Zhan Long

Chapter 456

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Chapter 456 Dragon Horseman Outfit

With my defense increased, this time I won’t have to be afraid at all of the attacks from the Barbarian Maidens. “Pa Pa Pa” their whips smacked against my chest plate, but I didn’t feel a sliver of pain, and they only dealt around 400 damage.

The [Zhan Long] players continued to kill monsters. The only corpses left on the frontlines were those of monsters. I was already done collecting the 10 stacks of handkerchiefs, so that when I go back to the city, I can exchange them for experience.

Not long after, we killed all of the Southern Barbarians. The gates of the City of the Four Noblemen began to open up again. The tenth wave of monsters have finally come!


Hooves beat the ground as a group of black battle horses mounted by ace horsemen rushed out like a flood!


Qing Qian’s jaw dropped, “Are those normal horsemen?”

Li Mu shook his head, “Nope, every battle horse has a curved horn atop its head. On top of that, the battle horses are covered in flaming scales, those are definitely not normal battle horses….”

I stood towards the front and smiled, “Of course they aren’t, those are the legendary Dragon Horses…..”

Soon, in the midst of the thunderous hooves, these elite horsemen came within 50 yards of us. Their stats were naturally listed out for us, right in our battle logs——

[Dragon Horsemen] (Thunder Tier)

Level: 94

Attack: 3200-4150

Defense: 3700

Health: 170000

Skills: [Dragon Spear Throw] [Dragon’s Roar] [Iron Heel]

Introduction: These are horsemen from ancient times. In the ancient Eastern Sea Mountains, there appeared godly dragons. All of these dragons had had a vision of their deaths and decided to look for a place for their eternal rest. They looked for the valley that had the most spiritual power and waited for their deaths to come. After thousands of years, countless godly dragons died within that valley, their bones buried into the ground. Dragon power began to seep into the earth, making it so that even the plants of the valley were filled with dragon power. The wild horses of the mountains would eat those plants, and obtain dragon power, leading to their eventual transformation into the legendary Dragon Horses. Qin Mu Gong sent troops over a 100 miles to capture these Dragon Horses and obtained countless dragon horsemen. They trained a whole troop of the world’s strongest cavalry. These Dragon Horsemen have hidden under the ground for tens of thousands of years. Now that they have been summoned above ground, they have become lethal weapons of war.

(Author Note: After writing this paragraph, I slapped my thigh and thought Damn, my BSing skills are getting even better!!)


“Be careful!”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Be careful of the long ranged skill [Dragon Spear Throw], those will definitely hurt! Also, all close combat players be careful of [Dragon Roar]. My Flaming Tiger God’s [Fierce Roar] is probably really similar to [Dragon Roar] and is an AOE attack that will probably deal enormous damage. Archers, make sure to lock your [Scatter Shots] to interrupt the effect of [Dragon Roar]. Healers, all use group heals. The real fight starts now!”

“Keng Keng Keng…”

On the front line, one after another, [Zhan Long] players all pulled out their blades in preparation for battle!


They’re here!

Before they even got close to us, one after another, the Dragon Horsemen all raised their arms. “Shua Shua Shua”, countless spears were thrown at us. I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder as I took 3 attacks all at once and lost 3000 health. Not too bad for me. However, the same can’t be said for other players. Cries of agony shattered the air as [Zhan Long] lost dozens of players.

“Be careful! Use [Heavenly Shield Wall]!” Matcha’s body slightly dipped as she gave out the command.

In the next moment, the Dragon Horsemen all charged right into the shield formation. Afterwards, they pulled out their swords and began swinging them at us. One of them raised their sword extremely high, giving a command out. All of the battle horses around him raised their heads as their eyes turned read and gave a roar. The skill lasted for a whole two seconds, creating an attack that came from all sides. They then charged forward, resulting in enormous damage!

Quite a few of the Dragon Horsemen all around began to roar. Within the blink of an eye, several of the players in the shield formation fell to their knees. The group heals couldn’t catch up with the damage they were suffering.


Once I sent out the command, I swung my two swords and killed my way into the monsters. I activated my [Wall of Dou Qi] and like a whirlwind, I cut through the crowd, creating a path of bodies. I used my 10% [Drain] to keep my health up, and fought my way into the crowd, with absolutely no fear.

Dancing Forest raised her bow and said, “All Archers, lock onto the Dragon Horsemen. Once they use [Dragon Roar], immediately start spamming [Scatter Shot]. The [Dragon Roar] lasts for 2 seconds. It’ll take you guys at most 1 second to react. Don’t tell me that [Zhan Long]’s players need more than 1 second!”

General Lian Po immediately sent the same command to another team chat. Everyone held a tight grip over their own section of formation.


Gradually, we finally managed to stabilize our formation, even though the monsters killed quite a few players.

As I sliced my way through the monsters, I made sure to watch over the situation in the distance. Qing Qian, Li Mu, Matcha and all the others were also watching carefully. Everyone started talking in the main guild group chat ——

Qing Qian said, “Liu Yin has gotten the 9th Talisman now, and it seems that he’s being pursued by [Thousand Burial]…..”

Li Mu smiled, “We just received information about it. It really is interesting, how Liu Yin took the Talisman and [Wrath of the Heroes] and retreated to the North. However, he was ambushed by [Thousand Burial] and the two guilds began to fight. Looks like Cang Cheng plans on getting lots of points, as he led [Hero’s Mound: First Division] to join in. In a short time period, they killed over 2000 [Wrath of the Heroes] players. Liu Yin was humiliated and already contacted two other guilds to help him in his counterattack. Right now, the Eastern front of the City of the Four Noblemen is getting really intense….”

