Zhan Long

Chapter 437

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Chapter 437 [Almighty Lord]

[Azure Dragon Crossbow], the fourth skill of the Mohist Five Scrolls, and a large scale city war machine, used up 50 God Army Cards to use it. These were definitely bank breaking skills. Every God Army Card needed at least a Silver Tier equipment or higher as sacrifice, and right now I only have 7 stacks, in other words I only have 700 God Army Cards left since I don’t normally use them.

There was an enormous crossbow hung on the wall behind the Azure Dragon. A red glow began to congeal and form the shape of a giant god. That god gave a low growl, as if it were trying to ask me something. I immediately locked the target onto Xin Lin Jun. In the next second, the giant god roared and drew the Azure Dragon Bow, and placed five arrows on the string. “Shua Shua Shua” they all flew out!


“Peng peng peng…..”

I could hear the arrows puncturing the armor. Xin Lin Jun retreated several steps. He had been forced backwards a dozen meters by the Azure Dragon Crossbow. The five arrows all dealt astonishing damage——







Matcha’s jaw dropped, “What is this? There’s…. there’s actually something this strong?”

Dong Cheng Yue said, “The Azure Dragon Crossbow has 80% of Xiao Yao’s attack. It’s damage definitely wouldn’t be that low.”

“Heh, damn!”

After Xin Lin Jun suffered that chain of attacks, he became enraged. He raised his Green Copper Sword, he charged right at the Azure Dragon Crossbow. Suddenly, he jumped up and dropped his blade right on the giant god’s shoulder!



“F*ck!” Dong Cheng Yue took a deep breath, “That Azure Dragon Crossbow can even be attacked?!”

“Hurry up and save the Azure Dragon Crossbow….” I yelled as I dashed over, “ The Azure Dragon Crossbow only has 100,000 health. In other words, after that 100,000 HP is gone, it’ll disappear. The cool down is 3 minutes. We can’t afford that!”


[Binding Chains] broke through the rocks. This time my luck wasn’t bad, it actually managed to bind Xin Lin Jun. The giant god roared in the sky and raised his palm to the sky, making another 5 arrows appear on his crossbow string. He drew his Crossbow and attacked Xin Lin Jun again.


Xin Lin Jun’s aggro was completely locked onto the Azure Dragon Crossbow. Using his sword, he rammed away Matcha’s shield. I used all my power to stop him, I stabbed both my Cold Iron Sword and Emperor Qin’s Sword onto the BOSS’s shoulder!



My luck held up, I was able to push Xin Lin Jun back a few steps. Dancing Forest then set a [Beast Trap] next to the wall. Once Xin Lin Jun suffered a third attack, he fell into the trap. This strong Warring States Noblemen fell into a trap just so that he could knock away the Azure Dragon Crossbow.


As we slowly whittled down Xin Lin Jun’s health, he finally hit 80%. With a loud roar, he raised his blade and shouted at us, “The Silent King will give you a taste of desperation. Listen to my call and rise from Hell, Snakes of the past let blood rain, Wake up — Blood Kirin!”


Suddenly, something began to growl from the center of the Palace. A summoner’s magic circle started to glow, and a bloody beast began to rise. Right afterwards, it slowly began to take the form of a unicorn with four powerful limbs and the head of a beast. It really was a blood red Kirin .It didn’t look like a godly creature, but rather a deadly beast. It’s two eyes were filled with ferocity and hunger. It knelt before Xin Lin Jun.


Xin Lin Jun leapt onto the Kirin’s back and shouted, “My old friend, come with me and drench the earth with blood! We will start our bloodbath here, and kill these damned little scoundrels. He he, once we charge out of this place, that old bastard Yin Zheng’s seal will disappear and my strength will come back to me. Once I have recovered my strength, then this earth will be dominated by me!”


I suddenly rammed into the Blood Kirin’s side. It only slightly trembled while I was dizzied from the impact. Right now the difference in our strength was too much, but I didn’t retreat, instead I swung my two swords and “Ka Ka Ka” hacked at the BOSS seven times. One after another, damage numbers flew up. With the attacks from the Azure Dragon Crossbow also, Xin Lin Jun’s health decreased quite a bit.

“F*ck off!”

Xin Lin Jun raised his long sword, and cut right at me before going off to attack the Azure Dragon Crossbow.

Li Mu abruptly stood right in front of Xin Lin Jun and waved his hand. He activated [Flying Sword], and his sword flew right at the BOSS!



He gripped his sword, right as he stood next to Xin Lin Jun. Li Mu waited for the right time and activated his combo [Absolute Authority]. Everyone knew that the second his combo activated, it would create a rushing motion. Just as expected, this ram pushed Xin Lin Jun away. Li Mu then immediately dashed forward and threw five cuts into the BOSS’s chest.

This quick as lightning attack made Xin Lin Jun retreat several steps. Li Mu then pulled himself away and retreated. He was a smart person, and knew that his attack’s effect would disappear in seconds.

However, he did not expect that Xin Lin Jun would react so quickly. The BOSS pulled the Kirin’s reigns and charged right at Li Mu. Before he could fully retreat, Xin Lin Jun already raised his sword above his head as strands of light began to weave around the sword, [Slash Through Mountain Rivers]!



Li Mu took the hit. Before he could gulp down a potion, the attack’s effect paralyzed him for 0.5 seconds and like quick thunder, the second attack came, [Sky Shaker Slash]!


