Zhan Long

Chapter 433

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Chapter 433 Robe of the Talented

On the map, over a hundred red dots suddenly appeared. At that moment, my heart nearly stopped. This was the beginning of an unbelievably unfair situation. There was no doubt about it, this was unfair!

“Look, check what level those monsters are….” I asked while I fought the BOSS, “Meng Chang Jun only has 20% health left. Dong Cheng, Dancing Forest, Tang Xue, make sure your firepower doesn’t run out. Li Mu, Little Wolf, and Wan Er, you guys need to think of a way to hold off those monsters. We have to slow them down. We’ll finish the BOSS in 10 minutes!”


Li Mu raised his sword with both hands, his face green, “Guild Master…. they’re all Lv 91 Valkyrie Tier BOSS-es. How are we supposed to block them?!”


I quickly turned around, and my eyes were about to roll out of my head. It was just as Li Mu had said. All of the monsters that crawled out of the graves were all Lv 91 BOSS-es. Motherf*cker, these were all Meng Chang Jun’s mercenaries, strategists, and intellectuals. Right now, they’ve all crawled out, and every single one was worth a thousand normal soldiers. Was our little [Zhan Long] team going to die like this!?

One after another, familiar names seemed to pop up. The few that stood at the very front had arms covered with blight and their names listed above their heads ——

[Feng Xuan] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS): Meng Chang Jun’s Mercenary

[Su Dai] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS): Meng Chang Jun’s Mercenary

[Wei Bao] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS): Meng Chan Jun’s Mercenary


“F*ck, why are these names so familiar?!” I gaped.

Li Mu was also gaping, “This…. Feng Xuan, Su Dai. Aren’t those famous ancient people? Isn’t this bullsh*t?”

I was suddenly slammed into the wall by Meng Chang Jun’s Dragon Spear and nodded, “It’s extreme bullsh*t!”

Dong Cheng Yue yelled as she cast a spell, “Saying this stuff now isn’t gonna help us. Hurry up and think of something! Otherwise once these zombies attack, we’ll definitely be annihilated!”

Li Mu shouted, “Then what do we do?”

Little Wolf didn’t have a plan either, “Boss, think of a plan already!”

I gritted my teeth, “I’m already in this state. How am I supposed to think of a plan!”

Wan Er gripped her Dragon’s Kiss, her eyes extremely cold, “For the sake of the team, we’ll just have to make sacrifices. Little Wolf and Li Mu, you guys charge with me. We’ll lure the BOSS-es away, and lead them to one of the corners of the palace. Let’s let Li Xiao Yao, Matcha, and Dong Cheng safely kill the BOSS. Even if we were to die, then it’ll be worth it!”

Li Mu nodded, “Alright!”

The three people rushed to the other three corners of the palace. Just as expected, they separated the 100+ BOSS-es to three different corners while I continued to circle Meng Chang Jun. My Flaming Tiger God had already died four times. The losses this time were just too great. On top of that, Matcha had been using [Fierce Ram] and [Justice Provocation] in order to help me survive!


“F*ck, I’m done….”

From a distance, Li Mu’s voice traveled over. He had been surrounded by the zombie mercenaries and fell to his knees. In the distance, Little Wolf and Wan Er’s luck was much better. They were Assassins, and so once they lured the BOSS-es away, they would suddenly disappear, completing their task without taking any damage.

Dancing Forest wasn’t too far away from me. She set up a [Beast Trap] and in the next moment, Meng Chang Jun’s War Horse neighed as it stepped into the trap. It was stunned for 3 seconds. Wan Er and Little Wolf charged forward, then used [Absolute Step] to run away. I, on the other hand, let my two swords dance, dealing out as much damage possible. Once all of my skill cooldowns finished, the BOSS’s health kept on dropping lower and lower. It was almost completely killed. Otherwise, Li Mu’s ghost will have to wait a long time before it can be revived.

I carefully watched Meng Chag Jun’s health. I even had to use [Seven Star Teleportation], or else my healing would never be able to catch up with the damage I was receiving!


Once I stepped into one of the spots, Meng Chang Jun’s Dragon Spear stabbed through thin air. He roared in anger, “Dammit. You wily little scoundrel, I will cut you into a thousand pieces!”

Unfortunately, I had to activate my [Seven Star Teleportation] every time to dodge [Horse Rush]. At worst, I could also use [Blade Rush] to dodge the attacks. In the distance, Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue used ice type skills to slow down the BOSS, making it easier to kill him.

To be honest, Meng Chang Jun had summoned 100 mercenaries. But, now that they were all lured away, these mercenaries weren’t a big problem. These mercenaries didn’t have as high an AI as Meng Chang Jun, and can’t automatically run over to attack. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a 10 man SSS Tier Quest, but a 100 man God Tier quest. These 100+ Valkyrie Tier BOSSes weren’t something that normal parties of ten could deal with.

I stared at Meng Chang Jun’s health. My heart beat faster and I smiled, “This Saint Tier BOSS won’t drop a Saint Tier equipment for me, will it?”

Wan Er bit her lip, “Is it that easy to drop a Saint Tier Equipment? The reward for being MVP of the City War was a Saint Tier equipment. I feel like the drop rate should be extremely low….”

“Yea, let’s just pray to Lady Luck then! Little Wolf, go lure those BOSSes away from Li Mu. Let him revive so he can get some experience!”


