Zhan Long

Chapter 444

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Chapter 444 The Extinguisher

“Defense! We must hold our formation!”

Li Mu raised his sword and welcomed the war chariot that was charging over. With a slash of his blade, he activated [Flying Sword] and [Absolute Authority] when his sword returned. The strength of the two skills were frightening. At the same time, the two soldiers on the chariot attacked with their spears as well. “Pa Pa Pa” Three attacks landed on Li Mu. With the [Dou Qi Armor]’s 50% damage reduction, he was able to take the hits.





Old K stared in amazement, “F*ck….. Brother Li Mu, what’s your defense and health? A Lv 86 monster could barely damage you at all. You are too strong!”

Li Mu hacked the mobs with his sword and smiled, “9000 HP and 3700 Defense. How is it? Pretty strong eh?”

Tang Xin was speechless, “Damn. I only have 3900 defense as a Knight. You’re a Swordsman who added all his stats into strength. How are you so strong…..”

Li Mu laughed, “Go ask the Guild Master. He’s a Swordsman who added all his stats into strength and he has over 4000 defense and 14,000 HP. If you’re gonna ask somebody, ask him….”

Tang Xin turned and looked at me, “Guild Master…. How are we low-end players going to do anything against people like you? Tell me….. why are your defense and HP so high….”

I looked at my equipments and expounded, “4 Saint-Tier equipments, 4 Valkyrie-Tier equipments and 4 Emperor-Tier equipments. If you add up all the stats on these……. then you’ll probably get these kind of stats.

Tang Xin’s eyes widened, “This…. This. You have a weapon, helmet, necklace, armor, leg guard, wrist guard, shoes, capes and two rings. That’s a total of 10 equipments. We knights have a shield so we get to equip 11 items. How do you have 12 equipped items? This…. This doesn’t make sense!”

Li Mu laughed and explained, “That’s easy, Guild Master’s [Dou Qi Arms] allows him to use two weapons. His main weapon is the Saint Tier Dragon Reservoir Sword, while his secondary weapon is the Valkyrie Tier Cold Iron Sword. He also has a Saint Tier City War Bell on his shoulder. This is how he can use 12 items. Look at your buffs. You have the City War Bell’s buff which gives you 10% attack and defense and 100 magic attack. This is the buff that the Guild Master gives to all of our allies…”

Tang Xin was excited, “Wow, really? This City War Bell is really strong. No wonder why I felt that my attacks were a bit stronger than usual….”

Matcha was smiling on the side, “Continue to kill. These Phantom Tier monsters give a lot of experience. I’ve already surveyed the situation. Once we kill around 80% of the mobs, the BOSS will spawn with a new wave of monsters. Then we’ll have to wait. We don’t know where the BOSS will spawn. Boss, when should we start killing the BOSSes?”

I thought about it and said, “After the fourth BOSS. If they spawn on the west side, then we’ll start. I need to get my hands on at least one talisman. This will show that we [Zhan Long] are in this fight too!”

“Mhm. Mhm. Boss is sure formidable!”


Time slowly passed and the experience continued to pile up. Of course, since I’m Lv 85 there wasn’t much movement on my experience bar. The monsters are only 1 level higher than me, so there wasn’t much of an experience bonus at all. However, this was better. These weren’t as hard to kill as the monsters in the Grave of the Warring states maps. All the [Zhan Long] members are very organized as well. Our casualties didn’t even amount to that much.

Before I even noticed, two hours had passed already. “Ding!” a system notice appeared. The second BOSS was about to appear. It was towards the eastern side of the city. The east side was the base of [Vanguard] and a few other guilds. We could only give up.

Not even ten minutes later, a system notice appeared, [System Notice]: Player Jian Feng Han has obtained [Warring State Talisman – Two]!


“F*ck…..” Li Mu clenched his first, “Jian Feng Han actually got the second talisman. I’m worried. There aren’t any big guilds around [Vanguard]. No one would be willing to challenge them for a mere talisman.”

I looked at the map and said, “Mhm. The only ones who can fight them are [Prague], and they’re located pretty far away. [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] are both on the northern side. Knowing Han Bei Song and Misty Clouds, they wouldn’t go over to fight for a talisman. Jian Feng Han has the Saint Tier cape Freedom Wings, so he can fly. Leaving with the talisman is very easy for him. No one is dumb enough to fight him for it.

The third wave of mobs spawned very quickly. It was basically like a festival of experience. Until the Lv 90 monsters appear, [Zhan Long] won’t have a hard time fighting.

After the sixth hour, another system notice appeared. The third BOSS had spawned.


[System Notice]: Will all the players please be careful. The third general from hell [Extinguisher Ke Long], carrier of a warring states talisman has spawned in the coordinates (11549,10203). If you kill Ke Long, there is an hundred percent that the [Warring States Talisman – Three] will drop. Gather all ten talismans to become to the master of the territory!



