Zhan Long

Chapter 419

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Chapter 419:Sad Tears

This chemical plant is located outside the urban district. However, it is near the main road to the city. Therefore, many people passed to and fro, and also an elementary school is located not far away from the chemical plant. All of these factors increased the difficulty of this mission.

As the police sirens blared, three police cars had already stopped outside the chemical plant. The police lines had already been set up. Outside the police lines was a group of onlookers, and within the police lines were around a hundred strikers. These strikers were screaming and yelling about months of unpaid wages, and no compensation for work injuries.

At the office in the factory building, the plant manager had wounded his head. Bloodstains were all over the gauze while he howled in pain.

I got off the car with a loaded rifle in my arms, and joined the police line, as I lead the ten people behind me. Immediately, the police officer at my side peered at me, and inquired, “Brother, which division are you guys from? Also on duty for this mission?”

I nodded, “I’m from the Xi Hu District, commanded to assist you guys to carry out this mission.”

“Why didn’t I receive an order?”

“No idea. Probably a last-minute decision.”

“Yeah. Probably.”

I flashed a smile, and gestured the middle-aged policeman with my eyes. He immediately understood me, and led the other four police officers past the police line and into the factory.

Voices rang out from the walkie-talkie——

“Boss, the three exits to the factory had been sealed off.”

“Boss, there are no suspicious ‘packages’ found within the factory!”

“Furnaces number 1 and 2 are under surveillance!”

I lowered my volume as I spoke into the walkie-talkie, “Remain under control, and don’t beat the grass and startle the snake. Most importantly, keep an eye on the furnaces. Is there fire in the furnaces?”

“Yup. It’s on! This is slightly weird. There are so many workers on strike, What’s the use of starting up these furnaces?”

I casted a smile and answered, “It would be normal if the furnaces are on. Everyone, steady yourselves. Let’s wait for them to send the packages here. They will probably arrive around 3 o’clock.”


We waited very patiently until around 3 o’clock. Finally, a heavy truck slowly halted outside the factory. The driver said something to the guard, and was immediately allowed to pass the police line.

As I saw this, I narrowed my eyes. This showed that things are even more abnormal. The truck passed through the police line as if it was an invisible setup. The things inside this truck were obvious. In addition, the relationship between the owner of this chemical factory and Wei Fan was inextricable. As I had expected, there must be countless of innocent evolution failures disposed secretly here.


A voice rang out from the walkie-talkie, “Seven workers entered the factory building, and are carrying the boxes from the truck. The stuff is stored in wooden boxes, and we are unable to see the contents clearly. They are heading towards the furnaces, what should we do?”

I whispered, “Get the sniper to search for the best hiding spot. As for the others, prepare to follow me there. Since the ‘goods’ have already appeared before our eyes, they won’t escape.”


I gestured with my eyes, and the four special officers behind me immediately followed me past the police line. A second gate must be passed before we could enter the furnace room. Yet, that gate was now guarded by special forces from a different district. As I walked towards the door, one of the special forces’ members opened his hand and warned, “Brother, this area inside this plant is off-limits. You can’t enter!”

“Off-limits?” I raised my brows and asked, “You guys took rifles and bullet proof shields here just to guard a few pots? I really want to know. Who gave you this order?”

He paused for a second and answered, “We are just following orders. There’s no other meaning. However, I won’t let you pass this alert line. This is an order and I must obey.”

I darted directly before him, and suddenly raised my arm. As a “Peng” sound rang out, I pressed him onto the wall with my arm across his throat, and pointed at the off-limits area with my right hand as I yelled, “Someone is killing people inside. I must enter. Is this answer clear enough?”

The special police’s face turned blue due to the lack of air. Even if he had went through special training, he was still a lot weaker than me. The other five special forces members around immediately lifted up their pistols and asked, “Who……who are you guys? What’s the meaning of this?”

My eyes turned cold. I moved like lightning, I punched away the pistol of another officer, and roared deeply, “Disarm them!”

Immediately, the Guardian team that came with me acted, and the special forces members were disarmed within seconds. The disparity in our battle strength was too big. These special forces’ members could do nothing to us.

“Who are you guys?” An officer that was pressed into the ground furiously reacted while his arms were almost twisted off.

I pointed at the police badge on my chest and answered, “Xi Hu District, I’m part of the small team the Guardians. We obey the orders of the Southern Capital Military District. Is this clear enough? Give up on resisting. We will soon make our move, and you guys will also understand the situation here!”

“You guys…….”

I turned around, and led the group of people into the factory building. As the few workers saw me walking in, their facial expression immediately changed. The driver of the truck even yelled in shock, “F*ck. We have been betrayed. These aren’t our people!”

While he was still saying this, he stepped on the gas, and drove the truck towards the pots on the furnaces. He’s trying to destroy the evidence forcefully?”


I leaped up towards the truck, and smashed open the truck window forcefully, as I kicked the driver out of the truck. I then stopped the truck while the sounds of guns being loaded and c*cked came from behind me. With a “Bang” sound, a gun fired, and broke the window beside me into pieces while the bullet swept past the tip of my nose.

