Zhan Long

Chapter 416

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Chapter 416 Wall of Dou QI

[Blade Spin] Lv 1: Wield the sword with the air. Able to revolve the sword freely in the air to attack the target. The higher the level of the skill, the more attacks dealt. Consumes 70 mp with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

The skill list displayed the details with clarity. However, I knew nothing about this skill and thus, had to try it out once first.



The system prompted me asking which of the swords was to be used in the skill. My Emperor Qin’s Sword was the main sword used in attack and defense, thus, I decided to use the Cold Iron Sword instead. Soon after the interface flashed before me, and prompted me to choose a trajectory path. The range of the attack was 50 yards. I could also choose between a straight or curved track. The trajectory and angle were fully customizable. Tsk, this skill sure does take up a lot of energy.

In my heart, I was secretly happy. Our Godly Commander Miss Matcha once told me: the harder the skill is to release, the more advantageous it is for you in raising your individual ability. The operation of [Blade Spin] at merely Lv 1 was already this difficult; it goes without saying how much harder Lv 10 would be!

Upon choosing my trajectory arc, and confirming the route it will take, the official attack launched soon after.


The Cold Iron Sword unsheathed, and floated in the air beside my shoulder, like a ice cold guardian. Under the influence of my thoughts, the Cold Iron Sword flew out with a “Shua!” The fierce tip of the blade swept through the air, bringing forth numerous bouts of cold wind. Following the predetermined path, it soared forward. I launched two strikes with my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and hit the Cold Iron Sword squarely as it revolved along the path. From this, the imaginary enemy suffered two serious blows, and would have died, or at the very least was seriously injured.


With one hand gripping the Cold Iron Sword that cycled back, my heart was filled with excitement. Towards this skill, I had gained quite a bit of insight. The next step was to quickly practice, and familiarize myself with the execution of this technique. Although it might merely be an SS ranked skill, in reality it was way more useful than many other SSS ranked ones. Once my proficiency in attacking with it improves, it will be the focal point in killing enemies. Moreover, this tactic would be classified as one where the wielder separates with his sword. The ability to catch the enemy off guard would prove to be lethal. On top of that, this type of battle tactic is called “Separation of man and sword” and uses uncommon sword attacks to deal critical damage.

Proud of my success, I sheathed the two swords. I turned around and arrived beside Frost. Frost gazed at me, the corners of her mouth raised into a slight grin, “How is it? Are you satisfied?”

I laughed as I bowed, “I have nothing else to say, other than cool!”

Frost couldn’t help but let loose a smile, “So, what else do you want to learn?”

I proceeded to enquire, “[Dou Qi Armor] is the mainland adventurers’ common ability. Teacher, do you have a stronger protective skill to impart? I am from Dragon City and thus, shouldn’t be learning the same skill as them.”

Frost nodded her head in agreement, “Actually, I followed King Luo Lin in practicing since I was 14 years old. It has already been 9 years. Regarding the [Dou Qi Armor] technique, I had already grasped and reached the Royal Air Level in proficiency when I was 17. Therefore, when I had free time, I created a different set of defense techniques similar to [Dou Qi Armor]. It is a mixture of Dragon City’s ancient secret martial arts. I wonder if you would be willing to learn it?”

“Yes! What’s it called?”

Frost extended her hands as another column of text appeared before me.

[Wall of Dou Qi] Level 1 (SS rank): Condenses battle qi into a wall that protects the user’s body. An enormous defensive wall that is capable of resisting magic. Currently, raising a level will increase defense and magic resistance by 20%. Durability depends on the sum of your attack and defense values. Consumes 70 mana; Cooldown time: 60 seconds. Needs 1000G to learn.

I was astonished. This [Wall of Dou Qi]’s effect was obvious. It used the skill’s Dou Qi to add to your defense rather than protect the user from 50% of the damage. And, since the effect is proportional, and Dou Qi itself naturally raises the user’s defense, 1 level would raise physical and magical defense by 20%. By my estimate, by Lv 10, [Wall of Dou Qi] would increase defense by 200%. It could be said that this effect was the exact opposite of [Dou Qi Armor]. One level of [Wall of Dou Qi] was not as strong as [Dou Qi Armor], but 10 levels of [Wall of Dou Qi] would completely overpower [Dou Qi Armor]. What more was there to think about?

Especially with the fact that my attack and defense is much higher than the average player, three levels of [Wall of Dou Qi] would already beat a Lv 10 [Dou Qi Armor]. After all, I have 4200 defense, and with a 60% increase, no one will be able to break my defense. Of course, that is excluding players like Wan Er who have an extremely high defense ignore, but those are rare examples.

Looking at the effect of [Wall of Dou Qi], I couldn’t help but doubtfully ask, “Frost, this….. you took so much for that [Blade Spin], then you would probably want at least 1000G for this [Wall of Dou Qi]? Then why so little, it seems illogical….”

Frost grinned, then glanced around with her beautiful eyes. Seeing that no one was behind her, she quickly walked up to me, and pressed her pretty face close to mine and whispered, “Because this [Wall of Dou Qi] is a skill that I created, giving this [Wall of Dou Qi] to you doesn’t go through any regulations. Dragon City wouldn’t notice anything either, and so I’m just taking the price of creation…..”

“Copyright….” my lips twitched, “You even know about copyright fee?”

Frost squinted her eyes, “I saw the phrase in some ancient books, and so I used it. There isn’t a problem with that is there?”*
*Allenwa note:copyright in China hmmm seems legit

“Nope, there’s no problem at all haha….”

