Zhan Long

Chapter 435

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Chapter 435 Dong Cheng battles Ru Ji

The time it took us to clear the monsters was far longer than I imagined. It took us almost 5 hours to get through the fourth floor, but we finally cleaned up all of the Armored Horsemen. We gained quite a bit of experience and drops, and I rose all the way up to Lv 83 with 57% experience and got over 59 pieces of Desolate Sky Armor, completing 10 outfits. [Zhan Long] was fated to have at least 10 top tier close combat players, or well at least they would have top tier equipment to match others.

“Sha sha….”

My battle boots stepped across the desert sand. I walked up to an enormous grave, and on it was carved the words, “The Grave of the Unrivaled Xin Lin Jun”. It was clear that this was the resting place of Xin Lin Jun’s corpse. Below it was an entrance. The smell of rotten meat wafted up from the passageway. This was the most important part of this SSS tier quest. The difficulty would be much higher than that of Meng Chang Jun’s!

I gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword and said, “Let’s go. This is the last obstacle. After we finish killing this boss, we can probably eat lunch…..”

Dong Cheng Yue sneezed, “It smells terrible, we should finish up quickly…..”

“Yup, let’s go!”

I held up my swords, and jumped into the hole. After 20 meters, there was a large stone wall in front of us, and on it was carved ancient letters and a map. Once I walked up close, the stone wall started to rumble and open up, shaking the earth. Once the entrance had completely opened up, rays of sunlight fell into the passage. It was a 10 meter wide stone tunnel that traveled off into the distance. On the two sides of the tunnel were Armored Horsemen all lined up holding their halberds. Their halberds reflected a cold light that gave people the shivers.

I walked into the stone passageway with Wan Er right next to me. Her beautiful eyes glanced at the Armored Horsemen and she whispered, “Wah….. these Lv 93 Thunder Tier monsters, there’s…. almost 10,000 of them. If they all came at us, they would be able to kill us in seconds…..”

Li Mu whispered, “There’s some even stronger. If you look closely, there’s archers behind those horsemen. They’re also Lv 93 Thunder Tier, and there’s a lot of them….”

Matcha patted her shoulders and descended from the sky. She stuck out her tongue, “Behind those archers, there’s also a bunch holding fans in one hand and sickles in the other, strategists. They’re all magic type mobs, they’re ones we should be careful of…..”

Dong Cheng gripped her staff, “Eh, sister, why do I feel like we aren’t here for a quest, but rather a suicide mission…. What are we supposed to do now….”

I lowered my voice, “Let’s not panic yet. After all, it’s just a 10 man SSS tier main quest. They probably wouldn’t all just come at us and kill us off. Let’s all just cool down really quickly….”

At that moment, a ray of light fell from the sky onto a hall at the end of the path. A total of six people who wore the same outfit stood there. One of them was wearing a purple gold helmet and a gold colored armor. He held a longsword in his hand and had a handsome face. Behind him, he wore a black cloak. He gave us a cruel smile and roared out, “Who dares trespass in my mansion?!”

“Hua la la….”

On the two sides, the thousands of soldiers knelt on the ground and shouted, “Long Live the King! Long live the King!”

I looked over at the man. Indeed, it was Xin Lin Jun, a Lv 93 Saint Tier BOSS. We finally made it!

Beside Xin Lin Jun, there were 5 other generals, Hou Yin, Zhu Hai, Ru Ji, Xue Yin, and Pu Bi. All of them were 93 Saint Tier BOSSes and their stats were pretty strong.

Wan Er tugged my chest plate, “This many BOSSes, how are we supposed to fight them all? Besides…. they’re all Saint Tier level BOSSes. I don’t think this game is designed in a way to let us survive this quest….”

Dong Cheng squinted, “Saint Tier Lv 93 BOSS, with 4000 attack and 700,000 – 900,000 health. His strongest point is his attack. We can’t block that…. especially if all 5 of them came at us at once……”


Everyone was feeling a little terrified. After all, there were so many Saint Tier BOSSes. If they all attacked at once, nobody would be able to withstand it. On top of that, this enormous tomb had several thousand people, making it even harder to block.

