Zhan Long

Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: Presumptuous Demands

“Pfft. Loser!”

I scolded myself in my mind, and looked up at Wan Er, “You made it here in time. I just killed the first BOSS, but there are two more. It’s good that you came, otherwise I would have no confidence in killing the Saint Tier BOSS!”

Wan Er moved her long hair, and a corn leaf swayed by the wind landed on the ground. She grinned and said, “Yeah. Let’s go!”

“Oh. Almost forgot. Your gift…….”

“Yes. Right……” The beautiful Missy opened her right hand which was as fair as snow and uttered, “Come on! My gift!”

I stretched my hand into my bag, and took some time fumbling for the gift. I then raised my hand, and a dagger enshrouded by flames appeared in my hand. As I waved it towards Wan Er, the stats of the dagger floated in the air——

[Dragon’s Kiss] (Saint Tier – Superior)

Attack: 2240 – 3050

Agility: +101

Stamina: +97

Strength: +94

Extra: Increases the user’s attack by 30%

Extra: Ignores 45% of the target’s defense

Special Skill: [Shield Breaker], penetrates the target’s armor and Mana Shield and deals 50% of the damage after penetration to their health.*
Allenwa note: Basically she gets to use a skill that nullifies the target’s defense, but only deals 50% of that damage

Special Effect: [Dragon’s Kiss], has a 30% drain effect. On top of that, once the user attacks their target, it immediately decreases their speed by 50%

Special Effect: [Level Ignore], Decreases the Level Requirement by 20 levels.

Level Requirement: 100


The stats of [Dragon’s kiss] gave Wan Er a shock, and she took several steps back with her mouth agape. She stuttered “Is…… is this possible? How……how did you get such a strong dagger? A Saint Tier Item! I thought this dagger was on foreign servers. Why……why do you have it?”

I flashed a smile and answered, “If you had seen the last battle of [Zhan Long]VS[Legend], then you would know……”

“Is it the battle at the Glacial River Valley? That Magical Dragon…..is it that Magical Dragon? That Boss named Huo Li dropped this?”

“Yup!” I nodded solemnly, “It was Huo Li. The damage I had caused him was enough, therefore the system approved the item to be dropped. Also, when I slayed Huo Li, I took the chance to kill Fang Ge Que too. Look! You see my helmet, the Magic Dragon’s Helmet, was also dropped by Huo Li. Two Saint Tier items! Very prestigious, right?”

Wan Er stuck out her tongue, and grinned cutely, “This BOSS’ s drop rate is so shameful. Dropping two Saint Tier Items at once……. How are other people going to play…… Anyway, I can’t accept this [Dragon’s Kiss] dagger. It’s too valuable. If I accept, what would it be counted as……”

I raised the dagger and inquired, “You…… don’t want it?”

“Well, I do want it……” Wan Er held her right hand in her left hand, and stared at me as her face reddened, “But this dagger is so valuable. What if after you gift it to me, you make some presumptuous demands. Ahhh.. Should I reject or accept……”

Hearing her words, my mouth twitched and exclaimed, “You! Enough okay?! If you really can’t, then giving me some money as a small token would be fine too……”


Wan Er accepted the dagger, and held it in her hand. She was so fond of this new weapon that she could not take her hands off it. Her face looked rosy and lively as she said, “What high attack strength…… There you go. Here’s 20,000RMB. I have transferred it to your bank account……”

“With a “Di” sound, the money was in my hands. Although this [Dragon’s Kiss] was worth a lot more than this price, I also knew that I had taken almost all of Wan Er’s ‘Activities Funds’. I then smiled, “For the coming month, I will pay for your food…..”

Wan Er pouted and replied, “Humph! Humph! You do have some conscience…….”

I lowered my head, and approached her pretty face as I smiled while I asked, “Miss, did you give me all your money, and now you don’t even have the money to buy SPACE 7? If you don’t, tell me!”
GT Note: SPACE 7 is the brand of …… Err…..Sanitary Pads.

Wan Er’s pretty face immediately reddened and scolded, “Asshole! Enough of you…… I will tell you if I don’t have money……”

“Good. Let’s work on the quest!”


As we continued moving forward, a cackle of hyenas appeared in the field. Level 85 Phantom Tier monster with a number of at least 50+ and were blocking our way. Wan Er patted my shoulder and grinned, “Let’s go. You attract their firepower, and I will attack them for you…… What do you think? There are so many of them, are you confident in defending against them?”

After experiencing the battle with the King of the Boars, I had a specific understanding of my 4200 defense. If I could defend against the BOSS, these Phantom Tier monsters should be nothing. I drew both of my swords and charged forward while I slashed crazily among the hyenas. At the same time, I withstood the attacks coming from the hyenas. However, they could only cause a weak amount of damage. It was between 100-300 points per hit and my total health of 11,200 had nothing to be afraid of. I waved my longswords, and many different AOE skills fluttered and danced wildly.

Wan Er stood at the periphery and raised her dagger. With “ShuaShuaShua”sounds, streaks of icy cold air began rising up around her. The next second, ice picks rushed around madly above the earth. As Wan Er opened her hand, hundreds of ice picks condensed within an area of 20×20 yards, forming a whirlpool. “Huacha Huacha” sounds were made as ice picks thrusted through the hyenas’ bodies, which dealt high damage——




I stared in astonishment with my eyes widened and mouth agape. I asked, “Wan Er, you have an AOE skill?”

Wan Er chuckled and answered, “Yeah. My reward in the City War Points Ranking was one equipment and a skill book. This skill is called [Ice Pick Whirlpool]. What do you think? Isn’t it very cool?”

