Zhan Long

Chapter 438

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Chapter 438 The Goddess of Luck Sends You All the Way

Once Matcha died, I desperately fought. However, Xin Lin Jun’s attack was just too strong. With only a few cuts, I was forced backwards. With another [Slash Through Mountain Rivers], my shoulder felt as though it was hit with a mountain and I was blown away!


Dong Cheng Yue’s expression was terrified, “We’re done for. Now that the BOSS has used [Almighty Lord] and his attack increased, Xiao Yao’s strength will be completely dominated…”

Wan Er gripped her umbrella, “Keep on using crowd control attacks. 10% attack, even if we all die, we have to kill him. Darling Duck, revive Matcha and continue!”

Darling Duck gave up on healing me and began to activate [Revive]. The cast time was 5 seconds, it’s extremely long.

I raised my hand, and the sound of a dragon’s roar pierced the air. I activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. I needed it to get through, or else, without any heals from the Healers, I would probably die within seconds. On top of that, I also activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and reactivated [Dragon’s Whistle of Lightning and Thunder]. I’m fighting him head on this round!

“Keng keng!”

My Magic Spite Armor was slashed twice. Both of Xin Lin Jun’s attacks cut right to the meat —



Thankfully, I had my [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and was able to hang on. I immediately gulped down a 3000 HP potion. Thousand League Springs did all she could to milk me health. Behind me, a ray of light appeared and Matcha was revived. I raised my sword and retreated. I couldn’t keep this up with 50% health.

“Matcha, Li Mu, Wan Er, all of you, retreat!”

After I yelled that out, I activated [Seven Star Teleportation] and stepped into the light. From a distance, I activated [Blade Spin] right at Xin Lin Jun. Once his Blood Kirin turned around to charge, I immediately teleported again. This time, I stepped into the Tian Quan position. I kept going back and forth like this, with around 25 yards between each teleportation. No matter how fast the Blood Kirin was, it couldn’t catch up with my instant teleportation. Xin Lin Jun growled in anger, but couldn’t do anything about it.

“That…. that’s one of the secret skills of the Mohist Family!”

Xin Lin Jun’s eyes widened. He looked at the light from the [Seven Star Teleportation], and roared, “You are the Mohist heir, if you won’t bow down to me, then I can only destroy you!”

I raised my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]. Xin Lin Jun only had 4% health left. My Flaming Tiger God leapt out with a roar and I yelled out, “Dong Cheng, Thousand Suns be careful and control the rhythm of your attacks!”


The closer we were to the end, the stronger Xin Lin Jun became. Finally, when he was at 2%, he angrily threw a cut that took nearly 10,000 HP. The attack scared me into shock. I noticed that my rage was almost full again!

With a wave, I activated my special skill — [Dragon Transformation]


A holy light began to glow from my entire body. My bones and skin all began to change. The light around my body began to take the shape of dragon scales. My Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword also changed a little. I raised my sword and spat out dragon breath while hacking at Xin Lin Jun.

“Peng Peng Peng…..”




The last attack was a superior+ critical attack. Xin Lin Jun’s health continuously dropped. But, against the Dragon Transformed Me, he was helpless. He could only just bear with the damage. With a sweep of his Green Copper Sword, he activated another [Slash Through Mountain Rivers]!


This time, the damage was a lot less than before. After my Dragon Transformation, my strength increased a lot. I swung my two swords and continued to hack away. On top of that, I relied on my bonus 10% life steal. At the same time, I noticed that every second, my health would recover 1127, it was exactly 10% of my MaxHP. This meant that after I use Dragon Transformation, my auto recovery would also increase to 10%. Damn, this skill really could rebel against the heavens. For 60 seconds, I was basically invincible. No wonder people said that a dragon’s life force was practically equivalent to that of a god. Especially a god dragon, it was probably even stronger than a normal god!

Dong Cheng gaped, “Wow, such a handsome skill…. Dragon Transformation, Xiao Yao’s just too handsome….”

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands grinned, “Hurry up and attack, don’t just be checking people out Dong Cheng….”

Wan Er, Little Wolf and Matcha watched from a distance. 60 seconds was definitely enough for me to kill this BOSS. On top of that, the two Healers were healing only me, so I shouldn’t die in this time.

“Saint Tier BOSS Xin Lin Jun, I wonder what you will drop for us?” Wan Er excitedly said.

I growled, “Armor….”

“Enough with you, at least drop a leather one….”

“A heavy armor, all five equipments from this Saint Tier are mine… “ I said with an evil grin.

Wan Er pursed her lips, “Keep dreaming….”


Not a minute later, the last 4% of his health was gone. Xin Lin Jun was covered in his own blood and the Blood Kirin was torn up from our attacks. This Warring States nobleman was getting used to dying.


My Emperor Qin’s Sword suddenly cut into Xin Lin Jun’s chest plate and fresh blood flowed out. Xin Lin Jun and the Blood Kirin fell to the ground. When the Blood Kirin knew that it’s owner was about to die, so it careened and then disappeared into a flash of light. Xin Lin Jun on the other hand angrily looked at me and suddenly gripped the handle of his sword and threw a punch at my chest!