The BOSS’s health felt lower and lower. We all basically stared at it as it dwindled——





All the way until there was only 1% left. There was only 10,000 health left, and the ten of us had completely recovered our firepower. Finally, with one of my attacks, Meng Chang Jun’s horse cried out and fell to its knees, throwing its owner to the ground. Meng Chang Jun yelled out, “My fate is set, I’m afraid I cannot continue my cause!”


A ray of light fell on me. Because I was the one that killed the BOSS, I was able to rise all the way to Lv 83. At the same time, Meng Chang Jun’s dead corpse dropped several equipments, all of which were dazzling!

Li Mu picked up his sword and walked over, while he grinned, “Sacrificing myself for the sake of the team….”

I nodded, “Ok, once we get a sword, we’ll give it to you first!”

“Then I’d feel a bit rude!”

“Then give it to me first….”


“It’s so hard to please you…”


I walked up front and moved Meng Chang Jun’s battle cloak out of the way. There were three pieces of equipment piled underneath. There was a red and green colored wrist guard, an unusual mage cloak, and a pair of leather leg guards. I first picked up the wrist guards. There was a bizarre energy that emanated from it. I waved my hand over the wrist guards, and the stats appeared. Heh, it was a Valkyrie Tier equipment, good stuff——

[Grip of the Fierce Tiger] (Valkyrie Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 570

Strength: +73

Endurance: +71

Agility: +70

Additional: Increases the user’s critical hits by 29%

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 35%

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 400

Special: [Eye of the Tiger] once activated, it will make sure that every attack for 12 seconds cannot be dodged

Level: 82


I raised the Valkyrie Tier wrist guards and smiled, “Then I’ll follow up with my promise…. Li Mu, this wrist guard is yours! I follow through with what I say, or else that level that you lost will be for naught…..”

Li Mu rubbed his nose, “Never mind. I was just saying. A Lv 82 Valkyrie Tier equipment, it isn’t any old cheap equipment. Why don’t we roll for this, whoever wins, gets it. That way I won’t feel bad!”

I patted my own wrist guards and smiled, “Why would you feel bad? Right now, I have the Divine Dragon Slaying Arms equipped. They’re also Valkyrie Tier. Even though the defense is a little worse, the [Defeat the Dragon] special skill outweighs the cost. I’ll be using these wrist guards until Lv 100.”

Li Mu nodded, “Well alright then, I might as well!”

I continued to look through the equipment. That unusual Mage robe was as white as snow and sparkled. It was as soft as a girl’s skin….. eh, that was a bit exaggerated. To be honest, it just felt very nice in my hand. On top of that, you could tell that it had a lot of magic power imbued in it. When we shared the the stats, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and Dong Cheng both took a deep breath——

[Robe of the Talented] (Valkyrie Tier)

Type: Cloth Armor

Defense: 420

Magic: +75

Endurance: +72

Agility: +70

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack by 24%

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 500

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 1000

Special Effect: [Magic Amplifier] Increases magic attack by 10%

Required: 82


Raising the Robe of the Talented, I smiled, “You two, why don’t you ROLL again. Now that we’ve entered the Grave of the Warring States, the people who want it the most are probably you guys. All equipments are dependent on the ROLL!”

Dong Cheng Yue carefully began the ROLL, and it stopped on 71!

Tang Xue was a little nervous. As soon as she let go, it landed on 49. At that moment, she cried, “Such a good robe…. well a loss is a loss. Looks like my luck today really isn’t that good. Before, I never really ROLLed below a 50….”

I threw the Robe of the Talented to Dong Cheng Yue and smiled. “Keep it up! There’s still a last BOSS. It will be at least a Saint Tier. On top of that, its drop rate will be pretty high, it’ll definitely drop something that is at least as good as this BOSS’s!”

Wan Er blinked a few times, “The last BOSS should be the legendary Xin Ling Jun that saved Zhao?”

I looked at the Tiger Talisman and said, “Yup, or else they wouldn’t use this Tiger Talisman as the introduction. The last BOSS is undoubtedly Xin Lin Jun.”

Continuing on, I looked at the last piece of equipment. It was a pair of leather leg guards. Our luck was pretty great, it was another Valkyrie Tier equipment. As long as it wasn’t Gold or Silver equipment, then it is all good!

[Pursue and Kill] (Valkyrie Tier)

Type: Leather

Defense: 490

Agility: +74

Endurance: +72

Strength: +69

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 14%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 100 and attack speed by 10%

Required: 82


They were a pair of extremely good leather leg guards. I looked at Little Wolf and Wan Er, “Little Wolf, why don’t you ROLL with Wan Er?”

“No need!”

Wan Er stood up and smiled, “I’m wearing Lv 77 Valkyrie Tier leg guards right now. Why don’t you give it to Little Wolf!”

Little Wolf was unable to contain his joy, “Then I’ll just thank the little miss!”

“No need to thank me, you’re Li Xiao Yao’s brother, so you’re one of us.”

“Yup yup!”

Little Wolf took the leg guards. Since his level was a little low, he could only wait to put them on.


After splitting up the soul gems and cards, we got another Guild Creation Tablet as well. Our luck wasn’t bad this time. I pondered for a second, we could use the tablets to create [Zhan Long]’s third and fourth divisions. This was a necessary item!

We discovered an entrance under the throne behind Meng Chang Jun. Let’s head to the fourth floor, Xin Lin Jun is waiting for us!

I looked at the pitch dark hole and took a deep breath, “Keep it up! We’ll get through this night and finish this quest! If you can’t take it anymore then say something…..”

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