Zhan Long

Chapter 430

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Chapter 430 Flames of War Magic Blade

Not necessarily, I feel like there won’t be peace between those three….” Wan Er wryly smiled.

Li Mu was puzzled, “Why do you say that?”

Wan Er said very seriously , “For one, Ping Yuan Jun made Zhao Kuo the commander, and yet Zhao Kuo lead Zhao Guo into a hole. Ping Yuan Jun probably really hates Zhao Kuo. On top of that, when Han Dan City was surrounded, from what I read in history books, Li Tong bravely charged in to meet the Qin Army, but Pin Yuan Jun didn’t. And so Li Tong thought of him as a coward since then and has stopped associating with him….”

Song Han was speechless. “Little Miss, you’re the prettiest girl in school, and instead of studying horoscopes and beauty you study history?”

Wan Er patted my shoulder and smiled, “Yup. Xiao Yao can also be considered the most handsome at Liu Hua University. A lot of the pretty girls from other majors are doing all they can to try and get his number. If he wasn’t always playing games, and was more serious about everything, he would be much more than just the girls’ eye candy…..”

Dong Cheng hid a smile, “If Xiao Yao was really like Liu Ying then he would go through 7 girlfriends in a week. By then, you wouldn’t be able to cry even if you wanted to…..”

Wan Er blushed, “Why would I cry!”

Dong Cheng giggled, “I don’t know, but someone said to me that throughout their entire life they have never crushed on a guy. But now…..”


Wan Er dashed forward and covered Dong Cheng’s mouth, her face was completely red. She threatened, “Ugh, if you dare say anything more, I’ll kill you to keep you silent!”

Dong Cheng quickly nodded, and took a deep breath, “Ah, I couldn’t breathe. A friend like that is so scary!”


Dancing Forest was speechless. “Well, are we gonna kill Ping Yuan Jun or not?”

“We will!”

I gripped my sword, “No matter what, we should probably lure one over here, and let us have a taste of how hard it is to kill them. Let’s see if we can kill them off one by one. The best case would be if we didn’t provoke Ping Yuan Jun, and killed his elders first….”

“Ok, good luck and be careful!” Wan Er said as she fluttered her eyes.

I turned around and walked towards the palace. I opened my palm, locking onto Li Tong’s ghost, and I cast [Great Realm of Desolation]!



When Li Tong was ambushed, he immediately turned around and looked at me as he shouted, “Youngster, do you know where this is? You actually dare to trespass upon the inner palace of the Zhao Kingdom! You’re looking for death !”
Allenwa note: sorry guys but ancient people only seem to know one phrase

Li Tong raised his sword and rushed forward. I immediately retreated, and made sure to look back, therefore, I noticed that Ping Yuan Jun stood up and smiled, “Humph, to think that someone would dare to trespass upon Zhao Kingdom’s palace. You have only one fate, and that is to die! Zhao Kuo and Mao Sui, go forward and help him fight. Kill them all!”
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“Yes, my lord!”

Zhao Luo and Mao Sui also charged forward. My face turned green, “Eh, we have to kill all three BOSS-es together!”

Li Tong also also rushed over. With a sweep of his long sword, he hacked off 1100 of my HP. Like this it was still ok, at least I could withstand his attacks for a bit.

In the end, as Li Tong met swords with me, Li Mu, Little Wolf, Wan Er, and Matcha, the other two BOSS-es did not come in time to help!

Zhao Kuo gripped an army book. He stood majestically at the side, and said in a low voice, “Battle situations are constantly changing just as the tide always changes. As it is commonly said, make the army base like iron. Make the soldiers like water, and your army’s morale will be equal to that of a thousand man army. Please fight with all your might”—— [War Inspiration]!”

“Shua!” a ray of light fell. Li Tong’s attack rose by 40%. Just one cut, and he could deal 2000+ damage to me.

Mao Sui crossed his arms over his chest and chatted, “Today, I ask that everyone listen and that the fleas in the cloth come out of their burrows. I do not only meet those who are special….. I only wish that all provide help. If we are to win, then that is the fortune of the country, but if we were to lose, then I will think of it as showing the enemy mercy ….”

“Shua!” Another ray of light fell and Li Tong got the BUFF, “Reveal Thy Talents”, increasing his defense by 70%!


Annoyed, I said, “Damn, these BUFFs are too much. How are we supposed to fight him when his defense has increased by 70%? I’ll block Li Tong, Wan Er, Little Wolf, why don’t you guys support Dong Cheng and Li Mu, and kill the Ghost of Mao Sui. Little Dance will use [Shield Breaker Shot] to decrease Li Tong’s defense. That 70% increase in defense is too much. Even I can’t get past it….”


Once our battle plans had been set, we threw a large amount of firepower onto Mao Sui. I on the other hand went to fight Li Tong. After Dancing Forest decreased his defense by 22.5%, I was still able to somewhat fight him. Otherwise finishing this task would be nearly impossible.

Not long after, Mao Sui cried out and died under Wan Er’s Dragon’s Kiss. Her attack is just too strong, on top of that her attacks ignore a lot of defense. It’d be strange if Mao Sui the scholar was able to block her.

I let my two swords dance through the air. With Wan Er and Little Wolf’s attacks, Li Tong was also about to fall. After a few minutes, he fell to the ground and cried out, “My king, your servant will be leaving now….”

The last BOSS, Zhao Kuo continued to hold onto his army book. With a puzzled expression, he looked at us, “Thou scoundrels dare hurt me? I am the general of the Great Army of Zhao, Zhao Kuo!”

