Zhan Long

Chapter 424

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Chapter 424:The Warring States Period

For the next five days, I stayed at HQ. This time, my injuries were just too great. I broke quite a few bones in my chest, legs, and arms. On top of that, it wasn’t easy getting the Yang Yan expert’s flame energy out of my body. I had to bathe in an ice bath every day, and heal the wounds from the outside. That way, I could slowly force the energy out.

Ou Yang Chuan didn’t seem to make any moves in those five days. Wang Xing made sure to observe this person very closely. Even though he wasn’t going to make any moves that would inadvertently alert the enemy, he wasn’t going to let him roam freely. However, based on my guess, Ou Yang Chuan is just a way to put Wei Fan’s mind at ease. With him at the Blood Scythe base on Blue Water Street, we Guardians can’t go and ruin his operations there.

Naturally, I had to set game matters aside for a while. I had not logged on for 8 whole days. Apparently, my first place in Ba Huang City had already gone to someone else…. Little Wolf, Old K, and Matcha all wanted to see me, but I only thanked them and denied it. The Guardian’s HQ location needed to be kept secret. Only someone with a special identity like Wan Er can come here often.


It wasn’t until the eighth day that I was able to freely walk around. I put on a robe from Wang Xin, and walked out of the recovery room. My body seemed to have recovered to its full potential. On top of that, the recovery of my rib bones was far faster than Shen Bing and Wang Xin’s original diagnosis. In a short five days, my rib cage managed to completely recover. Top tier practitioners could easily do this. A Royal Air physique isn’t just a little better than the average person’s, the durability and function of our muscles, bones, veins, and organs are as different as heaven and earth.

“Ka cha!”

The front door opened up, and a ray of sunlight shone onto my face. I took a deep breath and, enjoyed the moment.

Beside me, Wan Er carried a small purse and smiled, “Let’s go, I switched to a different car….”

It wasn’t until this that I thought of how Wan Er’s TT had been decimated. Apologetically, I said, “I’m sorry, when I was fighting with Ou Yang Chuan, our attacks were too strong, thus we destroyed your car…..”

“That’s nothing….” Wan Er pouted, “You guys also smashed up a Benz. My dad covered all of the expenses. On top of that, my dad gave me a new car. Come come, let me show you….”

“Eh, ok…..”

Wan Er grabbed my hand, and ran to the parking lot. Astonished, I saw a white BMW760 parked in a spot. When Wan Er fished out the key, the car lights had already lit up.

I pursed my lips, “Rich man, let’s be friends, ok…..”

Wan Er grinned, “Go drive. Why say stupid things…. Dong Cheng’s still waiting for us to eat lunch with her…..”



After getting in the car, I sat in the driver’s seat. Compared to the TT, this BMW 7 series seemed to have a lot more space. On top of that, it was extremely quiet. I slowly backed out of the spot and drove off. When we arrived at Liu Hua University, it was already 12 o’clock. Dong Cheng stood at the school gates, wearing a light green miniskirt. Seductively, she tapped the car window, “Handsome, wanna take me for a ride….”

I nodded, “What are you going to give in return?”

“Smooches or pa pa pa, whatever you want….”

I hit my head against the wheel, “I can’t keep this up Dong Cheng. Get in the car, I want to grind levels soon!”

“Alright alright. I just happen to have some presents for you!”

“Oh? What presents?”

“Eh….” Dong Cheng got into the car, then grinned, “A pure gold Tiger Talisman. It’s an item for accepting an SSS tier main quest. The only problem is that it’s considered Ba Huang City’s quest, and a maximum of 10 people can take it. I got it three days ago, but I haven’t been able to use it. I’ve been waiting for you and Wan Er to come back, so we can do the quest together!”

Excited, “Ok ok! Just in time, my level has fallen behind a lot. I’ll just use your SSS tier main quest to level up. Don’t worry, even though my level isn’t at the top right now, my stats can make up for it!”

“I got it already. Just pay attention to your driving, you almost ran over a person. Wu, isn’t that Tang Qi that idiot…..”

It really was. Tang Qi dashed away to dodge the car. Indignant, he glared at the seven series, “Hmph, you f*cking richman, just you wait. Sooner or later, I’ll buy a seven series too. No, I’ll buy a Bugatti, and scare the sh*t out of you!”

I laughed and sped towards the parking lot.

At noon, I ate lunch with the two girls. Feeling refreshed, I returned to the dorm, and was about to get online and grind while raising my new and old skills to Lv 9. The greatest advantage of a fourth advancement player wasn’t the new skills, but the fact that all of their skills can be raised to Lv 9, increasing the power to a whole new level!



I appeared in the middle of Ba Huang City, my body clothed entirely in armor with my Cold Iron Sword and Emperor Qin’s Sword on my back. I opened up the ranking list immediately. Sure enough, after eight days of being inactive, I wasn’t first place in Ba Huang City anymore….

