Zhan Long

Chapter 427

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Chapter 427 Li Yuan of the Chun Kingdom

The first soldier of the Chu Kingdom was quickly killed, but not a thing was dropped. However, the experience points jumped, and that was enough.The rules of distributing the team’s experience had been adjusted. The experience obtained by killing monsters that aren’t BOSSes would be divided equally. This is much more impartial. Plus, the goal of this outing was to help everyone level up. Otherwise, it would be unfair for Darling Duck, and Thousand League Spring, the two beauties.

We continued moving deeper while stepping on the corpses of the Soldiers of the Chu Kingdom. In the distance, more and more monsters concentrated, and soon more than 20 soldiers of Chu Kingdom appeared.

Li My took a deep breath and asked, “How should we kill them?”

I responded with a smile, “Don’t be nervous. I will attract the monsters and you use [Covering Sword Slash] while Dong Cheng and Wan Er use AOE skills. Try to use just AOE skills to attack, so I can lock the aggro. If the monsters keep attacking me, then there will be no problem……”


With this, my arm shuddered and with a “Keng” sound, armor condensed from the Dou Qi appeared around me, and circled slowly. This was the effect of the [Wall of Dou Qi]. This skill was really useful as the difference between the effect of being attacked with [Wall of Dou Qi], and without [Wall of Dou Qi] is immeasurably vast. With my incredibly high attack and defense, and the high durability of my [Wall of Dou Qi], there was absolutely no pressure when killing monsters.

“Pa pa…..”

My Divine Battle Boots slid across the stone floor as I dashed forward. Twenty-one Chu Kingdom Soldiers all started chasing after me. One of them angrily shouted, “What hole did this little bastard come out of? You actually dare invade Chu Kingdom’s border? You looking to die!”

I spun around and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the middle of the crowd. At the same time, I used a [Blade Spin] and let my Cold Iron Sword fly through the air. “Shua Shua Shua” it spun out six times and cut through the crowd. All of the monsters’ health was cut in half. Wan Er’s Dragon Kiss lightly danced, activating [Ice Pick Whirlpool] and Dong Cheng Yue’s [Magma Lance] also activated. Adding on to those were Dancing Forest’s [Meteor Shot] and Little Wolf’s [10 Way Blade], creating an extremely powerful move that finished off a large group of people.


Li Mu stood firm and condensed strength onto his index finger. The long sword immediately floated, and flew out forcefully, as he activated [Flying Sword]. With a “Shua” sound, the sword cut through, and splattered a total damage number of more than 3000 among the swarm of monsters.


Dancing Forest chuckled, “The fourth advancement swordsman’s [Flying Sword] is so cool!”

Li Mu placed his hand on his forehead and smiled, “Indeed, it is very cool. There’s a fourth advancement Awordsman in the First Division who is good at using [Flying Sword], and so he got a seven point beauty. I was so jealous……”

Wolf asked with a smile, “Brother Li Mu, your [Flying Sword] skill is also very cool, but why are you still single……”

Wan Er gave a dimpled smile, “Because no matter how cool the [Flying Sword] skill is…. The man himself has to be handsome in order for it to work…..”

Li Mu shuddered, “The beautiful Cang Tong spits out such harsh words. I feel as though I won’t be able to love anymore. I need to sing to express the feelings I have inside my heart right now….”

Wan Er touched her lip, “Oh? What song does this uncle want to sing?”

Li Mu stretched out his neck and sang out, “Lalala, lalala, brought Wan Er back home for both kissing and banging, for the low low price of, not 998, just 9.8!””

TL Note: This is a joke referring to a song that always plays in Chinese commercials

By the end of it, Wan Er’s face was completely red, “You really are looking to die! Li Mu, looks like you don’t want to enter the Hall of Zhan Long….”

Li Mu jolted, “I was wrong, please forgive me. The beauty Cang Tong is the cutest ever….”

I on the other hand, rushed forward and aggro-ed the second wave of monsters over. I glanced at my [Wall of Dou Qi]. After undergoing the chaotic attacks from the monsters, there was still 57% durability left. On top of that, the skill’s cooldown was over. With the 60 second cooldown, even if the monsters were to break through the shield, I can just recast the skill. The only fear I have with this skill is if my opponent were too strong, and can break the shield so fast, and kill me within the 60 seconds. At that point, all would be too late.


Soon, an entire hour passed. I have no idea how many monsters I had killed. Either way, my experience increased by 17%, and Darling Duck and Thousand League Spring had both leveled up.

I continued forward, but suddenly I stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Wan Er softly asked.

I reached out, and pointed at a groove in the wall, “Look…. There seems to be a woman kneeling there. What’s with this situation?”

“A woman?”


Everyone looked in the direction I was pointing. Indeed, there was a woman whose wrists were chained and suspended to the wall, and her long hair was drooped over her face. She looked as if life had taken everything from her.

I gripped my Emperor Qin Sword, and carefully stepped forward. Wan Er followed close behind and whispered, “Be careful….”


I knelt down in front of the woman, and reached out to raise her chin. One look, and I was scared shitless. The face had long since deteriorated, and lost all possibility for her beauty to return. All that was left was a few slivers of muscle. However, there still seemed to be some water in her eyeballs. As she looked at me, she immediately revealed an indignant expression, “F*ck off!”

