Zhan Long

Chapter 454

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Chapter 454 Two-Faced

“Roarr Roarr……”

The fierce tiger pounced and bit into the shield formation, and caused numerous damage numbers of more than 2000 points to fly up. The stats of a Thunder Tier monster is seriously not weak at all. Even when I had 4000+ basic defense, I lost 600+ health from them. The players with weaker defense lost 2000 health points. In Zhan Long, the defense of normal heavy armored Swordsmen was around 2900 points while Berserkers had a slightly lower defense. Monks and Knights had around 3200 points. This was our general defense during this phase which was not even enough to defend against the 4000+ basic attack.


One by one, the barbarian girls waved their whips. Yet, they did not lash the tamed animals, but the shoulders of Li Mu, Old K, Wolf, and others, made “PaPaPa” sounds. It would have been perfect if they sang loudly “My horseman, you are mighty all full of power and grandeur.” It would have been fine if the barbarian girls just lashed out and attacked, but their snowy white breasts were bouncing up and down as they spoke with an alluring tone, “Brother, return to the wilderness with me~ There are many benefits…..”

Li Mu almost couldn’t restrain himself to go with them. The old men that need girlfriends are too delicate to bear a blow. After getting despised by Wang Jian, Old K and the others, Li Mu’s face reddened and killed those barbarian girls with a single strike. A leather gaiter and red napkin were dropped.

I bent down and picked up the red napkin. I glanced at it and found that it was actually something good——

[Southern Barbarian Handkerchief]: This is a token of love from Southern Barbarian maidens. Even though these war-crazy maidens had died long ago, they have still maintained their pure love. They’ve always believed that only the love of their life can receive their Southern Barbarian Handkerchief. For everyone 100 handkerchiefs you collect, you can exchange them at your main city’s NPC for experience. Each player can exchange this up to a maximum of 10 times!


I tossed the handkerchief up and down, and laughed, “Using this, we can gain tons of experience. Gather some more. One stack is 100, and everyone should get 10 stacks. At the moment, it should be enough to level you up. Good luck!”

From the drop rate, every time a Barbarian Maiden dies she would drop a handkerchief. This clued us in on a principle. Only the people who persevered until the end would get the best benefits. The players who died in the first 8 waves were the worst off, and they missed the best chances for experience and drops!

I glanced at the status of my equipments. My armor was still doing pretty good, especially since I didn’t take any fierce attacks. My chest plate, cloak, and leg guards were all around 40% durability, which was enough to finish this battle. However, I used the Cold Iron Sword so much, it’s been
worn down to 25%. I might as well save it up, and just use my main sword, Dragon Reservoir Sword, to PK other people. Either way, my Dragon Reservoir Sword still has the Emperor Qin’s Sword’s [Eternal Condition]. It’s the ultimate weapon for large scale events!

Endless crowds of Southern Barbarian Maidens rushed out from the City of the Four Noblemen, and everyone killed them in droves. [Zhan Long]’s teamwork was basically flawless, and we didn’t lose many players during the waves of monsters which allowed everyone to gain tons of experience. One after another, their faces turned into happiness as we obtained more and more handkerchiefs and equipment.

On the other hand, the small guilds that fought beside us were not as strong. Several guilds had even been completely massacred by the Southern Barbarian maidens. Everywhere, there were players being chased after and slaughtered. Both the piles of monster corpses and player corpses built on top of each other. By the time we made it to the 9th wave, Ba Huang City only had around 10% of the players they had in the beginning. There were only around 240,000 people left. The number of players that were killed by monsters was just too much. Of course, there was also quite a few people that felt like they weren’t strong enough, and so they returned to Ba Huang City on their own to avoid the losses they’d suffer. That was also a certain type of smartness…..


Li Mu, Wolf, and Qing Qian all went back to fix up their equipment and were coming back soon. They didn’t take too long, while I held [Zhan Long]’s position. I waited all the way until everyone came back, before relaxing a little. I began to feel a little tired after playing for 20 hours straight. Even my body was starting to feel a little tired, and that was probably even more true for other normal players. Quite a few of the female [Zhan Long] players were even starting to yawn. If the monsters weren’t so fierce and brutal, a lot of the people would’ve fallen asleep already.

I don’t know how much later, but Matcha suddenly walked over and said, “Boss, the BOSS has spawned again!”

“Where?” I asked.

Matcha pointed towards the east, “Over there. The summoning circle has already appeared, just the system hasn’t made an announcement yet. Most of the people there are from [Thousand Burial] and [Wrath of the Heroes]. They aren’t very strong at all, and aren’t too far from us. Should we go for a little hunt?”

I thought about it for a second, and said, “Let’s go. We won’t try and take the 9th Talisman, but at least we’ll try and get some of the Saint Tier BOSS’s experience and drops!”

“Ok, how many people will we take?”

“1000 people are enough to make a simple formation. Follow me!”



Very soon, I picked out 1000 elites from the main guild. Under the command of Li Mu and I, the army quickly went towards the southern direction. Just as we anticipated, a bell sounded in the sky and announced the appearance of the BOSS——


System Announcement: Please take note, the 9th general from hell [The Executioner Suo Luo] (Saint Tier BOSS) has a Talisman on him and has appeared at (11949,9203). Killing the Executioner Suo Luo will result in a 100% drop rate of [Warring States Talisman – Nine]. Gathering all ten of these talismans can go to the Duke of the City and gain control over the City!


