Zhan Long

Chapter 423

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Chapter 423:Pieces of Memory

“Li Xiao Yao……”

As the morning sun shone lightly, I opened my eyes slowly, and saw a woman more beautiful than a dream. She rocked the cradle slowly, and stared at me with a happy smile at the corner of her mouth, “Quickly grow up so you can protect Mama……”

I turned my head to look, but only found myself lying in the cradle. I raised my young, tender and tiny hands with all my effort, wanting to touch the woman’s face. Yet, my hands were unable to stretch higher. Instead, I uttered in a squeaky voice.

“Mama, Mama……”

I widened my eyes, trying as hard as I could to to see her more clearly. Was this an illusion or reality?

Suddenly, the images disappeared and the gentle face of the woman disappeared, along with the scenery. A wide, desolate meadow then appeared. I was carrying a bag of broken long swords, and staggering as I walked through the field in the dark of night.


A gunshot rang out, and flashes lit up the side of the mountain. Right in front of me, one of my teammates collapsed on the ground with a hole through his skull. Blood kept flowing out in a seemingly endless stream. His body twitched involuntarily, but his young soul had already withdrawn rapidly from his body.

“It’s an ambush! Find cover!” Someone shouted loudly.

With lightning speed, everyone dropped into the bushes. Yet, the sounds of gunfire on the mountain rang out incessantly. Every gunshot was accompanied by the loss of a life. I tumbled in the mud, and suddenly leapt up. With my top speed, I dashed towards the faraway forest. As bullets flew past my ears, I raised my hand, and flung the long sword I was grasping!


With a groan one of the enemies was killed by my long sword. At this moment, I felt a burning sensation in my arm – I had been shot. I waved my fist and drove it towards the other direction. One by one, I slaughtered the enemy like a trapped beast that fought with a desperate determination. Yet, the sounds of gunfire did not stop. It was only until the end that the sounds finally died down, and the fertile field regained its calmness.

I returned with bloodstains all over me, only to see my buddies lying dead in a pool of blood. They had been aiming and searching for the ambush spot, yet all of them were killed as easily as oxen were slaughtered.


My long sword dropped to the ground as I lifted my head and roared furiously. The lightning tore the earth, and heavy rain poured down. The icy cold rain pattered on my face; no one cared about my agony and pain, and no one understood the grief of losing a brother. I held Tian Tong’s corpse in my arms, and I felt his warmth disperse as sadness and rage filled my heart.



I suddenly woke up. My whole body started trembling while the dreadful scene of Tian Tong’s body being shot several times to the point that it was almost mashed, danced through my mind. I clenched my fist, and sat up straight on the sickbed while uttering with a lump in my throat, “I……I……”

Beside me, a pretty little beauty sat there. As soon as she saw that I was awake, she immediately leapt into my arms and cried furiously. Yet, not a word was spoken.

My body also trembled. My mind was filled with pieces of my memories. The scenes that I had almost forgotten, or the scenes that I had never remembered, lingered. Until the moment I raised my hands to hug the girl in my arms, I didn’t realize that I had returned to reality. Wan Er couldn’t stop crying, and her tears rapidly wet my shoulder.

“Wan Er……”

I held her, and caressed her back softly, “I’m awake. It’s alright. It’s alright……”

Wan Er’s delicate shoulders quivered continuously as she spoke with tears in her eyes, “Do you know how long have you been unconscious? Three days, three whole days. Everyone thought you wouldn’t wake up again. Sniff. If you had left, we…… we……”

“Three days?”

I asked in surprise. Wan Er left my arms, and answered with red puffy eyes, “Yes……”

On the side, Shen Bing, wearing a white doctor’s uniform, also answered, “Yeah. For three whole days. We didn’t expect that this battle would injure you this badly. That…… that Ou Yang Chuan, who is he?”

I glanced at the bandage on my arm and shoulder and replied, “He is an existence that is equal to God, but don’t bother. In this world, there are not many people like this. However, I did not expect that such an unearthly professional would participate in earthly battles, and even become Wei Fan’s watchdog. This thing is getting more difficult….. “

Shen Bing agreed, “It is getting more and more difficult. Captain Wang has been overwrought. If you didn’t wake up, I think Captain Wang would’ve had a mental breakdown!”


The door of the sick room was pushed open abruptly. Wang Xin rushed in with a few Guardian Team members. With a worried face, he came up, and hugged me while grinning excitedly, “Li Xiao Yao! Li Xiao Yao! You finally woke up. How do you feel coming back from the jaws of death?”

Feeling speechless, I answered, “Alright. Leader Wang, don’t hug so tightly. My wounds hurt……”

“Ahhhh, sorry……”

Wang Xin hastily released me while Shen Bing chuckled and said, “Captain Wang, you are really not the romantic type. You came up and immediately squeezed Li Xiao Yao’s girlfriend away. What was this thing that you did?”

Lin Wan Er’s face reddened in an instant as she stammered, “I, I……”

I didn’t speak, but stretched my hand to hold Wan Er’s hand lightly, while she consented tacitly. Looking at the surroundings, I inquired, “Where is this place? It seems like there isn’t even any sunlight…….

Shen Bing answered, “This is the recuperating room in our base. You just never came here before. Err……. The Lin family’s Missy was so worried about you. Your relationship with her must not be as simple as an employer and an employee……”

“What do you mean?” I was slightly puzzled.

Shen Bing chuckled, “During the three days you were unconscious, Miss Lin also guarded you for three days, and never moved a step from you. Lin Tian Nan couldn’t take her away even after trying many times. He was almost going to bring people to take her away forcefully. Fortunately, you regained consciousness.”

