Zhan Long

Chapter 440

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Chapter 440 Licked all over

After returning to Ba Huang City, I went straight to National Beauty to put the Flames of War Magic Blade and God Destroyer Mace on display. Once I handed it off, the system immediately sent out two free ads. This was because the ranking of the two weapons were so high that the system automatically gave free ads——


System Announcement: Attention players, Player xxxx is selling “Flames of War Magic Blade” (Level 82 Superior Valkyrie Tier Equipment) in Ba Huang City’s National Beauty. This blade is currently ranked third amongst all sabres in China. The starting price is 400,000 RMB and will be auctioned for 12 hours. If you are interested, please come by!


System Announcement: Attention players, Player xxxx is selling “God Destroyer Mace” (Level 84 Superior Valkyrie Tier) in Ba Huang City’s National Beauty. This weapon is currently ranked first amongst all maces in China. The starting price is 500,000RMB and will be auctioned for 12 hours. If you are interested, please come by!


At that moment, all of the players in Ba Huang City erupted into discussion. The two equipments were both the cream of the crop, and on top of that, all level 80+ equipments were in high demand since they were currently the highest level equipment. We couldn’t even get them until we were in a high level map like Grave of Warring States. Other people probably wouldn’t even had the opportunity to enter a map like that. And thus, for a short period of time, these equipments would burn in your hand.

Done! Log off!

I took off the helmet, and took a deep breath as I regulated the Qi running through my body. Even though I had been online for 24 hours, I was still feeling pretty great. It might be because I was a Royal Air expert, so even if I were to pull an all-nighter, my body would be in a much better state than that of a normal player. For a lot of people, after staying in game for too long their bodies would start to deteriorate, and their reactions would slow down. I, however, did not suffer any of that deterioration.

I put on a jacket and walked out with my clothes in disarray. I dashed over to the girl’s dorm and saw that in the distance, Wan Er and Dong Cheng both had woolen jackets on; Wan Er’s was coffee colored and Dong Cheng’s was a light green. They looked like a pair of pretty twins. You had to look carefully in order to tell them apart. Of course, I could tell with one glance, since their cup sizes were different…..

“Let’s go…..” I said with a smile, “Good work everyone in the Grave of the Warring States!”

Wan Er giggled, “Congratulations Brother Xiao Yao, now that your Emperor Qin’s Sword has evolved to the Dragon Reservoir Sword, the attack has increased a ton….. On top of that, you have the Saint Tier equipment Necklace of Night Fury Asura, two fortunes have come to your house….”

I laughed, “Thank you, thank you, Wan Er, didn’t you also get a Saint Tier necklace? Besides, the stuff you got isn’t much worse than mine….”

Dong Cheng pouted, “Wu, then I was the only one who didn’t get much, I only got two Valkyrie Tier Equipments….”

“Oh be quiet, let’s go and eat. I’ll treat you all.”

“Alright, that means you’re going to treat us every day.”


The three of us walked over to the cafeteria and ordered a few stir fry dishes and ate a delicious meal. The two girls however kept squinting their beautiful eyes, they were probably too tired from playing so long.

After we finished eating, everyone had a cup of milk tea in one hand as we walked down a small path in the university.

“After 24 hours, the City of the Four Noblemen will spawn and there will be another great war. Our luck isn’t bad, for the first Player City to appear in Ba Huang City…” I said cheerfully.

Wan Er pursed her lips, “Yup, you’ll definitely be able to fight at your fullest strength. Try and steal those 10 Army Talismans. Once you have a Guild Base, [Zhan Long] would pretty much become the number one guild in Ba Huang City. Even [Vanguard] and [Prague] will have to restrain themselves in fear of the consequences. By then, the guild rankings will probably have refresh. He he, [Zhan Long] will probably be at least in the top five guilds!

I gave a wide grin, “Yup yup, but we have to first be able to obtain victory in this battle. I’m just worried that some super guild from the other cities will try to cut into this pie as well. By then, we would have some problems. Afterall, [Zhan Long] only has 20,000 players, with 15,000 players online at any time. Compared to guilds like [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], and [Judgment] who have over several tens of thousands of players, we have no way of competing.”

Dong Cheng smiled, “Fang Ge Que must be an extremely precise person. The second [Legend] laid its foundations in Jiu Li City, Fang Ge Que was destined to dominate that city. It is because of that, that [Legend] will definitely not participate in this battle for the player camp because that would be a meaningless battle. Also [Judgement]’s Guild Master Ye Lai is your friend, so he probably won’t be trying to oppose [Zhan Long]. As for Jiu Li City’s other guilds, they most likely wouldn’t do anything reckless. Unless someone goes and asks for reinforcements, they will probably quietly watch on the side.”

“What about Fan Shu City?” I furrowed my brows and said, “The variability of Fan Shu City is too great. [Hero’s Mound] is the biggest guild there, and only [Emerald Porcelain] even comes close to their numbers. Except they can hardly rival them. Besides, [Hero’s Mound: First Division] laid its foundation in Ba Huang City. Wang Ze Cheng has always hated [Zhan Long] to the bone, and I’m afraid that he’ll ask Q-Sword for reinforcements. If it’s like that, then our enemies will be much too strong. Wan Er, Dong Cheng, how many people does [Hero’s Mound] have in Fan Shu City registered? How many can be online?”

Wan Er blinked a few times and wryly smiled, “We have 80,000 registered, and around 60,000 online. We basically rival [Legend].”

