Zhan Long

Chapter 429

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Chapter 429 Fish Intestines

As we continued, we saw a deep red dagger. I gripped it in my palm. The stats vividly appeared in the night sky. At that moment, Little Wolf spat onto the floor and didn’t say a word——

[Fish Intestines] (Valkyrie Tier – Superior)

Attack: 1450-2050

Agility: +74

Stamina: +70

Strength: +68

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 21%

Additional: Ignores 25% of the target’s defense

Special Effect: [Poison], when using this to attack the target, there’s a 100% chance of the target being poisoned. For 7 seconds, they will lose 3% of their blood. Has no effect on BOSS-es

Special Effect: [Fish Intestines] 15% Drain

Introduction: There was a pre-ancient sword named “Fish Intestines”. Later on this sword seemed to leave this earth as it was lost for many years. In later generations, the blacksmiths admired the dead name, and used pure steel to create a new dagger with the same name. “Fish Intestines”. when this dagger was created, it was steeped in poison, making it such that every attack would quietly suck away a person’s health.

Required Level: 80


After weighing the dagger in my hand, I looked at Wan Er and smiled, “Little Miss, you already have the Dragon’s Kiss, that OP Saint Tier weapon, so your main dagger’s attack isn’t a problem. Why don’t we give this Fish Intestines to Little Wolf? Even to this day, that little bastard hasn’t had a decent dagger. This Fish Intestines will be enough to make him a first rate Assassin. This will also be good for our later BOSS-es. Otherwise, if the BOSS is a heavy armor type, he won’t be able to break through their shield. Like that he won’t be any help to us…..”

Wan Er warmly smiled, “Alright, I’ll listen to what you say. Give it to Little Wolf!”


Soon the Fish Intestines dagger appeared in Little Wolf’s hands. That little bastard couldn’t believe his eyes, and stared at the dagger for a bit. Finally he broke out into a grin and said, “My base attack has finally reached 3700. Thank you everyone, this Fish Intestines is just too good of a present. Even the name sounds great.”

Matcha grinned, “After we finish this Grave of the Warring States dungeon off, shouldn’t you treat us to a meal?”

Little Wolf wryly smiled, “I’m not sure about that. For the next three BOSS-es, I think that between Brother Xiao Yao’s charm and Miss Lin Wan Er’s luck, we’ll probably get a Saint Tier drop. Exactly who ends up treating everyone is still up for debate!”

I smiled and continued looking through the equipment. The third piece was a ring. With a wave of my hand, the stats appeared. Even though it wasn’t that strong, it was still a pretty good piece——

[Sunset Ring] (Emperor Tier)

Magic: +55

Endurance: +52

Agility: +50

Additional: Raises the user’s natural recovery by 24%

Additional: raises the user’s Max HP by 900

Required Level: 80


Raising the Sunset Ring, I said, “This is a Healer ring. Darling Duck, Thousand League Spring, why don’t you guys ROLL for this? Or do you guys want to decide amongst yourselves?”

Darling Duck pursed her lips “Boss, my healing ability is enough and I have over 7000 Max HP. Why don’t you give it to Thousand League Spring? Her Max HP is less than 5000 because she added some defense, so her defense is enough but her health isn’t…..”

Thus, I tossed the ring to Thousand League Spring. After that, I took out the last piece of equipment the BOSS dropped. It was a crimson bracelet and the stats were not disappointing as it wasn’t just an Emperor Tier, but rather a Valkyrie Tier Equipment!

[Phoenix Bracelet] (Valkyrie Tier)

Agility: +74

Endurance: +71

Strength: +70

Additional: Raises the user’s range by 22%

Additional: Increases the user’s attack speed by 17%

Additional: Raises the user’s shield penetration ability by 50%

Special Effect: [Phoenix Feather] Increases critical attack chance by 40%

Required Level: 80


As I weighed the Phoenix Bracelet in my hand and grinned, “A good bracelet…..These stats really aren’t bad at all, 22% attack, 17% attack speed and has a special skill effect … Hey Little Dance, [Shield Breaker Shot] is an Archer’s fourth advancement skill right? Can you tell me about it? Just now when you shot at the BOSS I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see it.”