With a wave of my hand, I learned the skill. [Wall of Dou Qi] appeared in my list of skills. Like this, I obtained the two main skills from the fourth advancement. [Wall of Dou Qi] increased my survivability, while [Blade Spin] increased my battle power, this was clearly the perfect combination.


With a low roar, I activated the skill, and snakes of red colored Dou Qi began to condense around my body, and formed a wall of Qi similar to magma


Before I even said anything, Frost’s pale fist was already surrounded by ice energy, and came flying straight at me!


The [Wall of Dou Qi] shuddered, and I took 4427 damage as my body flew backwards. “Peng!” I hit the stone pillar at the edge of the observation deck, the force of my impact caused the entire deck to shake. Frost rushed over and helped me up, her expression apologetic, “Wu, I’m sorry. I didn’t think that your defense was that weak. My attack was still a bit too much….”

I coughed a few times, then looked at the [Wall of Dou Qi]. There was only 7% durability left. Only God knows just how much strength Frost really has. I asked, “Exactly how much of your strength did you use?”

“10%…..” Frost said a very disheartening number for me. Seeing my sorrowful look, she seemed to realize something, and suddenly tugged on my arm as she tried to remedy her mistake, “Don’t be disappointed. You’re actually really strong, at least compared with other adventurers. Now that I’m in Dragon City, I can absorb dragon power. I didn’t get this strong without training for many years. You’ll also get here at one point….”

I nodded, “En, I understand!”

Standing up, I patted off some snow from my shoulder, “Then, I will go out to train. Frost, will you continue to guard this observation deck in Dragon City?”

Frost licked her lips, “Dragon City is a protective barrier for people, moon elves, and wind elves. The evil power in the north is becoming stronger and stronger. I’ve been feeling a bad premonition, so I will personally guard this spot. I don’t trust anyone else to do it. Don’t worry, once Dragon City is truly in danger, I will lite a beacon, letting the Seven Kingdoms know to rescue us!”

I nodded, “Ok, then I will leave now!”

“Alright. Train hard!”


I fished out a City Return Scroll, and crushed it. As I was turning into a light, I looked back at my beautiful master. Frost also looked at me, her lips carried a bitter smile, “Remember to come back….”


After returning to Ba Huang City, I repaired all of my equipment. After leaving the city, I messaged Wan Er, “Little Miss, how’s your quest? I’m coming right now!”

Wan Er replied, “Ok. Come straight to where my target it. My quest is different from yours. I have to continuously kill Lv 85 Phantom Tier monsters. I need to kill 3000 of them. Come quick, Dong Cheng already came to help. With your firepower, I should be able to complete it.”

“Ok ok, I’m coming!”

I rushed out of Ba Huang City, and ran straight towards Fan Shu City. Along the way, whenever I saw a monster I would purposely use [Blade Spin]. My Cold Iron Sword was almost constantly in the air beside me, flying along as I ran. After continuously activating the skill, my [Blade Spin] was already Lv 2 by the time I reached Fan Shu City!

At the same time, the details of the skill began to change. It can spin two times in the air now!

Right in front of me, a Lv 77 hyena-like monster had just finished eating a rabbit and was breathing softly. I’ll use that as a target. My Cold Iron Sword whistled through the air and “Pu Chi!” penetrated the hyenas body, and then immediately came back with a spin. With a wave of my arm, the Cold Iron Sword was suddenly controlled by Dou Qi, and began its second attack. It stabbed the hyena again. It was a normal monster, and so it was immediately killed with a wail.


The Cold Iron Sword automatically returned to its sheath. I carried my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and continued running forward. This truly deserves to be called Frost’s unique technique. Yup, in my hands, I must definitely make its name known around the world!

As I rushed towards Fan Shu City, farmlands began to appear before me. After I entered the valley, I could see the two beauties in the distance, slaughtering hyenas. They had to kill another 1000. Then, they had to kill 1000 tigers, and 1000 leopards to finish the quest!

A group of hyena cubs nipped at Wan Er’s feet. The beautiful little miss let her Dragon’s Kiss dance in the air, finishing them off one by one. After that, she activated a last [Ice Pick Whirlpool], and the group of cubs all cried out, instantly losing over half of their health.

I dashed through the brushes, and started killing monsters. From the distance, I waved my left hand, and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out of its sheath. “Shua!” it created an arc in the air and flew around Wan Er as it cut through the group of hyena cubs. After that, it quickly flew back through the cubs, slashing them a second time. Within one second, they were sliced two times. The cubs all fell with a cry. With just one [Blade Spin], I killed 20 hyenas.

Wan Er turned around to look at me and sweetly smiled, “You finally came!”

I nodded with a smile, “Yup. I’m a bit late, so don’t be mad. It’s just that Ba Huang City and Fan Shu City are too far apart, and there’s no teleportation between the main cities. Such a pain in the ass…..”

Wan Er smiled softly, “Yeah. I was told that teleportation between main cities in the game is not allowed. If players wanted to assist other main cities, they must run there themselves!”

“Yeah.” I cast a glance at Dong Cheng Yue, but noticed that she was looking at me with teary eyes. Her beautiful big eyes were filled with tears. Seeing this, I was surprised and asked, “What’s wrong? Dong Cheng?”

Dong Cheng Yue pursed her red lips and said with a delicate and touching tone, “Brother Xiao Yao, I missed you……”

I narrowed my eyes and asked, “What’s going on? Your Aunt Flo is here?”

Dong Cheng Yue cried, “How did you know……”

My mouth twitched and replied, “Never mind. Let’s kill monsters……”

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