Zhan Long

Chapter 420

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Chapter 420 The First Yang Yan Master

“Seal up and store all these corpses. They can be used as evidence when we charge Blood Scythe in the future.”

Wang Xin glanced at Rainy’s back, and spoke with a trembling voice, “Poor little girl. Wei Fan, that son of a bitch! His hands are covered in blood. If he continues to do as he likes, God knows how many other people will be devastated like Rainy. Each person that Blood Scythe kills not only causes more blood to flow, but also more tears……”

Sitting on the windowsill, I sighed quietly and asked, “We really can’t make a move directly against Wei Fan? Captain Wang, it’ll only take one word from you for Shen Bing to find Wei Fan’s lodgings, after that I can bring Wei Fan’s dog head to you tomorrow morning!”

Wang Xin shook his head with an agonized expression as he responded, “It’s not as simple as you think. We…… we are a military formation, and must comply with our fundamental principles. If we break our own rules, what’s the difference between us and Wei Fan, that animal?”

I leaned onto the window and closed my eyes, “There is no criterion in my world. Sigh……”

Wang Xin stared at me deeply and said, “Actually, I am also very scared. ”

“What are you scared of?” I questioned in surprise.

Wang Xin answered candidly, “I know, you are a wolf. A wolf that can devour everything. I am very grateful, and happy that you are able to serve the Guardian Base. But I am also afraid that I might not be able to control you one day. If so, my injuries might be even worse than my enemy’s. Li Xiao Yao, you have an extremely strong power. However, can you, yourself, control it?”

I leapt to the ground lightly, and gave Wang Xin a perfectly straight military salute as I declared in a low voice, “No matter how strong I become in the future, even if I’m stronger than everyone in this world, my heart will definitely serve under my country and my people!”
Wang Xin laughed and patted my shoulder, “Haha, I like your character. Go back and rest soon. You’ve worked hard today. Although we didn’t catch any of the major figure of Xue Lian, you’ve at least killed a few Artificials and taken control of their dumping grounds. This is a huge blow to Blood Scythe.”

I nodded, “Yeah. Then I am heading back.”


In the Guardian Base’s specially prepared car, Wolf and Rainy sat at the back, while I sat in the front passenger seat.

“Rainy.” I turned back to glance at a teary-eyed Rainy, and asked, “What’s your next plan? Are you going to return to Suzhou or stay in Hangzhou?”

Rainy shook her head and cried, “I don’t know. I don’t know. Brother is gone.. Sniff. Sniff. If mom knows…..”

I took a deep breath and ordered, “Wolf, redraw 200,000RMB from the National Beauty and transfer the money into Rainy’s account. At least let her have money to live. Rainy, transfer money to your mom on behalf of your brother. This way, she won’t be sad. In addition, Zhan Long is your new home. We will soon establish a game club that belongs to Zhan Long. You can move to Hangzhou when it’s done.”

Wolf answered, “Yes. I got it, Brother Xiao Yao. Oh. By the way, a real estate company in Hangzhou found me few days ago, saying that they would like to sponsor us to establish Zhan Long’s game club.”

“Nevermind. I am ashamed to spend the money we earned by bringing up the real estate prices. Let’s continue to wait for a new sponsor. If there is really no result, I will contribute money to establish the club, and we can search for investors later.”

“Okay. I got it!”

At this moment, my phone suddenly rang. It was Wan Er’s number, and I immediately answered——

“Li Xiao Yao, aren’t you at school?” Wan Er inquired with a worried tone.

I nodded, “Yeah. I just finished my mission. On my way back now. What’s the matter, Wan Er?”

“It’s my dad’s birthday today, and he’s having a small birthday dinner party at the restaurant in Fortune Mountain Villa. Therefore, he asked me to bring you along. I must be there at 7 o’clock at night, so prepare yourself.”

“Okay. Got it……”

This was part of Wan Er’s normal outings, and as her personal bodyguard of course I needed to go. This was beyond question. However, since it is Lin Tian Nan’s birthday party, the ones invited must be people of great importance. Yup, I must be well-prepared. At least I cannot embarrass Wan Er.

After I sent Wolf and Rainy back to the studio, I returned to the university. As it was still early, I went online to grind my level. Facing the Firestone Canyon, I grinded my level to 81 while both my [Dou Qi Wall] and [Blade Spin] reached level 6. My [Dou Qi Wall] now increased the physical and magical defense by 120%, while my [Blade Spin] could now initiate 6 consecutive spins to kill. The two skills were abnormally powerful, but used an enormous amount of my mana. Using [Dou Qi Wall] once would use up 420 of my mana, yet I only had a total of 3600 mana. Just a few more times of use, and my mana would be empty. This mana consumption was extraordinarily fierce. Looks like my equipment still need upgrades. During the later stages of the game, there will be Divine Weapons and Epic God Tier Weapons. Equipment that will increase my four stats would be the best! By increasing my strength, endurance, magic and agility, my attack, health, mana and speed would all increase as well. Otherwise, it would be impossible to break thousands with the strength of one.

I scanned Ba Huang City’s level rankings, and saw that I was still in first place while Jian Feng Han was the second. Simple and Yan Zhao Warrior had already reached level 80, and got their fourth advancement. In addition, the players ranked 5-47 were all level 79. F*ck. These players are all at my heels. However, I also predict that there will be scenes of fourth advancement players fighting in the coming future. The numbers of fourth advancement players will also become the main foundation of guilds in battle. Since the new skills are all extremely strong, even the swordsman’s skills that I know, the [Flying Sword] and [Dou Qi Armor] are rather imbalanced.