Dancing Forest smiled, “Boss, this [Shield Breaker Shot] decreases the target’s defense by 3%. At most it can be compounded 5 times, meaning it would decrease the target’s defense by 15% in total….”

“If it’s like this then after you equip the Phoenix Bracelet, the highest you can decrease the target’s defense by is 22.5%. When you’re fighting against a BOSS that would be extremely advantageous ….” I handed the bracelet to Dancing Forest and said, “You’re the only Archer here right now, and it fits you the most. Make sure you work hard. [Zhang Long]’s number one Archer must be one of the world’s top!”

Dancing Forest equipped the Phoenix Bracelet and said with a bright smile, “Yes, I know. I will do my best!”

I clapped my hands and distributed all the remaining soul gems. I then said, “The spoils of war have been distributed. Let’s go! We should go to the second floor and begin a new round of journeys!”


Behind the Ghost of Chun Shen Jun was a flight of stone steps to the next level. It was also the pathway which we had to pass through.
I lifted my longsword and walked in front cautiously. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword high up to illuminate the small passageway. Before long, the view suddenly cleared up, and it was another coffin chamber arrangement in the shape of a spiral ring. In the distance stood organized rows of soldiers. They were dressed in light armor, and held crossbows in their hands. Every one of them wore their hair in a bun and had a beard. However, their faces were horribly decayed. They are soldiers of the Zhao Kingdom that had slept underground for years, and all of them are archers. As I went slightly closer, the stats of these archers could be seen——

[Crossbowmen] (Phantom Tier)

Level: 91

Attack strength: 2700-3350

Defense: 2500

Health: 100000

Skills: [Crossbow Shot] [Penetration Shot]

Shooting range: 20 yards

Introduction: The warriors of Zhao Kingdom from the Warring States period. These crossbowmen are equipped with extremely excellent crossbows. They shoot and kill fiercely, and refill arrows conveniently and rapidly. These crossbowmen have slept underground for ten thousand years. They have experienced death, and were influenced by the strength of the magical region. With amazing arm strength, every one of them could draw the hundred rocks crossbow*. They are ferocious and ruthless, and the only thing they want to do is to transform everyone into “porcupines”.
TLN: A crossbow that needs to be drawn with thousands of kilograms of force.



Wan Er lightly stepped up behind me and stuck out her tongue, “Wah, this time is the long range attackers, I don’t want to become a “porcupine.” Xiao Yao, go provoke the monsters, and then everyone else attack. With 10,000 health, it should take around 2-3 rounds of attacks to finish them off. However, these archers are in a square formation as if they are part of the Terracotta Army. When you’re provoking the monsters, you must be careful…..”

I nodded and said, “Honestly, killing them won’t be hard. Based on the rules of the system, these Lv 91 monsters can pick up aggro from around 40 yards away, but their range is only 20 yards. Therefore, I can lure them over here. Dong Cheng, Little Dance, don’t hesitate at all to use your AOE skills. I’ll definitely get their aggro.”

The two girls nodded, “Understood. Go lure the monsters, and make sure you don’t lure too many of them!”


I gave a low roar, and buffed everyone with [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning]. After that, I activated [Wall of Dou Qi] for myself, and raised my sword to charge towards the Crossbowmen. When I was 40 yards away from them, I immediately halted, and then turned around to run back. Behind me, a group of crossbowmen shouted, “What scoundrel is that? You dare trespass upon the imperial palace of the Zhao Kingdom?”

As I ran back to everyone, I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] at them. At the same time, I let my Cold Iron Sword fly out with a, “Shua!” And it spun through the crowd of Crossbowmen. As I looked ahead, I saw Dong Cheng’s body slightly lower. A red glow began to rise around her feet, which made her robes fly up. The activation took an entire three seconds. Was this her fourth advancement skill?


