Zhan Long

Chapter 446

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Chapter 446 A Woman’s Soft-Heart

“Shua Shua…..”

Above my head, the insignia of the two golden talismans glowed and was extremely noticeable. I stood at the frontlines, and swung my Dragon Reservoir sword. One after another, I killed monsters that were attacking [Zhan Long]’s frontline. Even though killing players gave more points, [Zhan Long] was still one of the biggest guilds in Ba Huang City. Therefore, we couldn’t go around like a rabid dog and attack everyone. That was something guilds like [Flying Dragon] or [Wrath of the Heroes] would do.



Matcha gripped her long sword as she looked at me from a distance. She pouted her lower lip, “You could at least be a little less noticeable. You’re carrying two of the Talismans, and yet you’re still on the frontline. What will happen if you get ambushed? Look at Soaring Dragon, he’s always been at the center of [Flying Dragon], and he doesn’t even try to go to the border of the formation….”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw out a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] as I smiled, “It doesn’t matter. If someone thinks that they can kill me in front of ten thousand [Zhan Long] players, then they can come and try. Besides I’m not like Soaring Dragon, that squishy Mage. If they want to kill me…. then they first gotta go through my [Wall of Dou Qi]…….”

Li Mu face-palmed, “Motherf*cker, you’re just too crazy….”

Wolf raised his dagger and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, I have something to say, but I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t…”

“What?” I asked.

Wolf said with a serious tone, “Based on what I know, [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes], [Prague], and [Vanguard], have already started to clear out the smaller guilds. Especially [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of the Heroes], they’ve practically killed all of the small guilds and random players around them. So, the amount of points that they’ve collected are not that much fewer than ours, even though [Zhan Long]’s strength is much greater than theirs. How can we fall behind them? Don’t you think it’s time that we start clearing out the battlefields too?”

I slightly jolted, then shook my head, “No…”

General Lian Po gave me a puzzled smile, “Guild Master, why’s that? Like this, we’ll be thought of as soft-hearted women by the other guilds….”

I jumped up and swung both of my swords to cut down a monster. I lightly landed on my feet and softly said, “At the time of [Zhan Long]’s founding, I made a promise, “To fight for the weak”. No matter what the situation is, I’ll never go against that promise. What kind of strength is it, to be able to kill and steal stuff from people who are weaker than you? If we truly have strength, then we should think about the top three guilds….”

Lian Po smiled and asked, “Think about doing what?”

I took a deep breath, “For one thing, right now is the information age. Nobody is that much of an idiot. By killing small guilds and solo people, our guild’s reputation would be broken. [Zhan Long] doesn’t do things in which the gains don’t make up for the losses. [Flying Dragon] can go and kill the small guilds, but [Zhan Long] will not join along with them. If [Zhan Long] can rise up in Tian Ling City, it wouldn’t just be due to our strength and military tactics, but because the hearts of our brothers are all united without a single doubt!”

Wang Jian smiled, “Hear hear, that’s our Brother Xiao Yao!”

Li Mu nodded, “Yup, I think so too. After years of playing so many games, I’ve always thought of how to make myself stronger. Sometimes, I would even use whatever means necessary, and distort the facts. But now that I think about it retrospectively, all those people that I’ve bullied before, or the people that I’ve made cry because I PKed them, I’ve really done them wrong. When people do too many bad things, it really is hard to sleep at night….”

I turned around and looked at him, “Pei, so you were actually that kind of person before….”

Li Mu slapped his forehead, “Ha ha, I accidentally let that slip. Guild Master, you better not try and investigate…. Let’s just not bring up things from the past….”

I nodded and said, “Qing Qian and Matcha, make sure to watch what’s happening around [Zhan Long]’s formation. Once enemy guilds like [Flying Dragon], [Hero’s Mound: Division One] or [Thousand Burial] get within 500 yards of us, immediately send out a team of elites to kill them. Even though [Zhan Long] won’t initiate any PKs, that doesn’t mean we’ll just let them take our points. We absolutely cannot accept that!”

Qing Qian and Matcha smiled as they nodded, “Understood. We will be carefully watching!”


“Ji Ya…..”

The western gate of the City of the Four Noblemen began to open up. At that moment, we saw masses of soldiers dressed in fire red armor carrying long hammers stand in formation. It was the 7th wave of monsters, Iron Hammer Carriers. The next moment, Li Mu shared the stats of the Iron Hammer Carrier’s stats in the guild chat——

[Iron Hammer Carriers] (Thunder Tier Monsters)

Level: 91

Attack: 2900-3950

Defense: 3100

Health: 150000

Skills: [Invigoration] [Inflamed Fighting Spirit] [Hammer Break]

Introduction: Warriors from the Warring States Period, these Iron Hammer Carriers were all young men from the Qin Kingdom’s icy peaks. They were born with incredible strength, and could fight the beasts since childhood. Duke Xiao of Qin managed to win against so many empires because of all of the heroes he had in his army. Using Shang Yang’s scheme, he destroyed the well field system* and opened up roads into the mountains. From there, he found warriors with extraordinary strength, and created a ten thousand man army, each and every one of them was fearless and fitted with an iron hammer. They laid siege to cities and dominated the world. Thousands of years later, these hammers were covered with the dust from many many years, and have finally awoken from hell. Now that they have revived on this earth, they only have one desire, to slaughter.
*TL Note: The system where Chinese cut into mountains to create rice paddies


Bai Qi shivered and gripped his battle axe, “Damn, they’re Thunder Tier monsters? That attack is really high, it’s almost 4000. Add on the Thunder Tier buffs, their actual attack is probably over ten thousand!”

