Zhan Long

Chapter 417

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Chapter 417 Internal Strife at [Hero’s Mound]


My sword revolved crazily in the air and voluntarily returned to my hand after slashing the pack of wolves dead. I brandished both of my swords and slayed a few monsters. My Flaming Tiger God was also beside me, assisting me during the fight. The quest was progressing very smoothly.

Wan Er tilted her head and stared at me, “This……[Blade Spin] is your fourth advancement skill?”


“Normally, there should be 1-2 new skills, right?”

“Oh, there’s one more. It’s a defending type of skill!”

“Oh? Let me see……”

I roared deeply and Dou Qi was suffused through my whole body. The fiery red Dou Qi around me condensed into streaks of broken armor shields. They surrounded my body and formed a wall. This was the effect of [Wall of Dou Qi].

“Wow……” Stars filled Dong Cheng Yue’s eyes as she exclaimed, “Such a handsome [Wall of Dou Qi]!”

Wan Er also narrowed her beautiful eyes and said, “Yeah. Looks really handsome.. Seriously very handsome……”

I grinned, “The defense effect is also really strong. A Lv 10 [Wall of Dou Qi] can increase my physical and magical defense by 200%. As long as the wall’s durability isn’t completely wiped out, the skill will remain in effect.”

Wan Er stuck out her tongue, “Isn’t this too buggy…..”

Dong Cheng lightly smiled, “Well now, nobody can even dream of killing Brother Xiao Yao… that bastard’s attack power is way too high, even his defense power is high. On top that, he’s a thousand kill close combat specialist. With this kind of bastard, he’s practically a thorn in the eye for people like Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han….”

I hacked down a hyena and said, “It’s alright I guess. Before, it was just because I’m a close combat type that I was able to rival Fang Ge Que. Technically speaking, [Zhan Long] didn’t even actually take on [Legend]. Besides, once the Country Wars start, we’ll be on the same side, and we won’t be fighting among each other anymore.”

“Yea, that’ll be the best scenario, [Legend] isn’t a good enemy to provoke…” Dong Cheng cautioned.

Wan Er waved her Dragon’s Kiss dagger and smiled, “Hmph, let’s just say Fang Ge Que actually wants to kill Li Xiao Yao, I don’t care if it’s good or bad to provoke him, I’ll fight him even if I can’t defeat him!”

My heart warmed, “I’ll repay the little miss’ kindness of protection with my kidney.”

Wan Er giggled, “You pig head, hurry up and kill these monsters!”



Not long after, we killed all 1000 hyenas. Wan Er pointed to the front, “Let’s continue in the shrubbery up front. There’s a monster called “Forest Tiger”, its a Lv85 Phantom Tier monster. We need to kill 1000 of them. Come on, we’re almost done!”

The three people rushed through the forest like a tornado. The firepower of three people and three pets had completely overpowered these Lv 85 Phantom Tier monsters. Especially after I had obtained the Magic Dragon’s Helmet and my [Wall of Dou Qi], my defense increased exponentially and I could basically block all of them without needing another Healer to heal me. My own [Heal] and 10% [Drain] was more than enough.

After a short period of time, 500 Forest Tigers fell at our feet. After we continued to go further into the forest, we noticed the light of flames and blades. Clearly, there were other players killing monsters here too.

Wan Er walked in front and reached out to brush away the leaves. Before us was a large group of people killing the Forest Tigers. With a single glance we could tell that they were all from [Hero’s Mound: Second Division]. There were around 300+ players, not that many. They seemed to be having a hard time against these monsters.

I followed close behind Wan Er and walked out of the forest. Slightly astonished, “Dang, so many people are here to steal monsters. The quota of our quest is pretty high. Wan Er, these are all [Hero’s Mound] people. Why don’t you tell them about our situation?”

Wan Er nodded, “Yup, I know….”


