Zhan Long

Chapter 431

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Chapter 431 Taking Life and Death Lightly

“Our luck isn’t bad….” Li Mu was drooling as he looked at the Flames of War Magic Blade. Regretfully, he said, “Too bad I’m a Swordsman, using a magic blade won’t give me any additional advantages. On top of that, it has a long handle, and isn’t very flexible which makes its attack speed too low. It’s not good for [Combo] and [Skyshaker Slash]….”

I glanced at the magic blade, and threw it into my bag. “Then we’ll just hold onto it for now and we’ll sell the blade when we can. Right now it should be able to sell for a pretty good price. We’ll put it up for auction in National Beauty and give everyone a 10% cut. The best way is to sell this thing off since we won’t have to deal with it amongst ourselves. Phew! It’s a good thing that it doesn’t fit either Old K or Bai Qi, because if it did, people might think we were favoring them.”

Wan Er nodded, “Yup, I agree.”

Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands smiled, “I support Guild Master’s decision. Let’s look at the next piece….”

“Oh, alright….”

After putting away the Flames of War Magic Blade and looked at the next one. It was a pair of fiery magic boots, and the stats weren’t half bad——

[Dark Flame Boots] (Emperor Tier)

Type: Cloth Armor

Defense: 340

Magic: +51

Stamina: +50

Agility: +47

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack by 11%

Additional: Increases the user’s movement speed by 8%

Level: 81


I held up the Dark Flame Boots and said, “Boots that add to magic attack. Dong Cheng, do you want to ROLL for it with Thousand Suns?”

The two girls seemed to throw the dice at the same time, and Thousand Suns won the boots by 4 points. She immediately put them on, and grinned as she thought of how much it would increase her magic attack.

The last piece of equipment was a deep blue cloak. As I held it in my hand, I could feel the energy running up through my arm. I waved a hand over it, and the stats appeared in the air——

[Frozen Orchid Cloak] (Valkyrie Tier)

Defense: 700

Magic: +75

Endurance: +72

Agility: +70

Additional: Increases the user’s magic attack by 17%

Additional: Increases the user’s MaxHP by 900

Special: [Bone Chilling] Allows all of the user’s ice based magic attacks to increase in damage by 50%

Required: 82

It was another equipment that increased magic attack and health, and it was a cloak. This was probably set up by as it was the only type of armor that wasn’t considered for heavy armor classes only, so it’s defense was always pretty high to allow other classes a heavy defense boost. Mages and Healers, are always trying to get higher level, higher tier cloaks for the defense bonus. Almost always 40% of their defense is dependent on the cloak.

Holding up the Frozen Orchid Cloak, I smiled, “Our Mages’ luck is pretty good. It’s another one of your equipments. Dong Cheng, Tang Xue, why don’t you guys ROLL again? Whoever has the most luck, gets this equipment!”

This time, Dong Cheng’s face was serious. She took a deep breath, and “pa!” threw die onto the ground. Hehe, 91 points, this time her luck was pretty good!

Thousand Suns also threw a die, and her expression was extremely nervous. The die rolled on the ground a bit before coming to a slow stop on 70. At that moment, Thousand Suns bit her lip and smiled, “Wuwu, of course I don’t have the luck to get two pieces of equipment in one drop….”

I smiled, “No problem, you’ll have more chances next time!”


Dong Cheng Yue took the cloak and “Hua” put it over her shoulders. At that moment, her delicate shoulders seemed to get even cuter. As she held her staff, a light breeze fluttered the cloak, and created a scene that was beautiful beyond compare.


I clapped my hands, and put the soul gem into the list for rolling. Afterwards I said, “Let’s go, the quest is already 50% done. We’ll go to the third floor now. The sooner we finish this the better. I still have a lot of things to do outside in Ba Huang City….”

Little Wolf smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, what else awaits us?”

I muttered, “Green Qilin Valley, and Glacial River Valley aren’t very far from each other, and Green Quillin Valley is [Zhan Long]’s training area, and we still need to conquer the surrounding area. Luckily [Vanguard], [Hero’s Mound: Division One], [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of the Heroes] won’t be trying to provoke us anytime soon. Right now we have 16,000 players online. If we don’t have a few courtesy battles, how else would our brothers be satisfied?”

Li Mu laughed and gripped his blade, “I’ve long felt we should do that. Right now, [Zhan Long] is much larger than it was before. Besides, we’ve used to be continuously provoked. Hmph, there’s quite a number of guilds out there where, if we don’t show them some of our strength, they’ll think that [Zhan Long] is easy to deal with. There are no other words to describe my thoughts about these guilds but with these nine words!”

Dong Cheng smiled, “What nine words?”

Li Mu straightened his back and stuck his chest out, “Life, Death, tasteless things : those who think otherwise, kill.*!”
TL Note: It’s actually 8 words in Chinese but can’t work otherwise.

I couldn’t help but smile, “That’s right….”

