Zhan Long

Chapter 450

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Chapter 450 Dragon’s Power

In Zhan Long’s guild channel, I bellowed, “It’s time! Attack! Target [House of Prestige]!”

As the sounds of clashes thundered in the forest, Li Mu, Bai Qi, Old K and the others dashed out of the forest. The [Zhan Long] main guild players surged onto the snowy land like tidewater. The usually tranquil Ice Abyss was filled with killing and tension at this moment.



My purely white War Swept Cloak fluttered in the wind. I turned around and looked towards Baili Ruofeng, Quick Thunder Swift Winds, and their crowd of people. The corners of my mouth curled into a smile as I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword high up and yelled, “Bai Li Ruo Feng, this is Ba Huang City! Do you still think this is the Jiu Li City that you have control of? Come on! [Zhan Long] and [Vanguard] will let you know the taste of desperation and weakness!”

Bai Li Ruo Feng trembled, but clung to his past delusions and said, “Brothers, they only have around 10,000 men, not enough to be afraid of. We, [House of Prestige] have over 30,000 great troops, why should we be scared of them? Division One, Division Two, go and block [Vanguard]. Main Guild and remaining Divisions, charge with me and annihilate [Zhan Long]!”

The sound of snow crunching under boots rang out from all directions. I charged at the front, and with a wave of my left arm, my Cold Iron Sword flew out of its sheath and floated above my shoulder. I targeted 9 people from [House of Prestige], and in seconds, my sword flew out and spun 9 times with a “Shua!” The sword was encased in a fierce Dou Qi layer, and was constantly spinning. “Hua Cha,” it passed through one player’s armor and chest, then jumped past and continued to pierce through its targets while I calmly swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and cut down several other players. My [Kill for Blood] had stacked up to 100 by now, increasing my weapon’s damage by 100%. I dashed over, and slashed apart one Knight’s armor, as I cut his shoulder in two. A geyser of fresh blood spilled out onto the fresh snow.

I spun around, as I had killed my way into the enemy’s formation. With the support of my [Wall of Dou Qi], even though I was surrounded by a team of Berserkers and Knights, I only received around 50-400 damage, and each of my attacks dealt more than 5000 damage and frequently hit their targets. My [Life Drain] was also continuously activated, which allowed me to survive without relying on Healers.

“Hua Cha…”

My blade cut through the parry of one Knight. The moment his blade broke apart, my attack left a deep cut in his chest, and I instantly killed him. Any instant kills meant that the killing power of the attack was superhuman. My current attack was terrifying, as I could not only cut apart a blade, but also kill the player in one attack. The surrounding players from [House of Prestige] were all stunned.


My Flaming Tiger God roared as it darted out, and started to slaughter in the midst of the crowds with its sharp claws. [Burstfire Raid] swept past, and left burn marks on the snowfield. Simultaneously, it activated [Flame Armor] which had a defense boost that wasn’t much weaker than my [Wall of Dou Qi] . At least, to kill the Flaming Tiger God while [Flame Armor] was active would be almost impossible.

With a “Pa,” I grabbed the Cold Iron Sword which had revolved back to me. I criss-crossed my arms and swung down, both of my swords slashed bloody paths through the crowds. Like an autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves, I swept past the leading team of [House of Prestige]. The hundred person team actually couldn’t defend against me and was immediately annihilated. The moment I saw Baili Ruofeng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind charge forward with the elite members, I immediately held my sword tighter, and hacked away as I retreated. I cannot fight recklessly.

The so-called elite is a position in the guild. According to Destiny’s guild rules, every guild can only have 1 Guild Master, 2 Vice Guild Masters, 4 Elders, 10 team leaders and 27 flagbearers. At the same time, the guild can have a certain number of elite players. The number of the elite members is the total number of guild members divided by 10. For example, there is a total of 900+ elites in [Zhan Long]’s main guild now. Each elite member is the cream of the crop. The elites are professionals, major players that are responsible for leading the attack or defense. Therefore, if Bai Li Ruofeng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind led at least 500+ elite players to kill me, I absolutely cannot defend against them by myself. Otherwise, I would be committing suicide.

