Zhan Long

Chapter 432

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Chapter 432 Meng Chang Jun, Surrounded!

For four hours, our group of people wandered in the midst of the sandstorm, and cut down all the remaining soldiers. My experience bar increased a lot, and I picked up more and more Gold Tier and Purple Tier equipments. I only took these two tiers as the spaces in my bag were precious, and that would be inadequate for me to place any lower tier equipment.

After searching for almost half an hour, I finally found an entrance in the desert. As the sands got pushed aside, we followed one another into a copper-cased beast head. As expected, another deep staircase appeared right in front of us. If nothing unexpected happens, this will lead us to the third level’s BOSS location. On the map, it also indicated that a great hall was below us.


With sand beneath my battle boots, I walked at the forefront. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and patted the Flaming Tiger God’s head.The tiger cub purred softly, and followed closely beside me, also being part of the advance guard. My sword was enshrouded by light as I entered a dark but spacious hall. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and speedily lit a torch along the stone wall with the flames of my glowing sword. Next, the torch spread the fire, and soon all the torches were lit up one by one; the great hall then became very bright. Yet, more than a hundred stone coffins were laid out in the great hall. In the center of these coffins was an ancient general on a horse with a long spear in his hand and he had a blood red cloak fluttering behind him. He looked healthy with a ruddy complexion. Dressed in a majestic armor covered with stars, he stared at us with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth. He bellowed, “I felt it. Chun Shen Jun, Ping Yun Jun’s strength disappeared. They have already been killed, right? Visitors from far away, do you know how long I have been waiting for you guys?”

I raised my brow and looked towards the sound, that was definitely the one. Meng Chang Jun, a character with many colorful legends. Unfortunately, he had been set as the BOSS in this quest. Therefore, no matter how much respect this gentleman of the warring states deserved, he would only be my enemy here. Just a string of data that should be killed for the equipment and exp. It’s just to complete the quest, so there’s no need to bother too much.

In the party channel, Wan Er had already shared Meng Chang Jun’s stats . Level 92, a Saint Tier BOSS! This time, it would really take lot of time for us to kill him, and someone might die in this fight against the BOSS——

[Meng Chang Jun・Tian Wen] (Saint Tier BOSS)

Level: 92

Attack Strength: 4450-5200

Defense: 4200

Health: 10300000

Skills: [Horse Rush] [Flame Sickle] [Vanishing Spell] [Servants of the World]

Introduction: Meng Chang Jun, a handsome noble in the ancient warring states period that was warm, sincere and hospitable. With courtesy to the wise and a being a good scholar, he gathered people with exceptional abilities from the all around the world. This became an anecdote that was passed on with approbation. He also became the most trustworthy minister of the three empires. He was a gracious and frank person. However, because he had more achievements than his lord, he was doubted by the emperor in the end. In a rage, Meng Chang Jun led his subordinates away, and worked with the other two empires to destroy his previous lord’s empire. It may be called seeking revenge for the smallest grievance. He then rested underground for ten thousand years. As his ambitions and rage continue to increase, he finally decided to lead the ghosts that had been trained in hell for years back to earth.


“This…….I am afraid won’t be that easy to kill……” Dong Cheng Yue stuck out her tongue and smiled, “Saint Tier BOSS. To be honest, this is the first time I met one with a basic attack of 5200. His actual attack should be around 20,000? I don’t know if our brother Xiao Yao is able to withstand that or not. This time, we must fight cautiously……”

I nodded, “Yes. Absolutely cautious! Li Mu, don’t fight. Let me fight alone. Wan Er and Wolf, find a chance to interrupt the BOSS’s skills. You two must retreat after one strike. Don’t dream of landing more attacks. Matcha, your main task is to use [Justice Provocation] to take the aggro away forcefully when my health is depleted to 15%. Help me buy some time to recover. Also, when the BOSS uses big skills, Matcha, you can also use [Fierce Ram] to interrupt.”

Wan Er spoke, “Be careful of those stone coffins. Maybe there is ‘something’ inside… Also,the stone coffins are two meters high, so it might become an obstacle. Li Xiao Yao should try to avoid it when he moves.”

“I got it. I am going to make an attempt!”


I held the Emperor Qin’s Sword, and leapt forward with the Flaming Tiger God. While I was still afar, I opened my hand and locked onto Meng Chang Jun with [Great Realm of Desolation]!



F*ck this. Such a high defense! My [Great Realm of Desolation] actually couldn’t break his defense!

After being struck by [Great Realm of Desolation] the aggro system was activated. Meng Chang Jun came riding as he guffawed, “Kid, you will be the first sacrifice under my Dragon Spear in ten thousand years. Are you prepared to accept your fate?”

That long spear is called Dragon Spear?

A grin was formed at the corner of my mouth. Hehe, the name was not bad. Let me steal it when I get the chance!

Meng Chang Jun’s mount was a black and strong battle horse that was fully dressed in iron battle armor. When he was about ten yards away from me, he started accelerating. As expected, he used the skill [Horse Rush] His charge was as fast as lightning and the Dragon Spear was thrust directly at my armor. My whole body immediately shuddered, and I fell down with my back smashing into the ground while the durability of my [Wall of Dou Qi] dropped by 17%!


With a “Peng” sound, I crashed into a coffin. I sprinted up, and drew my Cold Iron Sword without uttering any words. I activated [Blade Spin], and my sword darted out as a “Shua” sound as it thrust through Meng Chang Jun’s body. My Emperor Qin’s Sword danced and I let loose [Wind Blade]+[Strength of a Thousand Men]. “PiPiPaPa” My strikes took away around ten thousand of Meng Chang Jun’s HP. Simultaneously, the healing skills of Darling Duckling and Thousand League Spring, the two beauties, arrived, and most of my health was speedily recovered.

