Zhan Long

Chapter 453

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Chapter 453 Bed Technique

“It’s over, are we really finished?”

Bai Li Ruo Feng pulled back his longbow, and the arrow on the string trembled. He shot from a distance, and this was what despair looked like. He could already tell that this time, [House of Prestige]’s expedition to Grave of the Warring States was a mistake. Afterall, the City of the Four Noblemen spawned within Ba Huang City’s territory, and so all of the guilds of Ba Huang City joined together against a common enemy. This kind of cohesion was outside of Bai Li Ruo Feng’s calculations, and made [House of Prestige] suffer enormous losses.


Screams of agony rang out. A large number of [House of Prestige]’s players fell into the abyss. Even though nobody got any points from their deaths, the sight of it still made the Ba Huang City players happy.


“Pu pu pu…..”

Three blades blossomed from the chest of three different Swordsmen. I killed three people in seconds. I swiftly turned around, as my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Ice Cold Sword pierced the bodies of 4 Knights and Archers. This was the strength of Dual Wielding in real life. I’ve practiced dual wielding more than once and so, in terms of agility, accuracy and precision they all have been honed to a great level. You could say that even though I might not be the only dual wielder in this game, but I am certainly the only one who can bring out its max potential and damage.

As I followed the old man around the world, I’ve met many practitioners who are more skilled than me, however I’ve never seen any who has better swordsmanship than me.

My blade was dripping with fresh blood, and I was cutting in and out of the crowd unhindered. With the [House of Prestige]’s players around me all killed the others were were terrified. They no longer dared to engage me, and their faces were all pale as they looked at me, “F**, is this Xiao Yao Zi Zai a God of death? We can’t even get near him. His attacks and speed are too fast…”

The sight of my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword were a deterrence to the group of [House of Prestige] players who started to retreat however their path was blocked by Li Mu, Ran Min, Wang Jian, Bai Qi as well as the rest of the others who had launched a surprise attack. The collapse of the front was more apparent and led the players nearby to fall into the abyss, Wind Elves were also not able to fly higher due to gravity. Once they were above the abyss, the distance below is at least 100 metres, and these Elves will immediately start to descend as the cap of 30 metres above the ground was a condition that does not change even under these circumstances.


Within half an hour, 20,000 [House of Prestige] players were reduced to the mere hundreds, and the further [Zhan Long] players advanced, the more players were killed. Our battle points increased even more!

As Bai Li Ruo Feng resisted the attacks amongst the crowd, the insignia of the Talisman shined brilliantly, and made him very obvious. In Ba Huang City’s formation, Jian Feng Han, Misty Clouds and I were all holders of a Talisman. Therefore this No.1 Talisman was something that all 3 of us really wanted, and we all are just waiting for the right time to strike.

As she held onto her dagger, Qing Qian slowly came closer to me. Beneath her leather armor, her yet to fully developed bosoms softly touched my shoulders, ” Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll initiate the attack later with [Absolute Step], and then I’ll control Bai Li Ruo Feng with [Flying Dagger] and lastly my [Grip of the Firefox] will force him to a distance from Jian Feng Han. Make use of your Defeat the Dragon skill to bring him to [Zhan Long]’s formation before killing him. This way, the No.1 Talisman will be ours!”

I nodded, “Ok, I’m ready, be careful!”

“I know….”

With a graceful spin, Qing Qian dashed out as her cloak fluttered in the wind. Her dagger grazed along the tall grasses around her, and upon activation of [Absolute Step], her speed increased exponentially. It brought her into the confused formation of [House of Prestige], and she was one step closer to the enemy in one jump!



Bai Li Ruo Feng wasn’t able to avoid that hit. He hastily tried to avoid the 2nd hit, but Bai Li Ruo Feng at this point was already very tired, as he had to defend from 3 directions. His recently defeated formation had also added to the exhaustion as his personal fighting spirit had dropped by at least half. Even going 1 on 1 against Qing Qian would be a problem for him at this point.

On the other side, Jian Feng Han had already started to charge onwards with his sword ready, and with a shout he activated [Corrupt Wolf Edge], which made the sword glow.

Qing Qian glanced around and without hesitation, she opened up her tiny hands and cast [Grip of the Firefox] towards Jian Feng Han. This girl was so persistent for this Talisman that she did not even show the slightest hint of hesitation, just what I liked about her character!

Just as Jian Feng Han was forced to take a step back, I rushed over, and put out my hand. I activated [Defeat the Dragon] and locked onto Bai Li Ruo Feng.


In an instance, Bai Li Ruo Feng was beside me, but before I could attack him, he had already locked a custom combo onto me ——[Lighting Tempest]. Storm clouds began to gather, as he let out an arrow, followed by a jump backwards which caused my attacks to MISS him. As he flew back, he fired a [Penetration Shot] which landed on my chest plate. The level of his attacks were indeed worthy of being the God of Archers.



I immediately increased my speed and rushed over, at the same time I threw out a [Blade Spin]!


Bai L Ruo Feng was up in the air, and he curled his body up as he downed a health potion. He held out his long bow to block the killing blow of my Cold Iron sword!