The ground shivered and the tiles of the palace floor began to shake. One after another, red volcanic craters suddenly appeared below the group of Crossbowmen. In the next second, they all exploded, and magma started blasting out of the ground. One after another, terrifying damage numbers flew up——





“F*ck….” I raised my sword and dashed forward as I said, “Isn’t this joke just a bit too much? This mage attack is just too cool isn’t it? It really lives up to the name of [Destiny]’s own son…. What is this skill called?”

Dong Cheng smiled, “This is the Lv 80 fourth advancement skill—— [Magma Abyss]. Eh…. speaking of sons, I feel like your class, Dragon City’s Guardian, is the true son. With a massacre skill like [Blade Spin] what Mage wouldn’t shiver at the sight of you? Hmph, you actually have the shame to talk about my skill…..”

I laughed, “Continue killing, talking about this will just hurt our relationship…..”

Dong Cheng Yue was speechless.

As we were talking, I flipped through the fourth advancement skills for all the classes. Know thyself and know thy enemy will lead to a hundred victories. I have to read up on them all.

For Swordsmen, there was [Flying Sword] and [Dou Qi Armor]. As for Mages, they had that [Magma Abyss] and a skill called [Revealing Light] . This [Revealing Light] releases a ball of fire, and is used to investigate the surrounding map. At the same time, it can also be used to reveal an Assassin using [Camouflage]. It was clearly the most useful against Assassins. Berserkers also had [Dou Qi Armor] as their fourth advancement skill. There was also the skill [Berserker God]. [Berserker God] activate a transformation, turning the user crazy and lasts for 7 seconds. During this state, they will not suffer any debuffs nor damage from magic attacks. In battle, a Berserker with this skill would become the nemesis of Mages. Not taking any magic damage for seven seconds practically meant they would become invincible.

After that, there were the Archer’s fourth advancement skills, [Beast Trap], which buried hidden traps, and can paralyze any target that steps into it for 3 seconds, and [Shield Breaker Shot], which was basically a long range control type skill. A Lv 80 Monk also became much stronger. With [Holy Light], they can immediately recover 70% of their health, and [Holy Blessing] increased the natural recovery speed of all party members within 100 yards by 100%. [Jialan’s Mantra] increases the user’s attack by 40%. This skill was especially helpful because it would completely reverse the scales for when a Monk is being beaten. People like Goodbye Tears and Fushen Thousand Blades are probably celebrating right now.


As we cleared our way through, our experience soared. In the end, I had leveled up to 82 before we even reached the BOSS’ s region. The 10 stat points I received were all added to my strength. The other members of the team were also not slow in leveling up. Plus, the drop rate of these Crossbowmen is not bad. The best item dropped was a Purple Tier equipment. Although the percentage of obtaining isn’t as high as a BOSS. But after killing for four hours, four high-class Purple Tier equipment had dropped. We had reaped a good harvest.

As we continued moving forward, another grand great hall appeared before our eyes. Also, four people stood above the great hall. One of them was dressed in fine clothes and adorned with beautiful jades. He held a green long sword in his hand. He wore the hat of a high official, and sat on the throne with the demeanor of an emperor. Below his throne, three people were taking orders respectfully. It was obvious that this person was none other than the soul of Lord Ping Yuan, a Lv 91 Valkyrie Tier BOSS. The names of the other three subordinates also floated above their heads.

[Soul of Mao Sui]: Level 91 Valkyrie Tier Vice BOSS, Lord Ping Yuan’s follower and possessed a silver tongue.

[Soul of Zhao Kuo]: Level 91 Valkyrie Tier Vice BOSS. The son of the famous general Zhao She. He was held as commander by Lord Yuan Ping, but became an armchair strategist. Due to that, during the battle of Changping, the Zhao Army of 400,000 men was buried alive by the God of War, Bai Qi.

[Soul of Li Tong]: Level 91 Valkyrie Tier Vice BOSS. Government official of Zhao Kingdom, and died in the battle of Han Dan City.


I took a deep breath and whispered, This time, it’s about to be a team fight……”

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