Meng Chang Jun guffawed and appeared before me. With a thrust of his long spear, he dealt another attack that took away 4000 of my health points. He then lifted his long spear, and the Dragon Spear which became enshrouded by flames which started to rapidly spin around the spearhead. With a “Peng” sound, it went through my body!


My health instantly hit rock bottom and I was frightened to the point that no colors could be seen on my face. I hastily attacked, rebounded and recovered by using healing skills + Lv 10 health potion. Darling Duckling raised her hand, and used [Grip of Compassion], and I recovered 8000+ of my health. Thus, I was saved from the dangerous situation.

Sister Thousand League Spring yelled loudly, “Boss! Be careful of the skill, [Flame Sickle]! If you keep taking damage, you will be instantly killed if the BOSS sends out an explosive strike!

“Yes, I know…….”

I moved backward while sending out [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. I opened one of my hands and [Binding Chains] burst out of the rock!


As I had expected, [Binding Chains] was easily dodged. Meng Chang Jun chased after me, and attacked once every 1.5 second with his Dragon Spear with every strike causing me 4000+ damage. This was a true challenge for our Healers’ ability!

It couldn’t continue like this, otherwise I would be killed in an instant once my [Wall of Dou Qi] broke.

Burning with anxiety, I looked at the topography around me, and noticed one huge coffin behind me. I immediately backed away with my sword in hand, and led Meng Cheng Jun as I ran around the coffin.

[Black Tortoise Realm], and [Soul Army] fell down together, immediately Meng Chang Jun’s movement speed decreased speed!


The Dragon Spear crushed a corner of the coffin. Meng Chang Jun’s attacks were truly too powerful. At the same time, I noticed that whenever I went past the corners of the coffins, Meng Chang Jun’s [Flame Sickle] would be canceled immediately. The artificial intelligent of this BOSS was extremely high. He understood how to save the cooldown time of the skill in order to to kill me with one strike.


“[Great Realm of Desolation]!”

I sent out another fierce attack,yet Meng Chang Jun stood there firmly with barely any loss of health!

“Watch out!” Wan Er hastily yelled.

The next second, Meng Chang Jun’s body suddenly vanished into thin air and another shadow appeared behind me while the skill, [Flame Sickle], had been used immediately. As the flames spiraled and the light of the spear shuddered, the strike flew for almost 40 yards. It not only struck me, but also hit Dong Cheng Yue.


Dong Cheng Yue flew several steps back. Her Mana Shield was crushed, and she had lost 3000+ of her health. Fortunately, her total health was rather high for a Mage, otherwise she would have been killed in an instant!

“Be careful!” Wan Er exclaimed, “That’s the skill, [Vanishing Spell], and also the attack range of [Flame Sickle] is getting greater and greater. It looks like the lower the health of this BOSS is, the higher his stats are. It must be like this!”

I cast a glance and noticed that Meng Chang Jun still had 24% health. If this continued, I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to withstand.


A coffin was directly smashed into pieces while the Dragon Spear in Meng Chang Jun cascaded a glowing aura of around 2 meters big. F*ck. Unknowingly, this BOSS had already changed into AOE attack. Even his normal attacks had the AOE effect.



A sense of coldness was felt on my shoulder and I lost 7000+ health points while my whole body almost flew away due to the strike of the Dragon Spear!


I smashed into the stone wall heavily, and I had only 3000 HP left. I couldn’t withstand the BOSS’s strike, and a status effect instantly caused my brain to pause when I struck the stone wall, thus I was unable to react quick enough. When I looked up, Meng Chang Jun had raised his Dragon Spear and charged forward at super-high speed. It was the skill, [Horse Rush]! I am screwed!

“I will face him!”

Sister Matcha drew her sword, and came towards me. The movement speed was increased tremendously and a blood-red glow surrounded her as she darted. It’s her fourth advancement skill——[Fierce Ram]!

With a “Peng” sound, she knocked away the skill, [Horse Rush]. With her enormous shield before her chest, she used [Phantom Holy Shield]+[Heavenly Shield Wall]+[Justice Provocation], and forced the BOSS to attack her for 7 seconds!


Meng Chang Jun roared in anger, and struck Matcha’s huge shield multiple times with his Dragon Spear. Damage numbers began flying up one by one——






Matcha gritted her teeth, and endured the pain. By using [Cleansing Wind] to recover her health, drinking potions, and casting defensive skills she was using almost every possible way to survive this onslaught. Matcha forcefully blocked the BOSS’s seven seconds of fierce attacks. This also pleased me. After Matcha had gone through all her training, she basically had no relationship with the word noob anymore; [Holy Shield] +[Heavenly Wall]+[Justice Provocation],she was very adept at using these three skills in succession. This was also the most scientific way of defending . A beautiful knight like this was the member that [Zhan Long] needed the most.

After seven seconds, my health was almost full and I charged forward once again with my Emperor Qin’s Sword in hand!


I used [Blade Rush] and I thrust through Meng Chang Jun’s body forcefully. I unsheathed and lifted the Cold Iron Sword and turned around, giving him 7 successive thunderous attacks. In addition to the use of [Wind Blade], [Fierce Ice Blade], I attracted the the aggro very quickly.

Meng Chang Jun felt some pain and backed away. He lifted up his Dragon Spear and glared at me with a horrifying face as he guffawed, “Kid, you do possess some ability, but you must die today. Come! Accept the judgement of the final days. I will let you taste desperation until you are full——Servants of the World, all you lazy worms that have been asleep for ten thousand years, awaken from hell for me”



The cover of a coffin was suddenly blasted away, and a green arm rested on the edge of the coffin.


Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue glanced at each other as their faces turned pale,”Why is there an ominous feeling in the air. This…….”

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