“You……” I looked at her name, “Mistress Li of the Chu Kingdom”. It wasn’t a monster. The system introduced her as “The sister of Chu Kingdom’s Li Yuan, the mother of the Chu Kingdom’s Silent Emperor” This…. This didn’t seem to make sense.

Li Mu crossed his arms over his sword, “Huh, is the Guild Master planning to pick up a woman halfway through the adventure to bring home as his Ba Huang City mistress?”

I glared, “For someone who looks like this, if you want to take her then you take her. I don’t have such a hardcore taste. Either way, you don’t have a b*tch…..”

“F*ck off, I had lots of girlfriends in my day….”

“And yet you’re still single now….”

“Enough already….”

Wan Er walked up front, “Alright already. Why don’t I ask her!”

As she said that, she kneeled down, and her cape spread out on the ground. She looked at Mistress Li of the Chu Kingdom and said, “Mistress, what has happened? Why are you locked up here?”

Li Mistress glared resentfully, “This is all because of those ungrateful males. Without them, how else would I fall to such a miserable fate? I’m the magnificent Dowager of the Chu Kingdom, and to think that I’d have to be subjected to such disgrace. God damnit. I refuse to accept this, I refuse to accept such a fate!”

Wan Er was puzzled, “Mistress, exactly what fate is it?”

Mistress Li’s face was full of hatred and said, “I’m the sister of the Chu Kingdom’s Li Yuan, and was wed to Huang Ge. After that, when I was pregnant, he actually offered me as a present to King Chu Kao Lie. Once I gave birth to a son, I was immediately made the Queen, and my child would then become the Silent Emperor….. I hate their wiliness, I hate how helpless I am. One day, I will have my revenge!”

I asked, “What revenge?”

Mistress Li gritted her teeth, “Kill Li Yuan, Kill Chun Sheng Jun. I will use their heads as my revenge!”


I nodded and immediately took the quest——

System Notification: Your team has accepted the quest [Revenge of Mistress Li]!

Quest Details: Take Mistress Li and kill Li Yuan and Chun Shen Jun. Give their heads to Mistress Li, and you will get an extremely generous reward!


Li Mu excited said, “Damn, you can actually just get a quest like that. Li Xiao Yao and Wan Er are truly godly people….”

I stood up and cut apart the chains holding down Mistress Li. Once she was free of the chains, she floated in the air, and followed close behind me. Looking back at her face gave me a scare. I don’t think my heart can take much more of this.

As we continued forward, we killed another wave of monsters, and finally in the middle stood a man clothed in an embroidered robe. He held a longsword in his hand and stood in the air. In an elegant voice he sang, “Wade against the stream, the road will be long and hard, swim against the current, and drown in the middle…”

Above his head floated a line of words ——

[Li Yuan’s Ghost, Level 90 Valkyrie Tier BOSS]. It was one of the BOSSes that we were looking for.


I pulled my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword out of their sheaths and smiled, “It’s just a Valkyrie Tier BOSS, nothing else to say. Prepare to attack. For the sake of this quest, even if Li Yuan’s chant is accurate or elegant, we still have to cut off his head!”

Li Yuan’s ghost turned around and looked at me. A look of surprise appeared on his face, “Who are you? Why are you trespassing in this mansion? Don’t you know that it warrants a death penalty? Security, capture them for me and execute them all!”

Once his words fell, “Hua Cha!”, his chest had been cut by my Cold Iron Sword. The sharp sword spun in the air as I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword to charge forward. I used a [Combo] + [Strength of a Thousand Men] and targeted the BOSS. This isn’t the time for me to be scared!

As I expected, Li Yuan’s Ghost began a counter attack. With one attack, he was able to cut down 2000+ of my health. This wasn’t too much of a problem since we brought along two fourth advancement Healers. Killing this BOSS was no problem!


Li Yuan shouted as he fought with me, “Are these people you brought? Why…. why do you want to kill me?”

Mistress Li angrily shouted, “Just so that you could gain power in the Chu Kingdom, you actually dared to use me as a tool, and wed me to Chun Sheng Jun. Then wed me again to the king. Hmph, I’m done with this life of being used by people. I’m the Queen, not some puppet. Only by killing you and Chun Sheng Jun, that heartless bastard, can my soul finally rest!”

Li Yuan was shocked, “Sister, you…. you…..”

Wan Er and Little Wolf both attacked at the same time. With the dance of daggers, Li Yuan’s Ghost quickly lost large amounts of health. Soon, he gave an agonizing cry, and I cut off his head. I picked it up, and brought it over to Mistress Li. The quest had been 50% completed.

“Alright, let’s continue….”

I looked into the distant dark pathway and smiled, “The next one we kill should be the mythical Chun Shen Jun of the Four Noblemen. He he, all these legendary people…. it’s like borrowing a chicken to lay eggs*, oh no, it’s borrowing sperm to give to the master It’s just too smart…..”
TL Note: This is an ancient story that’s about a man who borrows a chicken from someone and has it lay eggs to get his own chicken so he can sell those chicken/eggs. It’s the idea that he’s creating a business at a very low cost. In this case, they used Mistress Li by impregnating her and then marrying her to the king so he has a son.

Wan Er smiled, “Don’t joke around, hurry up and move forward….”



Our group of people continued through the Grave of the Warring States and killed waves of small soldiers. Finally, we made it through the first level. In the distance, an enormous palace appeared. In the middle of the palace, a group of armored generals stood there. They all carried copper halberds and wore golden helmets. This was out of my expectations… Chun Shen Jun was actually a military general?!

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