The sounds of gunfire resounded. Our snipers hiding on the rooftop had finished off almost all the workers one by one.

I jumped off the truck. Under the fierce bumps, a few boxes also dropped down from the truck. As a “Pa” sound rang out, the boxes broke, and ice cold corpses were actually hidden within each of these boxes. I could not feel any life energy in these corpses. My heart immediately turned cold. These animals! Did all these experimental failures get frozen to death?

A few workers took out their pistols; one of them was already aiming towards me with his teeth gritted, and a hateful expression. Fish scales began to appear on the skin of his neck. These are all Artificials! As expected, this chemical plant was actually Blood Scythe’s trash bin! It’s all under their control!

Before he fired, I had speedily pulled out the C9 pistol wrapped on my leg while moving rapidly I raised my hand and fired!


Fresh blood splattered. Headshot! I used Nano bullets, even these Artificials had no defense against them.


An Artificial suddenly pressed the ground with both of his hands, and emitted the roars of a wild beast. Horrifying fangs began growing out of his mouth, while blood red scales covered his body. He became a blood-red lizard, and he darted towards me with abnormal speed while he roared, “Whoever you are, we want you dead! Die!”

I shot his face, but the nano bullets only left a bullet hole on his face, unable to pass through. F*ck. This is the next level of the evolution. Even the nano bullets couldn’t punch through their scales!

With determination in my heart, I raised my arm, and condensed the whirlwind on my fist. I charged directly towards him, and lowered my body, dodging his claws which came flying towards me. I raised my fists, and smashed it into his face!


As his two fangs broke off , I took the chance to punch him to the ground, and added another punch. I lifted my pistol, and shot it at his forehead. The bullet pushed through his head this time. As his defensive layer had been smashed by my whirlwind, he wasn’t that tough anymore.

As the scattered gun fight sounds died out, the eight Artificials had all collapsed within the factory building. A group of special forces’ members rushed in together, but were shocked by the scene.

The police officer that was disarmed by me stared at the frozen corpses of the Failed Artificials. He was extremely shocked as he stuttered, “These……these are the killing machines which Blood Scythe are raising…….The legendary Artificials?”

I smiled softly, and patted his shoulder, “Brother, no need to be shocked. The thing that will make you more surprised is that…….Your immediate superior had ordered you to protect the ones that were destroying the corpses. I am afraid he doesn’t have clean hands……”

I scanned the frozen bodies on the ground, and as I checked one by one, I finally found a handsome young man from within these corpses. He was around 22 years old, and had been dead for quite some time. A tag was strung around his neck. On the tag, Qing Meng was written clearly. Plus, his face was identical with the picture I had seen. The corpse of Rainy’s brother had been found.

I felt pain in my heart. Rainy was still imagining that her brother was alright. How should I tell her the truth?

“Everyone, take the packages. Check for bombs, and return after you all have finished checking!”


The two cars slowly set off along the road. The corpses of the Artificials had been handed over to the other team to deal with.

Within the base, the corpses had been stored in rows.

Shen Bing stared at Qin Meng’s body and her brow furrowed,“How should we tell Rainy?”

While my heart felt heavy, I took out my phone and called Wolf, “Wolf, bring Rainy out here. Catch a cab to Xi Hu District 1087 on Third Road. Someone will lead you guys in here.”

Wolf asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, What’s the matter?”

“Don’t ask. Just bring Rainy here.”


Soon, through the guidance of two Guardian team members, Wolf and Rainy went into the storeroom together. As she saw my uniform, Rainy paused for a second and asked, “Boss, why
……. are you dressed like this?”

I put my hand on her shoulder and answered, “Cause I am a police officer…… Rainy, your brother has already……. but you can still see him once……”


Rainy shuddered and tears fell down her eyes as she cried, “No. No……Why would brother leave me? Brother..… Brother. Sniff. Sniff…….

Shen Bing pulled open an ice locker, and Qin Meng’s body laid in there quietly. He still had the same appearance.

Seeing this, Rainy immediately cried her heart out. She threw herself onto her brother’s corpse and held her brother’s face. Overwhelmed by grief, she cried fiercely, “Brother, brother, What’s wrong…… Brother, I am Little Rain. Brother, please talk to me……”

Standing behind Rainy, I whispered, “Your brother was murdered. Although I do not know who did this, I will catch him, and let him pay with his life…..Little Rain, though your brother is no longer here, [Zhan Long] will be your new home. I will take care of your future living expenses, and other things. As long as [Zhan Long] is here, as long as I, Li Xiao Yao, am alive, you will never be mistreated again!”

Rainy turned around to face me. Her face had turned purple from the cold in the morgue while she leapt into my arms and wailed, “Boss, Boss!! Brother is such a good person. Why did they kill him? Why did they kill him? What should I do in the future……. Boss, I…….”

While she was still crying, she glanced back at Qin Meng’s corpse, and tears flowed uncontrollably.

Shen Bing stood there as her eyes reddened, and she turned around to wipe her tears.

I stood there without a word, while Wolf patted Rainy’s shoulder and comforted her, “Little Rain, trust in brother Xiao Yao. He has the strength to get revenge for your brother. He definitely can…….”

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