Zhan Long

Chapter 443

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Chapter 443 Hot Pot

I raised my left leg slightly and stepped on the grassland with my Divine Battle Boots, as a “Peng” sound rang out. As lava spewed, streaks of Dou Qi condensed and encircled my body. The form of the condensed [Wall of Dou Qi] was extremely dazzling. Beauty Tang Xin, being the nearest to me, scrutinized for a while and became shocked, “Guild Master, why is your [Dou Qi Armor] different from ours?”

I grinned, “ That is because mine’s [Wall of Dou Qi], not [Dou Qi Armor]…….”

Hearing my answer, Li Mu felt speechless and said, “Guild Master’s job is the Guardian of Dragon City, which is different from the ordinary jobs that we have. His skills are also especially different.

Tang Xin winked and commented, “The outward appearance of this skill is so cool. I am so envious…..”

I responded, “[Dou Qi Armor] is just cutting down 50% of the damage, as long as the attack isn’t too high, it’s durability is pretty strong. At some points it would even surpass my [Wall of Dou Qi]…..”

As I talked, I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Wind Blade] into one of the Long Spear Soldiers, cutting it in half. An enormous large number popped up. The damage was a superior strike + Dragon Power which gave 3 times the damage. It was extremely shocking——


Tang Xin stuck her tongue out, “Oh my, that attack…. nevermind, I’m not going to dream for an attack like that. That’s just too op. Guild Master is a special person on CBN Battlenet, I’ll probably never be able to match that….”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Keep killing monsters. Nobody’s a special person. This is all because of hard work. If you just work hard to kill monsters and accumulate more points, and our luck is good enough, you can get a few good equipments. After that, just keep on making yourself stronger. After a while, the snowball will roll down and accumulate even more power and you can become a top rated expert.”



Tang Xin, Dancing Forest, and Moon Feather were all female players that Qing Qian brought over. Dancing Forest, like General Lian Po, became one of [Zhan Long]’s top Archers, while Moon Feather became a beautiful Knight. As for Tang Xing, she was still pretty young and was naturally very pure. She also became the focus of adoration of Li Mu and Old K, those two ugly uncles. All day she would tease them, but everyone liked her a lot. If there was ever any good equipment, or skill books, they would all think of her first. She managed to quickly rise to the top ten close combat players. Plus with her natural cleverness and her good instinct in game, it was clear that her future was going to be very good….”

As I killed monsters, my experience flew up. I also summoned my Flaming Tiger God to support me. I turned around to look at the bottom of the city wall, we had herded the monsters into a small group. Most of the players at the western side were players from Ba Huang City. Everyone was friends and peacefully collected experience. Basically nobody was PK-ed, since there was no reason to steal from other people at this time.

In the distance, around 700 yards away from [Zhan Long], [Hero’s Mound: First Division] had appeared and already began to battle the NPC monsters.

Wang Ze Cheng was dressed in a full suite of shining armor, the Flames of War Magic Blade in his hand. He looked at the city and yelled out, “All players of [Hero’s Mound: First Division], immediately create a formation. Our target is the Warring States Talismans. Later, once a BOSS appears, everyone follow my command and attack. The rest of the time, we’ll kill monsters without any rest!”

Behind Wang Ze Cheng, Ageless Beauty was dressed in a tight leather armor, her hand resting on the two daggers at her hip and her beautiful eyes stared into the crowd of NPC archers on top of the wall, “Ah Cheng, we’re so close to [Zhan Long]. We need to be careful. Li Xiao Yao might turn around and ambush us. We won’t be able to bear that kind of pressure…..”

Wind Walker bore the symbol of Vice Guild Master on his left shoulder and stepped forward, “Sister Ageless Beauty, don’t worry about stuff like that. Right now we have 4 divisions, and over ten thousand people in our forces. Even if [Zhan Long] were to ambush us, we won’t necessarily lose to them. Besides, Cang Tong is still in [Hero’s Mound] and Li Xiao Yao is buddies with her. He needs to be considerate of her relationship with the guild….”

At that moment, one of the team leaders smiled, “I heard that Cang Tong is in the same school as Guild Master. For a beauty like that….. and the fact that Guild Master is so handsome, did you not consider taking Lin Wan Er yourself?”

Another team leader laughed, “I heard that Guild Master has always been chasing after Cang Tong. After all, Cang Tong is his goddess…”

Wind Walker coughed, “Shut up you two!”

Wang Ze Cheng revealed a cold smile, then wrapped his arm around Ageless Beauty’s waist and said, “I am not some half-hearted person. The only woman I love right now is Ah Yue*. As for Cang Tong, women that miss out, miss out. If we do not share the same fate, then there is no use in forcing it. Otherwise, she would just look down on me…”

Ageless Beauty revealed a smile, “Ah Cheng, smooches….”

Wang Ze Cheng lowered his head and made out with his girlfriend. After that, he reached down and slapped Ageless Beauty’s butt, “Hurry up and kill monsters. [Hero’s Mound] has to enter the top five in number of monsters killed in Ba Huang City, or else we would just be too humiliated. If we don’t make any progress or significant achievements soon, Q-Sword will start to doubt us.”

The players of [Hero’s Mound: First Division] all nodded, “Yes, we will all work hard!”


“[Hero’s Mound: First Division] looks like they’re all united….” Wang Jian commented.

I smiled, “The appearance of unity, but divided at heart. What’s the thing keeping them together?”

