Zhan Long

Chapter 411

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Chapter 411: City War Bell

“Shua Shua!”

Two rays of light fell upon me, this time the rewards from the City War really pulled through. Aside from the two levels, I also got 20 points in charm. With that, I have 180 total points in charm. On top of that, I also got a [City War Bell], but I have no idea what it is.

Opening up my bag, I saw an enormous blood red bell quietly sitting at the corner of the bag. I wasn’t sure what material it was made out of, but a line of ancient words encircled the bell. There were also faint shadows of swords, polearms, battle axes, bows and arrows dancing and moving around the bell. Jagged edges surrounded the bell, and the bell looked extremely magnificent. I glanced at the effect, and it was even more surprising than the appearance——

[City War Bell] (Saint Tier)

Type: Armband Emblem Accessory

Strength +100

Stamina +100

Agility +100

Effect: Increase the Attack and Defense of friendly players within 1000 yards of user by 10%. Also increase the Magic Attack of friendly players within 1000 yards by 100.

Required Level: 80

Qing Qian who was standing next to me saw the effect of the [City War Bell]. Her jaw dropped from reading the effect, “Wow. This is a super strong support item! Brother Xiao Yao, now you’re a moving buff. You’re basically a war machine!”

I nodded, and immediately wrapped the [City War Bell] around my emblem. The effects of the bell immediately activated. A system option appeared, and there were many options on the right side. Anyone could get the buff as long as I added their ID into the system. I first added everyone from [Zhan Long], and all of our alliance members. As for the others, I’ll slowly add them later on.

Soon after, I took out the level 100 Saint Tier item, Magic Dragon’s Helmet, and wore it on my head. The effect of the battle helmet flashed past my forehead and disappeared slowly. I tacitly approved to cancel the effect of the battle helmet. My fluttering short hair was covered within my [War Swept Cloak]. Once, the battle starts, my cloak would fly up, and this would made me look much more handsome. Stats and stuffs are all secondary as being handsome is the most important thing!

Wearing the Magic Dragon’s Helmet, I felt a warm sensation enter my body. I felt the power surging throughout my body. After putting on the [Magic Dragon’s Helmet] and [City War Bell], my stats soared——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City Nightwatch)

Level: 80

Attack: 3777-4886

Defense: 4218

Health: 11245

Magic: 3646

Charm: 180

The Saint Tier item’s effect was too strong. Just by equipping these two items, my attack had almost reached 5000. Even more surprisingly, my defense had reach 4218. Not even a Knight or a Monk could match my defense. The [Magic Dragon’s Helmet] gave +1100 defense. It was worthy of being called a Lv 100 Saint Tier item. It’s effects were out of the world!

I looked at the Emperor Qin’s Sword in my hand. Yes! 4886 basic attack strength would be enough. As players leveled up and upgraded their equipment, there are many players with more than 3000 base defense points. Even players like Fu Shen Thousand Blade, and Don’t Be Foolish have a defense of more than 3500 points. Without a super-high attack strength, it would be impossible to break their defense. In addition, possessing both attack strength and defense is the main trend for players today. Even Ye Lai, a Berserker that gave up on building his defense, has a defense of more than 3000. The interest in this matter could be understood without any further explanation. If you have no defense, it would be useless no matter how high your attack is.


Frost finally opened her eyes slowly as she laid within my arms. She stared at me with her beautiful eyes and suddenly grinned, “Being alive is good……”

I nodded and smiled, “Yeah, it’s good to be alive!”

Frost held onto my shoulder as she stood up slowly. She then said to me, “Thank you. But I have to return to my position. Dragon City still needs me to guide and lead them with all my heart and strength……”

“Yeah! You go first. I will also be going there later.”


Frost propped herself up on Severing Beauty, and staggered forward with her left leg bent. Bloodstains covered her left leg. It was obvious that she had injured herself during the battle against Huo Li however this little wound is nothing when you are as powerful as Frost.

Within the city, Jian Feng Han wore a white cloak across his shoulder. It was the legendary [Wings of Freedom]. He was laughing and talking delightfully with Goodbye Tears and Don’t Be Foolish about something. Seeing this, it was obvious that Jian Feng Han was satisfied with the battle result.


Raising my hand, I drew out my Cold Iron Sword. I wield both of my swords and forcefully activated the special skill——[Dragon Transformation]!


As flames encircled me, Dragon cries resounded all around my [Magic Spite Armor], [War Swept Cloak], [Dragon Knight’s Leg Guards], and other equipment went through a transformation. Streaks of dragon scales with a fiery glow materialized on the surface of my equipment, and a floating energy gathered beneath my feet. It was as if the air around me was under my command. A pure and forceful power surged above my arms. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t unleash this power!

“Brother Xiao Yao, what’s wrong?!” Qing Qian asked as she stared at me with a shocked expression.

I laughed, “Wait for me here!”

A “Pa” sound rang out as I stepped on the city wall with my battle boots, and dashed into the air. My body could actually fly naturally in the sky. I glided forward and darted towards Jian Feng Han who was within the fort. Besides Jian Feng Han, who else could could be more suitable to test out the power of the [Dragon Transformation]?


Jian Feng Han lifted up his head abruptly as he saw me flying towards him. He immediately shuddered in shock, and drew his longsword. With a deep roar, the [Wings of Freedom] behind his back actually spread out into enormous azure-colored wings as a “Hua” sound was made. This explained the origin of the name, [Wings of Freedom]. In the future, Jian Feng Han would be able to soar through the sky on the [Wings of Freedom]!