Wan Er was dumbfounded, “Alright. Let’s go, to the third floor. You guys are all battle crazy. By the time Dong Cheng and I join [Zhan Long], we’ll just have to clean up the leftovers. This Vice Guild Master…. is going to be really hard…..”

I smiled, and pulled Wan Er’s wrist, “Wan Er, let’s go scout together…..”

Wan Er tried to pull her wrist away but couldn’t. Her face was completely red. She was embarrassed, yet didn’t say no. As she realized how Li Mu and Song Han were staring, she probably was so embarrassed she wanted to die in a hole.


“Sha sha…..”

I stepped across the stones and walked onto the third floor. To be honest, you couldn’t even really see the stone path, just a path that was filled with broken rocks. On top of that, there was an abyss at the end of the path. I stepped onto the broken rocks, “Hua lalala” pebbles fell into the darkness. It took ten whole seconds till the stones smacked the floor below. At that moment, I looked at Wan Er.

“Looks like we can only slide down….” I spread out my hands.

Wan Er pursed her lips then looked at me with her beautiful eyes, “This…. won’t this hurt….”

I looked at her, clearly her equipment was different from mine. My armor practically covered every inch of my skin, whereas Wan Er, having her Heavenly Armor, wasn’t so lucky: a large amount of skin was exposed revealing her young attractive body. If she were to slide down it would be extremely painful.

Thus, I smiled, “Let’s head down first, I’ll deal with the rest…..”

“Is that ok?” The beautiful little miss’s eyes were filled with doubt.

I smiled and grabbed her cloak, and we jumped down.


My stepped across the stone tiles and I immediately lost balance. As I fell onto the ground, I pulled Wan Er down as well which made her fall onto my lap. In the darkness, she stared into my eyes as we hit the floor. She rolled down with me as she laughed and said, “Are we there yet?”

Grinning, “Huh? What’d you say?”


Wan Er hugged my shoulders, making her fragrant perfume waft toward me as she gave a soft peck on my chin. Afterwards, she softly whispered, “How good would it be if I could spend the rest of my life in this game with you….”

I didn’t say anything, just grasped her shoulders even tighter.

However, this hill was around a hundred meters tall. With a “Shua!” and a flash of light, we arrived on the third level. The third level’s scenery was very different from the first and second levels. An intense wind blew throughout the map, and land was desolate. Several bodies lay in the desert sands and a broken flag fluttered in the wind. On the tattered flag was “Qi”.

“This…. Is an ancient battlefield right?” Wan Er muttered.

I nodded, “Yea, this is. Tell everyone to come here. With just us two, and no other Healers, we can’t act recklessly.”

“Yeah, ok…..”


We shouted to them in the chat and not long after, Little Wolf, Li Mu and Dong Cheng all came down. The girls were all pretty miserable. After Dong Cheng Yue fell to the ground, she rubbed her shoulder and cried, “So unfair. I feel like I need a man now. Wan Er, won’t you lend me one?”

Wan Er’s face didn’t change, “Nope….”

Dong Cheng Yue muttered, “Dicks before chicks I see!”

Li Mu said, “This level’s map is pretty different. What’s the situation? Monsters…. where are the monsters?”

Dancing Forest squinted against the flying sand and smiled, “Let me try!”


An Ice Arrow flew out, and hit the bones on a war cart. At that moment, the bones began to slowly rise and they held knives as they ran at us, yelling, “You thieves dare invade the Great Qi Kingdom! WE MUST KILL!”

I raised my left arm, and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out, “Cha Cha Cha!” The sword spun six times, and cut through the bone soldiers’ bodies. After, I threw a [Great Realm of Desolation], Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue, and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands all let out their attacks. At that moment, the Bone Soldiers all cried out and fell. But once we had killed them, other Bone Soldiers also stood up. All of them were level 92 Phantom Tier monsters.

“I think we’ve done something wrong…” Wan Er smiled, “There’s so many different types of soldiers: blade soldiers, shield soldiers, spear soldiers and bow soldiers. There are even Bone War Carts. Wu…. Can we hold them all off?”

I grabbed my returning Cold Iron Sword and smiled, “Li Mu, Matcha, let’s take them on. No matter how many Phantom Tier monsters there are or how good their equipment is, there is nothing to worry about!”



The three main tanks stood in the front and slowly pushed forward. It was just as I had said, these Phantom Tier monsters weren’t anything to be afraid of. The only problem was that the winds were too strong, and the map was an extremely barren area making it somewhat uncomfortable.

On the battlefield there weren’t only the corpses of Qi Kingdom soldiers, there were also Wei Kingdom and Qin Kingdom soldiers. It looks like the three kingdoms had a huge battle here. This also lets me guess that this level’s Grave owner was probably Meng Chang Jun, Tan Wen. Meng Chang Jun once was the prime minister of the Qi, Qin and Wei Kingdoms. Only he could have such a large map. That’s good too. The more Phantom Tier monsters, the more experience and equipment.

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