Zhan Long

Chapter 413

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Chapter 413:Fourth Job Advancement Quest


I got a message from the beautiful little miss Wan Er, “Li Xiao Yao, I’ve already left, and will arrive at Ba Huang City in about 90 minutes. Will you be waiting for me there, or someplace else?”

I immediately replied, “No. I’m about to go to Dragon City to get my fourth job advancement quest. But Wan Er, can you wait for me in Ba Huang City, I’ll just use a City Return Scroll to get back. My fourth advancement quest might be a bit hard, so you might as well help me with it while you’re here….”

Wan Er sent back a smiley face, “☺Ok~”

A golden crest floated above my head as I strolled through the streets of Ba Huang City with my two swords on my back. I was Lv 80, and ranked number one in the city, just ahead of Jian Feng Han in terms of experience points. To get the first advancement reward I need to finish my fourth advancement quest, or else getting that spot would be rather difficult. Based on what I knew and speculated, in all three cities there were at the very least three others who were competing with me for the glory of having the first, fourth tier advancement: Jian Feng Han, Q-Sword, and Fang Ge Que, the strongest enemies I had before me.*gonna use this one

I headed towards the Ba Huang City food store and for 1G a jin I bought 1000 jin of wild boar and 1000 jin of wild pheasant. I bought enough to fill a whole twenty inventory spaces –each space holding about 100 jin of meat. This was probably more than enough to fill up Dragon City. After my huge purchase, I checked how much gold I had left –more than 200,000– and took my Flaming Tiger God with me as we dashed out of the city, straight for Dragon City.

My War Swept Cloak’s [Ride the Wind] skill was actually quite useful. I was able to raise my movement speed by 15% and within 30 minutes, I was past Ba Huang Forest and had arrived at Dragon City. Once I got there I noticed that Dragon City was bustling as usual. A large number of soldiers were currently garrisoned in the city, and smoke drifted from the chimneys. In the distance, a countless number of soldiers were digging their shovels into the ground. Others were sowing seeds. It was clear that Dragon City was beginning to prepare to cultivate the forest. Luo Lin was having soldiers practice before they farm the lands of Ba Huang City.

After scanning the area, I also noticed that there were quite a few Ba Huang City soldiers there as well. They were all from the Imperial Defense army. It seems like Dragon City warriors were still going to train as well. Once the battle begins, the truly valiant heroes at the frontlines will definitely still be these people. The seven great armies of Ba Huang City were significantly weaker than the Unsullied in battle, after all, they weren’t the main pillar of support in battle.

The sound of hoofbeats echoed across the ground in the distance. It was the sound of the hundred Dragon City warriors patrolling the area. In the midst of them, with the emblem of a commander floating above his shoulder was the Beast Tamer Da Lin. He rode atop a mighty war bear which was 5 tons of bristling muscle. Eh. Honestly, even if I were at Da Lin’s rank, I still wouldn’t be able to get used to the idea of riding a such a regal animal….

Da Lin raised his chain and laughed, “Hey you little bastard! You still know how to come back to Dragon City? I thought your brain was only filled with those pretty Ba Huang City adventurer girls. Haha. Did you stop getting excitement from their bodies?”

My mouth twitched, “Master, please be more dignified. I came to Dragon City looking for Frost for a job advancement….”

Da Lin nodded, “Frost is on the observation deck of Dragon City, go find her yourself!”


With a shout, I called down a chain from the top of the wall. I grabbed it with a single hand, and lightly climbed up to the top. Within 3 to 2 minutes, I reached the top as flurries of snowflakes flew around the area. This place snowed four seasons a year. A few Dragon City warriors were swinging enormous brooms to brush away the snow which caused big blocks of snow and ice to tumble down from the wall.

On the observation deck, Frost’s lone body stood at the edge of the deck, her hand resting on Severing Beauty as she stared into the distant night sky.

I silently walked up to her, “What’s wrong? Are you thinking about something else again?”

Frost didn’t look back at me and only smiled, “It’s nothing, I’m just thinking. Now that Dragon City has reinforcements from Ba Huang City, our army has at least 200,000 men. Right now, Dragon City can be considered to have a well-trained army. I’m deciding what our next steps should be….”

“Guard Dragon City, and block any invasions from the North?”


I stared at Frost, “In the past, Dragon City was short on resources, even eating was a struggle. But now, why are you suddenly worried again? You…. what exactly are you worried about?”

Frost bit her lip, “I just feel like…. Now that Lord Luo Lin has returned to Duke Luo Lei’s side, and the fact that he’s such a loving father, and now that he has such a beautiful sister like Angela, maybe…. maybe he doesn’t need us underlings anymore….”

I took a deep breath, “Are you jealous of Luo Lin right now?”

Frost jolted, “I……I…. don’t think I am?”

“You sure?”

I smiled, “It doesn’t matter. No matter who is by Luo Lin’s side, I will always follow you. After all, you are my master. Come on now, I’ve brought all of the things Dragon City needs. You should tell me what I need to do to get a promotion.”

I fished out the 1000 pieces of wild boar meat and wild pheasant meat, and then took out another 10,000 G. At the moment, Frost giggled, “Oh. Alright…Dragon City can eat meat for a few more days…..”