Sparks flew and with it 5400 damage was dealt, however that did not kill him. Bai Li Ruo Feng was covered in blood, and was pushed into the air. As he flew over the abyss and started to drop into the abyss, he had a weak smile, “I’ll bring this talisman with me. If cannot achieve it, Ba Huang City can also forget about achieving it. This Talisman will belong to nobody!”


“You think so?”

A chilling voice came from behind Bai Li Ruo Feng. It was Jian Feng Han. He raised his sword, and a pair of large white wings opened up behind his back. One of the effects from the wings was that there wasn’t a 30 yard limit. It could even let the user float in the air with the Talismans. This was a true manipulating factor!

“Pu Chi!”

Jian Feng Han raised the sword with both of his hands, and suddenly sent the sword right into Bai Li Ruo Feng’s body, and pierced through his chest. The cut brought out 4318 damage. At the same time, he reached out and grabbed the Talisman marked with a number one. In the next moment, Jian Feng Han held three Talismans.

“Brother Xiao Yao!”

Qing Qian turned around to look at me, “Hurry up. Use [Dragon Transformation] to get it!”

I stood in my original place, and didn’t make a single move, “No, let him have it!”

“Why’s that?”

“That….” I smiled, “I currently have 2 Talismans on me. In order to get all 10 Talismans, someone has to kill me. Only then, is it the best moment to kill the person, and get all Talismans. If I try and get 3 Talismans right now, then I’ll just become the target of many people. To be honest, holding one Talisman is the safest. As long as I’m strong enough, I might even become the final victor!”

Qing Qian nodded with a smile, “Alright, I understand. Brother Xiao Yao is too smart….”

“Yup. Once we finish killing all of the players of [House of Prestige], we’ll head back towards the city!”



Right at that moment, a system bell rang out. The 8th Talisman appeared. On top of that, Yan Zhao Warrior had already put it into his bag. Like this, Uncle Yan Zhao now has 2 Talismans in his possession, just like me. Looks like now that [Zhan Long], [Vanguard], and [Enemies at the Gate] have all surrounded [House of Prestige], there was nobody to fight with him over the Talisman, and so [Prague] easily obtained the 8th one.

“Hei hei, they’re fighting….” Li Mu raised his bloody sword and walked over as he laughed.

I was astonished, “Why would they start fighting?”

Li Mu said, “I just received the information, that the 8th BOSS was killed by both [Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Prague], but in the end the Talisman was taken by Yan Zhao Warrior. Wang Ze Cheng couldn’t take it anymore, and used his Flames of War Magic Blade to cut down [Prague]’s Vice Guild Master. Obviously, Yan Zhao Warrior suddenly got angry, and has commanded [Prague] to massacre [Hero’s Mound: Division One].”

“F*ck….” I started laughing so hard I was crying, “Uncle really is energetic. To think that he’d start a fight over that….”


After we returned to the city, I made sure to count the number of people that we had. This time, [Zhan Long] had lost a whole 2000 people. Our main guild only had 7500 people left, while the divisions had all lost quite a bit of people from the 8th wave of monsters. This time, this battle was destined to not end well. This was something we all subconsciously knew.

Even though we had suffered great losses, we also received quite a bit. In the battle of the Ice Abyss, we had lost over 2000 people, but [Zhan Long] had killed over 7000 players from [House of Prestige]. It could even be said that [Zhan Long] killed the most people. [Enemies at the Gate] and [Flying Dragon] all killed around 8000 people altogether. The other 15,000 players from [House of Prestige] had been pushed into the abyss. Of course, Ba Huang City’s [Flying Dragon] had left the stage after this battle, and just like [House of Prestige] their entire army had been annihilated.

“Ji ya…..”

The great gates of the City of Four Noblemen began to open. It was time for the 9th wave!

Southern Barbarian Tacticians, Level 93 Thunder Tier monsters. This was a tribe of barbarians that only wore a thin robe. There were both men and women amongst the army. On their hip was a hemp skirt, and nothing on top. All of the men were built extremely muscular, while the women had enormous twin peaks and abs. Each of them had a fierce tiger under leash.

“Gu dong…..”

Li Mu took a big gulp, his eyes staring forward, “These female barbarians are just too scary. That chest and ab muscles, it’s just too much….”

One Second Hero smiled” Eh….. for a woman that strong, if they just were to just sit on you, you’d die in three seconds….”

Li Mu glared at him, “F*ck off, a three second death is still better than a one second one…”

One Second Hero’s face turned pale, “F*ck, I can’t say anything more with you, you’re the boss….”


I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and laughed, “Let’s start killing monsters. Be careful of the fierce tiger’s attacks. They’re really strong!”

[Zhan Long]’s front line players all pulled out their weapons and held their formation. In the distance, groups of men and women barbarians began to charge over. One of the females raised a whip to flog a tiger. Her eyes flashed across the [Zhan Long] front lines’ male players and began to drool, “Ah….. so many strong young men, I heard that they have over 72 different bed techniques. I must capture one for myself, and try it out!”

Li Mu, Old K, Bai Qi and Song Han all shuddered. They were almost about to admit defeat.

Qing Qian’s face was completely red as she looked on, “This game is not for innocent players…..”

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