Zhan Long

Chapter 439

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Chapter 439 Hyper-Evolution

I took off my old Desolate Divine Bone Chain, a Lv 57 Emperor Tier equipment. It really was about time that I changed it. I put on the new Necklace of Night Fury Asura. At that moment, I felt a warm breeze blow past my neck. All of my stats rose by quite a bit——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City Guardian)

Level: 84

Attack: 3841-4966

Defense: 4072

Health: 13685

Mana: 4134

Charm: 157

CBN Battlenet Ranking: 15


My base attack was almost up to 5000 points, but my defense had decreased by 150. That was because the Desolate Divine Bone Chain added 150 points to my defense. However, the Necklace of Night Fury Asura substituted for that by increasing my health by 2000 points. This made my MaxHP 13,000, which was about the same as a top tier Knight’s health. Monks probably didn’t even have that much health. This was going to be the path of most main stream close combat players – increasing their MaxHP. In all honesty, it was the most important attribute in team battles. In order for a team to reach their full potential, they must be able to have players who can tank; nothing can be accomplished once one is dead anyway.

I happily organized the rest of the stuff and looked through the ten sets of Desolate Sky Armor. Mm, I can raise 10 top tier warriors in [Zhan Long] later on, that’s good…..”

I reached into the bag, and took out the Tiger Talisman, the one that brought us to this quest. Upon raising it, a strong force pulled the Talisman out of my hand and onto Xin Lin Jun’s body!


The soul was summoned back to its rightful owner. The ghost of Xin Lin Jun left his body and stood in midair. He stared at me with crimson eyes, and shouted, “I was a hero for my entire life, whether it was stealing the Talisman to save the Zhao Kingdom, or when I saved my old kingdom while it was in danger, I have no regret concerning my actions. Today, you guys may have killed me, but my spirit will not admit defeat. With this Talisman, I have already used what is left of my energy to open the gates of hell, allowing the generals of the Warring States to rise. The ten saint generals who carry pieces of my soul will break this Talisman and lead the armies of hell to sweep across the great earth. Make sure your neck is nice and clean for me to cut off, you ants!



System Notification: Players Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong, Cang Yue, Strawberry Matcha, General Li Mu, Wolf Totem, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Dancing Forest, Darling Duck and Thousand League Springs have successfully completed the SSS Tier Main Quest [Warring States Period]. The Guild Base system has been activated. The first player capturable city – City of the Four Noblemen – has spawned in the Grave of the Warring States map. The City of the Four Noblemen was originally a city for the ghosts of the Four Noblemen. Now, the Four Noblemen’s ghosts have been destroyed, but their 10 generals will use their Army Talismans and lead the armies of Hell to the City of the Four Noblemen. When the time comes, there will be a player event where players will enter the city to kill the ten Saint Generals and obtain the Army Talismans they have in their hands. Once they have all ten army talismans, they will be able to get an approval from Duke Luo Lei of Ba Huang City and obtain control over the City of the Four Noblemen. At that point, it will become the base of the player’s guild!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the SSS Tier Main Story Quest [Warring States Period] and have obtained 240 million experience, and +10 points of charm. Your reputation in Ba Huang City has also increased, and you have earned 50,000G plus the reward [God Evolution Gem]


“God Evolution Gem!?”

My heart started to thud. Motherf*cker, is this the thing that I’ve been looking for? My Emperor Qin’s Sword was currently a Lv 65 Valkyrie Tier equipment, and has long fallen behind that of everyone else’s, but I’ve never found the method to make it evolve any further. Maybe the heavens have gifted me this God Evolution Gem?

I opened my bag and saw a red rock. I looked to see its effect and it was just as I expected ——

[God Evolution Gem] : It can evolve an item one tier. Once it has been used, it will disappear. It is a holy relic.


I took out the God Evolution Gem, and I didn’t say anything else just used it. I gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword as the God Evolution Gem melted into it and suddenly, the blade began to glow. I felt the Emperor Qin’s Sword tremor a little, and it was as though it was absorbing a godlike energy. A flame suddenly rushed down onto it from the sky, penetrating the clouds above. On top of that, slivers of energy began to enter my body. A whole 10 seconds passed before it finally quieted down.

I looked at my Emperor Qin’s Sword again, the exterior of it had changed a little; the outline of the blade became even more tyrannical. I turned the blade around, and saw a beautiful red groove running along through the middle of the blade. On it, there was even some hard to make out golden Jia Gu* inscriptions. The hand that was gripping the sword felt extremely warm, and multiple imperial dragon symbols circled the sword’s blade. Even the name of my sword had changed——
TL Note*: inscriptions that are normally used by Chinese Fortune tellers——

[Dragon Reservoir Sword +7] (Saint Tier – Superior)

Attack: 2400-2950 (+800-1032)

Strength: +104

Endurance: +102

Magic: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 27%

Additional: Ignores 40% of the target’s defense

Special: [Eternal Condition] Durability will not decrease

Special: Has a 5% chance of using a dragon’s power infused attack which deals 3 times more damage

Special: Has a 15% chance of dealing superior damage strike

Special: Can only be used by Xiao Yao Zi Zai, cannot be dropped, can evolve

Special Effect: [Kill for Blood] Every time this sword kills a player, the weapon’s attack increases by +1%, with a max cap of 100%. The accumulated effect will disappear upon logging off.

