Zhan Long

Chapter 447

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Chapter 447 The Defeat of [Epic]

Old K, Matcha, One Second Hero, and Tang Xin were four heavy armor players that lead [Zhan Long]’s elite army of nearly 14,000 people to charge at the backside of the formation. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked along the border of the army as the insignia of the golden talismans floated above my head. I had Qing Qian and Wolf at my side, so I had no worries, since there was no one here who could kill me.

Night fell, and the sky was dotted with stars. It was almost as though it was signal for the big battle that was about to come.

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands commanded, “Mages, use [Revealing Light] to illuminate the battlefield. We cannot give the Assassins any chance to ambush us. Immediately!”
“Woosh woosh woosh…..”

Flashes of light flew into the air. It was the fourth advancement Mage skill. At that moment, the entire battlefield was lit up, and over 40+ of [Valley of the Gods] Assassins appeared out of the shadows. Thank god for Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands’ cautious nature, or else these people would have managed to sneak upon us.

“Kill them all!”

Once my command fell, Old K immediately brought a group of Berserkers forward. Each and everyone of them growled, and activated [Dou Qi Armor] which allowed them to cancel 50% of the damage was inflicted upon them. This was a fourth tier Heavy Armor class’ survival skill. The durability was basically the same as that of a [Mana Shield].


A squall erupted, and Old K’s [Whirlwind Blade] rushed through the crowd. A dozen Assassins were swallowed up by the skill and thrown into the air. Before they even fell back onto the ground, they were cut into a million pieces. A small ambush team like that clearly couldn’t defend against [Zhan Long]’s main force.

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword with my right hand, and ran straight towards the Southern Battlefield. I let my Cold Iron Sword fly out of its sheath and float next to my shoulder. With a burst, it whistled through the air and cut right through the chest of a [Valley of the Gods] Archer, as the [Scattered Shot] on his bowstring disappeared into thin air. He was killed on the spot. He took nearly 6000 damage, and since he at most had 2000 defense, he would’ve never been able to defend against an attack like that.

On the lush plains, a team of over 1000 people were being chased by players from [Valley of the Gods]. Everyone had an [Epic] insignia floating over their shoulder. To think that 3000 man 4th level guild team was actually being pushed to such a degree, this situation was truly puzzling.

One of the players was a Lv 80 Berserker who had a battle axe in his hand and the insignia of “Guild Master” on his shoulder. It was [Epic]’s Guild Master——Thousand Mile Ambition. He was a 40 year-old uncle. Seeing his army on the verge of total destruction, Thousand Mile Ambition’s eyes were blood red. He roared at the distant [Valley of the Gods], “[Valley of the Gods], what exactly do you guys want from us? [Epic] has never bothered you before, so why are you pursuing us to the death!?”

[Valley of the Gods]’s Guild Master, Lu Dong Bing, held his staff up, his face revealed an arrogant smile, “This is a world where the strong eat the weak, did you not know? In this battle of the City of the Four Noblemen, killing players give you points. So for the sake of giving my brothers more rewards, I can only wrong you guys a little. You can’t blame me that. You guys chose to be so close to us!”

“You f*cker….”

Thousand Mile Ambition tightened his grip on his battle axe, “You’re too cruel. Isn’t it enough, killing 1000 of my brothers?”

Lu Dong Bin’s eyes turned cold, “Not enough! Hei hei, unless you want to give me another 500 people for [Valley of the Gods] to eat. Otherwise, I will chase after you until I completely annihilate all of you!”

Thousand Mile Ambition gritted his teeth, “You bastard!”

In the group of people, Palace Decree raised a longsword and shouted, “Guild Master, take a team of our brothers and escape first! I’ll take a second group to block the players from [Valley of the Gods]. Even if we are all massacred, at least we’ll be able to protect half of our people!”

Thousand Mile Ambition gritted his teeth, “Palace Decree, then I will thank you for your sacrifice. First Team, follow me!”

As he finished talking, Thousand Mile Ambition led away 700 people. Only 500 people were left to help support Palace Decree. The 700 people quickly retreated towards the western plains.


Palace Decree swung his longsword and yelled, “Prepare to attack!”

Palace Spirit stared at Thousand League Ambition’s retreating shadow and said, “Brother…. Is Guild Master just going to leave us? I see, so it’s like that…are you just going to treat us as the “food” for the people of [Valley of the Gods] to get more points? This…. is this really something a Guild Master that we have followed for so long would do? I…. I’m a little doubtful….”

Palace Decree raised his longsword, “Ling Er don’t say anymore. Get ready for battle. [Valley of the Gods] has already killed so many of [Epic]’s people. We have to settle this debt with them. No matter if Guild Master stays, or leaves, it’s just a matter of whether or not he will go to his death with us! F*ck, kill as many as you can. Now I understand, [Valley of the Gods] is just a group of wild beasts, feeding on the weak!”

The halberd in Palace Spirit’s hand trembled, as her beautiful eyes swept over the 7000 enemies from [Valley of the Gods]. Her eyes were red with tears, “Hmph, then I’ll just battle to the death by my brother’s side…. This City of the Four Noblemen event, to think it was this un-fun. To think that we would say goodbye so quickly….”

The 500 players of [Epic] all trembled as they waited for the great armies of [Valley of the Gods] to charge. Palace Spirit and Palace Decree stood at the very front of the team. Everyone was filled with terror. In Ba Huang City, [Epic] was probably considered a third tier guild, while [Valley of the Gods] was at least a second tier. The difference in strength between the two sides was extremely clear, as well as the conclusion of this battle.

Right as Palace Spirit and Palace Decree were filled with the terror of waiting for their death, suddenly the trees and bushes on the border of the Northern Forest shook. The sounds of battle rang out from the thrush, and a group of people suddenly burst out.