I gazed toward Wan Er; her face had turned even redder as she lowered, “I……I was just worried that you might die……..”

“Why would I die…….”

‘Well, what if you did? That Ou Yang Chuan was so ferocious and scared me to death……”

“Alright. It’s over now……”

I opened my hand and flashed a smile. Wan Er’s face was red, but she did not say anything. She drew closer to my chest and whispered in my ear,”Dad sent a bodyguard to hide in the surroundings, you aren’t even scared that he might kill you…”

I couldn’t help but smile, and turned my head to give her a kiss on her rosy cheeks, “It’s alright. If he dared to kill me, I will fight with him and elope with you……..”

“Cough Cough…….” Shen Bing uttered with a helpless expression on her face, “Do you really have to be so melodramatic. There are still people here, you know? Sigh, My heart is so hurt. The fellow that I had a crush on for five to six years got taken by a missy this way……”

Wan Er hastily left my embrace, and stuck out her tongue, and smiled while explaining, “Nah. I am just too concerned about him….”

“Explaining is hiding.” Wang Xin said while holding up a cup of tea.

Wan Er responded, “Alright, then I won’t explain……”

“Then you admit it. I will tell your dad next time……” Wang Xin continued saying calmly.

Wan Er stood up abruptly and pointed at Wang Xin as she exclaimed, “You..You..You..You are a big bully. How could Li Xiao Yao work under you, a bad egg. Humph! I am going to tell grandpa!”

“Grandpa?” Wang Xin asked in surprise,”Who’s her grandpa?”

Shen Bing wrapped her arms around her chest, pushing her breasts up as she smiled and answered, “If I remember correctly,there’s a general called Lin Yuan Shan at the Lan Zhou Military District. I checked his profile before; he has only one son named Lin Tian Nan and a granddaughter named Lin Wan Er…… If there wasn’t this general grandpa, why do you think the Tian Xin Corporation could get to work with the military this smoothly?

Wang Xin shuddered and immediately showed a gratifying smile as he said to Wan Er in a flattering manner, “Miss, what would you like to eat this afternoon? Would you like SiChuan food or HuNan cuisine? The food that comes out from the kitchen in our Guardian base is unique and awesome. Do say your request, and I will immediately instruct people to cook it for you……”

Lin Wan Er curled her lip and replied, “Now you know who you are talking to. Don’t ask me what I want to eat. Ask Li Xiao Yao what he wants to eat……”

I lifted my head and said, “Now that you say that, I am starving to death……Just give me everything that you have…..”

Shen Bing interrupted, “Don’t. The doctor said you should have a bland diet!”

“No need!”

I waved my arm, and said with a deep voice,”I understand my body more clearly than anyone else. Even though I was wounded deeply, my diet won’t affect my injuries. I want HuNan cuisine…I want to eat fish fillet boiled in hot chili oil……”

With her hand placed on her forehead, Shen Bing said speechlessly, “Really a master that is not afraid of death..I will instruct them immediately.”



The moment Shen Bing left, Wan Er continued to snuggle up to me. Wang Xin coughed and said, “Li Xiao Yao, you also know the things about Wei Fan, right? About Ou Yang Chuan……”

“Yes. What exactly happened during the three days I was unconscious?”

“Well, not much happened. However…..” Wang Xin paused and continued, “However, we received confirmed information that Wei Fan had arranged Ou Yang Chuan to guard the office building at Blue Water Street, which meant that we are unable to do anything to the Xue Lian gang at Blue Water Street. With Ou Yang Chuan, this demon, we would be seeking death no matter how many people we send!”

I twitched my mouth and exclaimed,”Easy! Just make a request to Nanjing military district, and ask them to send 8 SU-27 jet fighters with a bunch of heavy bombs loaded. Just bomb the whole Blue Water Street. I don’t believe that Ou Yang Chuan won’t die after this……”

Wang Xin glared and asked, “Practitioners of such a level are as strong as monsters. What if he isn’t killed by the bombs?”

I grinned, “Then get SU-27 to carry a heavy nuclear bomb. One down, and everything will be wiped out.”

Wang Xin pounded the table and stood up, “Punk, I’m talking to you about a serious matter, and here you are making fun of me! Quick tell us, what should we do? Ou Yang Chuan’s appearance has bewildered me……”

I pondered and answered, “Nano bullets couldn’t pass through the protective air of a Yang Yan level Practitioner. You should contact Tian Xin Corporation, and have them increase the fusing temperature of the bullethead. That might be effective……Anyway, before we make any breakthrough progress, let’s pause the investigation of Blood Scythe. It’s too dangerous. Sending people there is totally sending them to their grave……”

“Ya, Alright……”


During the afternoon, I sat on the wheelchair while Wan Er pushed me forward gently. We strolled in the Base’s garden. During the autumn days, falling leaves danced lightly as the colors gave off the faint fragrance of flowers.

I looked up at her and smiled, “Wan Er, they said you are my girlfriend. What should we do about this?”

Wan Er face turned red, and she gaze towards the sky and asked,”Erm.. what are you saying? Why can’t I understand. Are you full?”


“Is the fish fillet boiled in hot chili oil delicious?”

“Delicious. Yes,yes!

“Sigh. Idiot, you got sidetracked so easily……..


I pounded my legs with unutterable sadness as this impulse of not wanting to live filled me.

Behind me, Wan Er let out a laugh that sounded like silver bells and exclaimed, “You are a pig”

I was speechless.

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