Zhan Long

Chapter 436

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Chapter 436 Battling Xin Lin

A battle between Mages was a battle of wits, especially when it came to the [Mana Shield]s of the respective opponents and each person’s control over their three [Dimensional Leaps]. However, since Ru Ji was a quasi-BOSS, she didn’t have [Mana Shield] and can only defend with her own skin, which was going to make it easier for Dong Cheng Yue.


“Hong hong hong…..”

Balls of flames and blades of wind flew out. As Dong Cheng cast her spells, she made sure to watch over the durability of her [Mana Shield] and her health. For the 3-5 seconds after it breaks, [Mana Shield] would be on cooldown and therefore unable to reform. On top of that, if the shield was broken too quickly, then the cooldown would last longer. However, Dong Cheng was ranked 18th on CBN Battlenet, and was one of the top tier Mages on Destiny, so, naturally, she had the skill to control the cooldown time.

Once her [Mana Shield] broke, Dong Cheng used a [Dimensional Leap] to retreat 20 yards. She waved her mage staff and activated [Magma Abyss] to support her as she continued to attack Ru Ji. Her feet never stopped moving as she retreated. When Ru Ji tried to pursue her a second time, she used her third [Dimensional Leap] and appeared in another position, beautifully dodging all the attacks during the 7 seconds cooldown after her [Mana Shield] was broken.

Afterwards it was much easier. Within the next seven minutes, she was able to kill Ru Ji with a barrage of attacks!

“Ah…” Ru Ji fainted on the ground, the jade flute dropped out of her hands. She resentfully looked at Xin Lin Jun and said, “My lord, I will no longer be able to serve at your side….”

Xin Lin Jun glanced at her and let out a cold laugh, “You’ve already turned to ash and bone, how would you serve me? I’ve long brushed away the small affections I’ve had for women, rest in peace Ru Ji. You were the last woman I had in my life….”


Once Ru Ji died, if was finally Xue Yin’s turn. He was the Duke of the Xue Kingdom and a good friend of Xin Lin Jun. He was probably just the Duke of some border territory. Too bad he was just a quasi-BOSS, as his fate was sealed today.

Wan Er took it upon herself to battle Xue Yin. Using stuns and advanced skills, she basically completely dominated this quasi-BOSS. In a short 5 minutes, she successfully decimated him!

The last one was the general of the Wei Kingdom Jin Bi, who was also a famous general of that time. Or rather, he’s pretty much a fake famous general. It says in the history books that when Xin Lin Jun stole the Tiger Talisman to save the kingdom from the Zhao Kingdom, Jin Bi didn’t agree with the plan and ended up getting killed by Zhu Hai from a mace to his head. The only thing was that his position as a commander is pretty dazzling, so his stats are somewhat stronger!

Carrying his long halberd, Jin Bi disdainfully looked at me, “Little wench, I’ll give you a quick death, are you ready?”

I didn’t say anything, just pulled out my Emperor Qin’s Sword with my right hand, and waved my left hand as I let my Cold Iron Sword leap out of its sheath. I used [Blade Spin], and the sword to cut through Jin Bi’s body. I quickly advanced forward and used [Wall of Dou Qi] to protect myself. My Emperor Qin’s Sword let loose a Lv 9 [Combo] onto Jin Bi’s shoulder, which created 5 damage numbers. I quickly cut at him with both swords once again, and then opened up my palm and activated [Binding Chains]. The bind was a success and trapped Jin Bi for 7.2 seconds. The Lv 9 [Binding Chains] success rate was pretty high, even against a BOSS level target. The success rate was 72% normally and against Jin Bi, it was probably around 50%, which wasn’t a pretty good number.

My Flaming Tiger God roared as it leapt out of the pet dimension. He used [Flame Claw] and [Burstfire Raid] as he slashed his claws through Jin Bi. From a distance, I commanded my [Blade Spin] to attack while I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] with my other sword. The battle rhythm was completely in my grasp, so this fight wasn’t too hard. In a short 4 minutes, Jin Bi’s health hit the bottom and this time the Emperor Qin Sword connected a superior attack, killing Jin Bi!