My chest felt as though it had been punched through while I smashed into the opposite wall. Miserably, I slumped to the ground. At the same time, a light appeared above my head and I rose to Lv 84!


“Dang, finally finished off that Xin Lin Jun!” Thousand Suns clapped and smiled, “Good job boss!”

I crawled up from the pile of rubble and patted the dust off my legs with a smile, “But of course. Matcha, let’s look at what Xin Lin Jun dropped for us. I killed him myself, there should be a Saint Tier Equipment….”

“Maybe….” Matcha wryly smiled, “Meng Chang Jun was also a Saint Tier BOSS, and he didn’t drop any Saint Tier equipment….”

Matcha knelt beside the BOSS and took out three pieces of equipment. There was a leather armor with a blue glow, a purple-red mace with iron pikes, and a dazzling necklace with blade designs on it.

We looked at the leather armor first. Matcha waved her hand in the air and the stats appeared —

[Breezy Armor?] (Valkyrie Tier)

Type: Leather


Agility: +77

Endurance: +72

Stamina: +70

Additional: Increases the user’s close combat attack power by 17%

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 27%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 1200

Additional: [Gale Shield] decreases 20% of the damage the user receives

Required: 84

Gender: Female


Holding the Piercing Wind Armor, Matcha was a little speechless. She said, “Leather armor, and it’s only for females. Little Wolf…. This leather armor is not fated to be yours. Wan Er and Dancing Forest, why don’t you guys ROLL for this… or?”

Dancing Forest held her bow, “Nevermind. It increases close combat attacks. If I take it then I’ll just be rude. Why don’t you just give it to Cang Tong? She’s going to be our Vice Guild Master anyway! She must be strong!”

I nodded, “Based on the rules of the team, then we should give it to Wan Er….”

Thus, the Piercing Wind Armor was immediately equipped by Wan Er. The armor was initially very pretty, but on Wan Er it looked basically heavenly. Little Wolf and Li Mu couldn’t take their eyes off.

I continued on to the second piece of equipment, it was a very ferocious looking mace —

[God Destroyer Mace) (Valkyrie Tier – Superior)

Attack: 1890-2270

Strength: +77

Endurance: +76

Agility: +72

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 26%

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 400

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 1600

Special: [God Destroyer] Increases damage to heavenly type targets by 50%

Required: 84


The mace had a long handle and was best for Berserkers and Knights. Matcha held the God Destroyer Mace for a bit, then threw it to me and said, “Boss, this attack is a little higher than the Flames of War Magic Blade. Why don’t you take it and sell it. We can just split up the money later.”

I nodded, “Ok!”

Afterwards, it was on to the last piece of equipment. It was a necklace that had a hexagram charm. Sharp blades glowed all around it. Matcha waved her hand over it, and revealed the stats. Everyone took a deep breath. It was a Saint Tier equipment. It finally f*cking appeared. Our trip to the Grave of the Warring States was well worth it.

[Necklace of Night Fury Asura] (Saint Tier)

Endurance: +99

Strength: +97
Magic: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 21%

Additional: Increases the user’s [Dou Qi Armor] [Wall of Dou Qi] [Dou Qi Thunder] by 25%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 2000

Special: [Curse of The Night Fury] Creates a seal on the target, making it such that the target can’t use skills for 2 seconds and is half as effective against BOSSes. Uses 20 points of Rage

Level: 84

Class: Swordsman, Knight, Berserker


I stared at the necklace and said, “This is probably the best spoil of war from this Grave of the Warring States… it’s perfect for heavy armor types. Come, Li Mu, Matcha, we’re the only ones. Why don’t we ROLL for this. Whoever wins it, gets it. The time has come to see who has the most luck!”

Li Mu trembled, “This Saint Tier equipment, are we really ROLLing for it? F*ck, in the real world, this necklace is probably worth over a million RMB, are we really gonna ROLL?”

I nodded, “ROLL, we have no other choice….”


Li Mu raised his hand and threw out the dice, without any hesitation. Those white die spun on the ground and numbers spun around, finally stopping on—


Li Mu was stunned. He laughed, “Is this my fate? Is this what it feels like to be kissed by lady luck….”

Matcha giggled and threw out the dice—


At the point, Li Mu sat onto the ground, his face ashen, “This must be a death god’s curse….”

I gripped the dice and threw mine out as well. It continuously spun and finally came to a stop. When the dice seemed to slow down on one, my heart stopped and I prayed, “Just one more turn, just one more….”

“Sha sha…”

The wind blew and the sands moved and the dice slowly turned one more time, stopping on another number—



Unable to contain my excitement, I raised a fist, “This is Lady Luck taking me all the way…”

Wan Er smirked, “Say that again?”

I took the [Necklace of Night Fury Asura] and smiled, “Little Miss, how about we eat something to celebrate?”

“Let’s turn in the quest first… the people that didn’t get any equipment are still waiting for the equipment reward from this SSS tier quest….”


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