In the distance, a general clothed in dark armor with two blades in his hands appeared along with a countless number of small soldiers. This was the Executioner Suo Luo. He held a broadsword in one hand and a battle axe in the other. He was just like me, a dual weapons user. Unfortunately, he was even more OP, with a blade in one hand and a battle axe in the other. The attack power that would result when he swings both blades would be terrifying.

“GRRR, you ants! Die!”

Once Suo Luo touched the ground, he immediately began to swing his weapons into the crowd of [Wrath of the Heroes] players. “Ka Cha” the war blade hacked apart one player, while the battle axe swept out and cut through the shields of several Knights. The attack power of this BOSS was definitely above average, but his battle technique was mediocre. Looks like this Saint Tier Dual Wielding BOSS wasn’t designed by some expert. The angle of attack, speed and frequency all seemed unnatural. There was nothing else to say, but Kill!

I raised my arm behind my back and unsheathed my Dragon Reservoir Sword. My sword flashed and I took Qing Qian, Wolf, Li Mu and the rest to charge forward. I rushed at the very front row. With a wave of my left hand, my Cold Iron Sword flew out. With my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I let out a [Great Realm of Desolation] from a distance, and immediately pulled Suo Luo’s aggro towards myself!

“Die you bastard!”

Suo Luo roared in anger and threw a slash with his battle axe. I raised my Cold Iron Sword to parry, and thus only took 1700 damage. My Dragon Reservoir Sword began to gather frost on the blade and with a swing, I threw a [Fierce Ice Blade] right into the BOSS’s chest, and broke his chest plate. My attack dealt 4000 damage, and it was just as I predicted. This BOSS’s difficulty was far lower than those that we met in the Grave of the Warring States main quest. Compared to Xin Lin Jun, this Suo Luo’s defense and attack were much lower. I, on the other hand, had around 50 Healers maintaining my health. Killing him would be no problem.


Li Mu and Qing Qian all immediately pushed into the crowd of small monsters, so that I would receive less attacks. Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Dancing Forest focused on killing the BOSS. On top of that, Matcha lead the rest of the army to form an encirclement around the BOSS. [Zhan Long] now dominated the BOSS, and took all of its aggro.

As I withstood the attacks from the small monsters, I carefully watched our surroundings. [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Thousand Burial]’s players were all getting closer to our players. Looks like they weren’t about to just give up on this BOSS.

Tyrant of Western Chu gripped his long sword as he faced the BOSS and said, “Li Xiao Yao’s Dou Qi skill and his own attack power is extremely strong. Killing this BOSS would be no problem for him. What should we do? After all, this BOSS did spawn on our battlefield. If it wasn’t for those Southern Barbarian Maidens dragging us down, we would’ve come here much earlier. Are we just going to give up on this BOSS so easily?”

Little Piggy softly said, “Let’s wait for our opportunity, there should be one appearing soon….”

Liu Ying turned around and looked at Little Piggy. He couldn’t help but smile, “Brother, you wouldn’t happen to be feeling grateful towards Li Xiao Yao and [Zhan Long], and so you don’t want to kill him?”

Little Pigy shook his head, “No! Last time’s City Battle has no meaning anymore, so once I get the chance, I will definitely kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai. That way, we can even get the two Talismans in his bag!”


Liu Ying looked into the distance, “Be careful, [Thousand Burial] has also come. Not Ordinary isn’t someone you want to mess with. He has Bai Mo Yan and You Yi, both very strong players. Looks like…. [Thousand Burial] is also waiting for their opportunity to take part in this fray…”

“Yup, the more chaotic the better. This way, [Zhan Long] would have no way of focusing on killing the BOSS, and our opportunities increase!”

“Ok, that’s good….”


In a fit of anger, The Executioner Suo Luo threw a fearsome attack, but the Healers behind me were even more fierce. This clearly demonstrated the strength of having big coordinated armies. If this BOSS was left to just Qing Qian, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, I and the rest of the 10 man team that went to Grave of the Warring States to kill, even though we wouldn’t be completely annihilated, but we would definitely suffer losses. However, under [Zhan Long]’s barricade, in a short 7 minutes, the BOSS’s health dropped to the bottom.

“Control your attacks!”

I yelled out in the party chat, “Let me kill the BOSS, I have the highest charm, and so we’ll get even better drops!”

Dancing Forest said, “Guildmaster, I saw Assassins from [Wrath of the Heroes] and [Thousand Burial] trying to sneak over. They probably want to steal the BOSS’s experience. What should we do, should we have the mages use [Revealing Light] to force them out of the shadows?”

“No need!”

I continued, then smiled, “Let them try and steal it. I wasn’t planning on taking this 9th Talisman anyway!”

“Haha, so two-faced!”

“You’re no better….”


Right as the BOSS’s health dropped to 1%, a few attacks suddenly came out from the shadows. My level was high, and so I could see the Assassins that were camouflaged. With a swing of my blade, I threw a combo onto the BOSS with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. My Cold Iron Sword, on the other hand, flew threw the grass and drew out a bloody arc in the air. Two of the Assassins were instantly killed!

At the same time, I killed the BOSS with my Dragon Reservoir Sword. In a ray of light, I leveled up to 86. With a stamp of my battle boot, “Shua!” the BOSS’s corpses exploded out the rewards of the battle. I pocketed the three equipments into my bag. With a “Pa!” the golden talisman fell to the ground, and was immediately picked up by an invisible person. The person immediately appeared, it was [Wrath of the Heroes] number one Assassin——Wind Chaser!

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