I killed until around 6 o’clock. My stomach was growling, but I had only gained 7% experience of level 81. The road to the next level up still lay over the horizon. Purely relying on killing normal monsters to level was too slow, so I shall wait for the next main city scale server activity!


It was a message from the beautiful little miss, “Hey! You can log off now. Come to the girl’s dorm, and pick me up. Dong Cheng won’t be going. It’s just the two of us today!”

“Okay. Okay. On my way!”


I signed out, and darted to the girl’s dorm at full speed. Lin Wan Er was just heading downstairs. As she walked down, she lifted her cream-colored long dress. She was dressed like a princess today, an innocent and cute little princess. She tied up her long hair, giving her a refreshing feeling. Along with her bright eyes and white teeth, she had amazed me to the point that I froze to stare at her dumbly.


Wan Er walked in front of me, and hit my chest with her fair arms as she giggled, “Have you seen enough? We should set off, otherwise we will be late. I’m wearing high heels, so you drive.”


The Audi TT drove slowly out of the campus. Fortune Mountain Villa, an expensive project, was built near Xi Hu. It is basically used to entertain public figures, and foreign friends. But to put it bluntly, there isn’t much of an upper class here, just a bunch of political figures, and wealthy people weltering in luxury and pleasure.

At night, 7 o’clock, the sky had darkened, and the headlights of the Audi TT beamed far away. After we drove into Fortune Mountain Villa, we handed the key to the valet to have him park the car. As I walked shoulder to shoulder with Wan Er into the restaurant, the receptionist immediately came up to us, inquiring the room name. Wan Er answered Blue Lagoon, and we were immediately guided to that room. The instant the room’s door opened, I was slightly astonished. It was a room with 18 tables, and there were already many people seated, while Lin Tian Nan was among them.
“Wan Er is here!”

Lin Tian Nan stood up and said to some old friends seated at a table with a smile on his face, “This is my daughter, Lin Wan Er. The one that came with her is….err her friend, Li Xiao Yao……”

Immediately, the group of weird uncles seated at the table stared at Wan Er and laughed, “Aiyo, the daughter of Lin’s family is growing more and more beautiful each day. But say, how did your daughter grow to look so beautiful while you look like this?”

Lin Tian Nan smiled, and responded to each one of them. He then signaled Wan Er and I to sit beside him. Simultaneously, four bodyguards sat, and drank tea at a corner of the room. Looks like it is an unusual glory for me to be able to sit at this table.


“Are there anymore people coming? If not, let’s eat?” Lin Tian Nan smiled and asked.

At this time, a middle-aged man around 40 years old, glowing with health, smiled and interrupted, “Wait, wait. I still have one friend who said he’s coming to wish Boss Lin happy birthday!”

“Oh? Who?” Lin Tian Nan asked in surprise.

“He will be here soon. Just wait a moment!”


A few minutes later, the room door opened again and a black, big dude walked in. He was dressed fully in Louis Vuitton with a big gold chain strung around his neck. He had a crew cut, with two scars on his face. Immediately, Wan Er and I froze for a second as we both thought of how familiar this guy looked. We then realized that this guy was someone that we both know, the guildmaster of [Thousand Burial]——Not Ordinary. At the same time, he is also the Boss behind Blood Scythe!


Lin Tian Nan recognized Wei Fan at first sight, and his fists immediately clenched below the table as he knitted his brows and asked, “Old Ding, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

Yet, Wei Fan only went forward, and saluted with folded hands. A smile was on his face as he said, “Hello, Chairman of Tian Xin Corporation, Lin Tian Nan, Boss Lin. I have wanted to meet you for a long time but there never was a chance. This time, Chief Ding happened to introduce me, giving me this opportunity. This is a small gift from me. I hope you will like it……”

As a bodyguard took the gold-colored gift box from Wei Fan’s hand, Lin Tian Nan stood up and grinned courteously, “Oh, it is the CEO of Song Feng Entertainment Company. Hehe, nice to meet you. It is my honor to have you here. Please be seated! Oh, and the one behind you is?”

Behind Wei Fan stood a man around 60 years old, who possessed the outstanding demeanor of an immortal. He was dressed in traditional chinese cloth while his eyes shone brightly. As his eyes swept past, they seemed to have the power to read minds.

“Oh. It’s like this……”

Wei Fan laughed, and respectfully let the old man behind him into the room as he said, “My bad. My bad. I almost forgot to introduce. This is my old friend, Ou Yang Chuan. He normally doesn’t attend these kind of dinner parties. How should I introduce him… This friend of mine is very special. He doesn’t work for any company. He just likes to travel by foot and be free……”

Ou Yang Chuan walked upfront, and folded his hands while he smiled and said, “I am Ou Yang Chuan. Thanks CEO Wei for holding me in high regard. Starting today, I will be employed by Song Teng Entertainment Company. To be honest, I am just a doorkeeper. Everyone, there’s no need to think too highly of me, an old fellow. Haha……”

I remained quiet. My Yi Hai actually couldn’t see Ou Yang Chuan’s level of practice. It could only means that this person has a higher, and deeper level of practice than me!

Lin Tian Nan’s eyes flashed coldness. Though he was facing the crowds with a smile, but his glances towards me seemed to be asking something.
I looked towards Wei Fan and Ou Yang Chuan, while I placed my hand on top of Wan Er’s fair legs and lifted up three fingers towards Lin Tian Nan. The meaning of this could be understood without any explanation. The central plains* throughout history have only had four big realms of practice, and this person had already reached the third level.
TL Note: Central Plains is how wuxia novels refer to Mainland China

Yang Yan!

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