Xin Lin Jun raised his long sword and walked up, as he pointed the blade at me and shouted, “Listen to my command, I will now tell you how you will die —— under the pain of a thousand arrows buried in your heart!”

In the distance, a group of archers all pulled back their bows. At least a hundred arrowheads were pointed at us. If we took this attack, we would definitely become porcupines!

Dong Cheng quickly raised her [Mana Shield], her face ashen, “Wu…. I don’t want to die. I haven’t even had my first time… These NPCs are just too mean….”

Little Wolf glanced at her, “Really?”

“Of course….” Dong Cheng said bashfully.

Wan Er gave a sigh, “You’re about to die, don’t try to act cute…”

My blade jolted as I activated [Wall of Dou Qi]. I pointed my blade at Xin Lin Jun, and shouted, “What kind of skill do you have to bully the weak with numbers? If you have real skill then you should duel with me! Wei Wu Ji*, over the course of history, you’re still considered a rather famous person. To think you actually had such little courage. Do you not even have the guts to fight a duel?”
TL Note: The real name of Xin Lin Jun is Wei Wu Ji, Xin Lin Jun is just a title, as go for the other four noblemen (Chun Shen Jun, Pin Yuan Jun, and Meng Chang Jun)

Xin Lin Jun’s eyes turned cold, “Bastard, what did you say? Are you saying that I don’t have the courage to battle you? I just don’t want to dirty my hands with trash like you! If it’s like this, then I want to see what skills you guys have. If you can overcome the first obstacle, then I will personally use my Green Copper Sword and send you to hell!


System Notification, Your quest entered a special situation [Duel]!

Quest introduction; You have accepted a one on one duel. You must win all five duels in order to have the chance to duel Xin Lin Jun Wei Wu Ji, otherwise the quest will automatically fail!


Wei Wu Ji pointed his sword at us and shouted, “I will command five different generals to accept your challenge. You must defeat them all before I cross swords with you! Come, Hou Yin, Zhu Hai, Ru Ji, Xue Yin and Jin Bi, I will trouble you to help me teach these little bastards a lesson on what it means to be ignorant of how high the sky really is*!”
TL Note: Means to not know that there are stronger people I guess?

At that moment, a general carrying a long sword walked up front and roared, “Which little bastard wants to accept my challenge!?”

Hou Yin, one of Xin Lin Jun’s visitor’s. He is an extremely clever and courageous man. Looks like he’s become a general. Whatever, the details don’t matter…”

I looked at everyone behind me and said, “We have to solo Saint Tier BOSSes. Even though this is a lot easier than going against the whole force, it’s still a solo duel. This Hou Yin has 700,000 health, and 4500 attack. Who wants to go? If no one else is, then I will!


Wan Er grabbed me and whispered, “Look over there. Of the five people, there’s someone called Jin Bi. The introduction says that he’s Wei Kingdom’s top general. He has over 1,000,000 health and an attack that’s even higher than Hou Yin’s. You should stay here and prepare for your fight with him. This Hou Yin will just go to someone else…. Wu, who has the courage to try it out? Best not lose, or else all the work we did for the past three floors will go to waste….”

Little Wolf and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands both looked at each other. To be honest, nobody really had the confidence to win, after all it was a Saint Tier BOSS. If it were Emperor Tier or even Valkyrie Tier, then they wouldn’t hesitate like this.

After a few seconds, Matcha brought her longsword and walked over. She held her shield over her 34Cs, covering the two snowy peaks and smiled, “Boss, why don’t you let me try?”


I agreed that Matcha should go out and fight. In the next moment, Matcha was automatically sent to the great hall. It has begun! On top of that, the area seemed to be in a different dimension, so we had no way of supporting her. Even a heal wouldn’t pass through.

Hou Yin angrily roared and threw a cut right onto Matcha’s shield!