Introduction: In the pre-ancient times, there was a Dragon Reservoir in the South Sea. Legend has it that every hundred years, a godly dragon will appear and swim in this reservoir. The Dragon Reservoir’s water is limbid and sweet, and once consumed, will strengthen the body. One godly craftsman, known as “Qin Fang” built a small grass hut next to Dragon Reservoir and used a meteor and a godly jade from Qin Yun Mountain as materials for his next creation. After seven whole years, he finally created a godly equipment, named Dragon Reservoir Sword. It has been said that using this Dragon Reservoir Sword will summon the dragon energy, causing the opponent to go crazy.

Level: 85


Looking at this new Dragon Reservoir Sword, I was in ecstasy. Damn, this sword’s attack was second only to Wan Er’s Dragon’s Kiss. Though, there was no helping that, since her dagger was a Lv 100 equipment, while my Dragon Reservoir was only a Lv 85 equipment. The levels weren’t too far apart though. But, an attack like this was pretty good. On top of that, the Dragon Reservoir Sword’s Special Effects actually overpowered the Dragon’s Kiss. Especially the [Kill For Blood] effect, since it now had a 100% max stack. The Dragon’s Kiss couldn’t rival that!

After equipping the Dragon Reservoir Sword, I looked at the stats. My attack had risen quite a bit——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City Guardian)

Level: 85

Attack: 5232-6494

Defense: 4072

HP: 13992

MP: 4414

Charm: 167

CBN Battlenet Ranking: 15


With one hand gripping the Dragon Reservoir Sword and the other holding the Cold Iron Sword, my main hand’s attack had already increased to the point where it was brutal. 6595 base attack with 100 stacks of [Kill For Blood] meant that I could increase the attack by 100%. On top of that, with the additional 150% attack from my other equipment and skills, that would mean that my full attack would be 6494 x 250% + 3983 x 100%, which is around 20218 attack. That was pretty much a broken attack at this stage. Holding the Dragon Reservoir Sword gave me a feeling that I was unrivaled in this world!

On top of that, the additional stats of this Dragon Reservoir Sword were just too strong. It ignores 40% of the target’s defense, meaning that even if I was against Fushen Thousand Blade or Don’t Be Foolish, those iron boards, I could probably still cut through them like tofu. On top of that, there’s the 5% chance of drawing upon the Dragon power, meaning that I would deal 3 times the damage. It was clear that once I deal that much damage, even a God wouldn’t be able to block it!

I stood there, unable to contain myself…..
Allenwa note: Truly -.-;


Wan Er raised a fist to my chest and lightly tapped it with a smile, “Pig, did your Emperor Qin’s Sword evolve? Quick, how about you show us your stats?”

I waved my hand over the sword and showed everyone the stats. At that moment, Wan Er, Dong Cheng, and Li Mu’s faces all turned pale——

Li Mu made a fist, “This is illogical, how can there be such a high motherf*cking attack….”

Dong Cheng Yue giggled, “Is this what comes of Ou Yang Nuo Yan’s promise? Not bad, does this mean our Brother Xiao Yao can turn into Ba Huang City’s number one close combat killing machine?”

Matcha smiled, “Boss, keep it up! This attack really does give us hope. Just in time actually, now that there’s going to be a Warring States contest, our [Zhan Long] has to be the first to get this piece of territory. Let’s just see if our boss can take us there!”

I nodded and solemnly said, “That… how about everyone log off to get some rest. Our next goal is to make sure that [Zhan Long] can use its full force to fight for that city. I just don’t know…. whether or not those super guilds from Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City will try and cut into this event. If they don’t, then [Zhan Long] has a 30% chance of getting all 10 of those Army Talismans. If they were to join, then that would be hard to say….”

Little Wolf took a deep breath, “The City of the Four Noblemen is spawning in the Ba Huang City map Grave of the Warring States, logically speaking…. Jiu Li City and Fan Shu City’s super guilds shouldn’t be trying to steal a player base from our territory, right? After all, [Legend], [Hero’s Mound], [Judgement], and [Emerald Porcelain] all have deep foundations in their own main cities, what’s the point of attempting to start off anew in another city with no foundations.”

“That, is hard to say too….”

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes had a clever expression, “This is, after all, the very first player base. Maybe those guild’s won’t be able to resist that kind of temptation?”

I waved my hand, “Never mind, everyone go get some rest and prepare for a long battle! Matcha, when will the event for the City of the Four Noblemen begin?”

“Wu, tomorrow at noon…” Matcha blinked a few times, “On top of that, once it begins, there’s no ending period. It will be a free for all, at least all the way until there’s a player that can get all 10 of the Army Talismans. Only then will it be over….”

“That’s interesting….”

I looked at the time and smiled, “We still have 24 hours. Just in time for us to squeeze in some rest. Li Mu, go let everyone know that at 12 o’clock noon, all [Zhan Long] members are to log on and prepare to battle for the City of the Four Noblemen!”

Li Mu nodded, “Understood, I will do it without fail!”

I smiled, “Oh, right. What did you guys get from this SSS Tier Main Quest?”

Matcha smiled, “A Valkyrie Tier armor…”

Little Wolf, “A Valkyrie Tier dagger, now I have something for my other hand…”

Li Mu, “A Valkyrie Tier necklace!”

Darling Duck, “A Valkyrie Tier ring that increases heals…”

Wan Er, “A Saint Tier necklace that adds agility….”

Li Mu widened his eyes, “Damn, is this discrimination?”

I laughed, “Alright already, let’s all log off and rest. The battle starts at noon tomorrow!”



Everyone logged off. I then met up with Wan Er and Dong Cheng to discuss what to do for lunch. After battling for 24 hours in this Grave of the Warring States, the thing we needed most was food and sleep.

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