Zhan Long

Chapter 457

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Chapter 457 [Prague]’s Crushing Defeat

In the blink of an eye, it was the 24th hour of the event. Even though everyone was extremely tired, we still needed to continue battling. The 10th Talisman hadn’t appeared yet, and nobody knew what the end result will be. No matter if it’s [Zhan Long] or [Vanguard], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate], or anyone else, everyone wanted to gather all ten of the Talismans. Doing so was an honor, and it was also proof of strength. If any of the guilds wanted to rise to the top of Ba Huang City, they must first take this first guild base!


“Watch for any movements suggesting the tenth wave’s BOSS. We have to fight for that BOSS….”

I held my Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand as I walked to the foot of the wall. [Zhan Long] had already split up to kill the Dragon Horsemen all over the map, and was doing all that they could to get the Dragon Horseman Outfits.

Qing Qian’s [Twin Blade Harmony] slashed through the chest of one Dragon Horseman, and her light body spun around, as the Horseman fell to the ground. She pointed out, “Outside of the city, to the southeast, around 1200 yards away, a summoning circle has secretly appeared. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, the BOSS should spawn over there. However, that’s pretty close to [Vanguard], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract]’s formations. I’m afraid that there’s no way to avoid an ugly battle when we fight for this BOSS. Brother Xiao Yao, are we going to go after it?”


I gripped my long sword, “From the beginning, we wouldn’t be able to avoid a battle with [Vanguard]. Charge! All of [Zhan Long]’s armies, charge. Don’t worry about anything else!”



I did a headcount of our numbers. After all of those bitter fights, [Zhan Long] went from 16,500 players to 11,000 players, but that was still pretty good. Right now, there were only around 170,000 Ba Huang City players in total that were still in the event. [Zhan Long] took up around 1/17 of that number. This time, we aren’t totally at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. The other guilds like [Vanguard], [Prague] and other guilds have quite a few people left, while the small and medium guilds have basically been annihilated by those Thunder Tier Dragon Horsemen.

With my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I stood at the very front of the army. [Zhan Long]’s ten thousand troops charged towards the Southeast. From the distance, we could see fiery pillars of light flying up into the sky from the summoning circle. Right afterwards, the clouds separated, and a general from hell rode on a Fire Kirin as he appeared in the air. He had a pair of maces in his hands, and a fiery red armor hung from his shoulders. He shouted, “I’ll have the world serve me!”


System Announcement: The tenth general from Hell [The Slaughter Mu Lin] (Saint Tier BOSS) has brought a Talisman and has appeared at (12254, 9701). Killing the Slaughterer Mu Lin, there will be a 100% drop rate of [Warring States Talisman – Ten]. When all ten of these Talismans is gathered together, the owner may turn them into the Duke of Ba Huang City to gain control over the City of the Four Noblemen!


It really was a slaughterer. The second Mu Lin touched the ground, he smacked his two maces together and “Keng!” created an enormous shockwave. All of the surrounding players suffered damage, and one after another, damage numbers as high as 4000 flew up. The attack had a 400 yard effect range. Within a blink of an eye, several hundred people died. This one attack forced all of the surrounding Ba Huang City players to retreat. Who would want to fight such a brutal BOSS?


I swung my long sword and ran forward by myself. Not far behind me, Li Mu, Old K and the others also charged forward. Almost everyone’s health was over 5000, or else they would never dare to come near. I was at the front, and so when I got close to the BOSS, I read out the stats——

[The Slaughterer Mu Lin] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 95

Attack: 5050-5700

Defense: 4700

Health: 13,000,000

Skills: [Kirin Slash] [Twin Mace Annihilation] [Fierce Whirlwind Slash] [God Killing Dou Qi]

Introduction: Mu Lin is an extremely strong person from the ancient times. Ever since he was young, he was naturally blessed with superhuman strength. On top of that, he could easily use Dou Qi. By the time he was 14 years old, he managed to train his strength to the same level as that of a Sword Saint. He won many victories for his country, and finally in The War of Gods and Demons, he lead his country’s troops to battle, but was killed by the gods. His spirit didn’t disappear, but instead fell into Hell, which preserved the godly strength that he had when he was alive. With his two maces, he was completely unrivaled in Hell. When he is summoned back into the human world from the Talisman’s strength, he will be determined to bring about a reign of terror.


