Zhan Long

Chapter 455

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Chapter 455 Folk Tale


I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and created a layer of dense smoke in the air. I raised my arm and shouted in the party chat, “Don’t chase them. Even though Wind Chaser took the Talisman, I took all of the equipment that the BOSS dropped. There’s no need to chase after that one Talisman. Let [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Thousand Burial] fight each other for it!”

Li Mu smiled, “Yup, have everyone retreat. There’s no more point in fighting here anymore. Retreat to the [Zhan Long] formation, before we receive any more losses!”

Everyone followed behind me and began to retreat. This time, our mission was a success. We went and killed the BOSS on our own. Even though [Wrath of the Heroes] took the Talisman, it was all in my plan. We’ll use that Talisman as a catalyst, and have the big guilds of Ba Huang City all start fighting for it. Otherwise, [Zhan Long] wouldn’t have the chance to get the other 8 Talismans. The best case scenario would be for [Vanguard] to suffer the most damage. Too bad Jian Feng Han is a smart person, and unless he had a distinct advantage, or a sure chance of victory, he would never make a move.

As I ran, I glanced at the three equipments that the BOSS dropped. Drops from a Lv 93 Saint Tier BOSS were definitely good. On top of that, I killed the BOSS myself, and with my 167 points of charm, a Valkyrie Tier equipment was definitely going to drop. Maybe even a Saint Tier.

“Boss, looking at equipments?” Matcha asked with a smile.

I nodded and immediately took out the three equipments from my bag. I hadn’t seen the stats yet, but there was a crimson battle axe, a flaming shield, and a pair of magma battle boots. I waved my hand over the battle axe first. The stats appeared in the party chat, and they were very above average ——

[Flaming Sun Battle Axe] (Valkyrie Tier – Superior)

Attack: 1900-2370

Strength: +80

Endurance: +80

Agility: +75

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 25%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 500

Additional: Increases the MaxHP by 1900

Special: [Flaming Sun], summons a flaming shock wave, dealing damage to all players within a 1000 yard radius of the target. Consumes 100 points of rage.

Required: 82


“Damn…..” I looked at the battle axe’s stats and couldn’t help but smile, “So OP…. a skill that consumes 100 points of rage, and deals damage to all players in a 1000 yard radius. Hehe, this is practically a god’s weapon. Come, all of [Zhan Long]’s strongest Berserkers, come over here. Whoever has the highest number of guild points, gets it!”

Li Mu waved his hand, revealing a list of the top ten Berserkers with the highest points. Damn, Old K was number one! Bai Qi lost to him by 17%, while the rest of the players had quite a bit less than both of them. In third place was Wang Jian, who had 67% less points than Old K. There was no other way. Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash], [Savage Jump Slash], and [Oppose the Heavens] were all godly monster killing and PK-ing skills. The fact that his guild points were so high was also predictable.

I glanced around and said, “That…. Let’s do this based on the normal rules. Old K, Bai Qi, this is basically between the two of you. Old K, are you willing to give up on this Flaming Sun Battle Axe?

Old K patted his chest, “Not really. I don’t want any more people saying that I’m some noob. Just take 40% of my guild points, as I’m taking that battle axe! Besides, I’ve already talked it over with Bai Qi. My attack power is higher than his by 11.4%, so it makes more sense that I’d take the Flaming Sun Battle Axe. That [Flaming Sun] skill’s killing power will make me even stronger!”

I nodded, “Bai Qi, he isn’t duping me is he?”

Bai Qi laughed, “Not at all. Even though I really want that battle axe, I’m not that crazy over it. It’s better if we give it to Old K. After he activates [Oppose the Heavens], he can greatly increase his attack power. Then, if he were to activate [Flaming Sun] on top of that, think of the kind of damage he would deal to all targets within the 1000 yard radius. Can you even imagine how many Archers, Mages, and Healers he could kill?”

With a flick of my wrist, I tossed the battle axe to Old K. He grabbed it in one hand as I took off the correct amount of guild points. After that, I said, “Now that the Flaming Sun Battle Axe went to Old K, everyone should work hard again and kill more BOSSes so that we can get more equipments!”

As I finished talking, I looked at the second piece of equipment that the BOSS dropped. It was a fiery shield. The shield appeared to have glowing characters that formed phrases and floated around it. With a slight wave of my hand, the shield’s stats appeared in the chat. At that moment, all of the Knights and Monks jolted. It was another Valkyrie Tier equipment——

[Flaming Sun Shield] (Valkyrie Tier)

Defense : 1350

Strength: +78

Endurance: +75

Agility: +71

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 25%

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 40%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 2000

Special: [Flaming Sun Wall], summons the power of the sun to create a shield. It shields all friends with the wall and increase their defense and magic defense by 50%. The skill lasts 30 seconds and consumes 100 points of rage.

Required: 82


As I looked at the stats of the Flaming Sun Shield, my heart started beating harder. It was another 1000 yard radius skill that uses up a lot of rage. Are the heavens trying to help [Zhan Long]?

I raised the Flaming Sun Shield and slowly said, “A Lv 82 Valkyrie Tier shield, the stats are very impressive. However, whoever gets this shield must make themselves responsible for the guild and reserve 100 points of stats for whenever the team needs that [Flaming Sun Wall] skill. Alright, Knights and Monks, we’ll use guild points to decide who gets it!”