“What about the monsters?” I asked with a smile.

Li Mu was a little annoyed, “To be honest, it’s just [Thousand Burial] and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] that are fighting [Wrath of the Heroes]. As [Wrath of the Heroes] began their counterattack, the Dragon Horsemen began to attack the five guilds….”

“That group of trash…..” Wolf smiled, “They really aren’t capable of getting strong.”


We continued to kill monsters. Several Dragon Horsemen were all killed by my Dragon Reservoir Sword. “Pa Ta”, the horseman dropped a card and a pair of wrist guards. I picked them up to look, the card was a [Dragon Horseman card], and increased attack power by 15% and increased attack speed by 10%. The equipment was a Lv 80 Purple Tier armor. This Dragon Horseman Wristguard was part of the Dragon Horseman Outfit!

I gripped the Dragon Horsemen Wristguards and took a deep breath. Excitedly, I said, “Another Lv 80 outfit has appeared. Everyone do your best to kill monsters. Stop PKing and work hard on killing the Dragon Horsemen. These Dragon Horsemen Outfits’ stats are just 14% lower than the Desolate Sky Armors’. [Zhan Long], for the moment, our goal is these outfits. The more Dragon Horsemen we kill, the more outfits we can gather!”

Once I revealed the outfit stats, Li Mu, Matcha and the rest were filled with excitement. On top of that, I made a new rule, whoever gets a Dragon Horseman Outfit, [Zhan Long] will pay them 5000RMB for each outfit. Afterwards, we would put all of the Dragon Horseman Outfits into the storage and wait until the battle is over to figure out who gets them. All in all, the more Dragon Horseman Outfits we get, the stronger our heavy armor team will become.

After experiencing such fierce battles, [Zhan Long]’s potential was starting to show. That is, the strength of the heavy armor team that Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and I trained. It was probably Ba Huang City’s number one heavy armor team. No matter if it was the team’s endurance or their explosive power, they were all the top. This invincible heavy armor team had given [Zhan Long] glory in every battle. This time, they promoted [Zhan Long]’s name even more as they worked towards making themselves the top heavy armor team in the entire Chinese server!

Time went by slowly, and one after another, pieces of the Dragon Horseman Outfit appeared. Li Mu, Matcha, Old K, Wolf, and Qing Qian all had pretty high charm, and they also killed a lot of monsters on the frontlines, making it easy for them to get more equipment. Within the next 2 hours, the guild storage had 150+ full Dragon Horseman outfits. The guild used 750,000 RMB to buy them all. This time, National Beauty took losses. But that was no problem, because they were well worth the cost. I wasn’t originally planning on relying on National Beauty to make money anyway, it was purely a fictional booth either way.



My Dragon Reservoir Sword cut through a Dragon Horseman’s head. I turned around to look, but all I saw was dust rolling in the wind. I couldn’t help but exclaim, “What’s the situation over there?”

Qing Qian said, “[Wrath of the Heroes] is basically destroyed. Liu Yin’s Talisman was taken by [Thousand Burial]’s Ba Mo Yan, while Liu Yin was killed by You Yi. Once [Thousand Burial] got the Talisman, they were immediately surrounded by Uncle Yan Zhao’s [Prague]. Looks like the 9th Talisman will have a new owner soon.”

I squinted and said, “Oh, looks like Bai Mo Yan will have a hard time escaping Uncle Yan Zhao’s scheme….”


After she finished talking, a system bell rang out. The player Bai Mo Yan died, dropping the Talisman. It was picked up by Cang Cheng….


“F*ck, Wang Ze Cheng stole the Talisman?” Wolf gritted his teeth.

Matcha’s beautiful eyes looked into the distance, “Yup. Now that Cang Cheng has the Talisman, he lead the elites of [Heroes Mound: First Division] to kill their way out of the encirclement. [Prague: Second Division] wasn’t able to block their charge, and so the encirclement was broken…..”

I asked, “Where do they plan on going?”

“From the direction….. they probably want to go through the Glacial River Valley, and get to Fort Zi Feng?”

“This….” I gave a grunt, “What is Wang Ze Cheng planning? With that Talisman, he won’t be able to leave the area, much less get to Fort Zi Feng…..”

Matcha said, “Maybe he wasn’t even planning on going to Fort Zi Feng?”

I suddenly realized something, and gave a slight jolt, “Look. How many people are Uncle Yan Zhao taking to pursue [Hero’s Mound: First Division]?”

Qing Qian glanced at the map, “I know. Around 24,000 people. It’s all of [Prague]’s forces. Since [Hero’s Mound: First Division] only has 10,000, and so Uncle plans on massacring them all…..”

I gritted my teeth, “Qing Qian, send a message to the uncle. Tell him to not pursue the guild too far. Wang Ze Cheng is a smart person. He definitely won’t choose a retreat path for no reason. Make sure Uncle watches out for any tricks or schemes…”

“Ok, understood….”


I stood still and looked into the distance. the 30,000 players from [Prague] and [Hero’s Mound: First Division] had all disappeared into the horizon. Under the sunset, even though I couldn’t quite understand fully, I still had a premonition that this battle was coming to an end. Maybe [Zhan Long] or maybe [Prague] will be the final victors. But we’ll all end up in a fierce and bloody battle.

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