I couldn’t help but shiver, “That’s 4 times the number of [Zhan Long]’s players….”

Wan Er grinned, then lightly bumped her head against my shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry. Dong Cheng and I will convince Q-Sword to not send troops to Ba Huang City. Besides, the City of the Four Noblemen is something for the Ba Huang City guilds to fight over, [Hero’s Mound] wasn’t supposed to try and join in on it anyway.”


I looked towards the girl’s dorm and smiled, “Wan Er, you and Dong Cheng should go and get some sleep….”

Wan Er squinted her beautiful eyes and shook her head, “Don’t wanna!”

“Then what do you want to do….

“I just don’t want to go back. Anything else is good….”

I was speechless. Finally I gave up with a sigh, “At least get some sleep….”

“Sleeping doesn’t mean you have to do it on the bed….” Wan Er pointed towards the east and smiled, “There’s some benches in the Couple’s Retreat Garden. Why don’t we head over for a bit. The afternoon sun is so warm, and I’ll start growing mold from staying in the dorms for too long. I want to get some sun….”

“Alright… what about Dong Cheng?”

“Well, I have to come with….”


The three of us walked over to the Couple’s Retreat. There were quite a few students flirting in the garden. It was basically a park for lovers. I chose to sit on a stone bench that was facing the Library. Wan Er sat beside me and took out her phone to read the forums. She read some game data while I closed my eyes for a second to rest and slowly urged the Qi in my body to begin circulating.

I don’t know how much time passed, but when I looked around, Wan Er had already fallen asleep. Her pretty face leaned against my shoulder while Dong Cheng slept against Wan Er’s shoulder.

Looking at her peaceful face, I couldn’t help but smile wryly. After spending 24 hours online, she was probably exhausted, but sleeping like this probably wasn’t very comfortable.

And so, I softly lowered my shoulder, and Wan Er naturally fell into my lap. After that, she continued peacefully to sleep on my lap. After that, I took off my jacket and laid it over her chest. As I was doing this, I accidentally glanced down her neckline and saw the deep curves of her snowy peaks. At that moment, my heart beat quickened, but I dared not look further. I softly put my arm around her, then looked at Dong Cheng. That girl was hugging Wan Er’s hips and even started drooling.

I slowly stretched out my Yi Hai. Once I made sure that this place was safe, I closed my eyes as well. As I hugged Wan Er in my lap, I reached my right hand out and gripped Dong Cheng’s hand. Protecting Wan Er was one of my duties. As for Dong Cheng, I might as well protect as well. Otherwise if I open my eyes, the little miss will still be in my lap, but little miss Dong Cheng may have been taken by some daring boy back to his dorm and started “pa pa pa”ing. If that happened, then I would feel so terrible that even if I died I would never forgive myself….

“Wu….” Wan Er squirmed a little. She was probably feeling pretty comfortable, and arched a little in my lap. She had a sweet smile on her lips as she continued to sleep.

Dong Cheng slept for a long time, and suddenly woke up. When she felt her hand being held, she jumped and looked to see that it was me. She blinked a few times, then smiled and fell asleep on Wan Er again.


I’m not sure how much longer it was, but it started to get cold. I opened my eyes, and saw that Wan Er was rubbing her eyes as well. She looked up and stuck her tongue out with a smile, “How long did I sleep for?”

“4 hours, it’s almost been 5 already….”


Beside her, Dong Cheng also woke up and quickly checked for her bag.

I grinned, “Dong Cheng, don’t check anymore, your phone and virginity are still here….”

Dong Cheng reddened. It’s rare that she could get teased like this by me. Finally, she smiled, “With Brother Xiao Yao, hehe, I can’t lose my phone, but I can lose my virginity….”

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Alright already, wu….. why’s my dress so wet on the front….”

I said, “Dong Cheng’s drool….”
Dong Cheng blushed, “Pei! It definitely wasn’t me. It has to be you Xiao Yao. You must’ve been drooling over Wan Er…. Wan Er’s 34Ds. You must’ve seen her sleeping…and licked her all over….”

Wan Er jumped and stared at me.

I panicked, “Dong Cheng, that’s enough already. Why would I be so pathetic?”

Wan Er grinned, “Ok Ok. Let’s go eat dinner…. after that we can go back and rest…”



After we ate dinner, we returned to our dorms, and I logged on!

There wasn’t much I needed to do. I went to check up on the players in the main guild to make sure that there would be enough people logging on tomorrow. Over 30% of [Zhan Long]’s main players were basically professional players who relied on the game to earn money. The other 30% were students and the rest were pretty scattered. However, Li Mu already approved of them. There were 10,000 people in the main guild, and we have to make sure that at least 9500 people can stay online for a long time tomorrow. The students would have to skip school and the workers will have to ask for a break. For the sake of the guild’s encampment, we must accept certain sacrifices.

Afterwards, I went to Firestone Canyon on my own and brought a few mana pills with me. It was time to grind my skills. Tonight, I will bring all of my skills up to Lv 9!

I needed to exponentially raise the effects of [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Blade Spin] in order to have a greater advantage in this upcoming battle for the city.


When it was around 11 at night, I returned to the main city and looked at the items I put up for auction. Someone already put up a bid!

[Flames of War Magic Blade]: Highest bidder “Player Ye Lai”, bidding at 1,210,000 RMB

[God Destroyer Mace]: Highest Bidder “Player Quick Thunder Swift Wind”, bidding at 1,170,000 RMB

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