I couldn’t help but smile and said, “It’s probably not that much?”

Bai Qi was puzzled, “Why’s that boss?”

I patted my chest and explained, “My defense right now is 4000, and with the 46% addition from equipment, and the 40% from [Dragon’s Whistle of Lightening and Thunder], plus the [Wall of Dou Qi]’s 180%, and the 10% additional during battle, that makes it around 15,000. But, based on ’s rules, if attack is under defense, the damage dealt will be only around 500. Let me try, and let you guys see how much damage these Iron Hammer Carriers will deal so we know….”


I straightened up and walked forward. The whole team of Iron Hammer Carriers rushed at me. The one standing in the very front raised his iron hammer, and landed an attack on me. It was the skill [Hammer Break]! “Peng!”, my shoulder dropped from the weight, and 897 damage popped up. As expected, Thunder Tier increases the base stats by at least 3 times!

Bai Qi also took a hit from one of the Iron Hammer Carriers, and it knocked off 1900 of his health. Slightly shocked, he swung his battle axe at the monster. Using his 15% HP drain, he immediately replenished quite a bit of his health. Wolf, Li Mu, Matcha, and Qing Qian quickly followed behind. These Iron Hammer Carrier’s stats were pretty strong, if our main force didn’t stand up and fight, then our weaker players would suffer heavy damages.

In the distance, the small guilds that fought beside [Zhan Long] had already begun to suffer intense damage. For people who have a base defense of less than 2500, they basically suffer 3000 damage with each attack, and if there was a critical attack, they would die in an instant . Cries of agony rose from around our formation, and in the blink of an eye, several hundred people died under the crushing blows of the Iron Hammer Carriers.

“Archers, use [Scattered Shot] to stun the monsters, and help cover for the frontline!” Dancing Forest commanded from behind us.

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands waved her staff, and became the strongest killing force in wiping out the Iron Hammer Carriers. The light of [Heal]s fell upon the frontlines like rain. But, even with all of this, [Zhan Long] still suffered some losses, and within 3 minutes we lost several dozen players under the blows of the Iron Hammer Carriers. There was no helping it. Once the monsters happen to land an explosive attack onto you, even Li Mu or Old K would suffer from damage like that. That held true even more so for the damages that the second line and third line suffered.

As though the number of players that had been killed was not enough, another crowd of monsters appeared on the city towers. Every 20 meters, there was a tower on the wall, and on it, stood green robed scholars. In their hands, they held bamboo scrolls and started chanting aloud. Rays of golden light began to rise from the scrolls, and fell upon the Iron Hammer Carriers at the bottom of the walls. The light would then surround the monsters, BUFFing them.


Battle Notification: Please Note, the strategists have used [War Inspiration], and have increased the attack power of all allies within a 100 yard range by 20%. The Iron Hammer Carriers now have their morale lifted!



I rested my Dragon Reservoir Sword on my shoulder and smiled, “Things are going to sh*t now. Everyone, hold your positions, do not advance anymore. Let’s first block the attack of these Iron Hammer Carriers first! Little Dance, use [Meteor Shot] to deal with the strategists on the wall. Don’t let them add anymore BUFFs!”

Dancing Forest shook her head, “I can’t reach. The angle is too high!”

“Nevermind then. Hold your positions!”


The battle turned chaotic at the bottom of the wall. All of the Iron Hammer Carriers that were BUFFed by [War Inspiration] had become even more fierce, so much that even [Zhan Long]’s formation was in danger of being shaken. We had retreated a whole 50 yards. We decided to pull apart the distance, and made it so that the Iron Hammer Carriers on the frontline were outside the range of the strategists. That way we could hold our frontline and continue to kill Iron Hammer Carriers while hoarding the experience.


“The seventh wave BOSS, who knows where it will spawn…… “ Qing Qian said with hope in her eyes, “If Brother Xiao Yao can obtain 3 Talismans at once, how great would that be…..”

I stumbled backwards,” Oof, I don’t want anything to happen to me now. Two Talismans are enough, all of the main forces of the big guilds are still here. If I were to get 3 Talismans, at this point I’ll definitely become someone’s target. If [Zhan Long] had over 100,000 troops, then I wouldn’t have any worries, but right now we only have 10,000 men, not enough to fight off that many enemies…..”

Qing Qian grinned, “Nope, our Brother Xiao Yao is a man that could rival ten thousand men. Even if you were to have 10 Talismans on you, you could still fight your way out of [Legend]’s 50,000 man formation. At least, that’s what I think….”

My face turned green, “That bluff is just a bit too much isn’t it? Just fighting Fang Ge Que on my own is hard, much less the 50,000 man [Legend] formation….”


At that moment, Matcha fluttered her wings and descended to the ground and stared at me, “Boss, wait for a second. Don’t tease sister now, there’s some movement to the South of [Zhan Long]’s formation!”

“What movement?”

“It’s players from [Valley of the Gods]. Lu Dong Bing lead 7000 people and are attacking a group of small guilds and solo players to our south. Your old friends, the godly weapon smiths—— Palace Spirit and Palace Decree, their guild, ‘Epic’ is one of the guilds being attacked. They’re around 200 yards away from us and have fulfilled your conditions. What should we do, do we attack?”

I swept my Dragon Reservoir out and smiled, “Fox, lead Division Two to hold our formation. 5000 players from the main guild, follow me to attack [Valley of the Gods] from the North. Li Mu will take 5000 people from the Valiant Bravery Group and circle around to the forest in the west. Wang Jian will command first division, third division, and fourth division, to cut off their right flank 100 yards to the west. This time when we attack, we will massacre [Valley of the Gods]!”

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