From a distance, I raised my palm and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]! My Dragon Reservoir Sword split into three blades of light and pierced through Mu Lin’s body. However, right as I activated my attack, a man flew over at the boss. It was Jian Feng Han, and he threw a [Corrupt Wolf’s Edge] right into the BOSS. However, my attack was still stronger than his, and so Mu Lin immediately charged towards [Zhan Long]’s formation!


An [Indigo Sea Arrow] cut through the BOSS’s body. It was Simple’s attack. Within seconds, the BOSS roared and started running in a different direction. Jian Feng Han had already commanded his several tens of thousands of [Vanguard] players to hold their formation. In a loud voice, he commanded, “Hold the shield formation and prepare to aggro the BOSS!”

I gritted my teeth and swept out my arm, as I commanded my Cold Iron Sword to fly out from behind me and float beside my shoulder. I immediately gave the targets, and let the [Blade Spin] fly. However, behind me Qing Qian rushed over and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, don’t rush. Wait until everyone has caught up!”

I nodded and waited for the rest of [Zhan Long]’s army while I commanded my [Blade Spin] to attack Mu Lin’s back, but I was never able to surpass the damage of all of [Vanguard]’s core players. Behind me, Li Mu and Old K all made their way to me. Matcha, One Second Hero, Tang Xin and the other’s also began to create [Zhan Long]’s formation, right across from [Vanguard]’s own formation!


Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot] hit against the BOSS’ back. This time, we finally managed to move the BOSS’s aggro onto [Zhan Long].

I raised my sword as I stood on the front line. At once, I threw a [Combo]+[Windblade] onto Mu Lin. He was immediately enraged and raised his battle mace to turn the Fire Kirin around as he charged over. He stopped right before me and struck my shoulder with a heavy hit. It was the first skill——[Kirin Slash]!



So painful! Thankfully it wasn’t a fatal injury. However, after that one attack from the BOSS, [Magma Abyss]es began to appear under my feet. It was an attack from [Vanguard]’s Mage team!

“Sha sha sha….”

The BOSS retreated several steps to dodge the damage from the multiple [Magma Abyss]es, but unfortunately his aggro was pulled back to [Vanguard].


Wang Jian raised his sword in anger, “They’re actively attacking Brother Xiao Yao. Let’s fight [Vanguard] to the death! We’re slashing them to pieces!”

Li Mu quickly rushed forward and with a sweep of his blade, killed two of [Vanguard]’s Swordsmen. However, right as he made that attack, he was forced to retreat from the barrage of attacks from [Vanguard]’s Mage team. He gasped for air as he said, “Kill and don’t retreat! Be careful of your health!”

Old K howled, and raised his Flaming Sun Battle Axe, and threw a [Whirlwind Slash] into the crowds. Right after that, he used a [Savage Jump Slash]. Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands activated a [Magma Abyss], and made several of [Vanguard]’s player fall to their knees.

Li Mu shouted, “Flying Sword, cut them up!”

In the [Zhan Long] camp, a group of Fourth Advancement Swordsman raised their hands. In the next second, one after another, swords flew out and cut through [Vanguard]’s formation. My own [Blade Spin] activated as well, and flew out with theirs. [Vanguard] suffered heavy damages. Compared to the number of Fourth Advancement Swordsmen that we have, they have much less.

However, [Vanguard]’s strength is the Mage team that Simple leads. [Zhan Long] suffered astonishing damage from the AOE spells that they cast!



Goodbye Tears also rushed into battle. His long blade carried the might of [Mountain Strike], as he forced two of [Zhan Long]’s Swordsmen to retreat. He swung his shield to block the countless arrows that were shot at him. Afterwards, he used a [Jialan’s Mantra] and another slash, before killing one of [Zhan Long]’s Berserkers. The user’s strength after activating [Jialan’s Mantra] was terrifying. On top of that, the buff gives an enormous boost to defense. High level Monks have reason to be feared.

