Zhan Long

Chapter 421

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Chapter 421 Ou Yang Chuan

Once everyone had taken their respective seat, Lin Tian Nan had the waiters bring out the food, but the atmosphere was still very tense. Lin Tian Nan had invited quite a few military friends, all of whom were braced for battle because each and everyone of them knew who Wei Fan was. He was the boss of Blood Scythe, in other words, he had the most power in the underground world. Actually, Wei Fan was the main target of many Guardians, and now he was sitting right at the same table as them. Clearly, he was relying on Ou Yang Chuan behind him for protection.

Lin Tian Nan’s military friends didn’t seem to know the strength of the enemy they were facing. They were even ready to pull out their guns. But Lin Tian Nan knew how terrifying a Yang Yan expert was, and immediately signaled them to stop. Otherwise, I’m afraid no one would be able to leave this room alive.


After pouring out a glass of wine*, Lin Tian Nan raised the cup and smiled, “We are fortunate that Chief Wei had the time to come and join us for this meal. Here’s a toast to you, Cheers!”
TL Note: Technically, this should be a shot of Chinese Bai Jiu, which ranges from 40-120 proof, in other words, alcohol poisoning.

Drinking it in one gulp, Lin Tian Nan raised the cup once again to indicate the end of his turn*. Wei Fan didn’t skip a beat and immediately stood up, and respectfully finished his cup of wine and smiled, “In the past, I’ve always admired the reputation that you, Chief Lin, has made for yourself. Now that I meet you in person, you are indeed as impressive as the rumors say. Lockheed Martin’s center of technology, the founder of Tian Jin Group, you truly are a complicated man….”
TL Note: A Chinese table manner, where a person makes a toast, drinks the wine, and the person being toasted then also stands up and drinks his wine in appreciation.

Lin Tian Nan wryly smiled, “What are you talking about? Compared to the achievements of Chief Wei in the entertainment world, mine are quite insignificant. I’m just a simple weapons merchant. I’m incomparable to you, who can cover half the sky with one hand.”

Wei Fan hesitated, then laughed, “Chief Lin, surely you’re joking. I’m just a modest merchant that follows the law. I haven’t done anything sinful.”

As he said that, Wei Fan looked towards Wan Er, “The little miss Lin can attest to that. She’s Fan Shu City’s number one most beautiful Assassin, Cang Tong, while I’m Ba Huang City’s [Thousand Burial]’s Guild Master, you can even say we’re allies. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with this game, I’ve even been dreaming about it. I don’t have the time to get involved with any dirty work. Little Miss Lin, isn’t that right?”

Wan Er smiled, “I heard that your [Thousand Burial] has been tyrannically reigning over training grounds, maliciously PKing, and all sorts of unfair gaming practices. In the eyes of the Ba Huang City players, you are perhaps the most evil power there….”

Wei Fan was clearly embarrassed. He laughed, “That’s just paying my respective debts. Some people were just looking for problems, so I could only return the favor tenfold. I’m already this old, I can’t just let myself get bullied by the young ones, right?”

Wan Er nodded, “Yes, you’re right.”

Wei Fan glanced at me, “This little brother is Xiao Yao Zi Zai, right? Just as expected… your looks betray your talents in real life, just like in game. Do you still remember how many deaths your [Zhan Long] has brought to the battlefield?”

I lost my smile, “What, did Chief Wei want to clear up those in game debts offline now?”

Wei Fan rubbed his nose, “That’s impossible, I’m not that kind of a person. Besides, you are one of Chief Lin’s guests. I should at least respect him that much. It’s just…. Even if the mountain doesn’t turn, the water will. Sooner or later, I will take revenge for [Thousand Burial]… So [Zhan Long] better watch out, [Thousand Burial] will come looking for you at any time, and make you regret your past actions….. I am not the type that will seek revenge in real life, so you can at least relax on that part.”

I nodded with a smile, “That’s good. [Zhan Long] will always welcome a battle with you!”


We began to eat. I didn’t drink any wine, instead I only ate the food on the table. After that, I picked out some food for Wan Er to eat. Lin Tian Nan seemed to also agree with this, as he didn’t say anything. After all, I have a close relationship with Wan Er. He can tell as well. With all the spies he had placed around us, it’d be strange if he didn’t know.

After passing the wine around three times, Wei Fan’s face turned red. He raised his cup and stood up, smiling at Lin Tian Nan, “Boss Lin, let me make another toast. I…. I, Wei Fan, have never really admired anyone else, but you, you are the first. Truly. Tian Jin Group’s weapons manufacturing is just too great. Around the entire globe, you’re one of the top manufacturers. I heard that you created an Oracle System that can even rival the Aegis Combat System. All those Americans are freaking out over this, haha…..”

Lin Tian Nan smiled, “It’s nothing. I’m just a merchant, not some gifted man. The one in charge of my company’s technology is the real backbone.”

Wei Fan squinted his eyes, “The weapons that the Tian Jin Group have most recently been creating are nanobullets. These bullets can fuse a tank’s armor together and is the hottest new weapon. I heard that even the “Scientific Strangers” from TV can’t block these. He he, if I may ask a favor…..”

Lin Tian Nan chuckled, “What is it?”

Wei Fan smiled, “It’s like this. I want to buy a stack of nanobullets from you. Hei Hei, I don’t know if that is ok with you.”

Lin Tian Nan coldly laughed, “You want to buy some nanobullets for personal use? That’s against the law. I remember half an hour ago, Chief Wei had said that you were just an average merchant. How did it all suddenly change?”

