumbling block. Today, [Zhan Long] will crush [Hero’s Mound]’s undefeated legend!”

Matcha slowly walked over and whispered in my ear, “Boss, I just got some intel. [Hero’s Mound]’s 50,000 main force has split into two. One of them is heading towards the City of the Four Noblemen, while the other is going towards the Eastern side of the Grave of the Warring States towards The Desolate Cloud Swamp. What….. what should we do?”

“Desolate Cloud Swamp?”

I suddenly jolted, “Go look it up, what Ba Huang City force is in Desolate Cloud Swamp?”


Matcha widened her eyes at me, “Jian Feng Han and Misty Clouds have completely broken ties. He’s decided to kill Misty Clouds and so he brought 20,000 of [Vanguard]’s main force to go after [Enemies at the Gate]’s 8000. Those two have decided to have a face off at Desolate Cloud Swamp. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, they will fight in 10 minutes!”

“Have they all gone crazy?” I punched a pine and ruefully said, “[Hero’s Mound] is closing in on them. Clearly, they want to crush all of Ba Huang City’s main forces first. Jian Feng Han is also going after [Enemies At the Gate]. Is he going to wrap his head as a present and send it to them?”

Li Mu said in serious tone, “The current situation of the 10 Talisman is that there are three on you, three on Jian Feng Han, One on Misty Clouds, and the three that were on Yan Zhao Warrior, but are now on Q-Sword. Therefore, Jian Feng Han probably really wants the one on Misty Cloud.”

Qing Qian’s beautiful eyes were filled with perplexion, “Brother Xiao Yao, we…what should we do?”

I looked into the distant East and said, “Qing Qian, send two Wind Elf Archers and Assassins to fly over and scout out the area 1000 yards ahead of us. Everyone, follow me and head towards Desolate Cloud Swamp. There is no avoiding our battle with [Hero’s Mound], and I don’t want to try and evade the issue either. Right now, what I want to do, is find Q-Sword and [Hero’s Mound] and fight to the death!”

Li Mu nodded, “Yup, we’ll head out immediately. Time is of the essence!”


Sprinting over, [Zhan Long]’s 10,000 troops ran along the border of the City of the Four Noblemen, straight towards Desolate Cloud Swamp. Everyone’s face was filled with worry. There were only around 140,000 Ba Huang City players remaining within the event. On top of that, there was a mix of good and bad players. How were we supposed to defend against [Hero’s Mound] 50,000 elite? Besides, [Vanguard] and [Enemies at the Gate], some of the last remaining forces of Ba Huang City, were now duking it out over a talisman. This meant that the battle would be even harder to fight.

“Pu pu….”

My Cloud Stepping Boots stepped into shallow water. There was a small stream and grasslands all around us. We were only around 2000 yards away from Desolate Cloud Swamp. As we walked further forward, there was a dense forest. Desolate Cloud Swamp was guarded by a high level forest. My level was really low when I came here to train my levels. Now that I was coming back, it was for the sake of a bitter battle!


“Carefully scout out the area ahead! Make sure you camouflage yourself well!” Li Mu shouted out.

“Hua la la…..”

A group of birds suddenly flew up from the forest. I immediately raised my sword and shouted, “Stop the advance! There’s an ambush ahead!”

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