Dancing Forest smiled along, “Well, for us, it’s Brother Xiao Yao. He’s our [Zhan Long]’s godly leader. As for [Hero’s Mound: First Division], do they gather around Cang Cheng? I think…. that Cang Cheng that kind of person, besides having a little money to spend and a more wily heart, there’s nothing else. As for his personal combat power, it’s almost as different as heaven and earth compared to Brother Xiao Yao’s….”

“Don’t say that….” I secretly laughed, “Wang Ze Cheng still has that Flames of War Magic Blade. His attack power is probably number one or number two amongst Knights!”

Li Mu added, “Wang Ze Cheng’s defense is also 4400. We really do have to be careful with him, he’s a true iron board. His defense is even higher than our Guild Master’s by a lot.”

Matcha raised her long sword, “Boss, look to the left!”

I turned around to look, and saw that a group of people were coming over. It was players from [Thousand Burial]. There were around 4000 of them. There was the main guild and the two divisions on both sides. Not Ordinary was clothed in a full suit of quality armor. He had his battle axe in hand as he shouted, “Kill kill kill! Get those points!”

Shen Bing was clothed in a suit of leather armor. She lifted her long bow and shot an arrow. The beauty swept onto the battlefield and flashed a smile at me. That big sister is just too seductive, a glance like that made it hard for anyone to resist.

Qing Qian blinked a few times and said, “[Thousand Burial] and [Hero’s Mound: First Division] are surrounding us? F*Ck, what exactly are they thinking, getting so close to us?”

I lowered my voice, “That’s no problem, we’ll just continue to kill monsters. Let them surround us. as long as [Zhan Long] doesn’t lose any players we’re fine. Once they start attacking us, we’ll just kill them all!”

“Kill them all…..” Wang Jian cracked a smile, “Brother Xiao Yao, I like the sound of that!”


Time passed by second by second. After two hours, the bottom of the wall was littered with corpses of the Long Spear Soldiers. Everyone was exhausted from all the killing. On the bright side, the monsters dropped a lot of experience and drops, making this event very worth it.

At that moment, a bell suddenly sounded around the map


System Announcement: Players please be aware. The first general from Hell, [Official Li Ke] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS), carries one of the Warring States Talismans and has appeared at the coordinates (11272, 9983). Kill Official Li Ke and there is a 100% drop rate of [Warring States Talisman – One]. Collect all 10 of these talismans and turn them in to the Duke to gain control over the City of the Four Noblemen!


“Brother, the first BOSS has appeared!” Qing Qian began waving her dagger excitedly as she slashed through a monster. She smiled, “It’s just east of us, shall we go and kill it?”

I thought about it for a second, then shook my head, “Nevermind, let’s not!”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“Let them fight over it. We just need to maintain our strength. Either way, it’d pointless unless we have all 10 talismans. This event can’t be accomplished in one step.”

Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Song Han all nodded, “Yea, I agree. Let’s use the first talisman as a lure. Let the small guilds all kill themselves first!”

“That’s right. Just like that. What we want is the end result!”


And so, [Zhan Long]’s 16.5 thousand players continued to collect points and experience from the monsters, while the sounds of battle bashed out 2000 yards behind them. For the sake of the one talisman from the Valkyrie Tier BOSS, [Flying Dragon], [Wrath of the Heroes], and [Hero’s Mound: First Division] killed each other. In the end, after 20 minutes——


System Notification: Players please take note, the [Warring States Talisman – One] has already been dropped and was picked up by the player Mu Tian. Right now, his position is (11301, 10001). Killing this player will give a 100% chance of dropping the Talisman!


In the end, within 10 seconds, there was another bell sound. Mu Tian had been killed and the Talisman was taken by another player from [Flying Dragon] called Fierce Tiger. After another 30 seconds, Fierce Tiger was killed, and was taken by [Valley of Gods] player Jiang Zi Ya. Just another 100 seconds later, Jiang Zi Ya was killed, and the Talisman was taken by Soaring Dragon.

For a short moment, the Talisman did not exchange owners, and stayed on Soaring Dragon. But, for the sake of protecting the Talisman, few players from [Flying Dragon] were able to raise levels. It was really not worth it.

Sitting on top of the mountain to watch the tigers fight at a distance, we watched as [Thousand Burial] and [Hero’s Mound: First Division] ambushed [Flying Dragon] together while [Wrath of the Hero’s]’s Liu Ying lead his army to battle against [Hero’s Mound: First Division]. Looks like Liu Ying has not forgotten the pain of losing his girlfriend. Even though Ageless Beauty was now with Wang Ze Cheng all the time, Liu Ying still had a desire for revenge.

As for the large-sized guilds, [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Enemies At The Gate], they were a lot more calm. Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and Misty Clouds are all wise men; they knew that the Talisman is totally a burning hot potato in the beginning. It would be better to not take the Talisman if you don’t tower above everyone else in your ability. Otherwise, that guild would be everyone’s target like [Flying Dragon].



The metal gate of the City of the Four Noblemen opened slowly and the second wave of monsters came. It was a type of warring state chariots pulled by two horses, and carried four soldiers with a long dagger-axe and long lance held in their hands. There was also a type of weapon called, “Sarrissa” Actually, it is the prototype of long lances. Supposedly, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun’s weapon should be Sarrissa in the ancient times.

And so, the swarm of fully armed Warring States soldiers waved their long lance and roared furiously as they charged towards [Zhan Long]’s field. They came in a compact mass with countless of soldiers.

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