Qing Qian immediately arranged the names based on the number of points. Matcha was ranked number one, after that was One Second Hero, then Tang Xin, Tearless and the others. [Zhan Long] had quite a few high ranked Knights, but we didn’t have quite as many Monks. It was probably because everyone liked to keep up appearances and felt that having a bald head was too ugly. Of course, for people like Goodbye Tears who think that a bald head with dots on them was particularly handsome, it was just perfect.

I raised the Flaming Sun Shield and asked, “Matcha, do you want the Flaming Sun shield?”

Matcha raised her own shield and hesitated for a moment, and finally said, “No need. I already have a Valkyrie Tier shield. Give it to the next person!”


I nodded at her and Matcha gave me a sweet smile. She then puckered her lips. Damn, is she giving me kisses?

I slightly shivered, then raised the shield and looked at One Second Hero, “Yong Jie, do you want this Flaming Sun Shield? If you do, you just have to always maintain 100 points of rage so that you can use the [Flaming Sun Wall] at any time!

One Second Hero nodded, “I got it Guild Master. Give it to me and take my guild points!”


I threw the shield at Yong Jie. Shua, I took all of his guild points. After that, I picked up the third equipment. It was a pair of glowing hot magma boots. At that moment, I felt a godly energy start to seep into my hand. When I revealed the stats into the air, everyone gasped, it really was a supernatural item——

[Ancient Cloud Stepping Boots] (Saint Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1090

Strength: +105

Endurance: +103

Magic: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s defense and magic defense by 22%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack power by 17%

Additional: Increases the user’s movement speed by 25%

Special: [Cloud Walker], Increases the user’s attack speed and movement speed by 20%

Required: 82


This was a pair of true god tier battle boots!

I was so excited I started to tremble. I almost couldn’t even hold onto the boots. Beside me, Li Mu started drooling and said, “Damn, these stats are too strong. Just way too strong!”

Qing Qian raised a dagger, as her long white legs shifted from side to side. She smiled, “Looks like heavy armor equipments really are admirable. Those defense stats and additional defense stats are amazing. Wu wu, us Assassins will never get equipment like that….”

I laughed and said, “These boots, we’ll use the original point system to decide who get its. All heavy armor players have the right to compete for this….”

Li Mu was speechless. “Your points are a whole 74% more than mine, and I have the second highest amount of points in the guild. I think there’s no suspense in this anymore, the most important question now is…. Guild Master, would you like to be like Kong Rong and let the weaker players get stronger and give those boots to your poor old brother?”

I immediately hugged the boots to my chest and glared, “Never! My boots are just Emperor Tier. It was so hard to get this Saint Tier equipment, how would I give them up so easily….. besides, Kong Rong* isn’t exactly the right example for this is it? When Kong Rong grew into adulthood and was invading the Northern Sea, he had godly generals like Wu An Guo but in the end, had to compromise and listen to Cao Cao’s command that resulted in his own death…. If, during the time he was invading the Northern Sea, he could’ve killed Gong Sun Zan and Gong Sun Yue, while winning over Zhao Yun. After that, in the South, he could wait for his opportunity and bribe over Sun Jian’s Godly Archer Ma Zhong. After that, he could’ve sent Zhao Yun to battle Lu Bu, and after 50 or so attacks, Ma Zhong could kill Wen Hou with one arrow, leading to a battle that would’ve went down in history. After that, he could kill Emperor Dong Zhuo and take Diao Chan for his own. He could then give Diao Chan to Ma Zhong, thus winning over the Xi Liang Army. Once he gets Ma Zhao, Ma Dai, Pang Dei, Zhao Yun and Wu An Guo together, they could be made into Kong Rong’s Five Generals. With them, he would be able to pass through Jiang Dong, and kill Sun Ce, Lie Biao with Wu An Guo in one battle. Like that, he would get Tai Shi Hui, Gan Ning, Zhou Tai, Huang Ge, and Xu Tai, the 12 strongest generals of Jiang Dong. From Xi Liang, he could dominate Jiang Dong, and take over Great Qiao, and traverse the continent without any barriers, in the end, dominating the world…..”
*TL Note: XYZZ is explaining an intricate alternate plan Kong Rong could’ve used to dominate the world, rather than, as Li Mu said, give power to the weaker in order to make them stronger (allowing Cao Cao to command), and thus dying because of that choice.


Qing Qian quietly stood in the soft breeze, her mouth twitching, “Brother, are you here to lecture us on folk tales?”

“Hahaha….” Li Mu made a fist, veins popping out of his forehead as he looked at me.

“Haha, why don’t you all just loosen up a bit….”

I quickly took off the appropriate amount of points from myself, and then put on the Ancient Cloud Stepping Boots. My stats suddenly increased by a lot. A Saint Tier equipment really had an impressive impact——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City Guardian)

Level: 86

Attack: 5272-6544

Defense: 4762

Health: 14392

Magic: 5214

Charm: 167

CBN Battlenet Ranking: 15


There were even some hidden stats that didn’t appear, but one could just imagine how high those were. Once someone has a full set of Saint Tier equipments, then they would definitely become a moveable fortress. Nobody would be able to deal significant damage. On top of that, just one attack from them would make people cry.

I threw my Divine Battle Boots to Fox and stepped into my new shoes. Afterwards, I walked in a circle. The movement speed really had increased by quite a bit. Also, the 20% increase in attack speed would be very advantageous, since all weapons limited players so that they couldn’t deal too many attacks in a short time period. This 20% increase in attack speed would increase my combo speed and improve my strategies involving the future Flying Sword Skills. This was a stat that all players who are vying to become an attacking king absolutely must have.

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