With a flash of Dragon’s Kiss, Wan Er stepped out of the forest and walked into the open area. Her clothes fluttering in the wind, she swept her cloak out from behind her, displaying her pretty face and mystifying body to the crowd. She stood in front of the crowd with one hand on her hip and one hand flicking her dagger, “Friends from [Hero’s Mound: Second Division], I’m here for a quest. I need to kill a large amount of Forest Tigers, so I politely ask that you move to another place. Otherwise, I don’t know how long it would take for me to get my fourth advancement….”

Among the crowd of people, a young Swordsman walked out, the emblem of a Vice Guild Master floating above his shoulder. He was completely clothed in a heroic armor and a longsword in his hand. He grinned, “Oh, so it was the main guild’s Vice Guild Master beauty Cang Tong. Seeing as it is a quest that you are doing, then we’ll just let you do your quest. After all, you are one of us!”

Wan Er nodded with a smile, “Ok! Thank you!”

However, the second division Guild Master glanced at me, “Huh? Isn’t this Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Aren’t you supposed to be in Ba Huang City? What are you doing in Fan Shu City….”

His glare carried hostility. I coughed, “It’s nothing. I’m just here to help Cang Tong with her quest. Is there a problem, Guild Master Ai Ye?”

Ai Ye, a Lv 77 Swordsman, the Guild Master of [Hero’s Mound: Second Division], can be considered an elite person. He doubtfully looked at me, his hand gripping the hilt of his sword. Then, he suddenly laughed, “To be honest, I’m really puzzled right now. Why would people like Cang Tong and Cang Yue, who have so much importance placed in them at [Hero’s Mound] and are treated like goddesses, always try to leave [Hero’s Mound]. Q-Sword has always doted on you guys, but all you want to do is leave. Do you know how much this has disappointed our players?”

“That’s enough!”

Wan Er’s pretty face had a cold expression, “I joined [Hero’s Mound] because I thought of Q-Sword as my friend. I’m leaving [Hero’s Mound] because I’ve already fulfilled my promise to Q-Sword. Don’t tell me anything about disappointing others. I just ask, have I done anything that harmed [Hero’s Mound] during my time here? If you take me as a friend, then you wouldn’t be disappointed because my friends will always wish for my happiness. If you’re disappointed, then you don’t think of me as your friend, you just think of me as a tool. Would I care about people like that?”


Ai Ye’s face was completely green. He softly threatened, “Cang Tong, do you know the proverb, Eat my pear, but help my neighbor*? You are one of [Hero’s Mound], yet you’re always with Xiao Yao Zi Zai. What does that mean?”
*TL Note: Means to take benefits from one person but help others instead.

Wan Er suddenly grinned, then flashed her Dragon’s Kiss dagger, “To be honest, people from other worlds really do have different logic. Did you think that I joined [Hero’s Mound] to be Q-Sword’s servant? Did you think that just because I joined [Hero’s Mound], I have to listen to everything you guys want me to do? You’re wrong. I only listen to my own heart. I’ll be with whoever I like to be with. I’m very conscious of my decisions. There’s no need for nosy people like you to tell me what to do!”

Ai Ye’s face turned even uglier, “If it’s like that, then I can’t let you have these monsters….”

Behind Ai Ye, a vulgar looking Undead Assassin came out from the shadows. Lifting his dagger, he cackled, “For a beautiful bitch like Cang Tong, only our Guild Master Q-Sword is worthy of her. Too bad, he didn’t even get her before Xiao Yao first caught her. Us brothers, we can’t just sit here and do nothing, am I right?”

Ji Yuan, a Lv 77 Undead Assassin, he was the Vice Guild Master of [Hero’s Mound: Second Division].


“Can you guys clean up your mouths a bit?” Dong Cheng Yue angrily shouted.