This will be interesting. Matcha’s defense was not low. To top if off, she has [Holy Shield] and [Heavenly Shield Wall] to support her. She might actually win this!

Hou Yin continued to hack away at her. With her defense, Matcha lost 4000+ health, and she immediately began her counterattack, activating [Phantom Ray Slash]+[Skyshaker Stab]. As expected, [Zhan Long]’s number one beauty Knight’s stats were truly terrifying. Just that one attack cut off 4000 of the enemy’s health. Behind him, the Illusionary Butterfly Queen danced in the air, activating [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly]. Luckily, it trapped her opponent.

Matcha immediately retreated, then raised her sword and sent out an attack!

By the time Hou Yin got out of his trap, blood began to appear on his blade. Before he could activate the skill however, Matcha used a [Fierce Ram], and interrupted him while giving him another attack. Matcha retreated. It wasn’t until her 10,000+ health dropped to 3000 did she use [Cleansing Wind] to recover some health. Once Hou Yin’s skill was in cool down, Matcha immediately used [Holy Shield]+[Heavenly Shield Wall] again and basically whittled away the health of her opponent.


“Hu hu….” Li Mu watched the duel in the arena and sincerely said, “The Matcha right now, and the one from half a month ago, are practically like two different people. The rhythm of these maneuvers are top tier…..”

Little Wolf smiled, “Matcha’s execution of her tactics were never the best, but her ability to grasp the battle rhythm, and create battle plans were always top notch!”

After battling for a whole 10 minutes, a scream of pain traveled out of the arena and Hou Yin fell to his knees, dead. The equipment that he dropped was then picked up by Matcha.

Stepping onto the stone steps, Matcha’s pretty face was filled with a smile, “Boss, I didn’t disappoint everyone, right?”

“Nope, you definitely did not!” I laughed, “You fought beautifully…let’s continue!”


Not far in the distance, Xin Lin Jun’s face was the color of white ash. He softly said, “Zhu Hai, it’s your turn to battle for me!”

At that moment, a man wearing armor and holding a butcher’s knife jumped out. His face bright red, he yelled out, “I am the King’s underling, Zhu Hai! I was originally a butcher. Who dares to fight me?”

Li Mu coughed and brought out his pet. He then picked up his blade and walked forward, “Even a butcher dares to be c*cky? Let’s see how I teach him a lesson!”

As expected, Zhu Hai’s attack was pretty high, but his critical chance was very low. Li Mu was an expert that could use his attacks to his advantage, and dodged 40% of the enemy’s attacks. Add on to that he had [Combo], pets, and [Covering Sword Slash], he was able to cut down Zhu Hai’s 800,000 health.

By the third round, Xin Lin Jun’s face was completely green. He looked at a beauty dressed in ancient gear and said, “Ru Ji, how about you go forth and battle for me? How does that sound?”

Ru Ji, the concubine of the king of Wei, had an unclear relationship with Xin Lin Jun because he once saved this women from the king’s side when he was stealing the Tiger Talisman. She was as beautiful as a flower and was wearing a red muslin*. Her clothing was very revealing, especially around her twin peaks. There was basically no way of covering it up. Her two long legs were also covered in silk. Barefoot, she held a jade flute and walked into the arena. She smiled, “If my king says that, then I will battle for you!”
TL Note: Looks like this I imagine,


This woman was a Lv 93 Mage. Warrior types would have no way of fighting them. That meant that it had to be either Wan Er or Dong Cheng Yue. However, Wan Er needed to stay and fight the fourth one. That meant that Dong Cheng Yue would have to fight. However, Dong Cheng that wench stared at me with a mischievous smile, “Don’t let me go brother Xiao Yao, I mean, I love you…..”

I looked at Ru Ji and said, “At least she has 36E’s, much better than our Dong Cheng….”

Dong Cheng Yue waved her staff and suddenly jumped out, “Hmph, I can’t stand that!”

PS: This is when Zhan Long’s manga came out!

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