Seeing that I was backing away, Quick Thunder Swift Wind immediately roared, “Look! That son of a bitch, even Xiao Yao Zi Zai has moments of cowardice. Charge forward and kill him! Annihilate [Zhan Long]!”

I waved my sword and slashed two [House of Prestige] Knights down. I changed course as I retreated, and killed another three. I retreated while I gazed at the huge mass of [House of Prestige] members and guffawed, “Annihilate [Zhan Long]. How many times have you guys said this sentence? And the final result was still the same, which was getting annihilated by us, [Zhan Long]! Quick Thunder Swift Wind you better keep the God Destroyer Mace in your hands safe. I will let you hold it for a while. Don’t worry. I will definitely kill you, and take the God Destroyer Mace within one hour. You just wait and see!”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind gritted his teeth and exclaimed, “Arrogant bastard! Wind Elves, fly over there! Stop him and kill him!”

The [House of Prestige] Wind Elves among the crowds sprung up. There were at least one thousand people flying forward with explosive speed. They were Wind Elves with many different kinds of jobs. It looks like they really want to kill me!

As I saw a scene like this, I couldn’t help but laugh. I immediately used [Haste] and accelerated to escape with my life. I lowered my body slightly and used [Blade Rush], and moved 5 yards away in an instant. I used [Seven Stars Teleportation], and instantly moved another 75 yards away. The Wind Elves flying behind me lost ground and they pursued me for almost another 20 seconds. Just when they drew close to me, Dancing Forest, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and the others had also arrived behind me. Dancing Forest shouted, “Use AOE skills and force them to descend to the ground!”

At that instant, Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot], Yue Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox] and other skills flew towards the sky. Many heavy arrows from the Archers also joined in to wreak havoc. The 1000 Wind Elf players of [House of Prestige] immediately lost their wings and fell to the ground. A 10% health loss was still rather easy to accomplish. Once they were hit, they immediately dropped to the ground.


Li Mu, Wang Jian, Moon Feather, Star Blade, and the other high level Swordsmen charged forward. They wielded their swords, and carved beautiful paths on the snowfields as “Shua Shua Shua” sounds resounded. Old K roared deeply, and swept past as he used [Whirlwind Slash] while Dong Cheng Lei swept past with his battle axe. Numerous [House of Prestige] Wind Elves were blown away. Almost within seconds, the [Zhan Long] members inundated the 1000+ Wind Elves of [House of Prestige]. Under the furious trampling of the ten thousand Zhan Long players, the movement speed of the 1000+ broken-winged Wind Elves was restrained, and there were no more team formations and teamwork. They were devoured in an instant.




Bai Li Ruo Feng felt heartbroken as he saw the scene. He positioned the longbow in his hand and commanded, “Make the formation here and attack!”

Zhan Long’s beautiful Elder, Sister Matcha, raised her long sword and yelled, “Halt! Prepare our defenses!”

“Peng Peng Peng…….”

The shields, swords, and armor of the heavy armor types from both sides had already clashed together. The battle between absolute strength and absolute defense had begun. The Archers’ arrows flew past while the Mages’ magic skills encountered one another. On the snowfield, rows of [Magma Abyss]s activated. Hot lava splashed out from volcanic vents, and burned the frontline heavy armor players while they howled in pain incessantly. No matter how high your defense was, it wouldn’t be possible to defend against magic attacks.

Baili Ruofeng was only 30 yards away from the frontline as he raised his longbow and shot a [Big Dipper Meteor]. With a “Shua” sound, the storm of arrows swept past the crowd. Immediately, dozens of half-health heavy armor players of Zhan Long grunted painfully and collapsed. Simultaneously, Baili Ruofeng bellowed, “Align the [Magma Abyss]es according to the scope I have marked, and kill them instantly!”