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword, with Old K, Qing Qian, Matcha and other [Zhan Long] players following behind me. I pointed my sword at [Valley of the Gods] and shouted, “Any person with a [Valley of the Gods] insignia, kill! Let’s wipe these little shits out of this City!”

The sounds of cheering were unending, as [Zhan Long]’s great army flooded out. Old K, Qing Qian and other top tier players didn’t care who the opponent was, and just charged out. They basically demolished [Valley of the Gods] encirclement. Our [Zhan Long] players basically charged right into [Valley of the Gods] formation, and forced them to turn around and defend themselves.


Palace Spirit stood in her spot, stunned. The halberd in her hand trembled with excitement as she exclaimed, “That…. that’s Xiao Yao Zi Zai… Gods, [Zhan Long] is here to help us, [Zhan Long] is here to help us…. Brother, we don’t have to battle to the death. We don’t have to battle to the death!”

Palace Decree was elated, as he pumped his fist, “F*ck, Xiao Yao Zi Zai came just in the nick of time. Great! Brothers, attack alongside [Zhan Long], and annihilate [Valley of the Gods]. That group of assholes!”


My [Seven Star Fragment Slash] tore through the crowds. I rushed headfirst into the crowd. With my left hand, I grabbed the returning Cold Iron Sword and crossed my two swords. Like a whirlwind, I cut through their army. At the same time, I looked into the distance, and saw that Li Mu was leading the [Valiant Bravery] camp, while Wang Jiang commanded the three other divisions, and had arrived at the battle field. I immediately sent them a message, and told them to completely surround the enemy. Our numbers were double that of our opponents. Definitely enough to trap them!

[Valley of the Gods] was [Vanguard]’s ally, and so, every time [Vanguard] had any activities, [Valley of the Gods] would always be near them. On top of that, [Vanguard] was also [Zhan Long]’s biggest rival. Killing [Valley of the Gods] was an act of war against [Vanguard], which was something I was very happy to do.

“Peng Peng Peng….”

I could hear the earth shaking from my left side, as I saw a chain of explosive attacks suddenly erupt. It was one of [Valley of the Gods] battle tactics, Mass Bombardment. At least several hundred Musketeers would activate [Bombardment] and other heavy artillery long range attacks. [Bombardment] was a third tier advancement skill, and could deal 150% of normal damage to a target that was 5 yards away. These Musketeers had all activated their third advancement skill, [Violent Fire], increasing their attack speed by 100% for 7 seconds. The frequency of their attacks was insane!

The screams of agony rang out, as 20 players from [Zhan Long] all fell to the ground. They were completely defenseless against such a brutal attack!

I bit down and raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword as I rushed forward and cried, “Fourth Advancement Knights, prepare your skill, [Flying Sword], and kill those fourth advancement Musketeers. Slaughter all of them! Let’s see what [Valley of the Gods] will do after that!”

I leapt up and activated [Haste] to buff myself. I quickly killed my way into [Valley of the Gods] formation. With a wave of my arm, I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] that covered the entire group of Musketeers. Behind me, Winter Snow, Moon Feather, Star Blade, and a group of other fourth advancement Knights all raised their long swords, letting their [Flying Sword]s fly out with a “Shua Shua Shua”, right into the middle of [Valley of the Gods] formation.

Everyone in that crowd screamed before they died. Add on to that the attack of Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox], and in moments, our opponents hundred man top tier Musketeer team was basically demolished.

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands took a group of Mages and started advancing. They began waving their staffs, and the earth seemed to burn scorching red. Nearly a hundred [Magma Abyss]es were activated, and the skill swallowed groups of people in. The killing power of this attack would make the hair on anyone stand up. In the blink of an eye, it laid waste to 30 yards of the enemy’s formation. There was no one left standing.


Lu Dong Bing made a fist. Never would he have thought that his [Valley of the Gods] would lose so badly to [Zhan Long]’s attack. The worst part was that his way out was blocked by the players lead by Wang Jian and Li Mu. Even if he were to send an urgent message out to [Vanguard], it was all too late. None of the guilds close to them were [Vanguard]’s allies. This was truly a “pray to God for help, but none will come” situation.

I opened up my palm, and activated [Defeat the Dragon]!


Lu Dong Bing was dragged all the way to my side, and the I activated [Curse of the Night Fury]!

For 2 seconds, Lu Dong Bing was cursed so that none of his skills would activate. Even his [Dimension Leap] was useless now!

Both my Dragon Reservoir Sword and my Cold Iron Sword fell upon Lu Dong Bing, and broke his [Mana Shield]. With a single sweep of my Dragon Reservoir Sword, Lu Dong Bing fell to his knees. The Guild Master of [Valley of the Gods] was killed in 2 seconds!


I quickly grabbed onto the staff that Lu Dong Bing dropped, and raised it as I yelled out, “I have already killed the boss of [Valley of the Gods]. Does anyone dare oppose me?”

With that shout, all of the players from [Valley of the Gods] were shocked into a stunned silence.

Li Mu raised his sword and began to charge from behind, “Kill them all! Kill even those who admit defeat….”

At that moment, all of the hearts of [Valley of the Gods] froze.

Without hesitation, I waved my Dragon Reservoir Sword and my Cold Iron Sword and let it cut into the crowds. Points needed to be earned, or else there was no point in me coming to fight [Valley of the Gods].

Right at that moment, a system bell rang out. The seventh BOSS had finally appeared. It had spawned on the eastern side of the City. Huh, that was where [Prague]’s formation was. [Vanguard] and [Enemies at the Gate] would probably not let Yan Zhao Warrior kill that BOSS, so there was no need for [Zhan Long] to interfere. Might as well just continue killing [Valley of the Gods]!

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