After taking my tribute, Frost muttered for a second, and finally said, “I discussed this with Lord Luo Lin. If you want to become one of the valiant Guardians of Dragon City, you have to undergo a difficult test. It’s like this, Southwest of Ba Huang City, there’s a piece of fertile land that has been named “Wan Qing Land” by the people of Ba Huang City. That piece of land is also Ba Huang City’s storage space. It’s where most of the rations for the Seven Great Armies come from. However, as of late, a large group of monsters suddenly invaded the land. Not only did they knock over all of the corn, yams, and plants, they also killed a lot of the sentinels there. These monsters have been extremely hard to deal with, even the Seven Great Armies had no idea what to do. I’ll leave this task to you. You have to kill at least two Emperor Tier magical creature BOSS-es. After that, go kill the leader of these BOSS-es, “Lei Qian”. Once you have completed these tasks, you’ll be promoted!”
*Sara note:[Wan Qing Land 万顷良田: a vast agricultural field, or literally 10,000qing agricultural land][1 qing is 6.67 hectares]


System Notification: You have received S ranked quest [Kill Lei Qian]!

Quest Objective: Continue towards the fertile lands southwest of Ba Huang city and kill at least 2 Emperor Tier BOSSes. In addition, you need to find the mastermind pulling the strings – Summoner of the Dark Void, Lei Qian. Kill Lei Qian, bring his head back to Dragon City and hand it to Frost. Once completed, you will have passed your 4th Job Advancement quest.

Quest received! Time to set out!

After saying goodbye to Frost, I fished out a City Return Scroll, “shua” and was immediately returned to Ba Huang City. I ran straight southwest from there. The army’s storage area isn’t too far from Ba Huang City, at most it would take 20 minutes for me to get there. I joined a party with the little miss Cang Tong and the map immediately displayed her location. She was already at the border of Fan Shu City and Ba Huang City.

“Wu…..” The beautiful little miss smiled, “you want me to just find you?”

“Yup.” I grinned, “I’ve already received my fourth advancement quest. Wan Er, you’re already Lv 79, how much more until you level up?”


“Great! If you accompany me in killing this quest’s BOSS, it should be just enough to level up. At the same time I’ll help you finish your promotion quest too.”

“OK OK! I’ll be there soon!”


After passing through a small forest, a great plain suddenly appeared before me. In the midst of the plain was a strip of cultivated land. A fragrance wafted to me in the autumn wind. There were stocks of corn and potatoes,soybeans, sweet potatoes, etc. A group of soldiers carrying weapons were walking along the rows of plants. This was too close to Ba Huang City , there weren’t going to be any magical creatures here.
Passing through the depths of Wan Qing Land, I came across a mischievous Wild Boar and Hyena wrecking the fields, as expected. But they were just Lv 85 Phantom Tier monsters. I raised my sword and hacked at them; at the very least, I couldn’t let them disrupt my pace.

After walking for another few minutes, I finally saw my first target. It was a long-toothed wild boar – a Lv 85 Emperor Tier monster. It had probably just spawned after I got my quest because above the boar’s head floated the words “Quest BOSS”. If anyone else were to kill it, they wouldn’t get much experience or loot; only if I were to kill it, would I get the good drops. This was probably one of the game’s rules for protecting special quests.

The attributes of the Wild Boar were presented in front of my eyes – Attack: 2750-3420; Defense: 2100; Health: 2,000,000. Very good, the capabilities of this Emperor Tier BOSS was not too high. I glanced at my own stats: 3777-4886 Attack and 4218 Defense. Maybe I can solo this Emperor Tier BOSS all by myself!

“Klang Klang!”

With my dual swords unsheathed, I led my Flaming Tiger God and charged forward. I attacked with my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword, I launched 4 strikes onto the neck of the Wild Boar, bringing up some damage numbers.





It looks like my attack power has reached a new level. Every slash, with the ignored defense, would deal more that 4000 damage! As I dodged the Wild Boar’s charge, I sent out another [Wind Blade]!


As I watched the huge damage numbers, I really couldn’t stand it, myself; much less the wild boar. It raised its head, and kept breathing heavily as it rammed into my chest plate, breaking my defense.——


Looking at the damage, I knew there would be no problem finishing off the BOSS. With my dual blades dancing, “Ka ka ka” the Boar had been inflicted with damage. Soon after, the boar was left with only 10% of its health remaining. Added to that, my Flaming Tiger God; the battle only took 7 minutes as I finished of the last bit health.

System Notification: BOSS killed + 1

Looking at the BOSS’ drops, the effort required was not worth it at all. The best loot was a Gold Tier battle chest plate. It would only sell for a good 100RMB, and that’s only if the other party was blind.

At this time, the small orange dot on the map flew towards me; looks like the beautiful little sister had arrived.


The Little Miss made her way out of a field of wheat as she carried Valkyrie Tiered daggers, dressed in a snow white cloak made from leather. She was breathtaking. In her hair were a few fresh corn leaves, her well-shaped legs baring a few scratch marks. Two very impressive breastplates jutted out like peaks. She was even covered in watery drops of morning dew.


When I stood up, I wasn’t steady, and fell onto the head of the wild boar. With a forced straight face, I stood up, “Wan Er, you came…..”

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