Behind us, a ray of light flashed and it was as though the sky had been punctured. An enormous black hole appeared and a roar came from it. A knight carrying a halberd and sitting on a blood red horse descended from the sky. Behind him, followed countless Lv 87 Phantom Tier Monsters. This Extinguisher Ke Long was a Lv 87 Tier Valkyrie BOSS. He had been sent right into [Zhan Long]’s formation!

“Ha ha…”

I couldn’t help but grin. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and yelled out, “Main force, follow me to kill the BOSS. The rest, make sure you hold the formation. This BOSS actually appeared right in the middle of our formation. This BOSS didn’t go to Heaven even when he had that path, and went straight to Hell even though there was no gate….”

Matcha, Li Mu and Qing Qian all followed me as I rushed at the BOSS. Fox lead a group of Division Two players to help deal long range attacks. We focused on killing the BOSS, while they dealt with the monsters that the Extinguisher lead with him. This way, we wouldn’t interfere with each other’s operations.


Before I even arrived at the BOSS, my Cold Iron Sword already flew out from [Blade Spin]. “Pu pu pu” it cut through the Extinguisher’s chest nine times. The Lv 87 Valkyrie Tier BOSS was just so so. Within moments, I managed to attract 90% of his aggro. With a roar, the Extinguisher lead his horse to charge at me. With a raise of his halberd, he immediately threw a chain of three stabs at me!

I lunged forward with my battle boots, and “Peng!” lava like energy burst forth, as snakes of Dou Qi started to wrap in front of my body, creating the [Wall of Dou Qi]. Like this, I took the BOSS’s three attacks head on. “Keng Keng Keng” the attacks fell upon my Magic Spite Armor, creating sparks, and three damage numbers——




In total, the attacks amounted to a little more than 4000 damage, which was around a third of my total health. This Valkyrie Tier’s BOSS’s kills shots did not pose any threat of an instant death for me. It was so low that Darling Duck gasped, “Guild Master’s defense is just too crazy….”

Li Mu raised his sword and charged at the BOSS as he hacked at him and smiled, “Hurry up and kill him!”

Dancing Forest, General Lian Po, and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands all began to attack with their long range skills. I let my swords dance as I barraged the BOSS with attacks, and locked the aggro right on me. My Flaming Tiger God also helped deal damage. The core of [Zhan Long]’s formation had turned completely into the Extinguisher’s grave. In a short 4 minutes, the Extinguisher’s health had dropped below 1% and died under the slashes of a million blades. Nobody knew who had dealt the finishing blow. After a cry of agony, the Extinguisher fell to the ground and dropped several equipments and items.

Li Mu waved his hand and yelled out, “I’ll split up the items amongst everyone, and the Talisman will go to the Guild Master!”

I didn’t try to act polite. After all, it would be most suitable if I were to keep the Talisman. The other players didn’t try to take it either. On top of that, I had the greatest explosive power at the moment, and when it came to critical moments, I could kill my way out of a trap. The most important factor was that I was the Guild Master of [Zhan Long], so it would be most suitable that I keep it.

The system bell rang throughout the sky as the third Army Talisman fell to the hands of [Zhan Long]——


[System Notice]: The [Warring States Talisman – Three] has dropped. It was picked up by player Xiao Yao Zi Zai. If the player is killed, there is a hundred percent chance that the talisman will drop.


I cautiously put the talisman in my bag as I smiled, and looked forward to when this bag would be filled with all ten talismans. If I could get all ten, then [Zhan Long] would be the true ruling guild of Ba Huang City. Right now, [Prague] and [Vanguard] are actually stronger than us. Even if [Zhan Long] has a lot of experts, our numbers can’t compare to theirs. If we can take the Warring States City, then it won’t be the same anymore. This was the first guild city in the china server!

After I got the Talisman, a golden Talisman insignia immediately appeared above my head. On top of that, every 5 minutes, the system would automatically report my current position. Motherf*cker, this meant that everyone would be competing for my life. On top of that, the person carrying the Talisman cannot fly, or use [Camouflage]. Looks like all the potential ways to cheat the system had been broken. It was best if an Assassin didn’t carry the Talisman, as it was basically a sure death for them.

I returned to my original position at [Zhan Long]’s frontlines. As I killed monsters, I stared into the distance and saw that a few of Ba Huang City’s small guilds were watching me.

“Ahem….” I coughed and said, “Why do I feel like those guys are looking at me differently…..”

Wang Jian smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao. It’s because you have the Warring State Talisman. They all want to take you down.”

Qing Qian smiled, “Don’t worry brother Xiao Yao. No one will harm you with us here. If they want to come, we’ll fight them to death.”

I nodded, “Good. Then I’ll leave it to you guys to protect me. Don’t let anyone stab me from behind.

Everyone laughed. Actually I wasn’t scared of anyone at all. Instead, I’ve been waiting for people to come. The points from killing the monsters are becoming insufficient. Killing players will net me an extra 10% of their points.


Time passed very slowly. The fourth and fifth waves appeared. They were killed by [Enemies at the Gate] and [Vanguard]. Misty Clouds got the fourth talisman and Vanguard for the 5th.

Holding two talismans by himself, Jian Feng Han became the target of many people.

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