Ji Yuan furrowed his brows, “How do you expect it to be clean? The truth is right in front of us. Cang Tong, Cang Yue, if you guys want to go, I won’t stop you. However, if you want to take brothers from [Hero’s Mound] with you, I definitely won’t allow it! Cang Tong, I don’t care who you like, all I care about, is the negative impact you’ll create on [Hero’s Mound]. If your resignation negatively impacts [Hero’s Mound], then even if I have to fight to the death, I still won’t agree to it!”

“Did she need your permission?”

I stepped forward and stood in front of Wan Er. I slowly pulled out my Emperor Qin’s Sword and softly said, “You better get the f*ck out of the way, or else don’t blame me if I’m too harsh. Seeing as you guys are from [Hero’s Mound], I didn’t immediately fight you. Don’t think that means that us three are easy people to bully!”

Ai Ye said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you better f*cking crawl back to Ba Huang City to make your bluffs. Right now, you’re in Fan Shu City. Is this your place to talk?”

I didn’t say anything, instead, I pulled out a Pardon Card, then raised my sword and rushed forward. Once I accelerated, my blade fell upon him, and Ai Ye was completely caught off guard. All he could do was raise his sword to block!


Sparks flew, and with a great slash, Ai Ye tumbled backwards. “Peng!” he knocked into a dozen other [Hero’s Mound: Second Division], forcing them to retreat backwards. Based on my power now, I could definitely do at least this much.

He miserably stood up from the crowd of people, his face filled with rage, “Kill. Go and cut down Xiao Yao Zi Zai. If Cang Tong and Cang Yue try to stop you, then kill them too! Don’t let a single one of them live!”

My eyes turned cold, and my Cold Iron Sword already flew up into the air beside my shoulder. I coldly said, “Ai Ye, you’re looking for your own death. Don’t blame me!”

“What is this?” Ai Ye was stunned.

“Shua!” My Cold Iron Sword already flew out, it was the effect of [Blade Spin]. “Hua Cha!” it flew right through Ai Ye’s chest, bringing out 4417 damage. Is suddenly spun around, and cut through the crowd of people a second time, bringing out another 5128 damage. All of the Healers behind Ai Ye kept healing him, barely sustaining his life. The moment I opened my palm, however, Ai Ye’s face turned green,


[Great Realm of Desolation]


An instant kill in one strike! Any more healing would be useless!

Ji Yuan was enraged and darted towards me with his dagger in hand. He yelled furiously, “How dare you kill our Guild Master! You’re looking to die!”

As a “Pa” sound rang out, I held the Cold Iron Sword which had revolved back to me. I then slashed with both of my swords, knocking Ji Yuan with a “Keng”, forcing him to tumble backwards. He looked battered and exhausted, but the moment he stood up, an electric current flowed through his body, electrifying him into a roasted pig. These people had angered Dong Cheng Yue, the Missy of Dong Cheng.


The [Hero’s Mound] players charged towards us with their swords held high, while I also ran at them with a smile on my face. I roared deeply and [Wall of Dou Qi] surrounded my body. Any kinds of [Combo]s, [Skyshaker Slash] and other skills could only fall onto the [Wall of Dou Qi]. Unfortunately for them, it was like bullets hitting a tank; it was impossible to break through my defense. At most, I would only get an attack damage of 200+.


A beautiful figure came in front of me in a flash. Wan Er raised her hand, held out the Iron Umbrella and swung it out!


Raging flames surged out, and forcing the group of [Hero’s Mound] players backwards. All of the players were stupefied. They stared at this Vice Guild Master of the main division, unsure as to whether they should fight or retreat.

Wan Er scanned the crowds with her bright eyes and opened her mouth calmly, “Ai Ye and Yuan Ji started this conflict. I will talk to Q-Sword about the details. If you guys continue to be blinded and provoke me again, then don’t blame me for having no mercy!

The group of people stared in astonishment and soon dispersed. As expected, no one was willing to offend Cang Tong, the beautiful Vice Guild Master of [Hero’s Mound].

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