I threw a heavy cut, “You tricked your kingdom, and conned your subjects. If you were to let Lian Po fight, how would Bai Qi have killed so many Zhao Kingdom soldiers…..”

Wan Er used [Twin Blade Harmony] and [Chain Attack] together, and her attack didn’t seem to be any lower than that of me, Song Han, Li Mu, Dancing Forest, and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands. In less than 2 minutes, this false general Zhao Kuo gave a grunt, and fell to the ground. The three BOSS-es didn’t seem to drop any good equipment as the best was probably an emperor tier staff that was taken by miss Thousand League Spring.


Standing in the distance, I looked at Ping Yuan Jun, and I smiled, “Your three servants have all died. Without the BUFFs, this BOSS won’t be too hard to kill!”

Wan Er waved her hand, and Zhao Sheng’s stats appeared in our chat log ——

[Ping Yuan Jun – Zhao Sheng] (Valkyrie Tier BOSS)

Level: 91

Attack: 3150 – 4250

Defense: 3400

Health: 5,500,000

Skills: [Blade Rush] [Calm of a Storm] [Loosen the Reigns] [Servants of the World]

Introduction: Ping Yuan Jun, the Minister of the Zhao Kingdom, is talented in both military and civil matters. Of the sons of Zhao Wu, he is the most talented. He has several thousand servants, and is well versed in the ways of a monarch. Once he led an army that was surrounded on all sides, and still managed to besiege the city, thus landing a great achievement for the Zhao Kingdom. Afterwards, the Zhao Kingdom suffered a large scale attack, and Pin Yuan Jun died in battle. He finally couldn’t protect the city any longer.


I quickly flipped through the list of skills and said, “[Blade Rush] is the same one that players use. As for [Calm of a Storm], it increases the user’s defense by 50%, while [Loosen the Reigns] increases the user’s damage on a target by 10%, and decreases their defense by 30%. [Servants of the World]. Eh, I can’t see the details….”

As I finished talking, I swung my blade and smiled, “Li Mu and Little Wolf, don’t charge forward yet. I’ll start off by luring his firepower, and try out just how strong this Ping Yuan Jun is. Make sure to focus your heals on me!”

I leapt up and opened up my palm, locking [Great Realm of Desolation] on the BOSS!


Just as expected, his defense is pretty high!

Ping Yuan Jun got angry, and raised his sword as he roared, “You scoundrel dare to attack me? I will behead you!”

The blade was immersed in flames, and Ping Yuan Jun’s first attack took off 4000 points from my health. Motherf*cker, he really did already use [Loosen the Reigns], and raised his attack by 10% while lowering my defense by 30%. No wonder my [Wall of Dou Qi] didn’t block that much damage!

Dancing Forest continued to shoot, her [Shield Breaker Shot], and decreased the BOSS’s defense by 22.5%. Dong Chen Yue opened her hand, and activated [Thunderbolt Finger] as she devastated the area around the BOSS. I swung my two swords, and continuously attacked!


His blade cut through my armor, creating sparks. Even Little Wolf, who was beside me, also took some damage——



Little Wolf was shocked, “F*ck, what kind of splash damage is this?”

Wan Er immediately raised her dagger and retreated backwards. She softly said, “We can’t go near this BOSS. We need to let Xiao Yao kill him on his own. That way, it’s much safer. the BOSS has a 50% or higher splash damage. Let’s not go in, or else we’ll be splitting up the heals.”

Little Wolf, Li Mu, and Matcha all retreated.

I stood at the forefront by myself. Even my Flaming Tiger God retreated several steps. Afterwards, the BOSS began focusing his attacks on me. The two healers locked their heals onto me., and we were basically using a very reckless method. Honestly, even I could tell that Pin Yuan Jun didn’t have the explosive power that Chun Shen Jun had. But, he had much more health!

When the BOSS only had 40% health left, one of his big skills came!

[Servants of the World] decreased all of our stats by 20%, making it harder for us to keep up. It got to the point where I even had to use potions since the two girls couldn’t keep up with the damage I was taking. As I attacked, I also used a few [Heal]s on myself. The more healing I could get, the better.


For this Valkyrie Tier BOSS, we needed a whole 30 minutes to kill him. Finally, in the midst of the light of a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], Zhao Shen fell to his knees!


I let out a sigh of relief. I wiped off the sweat on my head. Damn, the time it took to fight this BOSS was way too long!

I looked at my experience bar. After killing this Level 91 Valkyrie BOSS, my experience jumped a whole 27%. Indeed, killing BOSSes was the best method. Jian Feng Han, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Yan Zhao Warrior probably also used this method to keep their levels high. Otherwise, how else would they pass my level in the short 8 days that I was gone? Not only that but I only had my number one status on the China server for 24 hours….

At the same time as Ping Yuan Jun fell, he dropped a pile of equipment. I glanced through, and noticed that there was even a Guild Creation Tablet. My luck is pretty good. On top of that there were 3 other equipment, all of them piled on the ground. Two flames surrounded cloth Battle Boots. There was also a deep blue cloak and a heavy blade. Hehe, you don’t normally see those. This was a weapon that only monks and berserkers could use. Our [Zhan Long] didn’t seem to have any really top tier monks.

As I raised the blade, I looked at the stats. I waved my hand, and the stats appeared in the air. Everyone was shocked——

[Flames of a Hundred Battles Magic Blade] (Valkyrie Tier – Superior)

Attack: 1850 – 2245

Strength: +75

Stamina: +72

Agility: +70

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 24%

Additional: Ignores 19% of the target’s defense

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 1400

Special Effect: [Hundred Battles] decreases the speed at which the durability decreases by 70%

Required Level: 82


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