My strike cut through the air, and hit Jian Feng Han which caused him to tremble fiercely. He seemed to be unable to withstand my great attack power. I released my right arm, and withdrew my Emperor Qin’s Sword. Simultaneously, my left arm wielded my Cold Iron Sword, and I slashed it out furiously. The Dragon’s breath which encircled my left arm instantly suffused onto the sword. This time, the force of my Cold Iron Sword became even more pure and powerful!


A loud bang sound was heard. Jian Feng Han was helpless against my strike, and flew out like a cannonball. With a “Hong” sound, he crashed into the internal walls of the fort. The bricks of the wall broke into pieces, and a deep hole was created. Jian Feng Han humphed in pain as fresh blood sputtered from the corner of his mouth. He forcefully blocked my strike in the end, but my strike caused him 3217 damage which was one-third of his total health. This fellow’s health had become very high too.
“Keng Keng!” I sheathed both of my swords, and crossed my arms. With my feet floating above the air, I laughed, “Jian Feng Han, you have enough health, but inadequate strength. You will be easily knocked back this way!”

“Sha Sha……”

As Jian Feng Han left the deep hole in the wall, the pieces of broken stone fell behind him. He spread his [Wings of Freedom] slowly, and looked directly towards me while smiling, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, thanks for reminding. I will focus more on elevating my strength. You…… what equipment did you receive? Normally, your attack strength isn’t that high.”

I waved my arm and replied, “Military secret. I am leaving!”

As my feet began to step softly on the air, I flew up towards the east wall of the fort, and descended steadily.

Qing Qian narrowed her beautiful eyes and smiled attractively, “Brother Xiao Yao is so handsome! Sniff. Sniff. You knocked Jian Feng Han back with just two strikes. Jian Feng Han is really unworthy of being the receiver of the Citadel Defending Decree.”

I lowered my voice and said, “Shh……actually, I just used the special skill [Dragon Transformation]. Otherwise, how would it be possible to knock back Jian Feng Han with such a great disparity? He does have the [Wings of Freedom]. Cough. Cough. Show him the strength now, so he doesn’t cause us any trouble when we return to Ba Huang City.”

Qing Qian giggled, “Ya! Ya!”

“By the way, Qing Qian. You ranked fifth in the city war points ranking. What reward did you receive?”

Qing Qian waved the dagger encircled by wind blades, and grinned as she answered, “[Winds of Pursuit], a Lv 77 Valkyrie Tier dagger, with the high attack of 1900+. Not bad, right?”

I smiled as I nodded and answered cutely, “Yup. Yup. It is very good! Keep it up! Also, excluding me, you are the one in [Zhan Long] with the highest points. Therefore, according to the agreement I made, I will arrange for you to enter the House of [Zhan Long] after the City War ends.”

Qing Qian’s face brightened, and she jumped up happily while exclaiming, “Yeah! It was actually me who entered the House of [Zhan Long]! Awesome!”


After making the arrangements regarding our guild, everyone was extremely tired. The City War had officially ended, and the system needed maintenance. All of us could only be online for 30 more minutes. Qing Qian yawned, and signed out to go sleep along with Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, Darling Duck, and the other [Zhan Long] players. Yet, I had something on my mind, and went straight towards the other side of the city wall. All the major NPCs of Ba Huang City were here.


Duke Luo Lin sat in the middle of the city’s ruined walls that was burned black and coughed severely. Patches of blood appeared at the center of his palm, and he knitted his brows tightly, saying, “These years, my body is getting weaker and weaker as days pass by. However, son you have finally returned……”

Luo Lin was covered in wounds as he knelt on one knee and pleaded, “Father, please forgive my unfiliality. For the future of Han Huang Dragon City, and to defend the human’s northern border, I have used the all of my efforts to rebuild Dragon City. Now, these dauntless warriors are the result right before your eyes. Although I am not able to be by father’s side to fulfill my duty as a son, I Luo Lin, can face all races of the human world with a clear conscience! I hope father can understand!”

Luo Lei nodded, “I know. I know it all. Son……it has been hard for you……”

Angela, who was at the side, spoke, “Brother, since you have now returned, shouldn’t you lead the warriors of Dragon City back to Ba Huang City? After all, this is your home……”

Luo Lin clenched his fists tight, and said with a resolute look in his eyes, “Father, Angela, It is not that I am unwilling to return to Ba Huang City, as Dragon City is a bitter and cold place with inadequate food supplies and clothes. However, I can feel that the undead located northward of Dragon City, beyond the Blood Plains, are itching for action. I can hear the unreconciled furious howls of those ancient heroes from before they died. Therefore, I want to stay at Dragon City. As long as I am there, those malicious souls from the outside areas will never pass through the Ghost ropeway to attack the seven big empires. As long as I am here, Ba Huang City will have peace……”

Luo Lei let out a long sigh, and opened his mouth slowly, “I understand. You are my son, and we have such a similar destiny. We were destined to battle……”

While he spoke, he looked towards the corpses on the fertile field and continued, “Since you are unwilling to return to Ba Huang City, then I shall aid Dragon City with all of my effort. The commanders of the four major army forces, Ba Huang City’s Purple Star Army, Nightmare Army,Yun Huang Army, and Han Wei Army, died in battle. Therefore, from today onward, you shall take command of these four major army forces. Son, the boundless farmland southwest of Ba Huang City which is all used for military purpose will also be given to you. This way, Dragon City’s food supplies will never be a problem.

Hearing these words, Luo Lin froze and stood there.

Frost who was also surprised immediately said, “King Luo Lin, quick…… quick thank his grace.”

Luo Lin then knelt and bowed with his face to the ground and said; “Tha……Thank you, Father. Dragon City will remember your kind favor forever……”

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