Zhan Long

Chapter 415

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Chapter 415 Blade Spin

We quickly finished off the six BOSS-es, however the Tiger Beastman was killed in one shot by an ambush from one of the Lei Qian summons. On top of that, Lei Qian glared at us, his face filled with ferocity. He waved the mage staff in his hand, and a raging flame suddenly appeared in the darkness. He roared, “You two nameless adventurers, you actually dare to break my summoning circle. I’m going to kill you guys, and take your bodies to an endless hell where it will burn you all the way down to your soul. You’ll become the most pitiful worms in all three realms!”


The dagger in Wan Er’s hand suddenly flashed, and was switched with the iron umbrella on her back. “Hua!” The umbrella opened up, and blocked the flame. The force of the attack pushed the beautiful little miss backwards several steps. With a “wu wu” cry, she lost 2100+ health. From the look of it, even though she had [Heavenly Armor], it didn’t raise her magic defense too much. On top of that, Wan Er had at most 5,000 health points, there was no way she would be able to take this kind of an attack.

“How about you do this….” She looked up at me.

I had already raised my sword by the time her words fell. I lowered my head, and used my shoulder to slam into Lei Qian’s chest. “Peng!” I forced him backwards. I then raised my two swords, “Ka ka ka” I executed five consecutive slashes, and jet black blood seep out of his wounds. Lei Qian didn’t have any defensive skills, but a black spell began to form under my feet. It forced me to move as though I was in mud. However, this was also ok, I wasn’t planning on fighting him head on in the first place.

Lei Qian opened his palm, and cast another flame spell. He threw a fireball right at me!


Ok, my magic defense is extremely high. With a flash of my blade, I activated [Combo] + [Strength of a Thousand Men]. After that, Lei Qian only smiled. A layer of black armor began to form around his armor. At that moment, my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword slashed against it, which created many sparks. Motherf*cker, this was a Steel Iron skill that raised his defense by about 7 seven times for 3 seconds. Naturally, I wouldn’t be able to break through it………

Seeing that my attack failed, I could tell that Lei Qian’s AI is pretty high. He suddenly raised his staff and roared, “Death god that has sunken to hell, please open your eyes, and release your judgement on this earth —— [Hand of the Death God]!”


A bloody cloud passed through the sky, and a crimson hand fell from the sky. I immediately yelled out, “Wan Er, back up!”

Wan Er hurriedly retreated, while I had to take the attack head on since I didn’t have as much agility as her. My body trembled as the [Hand of the Death God] practically shattered my bones. The damage number was also extremely shocking——



I immediately gulped down a 3000 health potion. I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and threw a [Fierce Ice Blade] into the BOSS’ chest. At the same time, I used a [Heal] on myself and cursed under my breath, “What kind of f*cking summoner is this, how come it has such a high attack…..”

Wan Er raised her dagger and came in for another attack, “Of course a Lv 85 Valkyrie Tier BOSS is difficult. We need to focus more. Later, when the BOSS uses [Hand of the Death God] again, I’ll interrupt it. That way, we’ll be much safer. You really need to watch your own health!”

“Got it!”

The second time, as Lei Qian raised his palm to activate [Hand of the Death God] again, Wan Er was much faster, and immediately used [Gouge] on him!


This time, [Gouge] didn’t succeed, but Wan Er quickly reacted and entered into [Stealth]. In a flash she threw another stab into his back, and finally she stunned him! As I saw that I secretly applauded her. This was an ability that only top tier Assassins had. To be able to think of not just one plan, but also a backup in case the first attack failed, and not feel any panic, that was truly amazing.

Like this, there was basically no suspense. Even though I had activated my [Dragon Knight’s Recovery] twice, with 11,000 health, I wasn’t worried about being able to kill Lei Qian at all. After all, I had an Assassin like Wan Er who could both attack and defend. Killing a Valkyrie Tier quest BOSS was no problem.

With an agonized cry, Lei Qian finally fell. “Shua!” a golden light fell and Wan Er leveled up to 80. She immediately switched to her Dragon’s Kiss dagger. At that moment, the dagger in her hand suddenly started shining, lighting the entire forest. She waved it and smiled, “Oh, its almost too strong, my attack is above 5100 now…..”

As I looked through the dropped equipment from the BOSS, I muttered, “Even I, an entirely strength based Swordsman, don’t have that high of an attack. This is completely illogical. If you were to strength it to +7, then your attack would be above 6000…..”

Wan Er clasped her hands behind her back, then looked at me with a beautiful smile, “This is all because you sent me this Dragon’s Kiss dagger, otherwise, how else would my attack be so strong….”

Awkwardly, I coughed, “He he, I pretty much sold it to you, it wasn’t a gift…”

“At least it was half sold and half gifted..” Wan Er giggled, “I’m not some heartless bastard, I know at least this much!”


I picked up Lei Qian’s head from the ground. As for the equipment, the best one was Purple Tier, and wasn’t worth much. Holding up his head, “Then…we’ll split up? You go back to Fan Shu City to get your job promotion, and I’ll go back to Dragon City to turn in the quest. After that, I’ll go to Fan Shu City and help you finish your quest. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good!” Wan Er slowly nodded, then fished out a City Return Scroll and smiled, “Then I’ll go back now. I’ll see you later?”