Just like that, he was killed!


Li Mu collapsed to his knees on the ground, and dropped his battle boots.


Once again I activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and stood before the BOSS. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword in front of me to block. “Keng!” Using the angle of the attack, I immediately turned around such that I was at the same height as the BOSS’s head. I crossed my blades, and shot out 5 attacks and a [Wind Blade]+[Fierce Ice Blade] right onto the BOSS’s head!


Xin Lin Jun landed a punch on my chest and I flew right into the opposite wall. Matcha immediately used [Justice Provocation] to help me block for the moment. In the distance, Darling Duck raised both of her hands and was reviving Li Mu…

“Keng Keng Keng…”

Sparks flew and Matcha retreated with critical health.

With her critical health, she dragged her shield in front of her and ran. As she retreated, another beautiful shadow appeared behind her. Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and leapt forward. With a raise of her dagger, her [Gouge] landed upon thin air. Once she saw that [Gouge] failed, she threw a chain of attacks right into Xin Lin Jun’s chest, dealing enormous damage.

Xin Lin Jun roared in anger and swept out with his sword. Was this the end of our little miss?

Wan Er had raised her iron umbrella in front of her chest and blocked!


After a few flashes, Wan Er flew backwards. Assassin’s really weren’t suitable for head on attacks. 5000 points of Wan Er’s health had been cut away. She wouldn’t be able to battle for a while after that.

Just as everyone thought that we had no hope, “Pa!” the BOSS had been stunned. Little Wolf’s dagger appeared behind the BOSS. His [Gouge] had succeeded, since he had around a 10% chance. Our luck was really good!

We did our best to recover from the damages and attack, everyone was worn out and a little frenzied, but even so, it was clear that the teamwork between our 10 man team was flawless. The only problem was that Xin Lin Jun was just too strong. Just one attack from him would beat down any one of our attacks. Even I could barely take on his [Skyshaker Slash]+[Slash Through Mountain Rivers] combo. Needless to say, it was the same for everyone else.


Staring at the time, 3 minute cooldown was almost up. I immediately said, “Give up on protecting the Azure Dragon Crossbow and shift the formation towards the South end!

Everyone retreated and Xin Lin Jun charged right at the Azure Dragon Crossbow. He immediately killed it and like that, 50 God Army Cards were gone.

I raised my hand and summoned another 50 God Army Cards. On the south wall of the palace, another enormous 4 meter god appeared in the air. He pulled open his bow and placed several arrows on the string. “Shua shua shua” He let them all loose and they hit Xin Lin Jun.

Xin Lin Jun raged and charged over while we continued to defend….

Thus, the rhythm of battle continued like this while the main attacker was the Azure Dragon Crossbow.

This was what it meant to be truly killing a BOSS. Whittling away was the true method. There was no way a player existed who could one shot a BOSS. If it was like that, this game would be over. The path of a king was to rely on teamwork to kill a BOSS.


After 40 minutes, at the price of Li Mu dying twice, Little Wolf once, and Matcha once, the BOSS’s health was finally down to 10%. Right at that moment that bastard’s fourth skill activated!

Raising his long sword, Xin Lin Jun looked up at the sky and a red glow began to emanate from his body. His eyes were filled with arrogance as he shouted, “My entire life, I’ve been fierce. All of the talented warriors that are buried under the earth, I ask to receive a thousand troops to defeat enemy countries, and that I accomplish my goals to make my people happy, I’d rather be a tyrant and walk a lonely path. I have my territory, so what if I own the world, listen to my plea and battle with me — [Almighty Lord]!


Countless corpses started crawling out of the depths of hell and surrounded the hall!


Battle Notification: Xin Lin Jun activated [Almighty Lord], increases attack by 15% and increases critical chance by 20%


The critical attack chance increased…..

My heart stopped. Now this was going to be hard. Normal BOSSes didn’t really have high critical chance. That was the only way main tanks could take them on. But, now that it increased by 20%, there was probably around a 21-25% chance of critical attacks. We were not gonna have it easy on us. On the bright side, the BOSS’s health was only around 1,200,000. If we all used our strength, then we still have a chance.

“Keep it up!”

I rushed forward with my sword raised. I let out a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and a [Blade Spin], and attacked the BOSS with long range skills. This time, we can’t get too close to him, or else his [Skyshaker Slash] would definitely kill us.

Dong Cheng Yue and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands continuously cast spells. Our main offense was now all dependent on them. Li Mu didn’t dare get too close any more. All he could do was watch. Smart people don’t make stupid moves.

“Sha Sha….”

The Blood Kirin’s four hooves suddenly spun around. Xin Lin Jun gave up on the Azure Dragon Crossbow and began charging at Dong Cheng Yue. He raised his sword and activated [Slash Through Mountain Rivers].

Dong Cheng reacted quickly and immediately used a [Dimension Leap]. The Kirin continued to chase after her. Xin Lin Jun then used a [Skyshaker Slash] and Dong Cheng used another [Dimensional Leap]!

Xin Lin Jun reacted so fast and continued to chase after her!

I glanced backwards, “Matcha!”

Matcha raised her sword and charged forward, [Fierce Ram]


The interruption was a success, but now Xin Lin Jun’s sword was aimed right at her shield!




To think that he would actually be able to one shot Matcha…..

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