Zhan Long

Chapter 441

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Chapter 441 Low Key A4

To think that the highest bidders would be two people from out of the town. Looks like the players of Ba Huang City aren’t too well off. I glanced at the list of bids. For the Flames of War, Fallen Wolf first offered 970,000, and then Not Ordinary offered 1,100,000. That was the price an hour ago. Then nothing happened for an hour. The God Destroyer Mace had an initial offering of 1,000,000 before Quick Thunder Swift Wind overturned it with his offer.

And thus, I stayed on and waited to see who the final owner of these equipments would be, At the same time, I began to filter through [Zhan Long]’s top ten close combat players. Only those players were fit to get an armor as top tier as these Desolate Sky Armor Sets. Besides, we were also getting ready for tomorrow’s City War Battle, so we needed to give out these sets as soon as possible.

In the guild chat, I announced the rankings that I calculated myself ——

1. General Li Mu 84 Swordsman
2. General Wang Jian 83 Swordsman
3. Hero Ran Min 82 Berserker
4. Strawberry Matcha 82 Phantom Knight
5. General Bai Qi 82 Berserker
6. Cang Lei 82 Berserker
7. One Second Hero 81 Knight
8. Calm 81 Swordsman
9. Wang Jiang 81 Berserker
10. Moon Feather 81 Swordsman
11. Winter Snow 81 Swordsman
12. Tearless 81 Knight
13. Star Blade 81 Swordsman
14. Tang Xing 80 Knight
15. Little Demon 81 Knight


These are all the top ranked close combat players in [Zhan Long]’s main guild, excluding myself. After all, no matter how strong the Desolate Sky Armor set was, it wasn’t as strong as my Saint Tier + Valkyrie Tier + Emperor Tier set. After I sent out the rankings, I smiled and said into the guild chat, “Li Mu, Dancing Forest and I, some of the core players of [Zhan Long], have gotten 10 sets of Desolate Sky armor in the Grave of the Warring States. The stats are extremely strong, and right now I want to choose 10 people from [Zhan Long] to receive these 10 sets. The players that have been chosen can choose either to take the armor or not. If you choose to take it, 50% of your guild points will be taken in return. Come join me….”

Soon after, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Matcha, and Bai Qi all chose to forfeit. Clearly, these strong players didn’t need armor like this. Cang Lei on the other hand smiled, “I’m already Lv 81 and Yue Er* didn’t give me any other good equipment. Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll take one set….”
TL Note: Referring to Dong Cheng Yue

I nodded with a smile, “Ok!”

One Second Hero also grinned, “It gives so much health and attack. How about I take one too. It’s just 50% of my guild points. I didn’t have that many in the first place….”

I laughed, “Yong Jie, tomorrow in the struggle for the talismans, you need to put in more effort. A fourth advancement Knight is pretty strong. Nobody can stop you from crashing around the place….”

One Second Hero confidently said, “Don’t worry. Rushing around on the front lines was my original plan!”

Moon Feather shyly said, “I…. I didn’t think that I would be among the top 15 heavy armor types…. Guild Master, can I celebrate for a second? I’m in [Zhan Long]’s top fifteen…..”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Yep. Don’t be too happy though, once you get that armor, everyone can help develop [Zhan Long] even further. Besides Li Mu, Matcha, and the other 5, there aren’t any issues concerning the other 10 right? If there aren’t, then these last 8 sets of Desolate Sky Armor will go to you guys.”

Star Blade, Tang Xing, and the others all didn’t have any arguments. Thus, Li Mu took the sets and gave them to the others. This time I was also able to rank the top 15 heavy armor players in [Zhan Long]. Without a second thought, I knew that as long as they stay loyal to [Zhan Long], they will definitely become the core of [Zhan Long]’s strength in guild battles. Future battlefields will change because of these people!


Once all of the Desolate Sky Armor sets were give out, I continued to wait. When the clock strikes 12, the Flames of War Magic Blade and the God Destroyer Mace prices would set. After the last bid, Cang Cheng made an offer of 1,400,000, becoming the highest bidder. Ye Lai stood beside National Beauty, and immediately made another bid for 1,500,000. But he didn’t expect Wang Ze Cheng to raise the price again, all the way to 1,700,000!

“Ding!” The time was up. The Flames of War Magic Blade was taken by Cang Cheng for 1,700,000. It was a long handle type equipment, which isn’t good for movement. This kind of equipment was best for classes like Knights. Besides, I could tell as well, that Wang Ze Cheng really isn’t lacking in money. 1,700,000 to him was like loose change, he didn’t even hesitate when he dropped that much money for the blade. As for the God Destroyer Mace, it went through two more increases in price, finally ending up back with Quick Thunder Swift Wind for 1,600,000!

I picked up my sword and walked over to National Beauty. Ye Lai also had his battle axe in hand. He slapped his thigh and looked over at me, and ranted, “F*ck, I never thought that there would be someone with so much money in Ba Huang City. Whenever he raised the bid, he would raise it 100,000 a time. I give up. This Flames of War Magic Blade really isn’t fated to be with me. Nevermind… my battle axe only has 20% less attack than that…..”

I was speechless. Finally I said, “If you came to Ba Huang City and wanted the Flames of War Blade, you should’ve told me. Then, I could’ve cut down the time and let you take it earlier….”

“Aye….” Ye Lai gave a long sigh, “Who would I have thought that Cang Cheng that little bastard had so much money? I miscalculated, miscalculated….”