Wei Fan remained cheery, “This…. you know what I mean. Us organizations, we need some of the real stuff to get people to respect us. Hang Zhou’s delinquents are getting more and more rebellious these days. If Chief Lin sells a few boxes of nanobullets to me, then I just need to shoot once or twice, to let those delinquents know that we’re living in a technological age, and the time for swords and knives is over…..”

Lin Tian Nan wryly smiled, “Give up on it. Unless you have a permit from the government, I will never sell a single bullet to you.”

“Hey, Old Lin, you won’t even give me this much respect!?” Wei Fan said with a fake smile, “This doesn’t sound like something brothers would say. At least give me a few thousand bullets……”

Lin Tian Nan’s eyes turned cold, “If I said I wouldn’t then I wouldn’t. You should be clear of the rules for manufacturing weapons. They definitely cannot be broken.”

“Oh?” Wei Fan softly said, “He he, Boss Lin really is an iron chicken. You won’t even give a single feather. Hmph, you really don’t give any favors. If it’s like this…..”

“Shua Shua!” Two middle aged military officers stood up, holding their guns to Wei Fan’s head. One of them coldly said, “Wei Fan, don’t turn down the favors that have already been offered. Who do you think you are? I just don’t want to pluck you from Hang Zhou, that’s all. Don’t you dare threaten Tian Jin Group, or else I’ll make sure you don’t have a good ending!”

Wei Fan hesitated, “Haha, why are you all pulling out the guns. Everyone should talk peacefully. I was just going to say, even if Old Lin doesn’t give me the respect, then he’ll still be my Boss. I didn’t say anything else…..”

The lieutenant general slowly lowered his pistol, his eyes filled with killing intent, “You street thug!”

The other general softly said, “Even if this is a small birthday celebration, there’s a military force encircling this place in a one kilometer radius. Wei Fan, if you really think you can use one hand to cover the sky in Hang Zhou, then why don’t you try and see, if your head will burst before we fall!”

Wei Fan nodded with a smile, “I got it. It’s not like I’m an untactful person…”

Ou Yang Chuan slowly stood up, and pressed his hand on the general’s gun with a smile, “Young man, why’s your temper so short? Hurry up and put those away. Today, we’re all here to celebrate Chief Lin’s birthday, why would we need to take out these swords and guns…..”

As he was talking, a flame rose from his fingertip. In the next second, the general suddenly let go of his gun with a yelp. The gun’s entire barrel had been melted away and dripped onto the table. Anyone could tell that it was because of Ou Yang Chuan…..”


“This…..” The lieutenant general suddenly stood up. Before he could pull out his gun, the air around him seemed to freeze. It was Ou Yang Chuan again. He managed to control the aura of a top tier Royal Air Expert, and thus in a short time completely stopped anyone else’ movements.

Lin Tian Nan sat there, his entire body shaking, but unable to move.

Wan Er immediately looked towards me.

I slowly stood up and raised my cup, “Why doesn’t everyone just cool down a little and drink some wine. This was never any kind of big thing. Isn’t that right?”

Ou Yang Chuan looked at me, “Oh? This young man is pretty strong….”

I looked at him, and I could feel the edge of Ou Yang Chuan’s aura. The pressure from this Yang Yan expert’s energy was enough to stop me in my steps. However, I was able to gather up my energy to overcome the pressure. Ou Yang Chuan didn’t move an inch as he watched me. A drip of sweat rolled down his nose, but his breath was not as harsh as my own. It was clear that he hadn’t been in the Yang Yan level for long, or else I would’ve already been forced to the ground.

“Ha ha ha ha….”

Ou Yang Chuan suddenly raised his head and laughed, “The young ones are going to surpass us old geezers… Here, let’s drink. Just now, we just had a small misunderstanding. Everyone, please don’t think too much about it!”


The tension was released, and Lin Tian Nan gratefully glanced at me. If I hadn’t stood up in time, Ou Yang Chuan would’ve probably continued as he pleased.

I, on the other hand, was feeling a bit of fear. The old geezer had once told me, that before I reached Yang Yan level, I was to never cross swords with a Yang Yan level expert, or else I was practically looking to die. Looked like it truly was the case. I was so scared, my legs felt like jelly, and I weakly sat down on my seat as my face turned green. Wan Er quickly held my hand and softly whispered, “How was it?”

I took a deep breath, “Nerve wrecking, haha….”

“You can still laugh….”


The meal continued. I could faintly hear the generals plotting to kill off Ou Yang Chuan, but they were all stopped by Lin Tian Nan. Everyone here was an important person, and Lin Tian Nan couldn’t let any one of them get harmed. After all, he somewhat understood the different levels of Qi training, and he also understood whether or not one would be able to resist an expert like Ou Yang Chuan.

After eating the birthday cake, the dinner was considered to be finished.

Lin Tian Nan went downstairs to wait for his car with four other body guards. I tightly gripped Wan Er’s hand, and took her with Lin Tian Nan’s team. This way, I would not only be able to protect her, but also protect Lin Tian Nan.

Only after seeing Lin Tian Nan’s car slowly drive out of the garden’s parking lot, was I able to relax a little.

After slowly starting up the car, the TT was ready to set off!


Suddenly, a loud sound came from above. A fiery light appeared from the roof. A person landed on the rooftop!

Ou Yang Chuan’s hand was filled with flames, his veins pulsing with a light. He flashed a sinister smile at me, “Li Xiao Yao, why are you leaving in such a hurry? How about you let me send you on your way*?”
TL Note: This is a play on words, it’s what you usually say to someone “on their way to death”.

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