The next second, 7 [Magma Abyss]es appeared beneath Li Mu’s feet. He was shocked and hastily activated [Dou Qi Armor] to protect his body. At the same time, he activated [Blade Rush] to dodge. His health immediately plummeted, while the seven heavy armor players of [Zhan Long] who fought by his side collapsed and died. These seven players couldn’t withstand such high power magic attacks!”


I couldn’t tolerate it as I watched and looked towards Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and yelled, “Tang Xue*!”
*TL Note: Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands waved her staff and responded, “I understand. Fourth advancement Mages! Look for my marks!”

The next moment, with Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands in the lead, the [Zhan Long] Mage team paid back an eye for an eye. They also grouped attacks in the marked areas, and instantly killed a huge mass of people without giving the Healers a chance to heal.

The frontlines of both sides attacked each each other for almost 5 minutes. [Zhan Long] lost more than 1000 players. Absolutely no benefits were gained. This is the true strength of the [House of Prestige]. Even as they faced the strongest team of [Zhan Long], they did not end up in an inferior position.


Seeing that more and more people were dying, I gritted my teeth and glanced at the rage bar. It was full with 100 points. I immediately activated the special skill——[Dragon Transformation]!


The howls of the dragon thundered throughout heaven and earth. A beam of sacred light shone on my whole body as my bones and skin experienced slight changes. Glowing dragon scales formed around my body while horrifying armor condensed around my Magic Spite Armor. The outer appearance of the Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword also transformed at the same time. I wouldn’t feel good if I don’t vent this strength hidden within my body. My sword swept past as I went out and it actually slashed out a streak of fiery sword aura!


A group of [House of Prestige] players on the frontline howled in pain and retreated . I reused [Wall of Dou Qi], and brandished my sword as I slashed through the crowd. I kept waving both of my swords. With [Dragon Transformation], all of my normal attacks’ had dragon power infused within them giving it sword aura. “Shua Shua Shua,” streaks of sword aura flashed out, and instantly destroyed the enemy’s field to pieces!

Targeting Bai Li Ruo Feng, I abruptly used two long-range sword aura attacks!


Bai Li Ruo Feng was shocked and with a “Xia” sound, he hastily activated the [Crystallize] skill, which made him invincible for one second. However, the first strike still hit him, and he was almost killed in an instant——




From afar, I opened my arms and my Cold Iron Sword flew out. Simultaneously, I opened my hand and [Great Realm of Desolation] and [Blade Spin] converged just to kill Baili Ruofeng!

The instant the Crystallize disappeared, Baili Ruofeng remained quiet and immediately activated combo——Lightning Tempest. He then darted towards the back for some distance to dodge my multiple attacks.

“F*ck! Why is this son of a bitch so powerful?!”Quick Thunder Swift Wind killed a Swordsman of [Zhan Long] with just one slash of his war hammer as his face was filled with anger.

I flashed a faint smile and activated [Seven Star Teleportation]. I instantly leaped to a distance of only 25 yards away from Quick Thunder Swift Wind and activated a rage point skill that used up the last 20 points I had——[Defeat the Dragon]!


Quick Thunder Swift Wind was abruptly yanked to my side and my Dragon Reservoir Sword landed forcefully on his neck!


Feeling shocked, he could only retreat with the use of [Blade Rush] while I stepped fiercely on the snowfield with my battle boots. Through the effect of the [Dragon Transformation], I was able to fly. I darted towards this old opponent and criss-crossed my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword, and immediately slashed this [House of Prestige] Vice Guild Master in half as “Kaka” sounds rang!





A war hammer fell on the ground. Just as I predicted, the God Destroyer Mace was dropped!

I picked up the God Destroyer Mace and threw it into my bag. I raised my hands and forced away the group of [House of Prestige] players who were trying to take the God Destroyer Mace. I smiled, “Didn’t you guys wanted to annihilate [Zhan Long]? Come!”

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