I couldn’t help but smile, “You’re wrong. Cang Cheng isn’t just any kid. Nevermind, talking about this is meaningless to you. Oh, that’s right. Ye Lai, tomorrow the City of the Four Noblemen in Ba Huang City will spawn. This is the Chinese Server’s first guild base. Being in Jiu Li City, you really don’t have any interest in this city, right?”

Ye Lai gave another sigh and said, “[Judgement] has already set its foundations in Jiu Li City. Besides, I talked about this with Fang Ge Que before and agreed that [Judgement] would not send its armies to the city. If I don’t, then [Legend] won’t either. I heard that Mu Xuan and Gong Zi Ying, those pretty little girls, aren’t going to make any moves on it either. So, brother, don’t worry too much. Your strongest enemy is probably going to be Ba Huang City’s [Vanguard] and [Prague]. After all, there’s an entire main city between Fan Shu City and City of the Four Noblemen, so guilds like [Hero’s Mound], [House of Prestige], and [Emerald Porcelain] probably won’t participate either.”

I cheerfully nodded, “If there was only [Vanguard] and [Prague] to deal with, then everything would be much easier….”

Ye Lie wryly smiled, “Yup. I hope that [Zhan Long] gets all 10 of those Army Talismans. Oh no… I hope that you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai gets those 10 Talismans. This City War is actually focused on each of the powerful individuals. If you obtain all ten of the Talismans, you get all the power in that city. Players will probably be trying to kill each other to get the Talismans. [Zhan Long] better work hard!”

Ye Lai took out a City Return Scroll. Before he crushed it, he looked up at me and said, “[Judgement] and [Legend] have already made an alliance, so even if [Zhan Long] has any troubles during the City struggle, I can’t go and help you guys. On top of that, men must follow through with their promises. I, Ye Lai, will definitely stand by my word. Therefore, you’ve got to rely on yourself during this battle.”

I smiled and nodded, “Gosh, you need to put more trust in me. I will come out victorious!”


Ye Lai crushed his City Return Scroll and smiled as he teleported, “The alliance between you and I will exist forever!”

I nodded, “Yup, we shall always treat each other with sincerity, forever and always!”


I watched as Ye Lai left. I took out the money we earned from selling the two weapons and split it 10 ways. I then sent the other 9 parts out. Everyone got 300,000. This was definitely a good amount of money.


Wan Er sent a message, “Hey, there’s 335,000RMB. With that much money, what do you plan on doing with it?”

I smiled, “I wasn’t planning on anything. I’m thinking…. I’m going to buy a car of some sort. Otherwise, I’ll have to take a taxi whenever I want to go somewhere, it’s too annoying…..”

“Oh?” Wan Er opened up her messenger and giggled, “What car is our Brother Xiao Yao looking at? I have a lot of friends in Hang Zhou’s car sellers. Tell me, what kind do you want?”

I thought about it for a second, “The Audi A4, 2017 version…what do you think Wan Er?”

Wan Er pouted her lower lip, “That…. is a pretty good choice. Even though the engine might not be that excellent, but as your car you won’t have a problem driving it around normal roads. Also, it’s pretty cheap, around 400,000RMB. I can find a person who’ll give you a discount, around 350,000. Are you going to use all the money from the Flames of War Magic Blade and the God Destroyer Mace to buy the A4?”

“Yup!” I nodded, “I absolutely need something to drive. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. Ay…. it’s much easier getting money in game. I don’t even have to wait for your dad to give me my salary, whenever that will be……”

“Is that so…”Wan Er gave me a dimpled smile, “Honestly, I was planning on waiting until after your birthday to send you a quality sports car, in the end…. you bought one yourself…..”

I waved my hand, “Nah, it’s fine. If you sent me that it wouldn’t be that proper. Besides, I’m a man, I can’t just eat food off your hand all the time.”

“That’s true…..” Wan Er smiled, “Our Brother Xiao Yao is [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master and a famous person in Ba Huang City. If you’re gonna buy a car, then you should rely only on yourself. As for what color you want, I’ll help you connect with a seller to buy it!”

“Let’s get a white one then, make it low key.”

“That…that really is low key…..”

“Must be so…..”


After I talked it over with Wan Er, I transferred 350,000 RMB to Wan Er’s account. After that, I just have to wait for the car. On top of that, Wan Er’s basically just waiting for a single word before she can get the car. After all, she is the little miss of the Tian Jin Group. Tian Jin Group manufactures everything from weapons to heavy industrial products. I don’t know how many firms all favor this little princess from the Tian Jin Group!

After that, I needed to deal with some other guild business. There were some newbies I needed to introduce to the guild, and then I had to talk with Moon Feather, Star Blade, Tearless, and Thousand League Springs, and make sure I break them into the guild as well. As a Guild Master, I needed to build relations with my guild members, otherwise if I spent all day with the little miss, I would actually distance myself from everyone else.

I worked all the way until 3 a.m. After that, I logged off and rested.


After a night of silence, I woke up to find that it was 10 in the morning. After washing up, I talked with Tang Gu about some stuff regarding the battle for the city. Afterwards, I put on a clean set of clothes and walked towards the girl’s dorm. After eating a large lunch with Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, and Tang Qi, I returned to my dorm and prepared for a great battle. All of the guilds in Ba Huang City were going to be going after these 10 Talismans. Besides, there might even be a few other outsider guilds who wanted to join in. This competition for the city will definitely let us battle to our heart’s content.

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