Jian Feng Han [Level 83] Job: Swordsman

2. Simple [Level 83] Job: Mage

3. Yan Zhao Warrior [Level 82] Job: Swordsman

4. General Li Mu [Level 82] Job: Swordsman

5. Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Level 81] Job: Dragon City Nightwatch

6. Yue Qing Qian [Level 81] Job: Assassin

7. Misty Clouds [Level 81] Job: Four Divine Symbols Guardian

8. Drunken Spear [Level 81] Job: Nature’s Knight

9. Han Bei Song [Level 81] Job: Swordsman

10. Hero Ran Min [Level 81] Job: Berserker

F*ck. It’s fine if I’m not first, but to drop to fifth place? And there’s as many as 21 other players that are Lv 81. This is too close.

I went online and the Guild Master icon in the guild list lit up. As a result, there was an uproar in the guild.

Qing Qian excitedly said, “I…..I’m not seeing things right? Brother Xiao Yao is actually online? Wow. Brother Xiao Yao is finally online!”

Li Mu joined in as well, “Guild Master. I heard you were injured. You were gone for eight days. Are you alright?”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands asked as well, “Guild Master, are you alright?

Old K chirped in too, “Little Li, how are you feeling?”

Seeing that everyone was concerned, I couldn’t help but smile, “I’m doing well. I can eat and sleep normally now. I’ve basically almost recovered. I should thank you guys for your hard work while I was gone. Wow… There’s already ten thousand people in the guild. And the average level is 77.3! Good! Very Good…..”

Matcha smiled, “Boss, while you weren’t here, everyone has worked very hard…..”

I nodded, “Mhm. [Zhan Long] will forever remember everyone’s hard work. How many fourth advancement players do we have right now?”

Qing Qian replied, “I’ve already counted. There are 1449 fourth advancement players in Ba Huang City. [Zhan Long] has a total of 214 Lv 80 and fourth advancement players.

“Not bad. Hehe.” I laughed. “Okay, I won’t chat any longer. I’m gonna go level up. Let me catch up in level first and then we can chat. God damn. Jian Feng Han and Simple are already two levels ahead of me.

“Work hard brother Xiao Yao!”

After closing the guild chat, Dong Cheng sent a party invitation over. I immediately joined the party. Dong Cheng, Wan Er, and I were the only ones in the party. It seems like they haven’t decided on the other members yet. In the party chat we began to discuss our plans.

Wan Er started the discussion, “As you all know, a SSS tier quest is very hard. We need to get some strong party members for it.”

Dong Cheng replied, “How about Healers? We need at least two….”

I thought about it and replied, “It’s better if the members are all from [Zhan Long]. We shouldn’t let our fertile water flow into another’s field. As for a Healer, we can have Darling Duck and also Thousand League Spring. Oh….. I forgot, Thousand League Spring is our Zhan Long’s number two Healer. She’s a 20 year old schoolgirl. Her healing senses are on point. She’s not much worse than Darling Duck if not the same.”

Wan Er smiled, “That sounds good. With us three, that’s five people. We need five more. I’m thinking that we need a DPS, a mob control, and a tank.

I thought about it for a second, “For our main tank, we can use Matcha. With her level, equipment, and skills, she should be perfect. She should have the normal skills for a fourth advancement knight meaning she has [Justice Provocation] which will force the enemy to herself, lasting for 7 seconds. On top of that, it’ll greatly increase the user’s defense. [Fierce Ram] rams into a target that is 10 yards away, and has a 70% probability of interrupting a skill. These all strengthen our party, and make her a first choice for main tank.

Dong Cheng smiled, “Yeah Yeah. That little girlfriend of yours in the studio. Everyone knows. Just bring her along. Who else? We still need some DPS…..”

“Dancing Forest to control the mobs, and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands for magic attacks. There’s two spots left, and I recommend Little Wolf and Li Mu. Little Wolf pretty much mastered the Assassin class, and Li Mu can fight; Li Mu is basically a tank and a DPS combined.

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Okay. You suggested all these people from your guild but not that little melon sister*. This isn’t normal…..”
*Tl Note: referring to Qing Qian

I had nothing to say, “A total of ten people. It’s normal if I didn’t get to Qing Qian. I can’t be picking favorites. Besides, if I didn’t bring Little Wolf for the quest, he won’t see me as a brother anymore…..”

“Haha. Okay. Get them over here. When we all meet we’ll start the quest!”



In just a short while, all ten people joined the party. Dancing Forest, Little Wolf, Li Mu and the others were all confused. They didn’t know what was happening. Dong Cheng revealed a mysterious smile, “In just a bit, we’ll be starting Ba Huang City’s Nth SSS tier quest. Just wait a bit. Wan Er and I’ll be over in around twenty minutes.”


I brought the seven Zhan Long members to wait for them to the Northern Gate. Twenty minutes later, the two beauties arrived in Ba Huang City. Holding the golden tiger talisman in her hands, Dong Cheng who was wearing a long robe that showed off her long legs smiled, “Since everyone is here, we should start the quest immediately.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

Dong Cheng activated the tiger talisman, and a bright light pierced the sky.


System Notice: You have accepted the SSS Tier Quest [Warring States Period]

Quest Information: Bring the Tiger Talisman to the City Lord of Ba Huang City, Luo Lei. Once he sees this, he will naturally know what happened.

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