I was speechless and muttered while slashing, “Why did I get only the[City War Bell]……”

“Okay. Don’t whine when you got something nice. The [City War Bell] is a lot more powerful than the two of mine added together. The [City War Bell] is a BUFF equipment with a range of 1000 yards. A treasure that can’t be bought with thousand of gold coins. It would be extremely useful even during the war between nations.”

“Alright. Stand closer. Let me give you a [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning]. It adds 40% of attack strength and defense…….”

“What a powerfully perverted guy….. Wait for me……”

While the Little Missy approached, I released my skill. Our attack strength increased explosively, and we speedily cut down all the hyenas. We hastily cleaned the battlefield and continued forward. We were trying to save time, and I just hoped that the classes of Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Jian Feng Han, would have extremely troublesome fourth job advancement quests, so that I would win first place!

As we advanced forward, the howl of a wolf rang out, and the leader of the hyenas appeared. It had the figure of an enormous wolf, a huge animal with a height of two meters. A Lv 85 Emperor Tier BOSS. There was nothing more to say. I defended as I attracted their agro towards me while Wan Er attacked. Within five minutes, the leader of the hyenas was hacked to pieces. We obtained two Gold Tier equipment, and a canine head as we continued to advance.

Looking at the time, the server had already reopened for 120 minutes. I was slightly anxious as I proceeded into the heart of the boundless fields. Wan Er could see what was going through my mind and grinned as she comforted me, “Don’t force yourself. Plus, you don’t need that little bit of charm*. Let’s just try our best. As the saying goes, Man proposes, God disposes!”
Allenwa note: That’s so true…..


However, the gods were still on our side. The moment we reached the edge of the boundless fields, gloomy clouds shrouded the forest in the distance. It looked like dark forces occupied that area. I immediately pointed towards the clouds with my sword and said with a smile, “The final BOSS, the summoner Lei Qian must be there!”

“Let’s go! Kill him! I just need 9% more experience to level up!”


As I approached the edge of the forest with the beautiful Missy, a dark air column could be seen rising up from the forest. The instant I stepped on the fallen leaves, those leaves became crushed mud. Under the erosion of the evil forces, the forest no longer had the flourishing look it once possessed. Looks like the reason Frost sent me here was to eradicate the source of this evil.

I stepped into the meadows cautiously, and [Camouflage] activated. Wan Er positioned her arm softly, and used [Stealth] as she followed closely behind me. We began to feel our way deeper into the forest. When the dense leaves were pushed aside, we saw what we expected. A dark magic circle appeared before us. There were a total of six mages standing at the pointed ends of the hexagram. They were all Emperor Tier Vice BOSSes. In addition, an old man dressed in black stood in the center of the magic circle, and that was Lei Qian!

“Di Di Di…….”

A bloody and beating human heart was gripped in Lei Qian’s hand. He lifted the heart high up and shouted loudly, “The sacrifice has been fully prepared. Awaken from your sleep and tear the hypocritical order of the human world apart with your sharp claws. Let those hypocrites that protect the order try the taste of despair! Let their cries resound all around the earth!”


A crimson hell hound appeared in the middle of the magic circle. The Lv 85 Emperor Tier BOSS opened its sharp claws, and darted towards the periphery of the forest.

“What should we do?” I asked.

Wan Er held her dagger and answered, “When we kill Lei Qian, the other six Vice Bosses will definitely attack. Lei Qian is a Valkyrie Tier BOSS with at least 500,000 health. We won’t be able to kill him within a short amount of time. Therefore, I suggest that we stun Lei Qian and kill the six Vice Bosses one by one. This way, it would be 2 VS 1 during our fight with Lei Qian, and it won’t be a problem for us to kill him.”

I nodded in response while adding, “We must have something that can attract firepower first.”

As Wan Er opened and waved her hand, an ice bear appeared. It is an Emperor Tier BOSS level pet. She petted the Ice Bear’s head softly and said to me with a smile, “My cub is Lv 77, I added 3 strength and 7 endurance per level. It has a super high physical growth, and a passive skill that increases its health limit. It now has 21000+ health. If it attacks first, it will attract the firepower, and I will stun after that. You mark the other Vice BOSSes. The Vice BOSSes only have 20,000 health, so try to kill around three of them before my Ice Bear dies.

“Okay! Understood! Let’s go!”


With a loud furious roar, Wan Er’s Ice Bear had already darted out, while pouncing and biting angrily.As it thundered simultaneously, a blue glowing shield materialized around it. This was its skill that absorbs attacks. It is truly great to have this pet be the Tank!


Wan Er activated [Absolute Step], and dashed out with her dagger in hand. I strode into the summoning circle, and waved my sword. I successfully stunned Lei Qian, and caused him to be stunned briefly.

With my sword held high, I darted towards one of the VICE BOSS summoners, and attacked fiercely with Flaming Tiger God. The Ice Bear endured the attacks of the other five summoners while I struck continually five times with both of my swords. I sent forth a [Combo]+[Strength of a Thousand Men] right after the previous five strikes. The fierce attacks instantly took half of the Vice BOSS’S health. One more round of this, and he would be dead!

Wan Er continued to ambush and stunned the BOSS again, as the Ice Bear roared angrily. Everything was going smoothly. When the Ice Bear’s health reached bottom, Wan Er changed her pet and her Tigerman was released. As for me, I slashed the fourth summoner down. I slid away while I searched for the right angle for [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. I then laughed and said to Wan Er, “Let’s use AOE skills and slaughter them altogether at once! ”


The whirlpool of ice picks descended. Wan Er’s speed in killing monsters wasn’t much slower than mine. The Flaming Tiger God could finally use [Fierce Roar], [Burst Fire Raid] and other AOE skills.

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