I received an ample amount of experience as well as three pieces of equipment. I picked them up to look at them. The highest, as was before, was a Purple Tier equipment. I threw them into my bag and looked forward. This quest was entering its next stage!

Xin Lin Jun gripped his long sword, his eyes unyielding, “Seeing as you were able to pass my first test, then I’ll let you have a taste of my skills. I have not dueled with anyone for tens of thousands of years. I will show you all of the skills I have, and if I accidentally kill you all, then you can’t blame me. Hahaha…..”


The dueling ring at the center disappeared and all of the Warring States soldiers assumed a resting stance as they waited for Xin Lin Jun to “teach us a lesson.” In reality, Xin Lin Jun truly is a formidable opponent. As the last BOSS in this SSS Tier quest, he was realistically not going to be as easy to deal with as the other three. I slowly got near Xin Lin Jun and read out his stats——

[Xin Lin Jun – Wei Wu Ji] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 93

Attack: 4700-5500

Defense: 4500

Health: 12,000,000

Skills: [Summon the Blood Kirin] [Skyshaker Slash] [Slash through Mountain Rivers] [Almighty Lord]

Introduction: Xin Lin Jun, an outstanding king during the Warring States period. He has many devoted and talented followers under his command. His character is very outspoken and he has made friends with countless heroes. Afterwards, he became known as the Almighty Lord, arousing the suspicions of the Emperor. Xin Lin Jun was a superior commander in chief, and led his armies time and time again to defeat invading enemies. When he was suspected by his emperor, he became depressed and died amidst wine and women.


“Eh…” Wan Er bit her lip. The night breeze brought a chill throughout the hall, fluttering her cloak and revealing the beautiful snowy legs that were wrapped in leather. It was truly hypnotizing. This was the acclaimed Fan Shu City’s number one beauty. In reality, she was probably also the most beautiful woman on the China Server. Standing there, it was almost as though all of the elegant spirits of Heaven and Earth were in that body, there was even the glow that she had from being one of the top tier experts on CBN Battlenet. This was what a goddess looked like. However, this goddess was looking a little sullen as she read through Xin Lin Jun’s stats. Her beautiful face was wrinkled with worry, “This… this is going to a be a bit hard. These stats are a lot higher than Meng Chang Jun’s. Those skills alone look pretty strong….”

Dong Cheng made a fist, “Wu, the first skill is [Summon the Blood Kirin], it isn’t summoning some ancient beast to help him fight is it? If it’s like that then we don’t have any chance….”

I gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword, “No matter what, we can only fight him head on. Everyone prepare to start the battle. I’ll start off the attack, Healers, make sure to set your spam on me……. get ready!”

I opened up a palm and locked [Great Realm of Desolation] onto the BOSS. I took a deep breath and said, “The tactics will be the same as before. Everyone be careful of the BOSS’s skills. We all know what [Skyshaker Slash] is, but [Slash through Mountain Rivers] and [Almighty Lord], I have no idea about. All in all, we have to be careful!”

Matcha blinked a few times, “[Slash through Mountain Rivers] is a skill that condenses the energy of mountain rivers into one slash. Against a target with low strength parameters, it’ll deal even higher damage, and so, Mages, Healers, Archers and Assassins all have to be careful that they don’t get hit by [Slash through Mountain Rivers], or else it’s entirely possible that you’ll get killed in one hit.”

I nodded and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


Not good, Xin Lin Jun’s 4500 defense was too great. I couldn’t break through it. On the bright side, Dancing Forest had her [Shield Breaker Shot] and it has a cumulative stacking effect, decreasing his defense by 22.5% in total. The effect was pretty good.

“You brazen little whelp, die!”

Xin Lin Jun roared out, and jumped up. He swept out his Green Copper Sword, and used a [Skyshaker Slash]. I didn’t have time to dodge, but used my Cold Iron Sword to parry the attack. I did not expect my blade to be completely knocked away though. My strength seemed to be a little lower than Xin Lin Jun’s. In the next moment, the [Skyshaker Slash] fell onto my Magic Spite Armor!