“Yup, I’ll see you later!”

“Shua!” The beautiful little miss was sent away. I also fished out a City Return Scroll, and activated it. After I was sent straight back to Ba Huang City, went straight north, back to Dragon City.

I arrived at Dragon City and climbed up the city wall easily. I went directly towards the watchtower, and Frost was still here as expected. It seemed like she was unable to be at ease if it was someone else guarding the watchtower. On the wide platform, I strode forward. The sound of my boots stepping on the snow shocked Frost, and she immediately turned around. As she saw that it was me, she flashed a smile and asked, “How was it? Did you finish the quest?”


I took out the bloody human head from my bag and said, “The summoner Lei Qian had been killed by me. This is his head. Now, can you promote my job?”

Frost chuckled, “Yup! As expected, you never let me down!”

Frost took the human head from me, and threw it away. That head went along with the wind, and flew north of Dragon City. Finally it disappeared into the midst of the snow. She then walked in front of me, and put her one of her hands onto my chest. With a stern and firm voice, she spoke, “The land of Dragon City is cold, but good faith will exist forever. Even if Dragon City falls, you will fulfill your responsibility, and guard the barrier of this cold and desolate land……I, Frost Hua, as the leader of the Dragon City Cavalry, hereby gift you the honor of the Guardian of Dragon City. From now on, you are an inseparable part of my life. Even transmigration will not stop you from fulfilling this responsibility! ”

I nodded resolutely, “Yes!”

A golden light cascaded on me, and the system bell rang out——


System Notification: Congratulations for successfully getting your fourth advancement job. As you are the second fourth advancement player, you received an additional reward: Charm+7!

F*ck. I actually didn’t take the first. Looks like the winner of the first place was either Fang Ge Que or Q-sword. Only these two could have such rapid efficiency!

On my shoulder, the name of my job in Dragon City transformed into four golden words ‘Guardian of Dragon City.’ It looked much more magnificent than Scavenger of Dragon City or Tomb Guardian of Dragon City or whatever. At least I looked like a proper warrior, and not someone with his jobs on the edge…….”

Looking towards Frost, I inquired with a smile, “Teacher, do you have anything you can teach me?”

Frost also smiled and stretched out her hand and waved The lists of two new skills appeared before my eyes while she answered, “Look. These are the skills that Fourth Advancement Swordsman are able to learn. Do you like them?”

I scanned the list and it looked very ordinary——

[Flying sword]: Wield the sword with air. The sword is able to attack the target in a straight line. It has a range of 15 yards. The cost of learning is 100 gold coins![Dou Qi Armor]: Activates Dou Qi to create a shield and lessens the damage done to the user by 50%. The durability of the shield is proportional to the user’s attack. Cost: 100G!

“Flying Sword attacks in a straight line……” I muttered to myself, and looked towards Frost as I said, “Only attacks in a straight line. The style has far too little variability. Plus, I am your student so I should learn some rather special sword skills, right?”

Frost smiled sweetly in response. Her beautiful smile charmed all who stared at it. She then pursed her lips and stopped smiling. She looked towards me with a bright and profound eyes as she asked, “Do you really want to learn special sword skills?”

I nodded and answered, “Yes. Look at my serious facial expression….”

Frost grinned again, “Okay. I originally swore to never teach this ancient skill to a second person, but……but you are special, then…..Nevermind. It wouldn’t matter even if I taught you. No one heard it when I swore anyway……”

I burst out in laughter, “Are you teaching me or not……”

“I am, but……the price is very heavy. Are you still willing to learn?”



“Alright. Look careful……”

Frost lifted her Severing Beauty Sword horizontally and suddenly loosened her grip. Her Severing Beauty Sword floated in the air. Under the control of Frost’s aura, her longsword cut through the blowing snow as a “Shua” sound rang out, and spun in the air. Frost snapped softly and Severing Beauty Sword immediately changed it’s path. It spun and cut through the air, producing winds as it whirled around and made “Hua Hua” sound. Pain was induced as the wind produced by the sword blew on my skin.

After countless of continuous revolutions, Severing Beauty fell before Frost, making a “Keng” sound. The sound of the sword echoed incessantly.

Frost looked at me with a smile, “[Blade Spin] belongs to a subfield of the Flying Sword, but it is much more advanced. Are you sure you want to learn this? ”

I nodded in response, “Yes!”

Frost flashed a smile and a list of the learning skill appeared on my game interface.

[Blade Spin LV-1] (SS tier): Wield the sword with the air. Able to revolve the sword freely in the air to attack the target. The higher the level of the skill, the more attacks dealt. Consumes 70 mp with a cooldown of 30 seconds. The cost of learning is 100000 Gold coins and learning requires a use of 30 charm points.

30 charm and 100000 gold coins! This was not an ordinary price, but I……must learn it. I have already realized the importance of this skill. To attack by revolving the sword in the air, and the higher the level of your skill, the more the sword is able to keep revolving. This is absolutely better than any AOE skill.

A “Ding” sound rang out, and I successfully learned the skill. On my skill bar, the skill, [Blade Spin] appeared!

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