“So cool!” Don’t Be Foolish raised his long spear and laughed, “Go Monk go! Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai! We’ll cheer you on!”

Goodbye Tears turned around, only to see a beautiful Assassin come right at him. Qing Qian’s blade moved so quickly that it was shocking. “Pa!” Goodbye Tears’ shoulder began to bleed. With another spin, she sent another 7 slashes right into his body, and cut Goodbye Tears’ health in half. Afterwards, Dancing Forest shot a [Triple Arrow]. “Pa pa pa” they all went right into his face. Goodbye Tears could only use [Holy Light] to recover 70% of his health. At the same time, he carried his shield and began to retreat. As he retreated, he pulled the arrows out of his face. Tears rolled down his cheek, “F*ck, it hurts….”

I caught up and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] right at Goodbye Tears, and forced him to roll into the grass. I then opened my palm and targeted the Mage North Pole!

North Pole shuddered, “[Defeat the Dragon]!?”

“Shua shua shua” three flashes of light exploded. North Pole had already retreated 75 yards away and gasped, “Motherf*cker, thank god I’m so smart, otherwise I would’ve been instantly killed!”

I closed my hand, and killed three Archers with [Great Realm of Desolation]. At that moment, North Pole made a fist, “F*ck you trickster!”

I turned around and charged as my Flaming Tiger God opened up a path. I let my Dragon Reservoir Sword dance while my Cold Iron Sword followed close behind me and dealt critical damage to the players around me like a killing machine. Jian Feng Han, on the other hand, was stuck fighting Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Bai Qi, and couldn’t pull himself away. However, it didn’t look as though he was losing either. Rather, it was almost as though he was Lu Bu in the story of Lu Bu against the Three Heroes.


Our two guilds were caught in the fierce battle, and our numbers quickly dwindled, while the BOSS’s health was also being cut down by the two of us. After 10 minutes, the BOSS’s health was only around 40%, and [Vanguard]’s frontline began get restless.

“What’s wrong?” Jian Feng Han audibly asked.

Don’t Be Foolish raised his long spear, “Guild Master, Misty Clouds has lead 10,000 troops to attack our rear. They say they’re helping [Zhan Long] get the 10th Talisman….”

Jian Feng Han’s face turned cold, “I gave him mercy and he decided to turn it down! Split up the troops and attack! When the BOSS dies, we’ll immediately kill Misty Clouds. I wasn’t looking to kill him, but he decided to come and find his doom!”

“Yes, Guild Master!”


Right at that moment, I suddenly heard a “Di”. I got a message from the beauty Cang Tong, “Li Xiao Yao, did Yan Zhao Warrior bring some people from [Prague] to go after Wang Ze Cheng’s division?”

“Yes, what’s wrong Wan Er?”

“Crap. Just half an hour ago, Q-Sword took [Hero’s Mound] main guild, and division 2-17, around 50,000 troops, towards Ba Huang City. He said he was going to attack some NPC rebellion, but it seems….. it seems that he tricked me. In reality, he was taking that 50,000 core member team to Ba Huang City. Quickly tell Yan Zhao Warrior, [Prague] is going to be ambushed!



Right as I was about to dial Yan Zhao Warrior’s chat, Qing Qian jolted beside me. She was looking towards the Southwest, as she said, “Oh no…. Oh no…..”

My heart froze, “Is it…. [Hero’s Mound]…..”

“Yea…..” Qing Qian’s face was ashen, “Uncle Yan Zhao just sent a message to me. [Prague]s’ 20,000 elites ran all the way into an ambush. The ambush was right in—— Bowl Valley! It seems that Bowl Valley was completely surrounded by [Hero’s Mound]. Q-Sword, The Seventh Tang, Jian Tan, and Sword Tears, all personally went to fight. [Prague] is finished….”

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