My body felt as though it had been ripped apart and I was forced back from the impact of the explosive hit. “Peng!” I smacked onto the stone floor and slid backwards all the way to the opposing wall, creating a dent in the wall. Just from this, you could tell just how great Xin Lin Jun’s attack power was!

“I’ll go!”

Darling Duck used [Grip of Compassion] first to bring my health back to full. I dragged myself up with my Emperor Qin’s Sword and let my Cold Iron Sword fly with the power of [Blade Spin]. The attack cut through Xin Lin Jun 6 times. From there, I found the BOSS’s weakness and yelled out, “Target the BOSS’s neck and armpit! Those are all weak points, it creates at least 25% more damage than normal!”

Once my words fell, Xin Lin Jun jolted and swept out his blade, as he laughed, “Die!”


It was another attack, and I slid along the ring shaped border. My Flaming Tiger God supported itself with [Flame Armor] and it roared out as it protected its master. With a “Pa!”, it slammed its sharp claws down, which was followed by a [Fierce Roar]. But it still couldn’t attract the BOSS’s aggro. It was as if Xin Lin Jun paid special attention to me, feeling as though he had to kill me no matter what.

I opened my palm and used [Reflect], I had no other choice!”



I had reflected back 12,000 damage, f*ck, I’ve really overlooked the advantages of using [Reflect]. This was the amount of damage the BOSS would’ve dealt to me if I had no defense. Now, I reflected that amount back at him. This was the best part of the skill. In the middle of battling, countless close combat players that have unique skills have died under their own skills being reflected back at themselves. However, this meant nothing to long range players, since the skill only reflects close combat attacks. Long range arrow clusters and surrounding compounding spells can all break through the skill.

Xin Lin Jun was astonished by the fact that his attack was reflected back. I immediately retreated and raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and cast [Black Tortoise Realm] throughout the hall. At the same time, I changed my point of view and started moving towards the north side of the great hall. As for Dong Cheng Yue, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, and Dancing Forest, the three girls used all their skills to attack. The BOSS was chasing after the main tank, the best situation for the girls.

“Careful!” Wan Er was moving beside me as she said, “The BOSS’s cooldown is over. He’ll probably use a combo of [Skyshaker Slash]+[Slash through Mountain Rivers]!”

I nodded and flashed my blade, throwing a [Wind Blade] behind me!



I parried with my Cold Iron Sword. “Peng!” It rammed against the BOSS’s Green Copper Sword. Unfortunately, I couldn’t interrupt his skill, and the [Skyshaker Slash] took off 5000 HP. I could see that the [Slash through Mountain Rivers] skill was coming!

Wan Er was anxious and activated [Absolute Step] and raised her Dragon’s Kiss, [Gouge] failed!


“Oh no….”

At that moment, another beautiful shadow appeared at the BOSS’s flank. Matcha used a heavy [Fierce Ram] and knocked away the BOSS’s [Slash through Mountain Rivers]. This made Xin Lin Jun even more furious. He turned around and threw three cuts right into Matcha, forcing her to retreat——




Matcha activated [Cleansing Wind] and gulped down a 3000 health potion while Thousand League Springs also gave her a [Heal]. Her little face was ashen, “This BOSS’s attack is too savage…..”


Thousand League Spring’s [Grip of Compassion] fell and I recovered most of my health. I crossed my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword, and activated [Strength of a Thousand Men]! After that, I used a [Combo] and several other slashes, all landed on the BOSS’s back for a total of 10 slashes. The speed of the attacks dragged the BOSS’s aggro back on me!

“Go die!”

Xin Lin Jun spun around and threw a cut at me. The blade emanated a green mountain shaped glow, it was [Slash Through Mountain Rivers]!



Thankfully I was the one who took the hit, so it wasn’t as terrifying. But, the strength of the attack forced me to slide back at the opposing wall. I raised my arm, letting 50 God Army Cards fly up. My Mohist Five Scrolls top tier skills must be used, or else this BOSS would be impossible to kill.


On the wall, an enormous green crossbow appeared, it was none other than the Mohist Five Scrolls skill —— [Azure Dragon Crossbow]

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