Zhan Long

Chapter 410

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Chapter 410: Wings of Freedom


System Notification: You have killed player [Fang Ge Que], and received 10% of his city war points: 494370 points!


System Notification: You have successfully killed [Magic Dragon Huo Li]. Since you have killed a BOSS that possessed the power of a Vice-God, you received an additional reward: Charm+25!

With a cascade of golden light, I gained three levels, and was now level 78.

As I turned around, Magic Dragon Huo Li’s body began to sink slowly. It seemed like he had also dropped some equipment. Seeing this, I hastily threw off a Coelacanth and swam directly towards the equipment as I ignored the bites of the Coelacanth. I held the equipment that burst out of Huo Li. There were only two pieces of equipment, a fiery red helmet, and a dagger glowing with a fiery radiance. With no time to check, I quickly placed these into my bag, and darted up to the water’s surface. Behind me, a Coelacanth magnificently followed me out of the water, and chomped on the end of my battle cloak.

Frost sat on the back of the dead Magic Dragon and raised her hand, cutting the Coelacanth into two. She then glanced at me with faint breath, and smiled as she said, “Finally killed this animal. I am so exhausted…….”

She closed her eyes slowly and collapsed.

I hurriedly held her, and checked her breathing. Although it was faint, she was still alive. Knowing this, I felt relieved, and scanned the surroundings. There were already many Coelacanths tearing the corpse of the Magic Dragon apart. The number of Coelacanths in this river was unknown by men. The Magic Dragon might be eaten in no time, therefore I must take my beautiful teacher away. Otherwise, she would also die in the bellies of these fish.

I bent down and picked her up. I took a deep breath, and forcefully leapt onto an ice block. I placed her down, and rowed the ice block with my Emperor Qin’s Sword and Cold Iron Sword. This small ice block was carrying two lives as it slowly floated to a bank. At the same time, I glanced back and saw that almost all of the 4000 players from [Legend] had died. Numerous corpses were floating on the surface. These coelacanths were Lv 100 Phantom Tier monsters, if these players were able to defend against them, then that would truly be a phenomenon.

Slowly, the block of ice kept floating forward, and I let Qing Qian know to bring everyone back to Fort Zi Feng. The City War was coming to an end. I finally had the time to look at the equipment that Huo Li dropped. As I raised that awesome flaming helmet, I felt a scorching energy surging into my body. I looked at the stats. As expected, it was a treasure –

[Magic Dragon’s Helmet] (Saint Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1140

Strength: +105

Endurance: +102

Magic: +100

Extra: Raises the user’s magic defense by 55%

Extra: Raises the user’s attack by 500 points

Extra: Raises the user’s health by 2000

Special Skill: [Dragon Transformation] For a short period of time, it gives the user a dragon’s power in the form of the Magic Dragon. Duration: 60 seconds. Requires: 60 Rage points

Special Effect: [Level Ignore], decrease the user level requirement by 20 levels.

Level Requirement: 100

I stared at the Magic Dragon’s Helmet’s stars and tears almost streamed down my face. This was a Lv  100 equipment, but with a [Level Ignore] effect. In other words, I could use it even at Lv 80. Tsk tsk, the system really was considerate. They knew that at this point, none of the players would be able to use a Lv 100 equipment. On top of that, this Magic Dragon’s Helmet’s stats weren’t just strong, it added more than 90 points to three of the stats, and has a 55% increase in Magic Defense. That alone was already savage, and then it adds another 500 points to attack. 500 points of attack was practically equivalent to all of the attack of a Lv 50 player. You could tell how strong it was with just one look. On top of all of that, it even added another 2000 points to health. It was savage to the max.

The most important part was probably the [Dragon Transformation] special skill. For 60 seconds, you would possess the attack of a Magic Dragon. Tsk tsk, what did that mean? Well, even if it wasn’t clear for now, I’ll just wait for my level to get there to use the equipment, and try out the skill. Either way, I could predict, that after using [Dragon Transformation], my attack will evolve to an entirely new level!

I put the Magic Dragon Helmet into my bag. Yea, after this City War, I’d have the highest number of points, so I’d definitely be this battle’s MVP. The reward should take me to Lv 80 without a problem. On top of that, I took off a level from Fang Ge Que. It’s possible that I’d be the first player to reach Lv 80. After that, we’ll just have to see who gets to the 4th class advancement first.

Continuing, I peered at the flaming dagger. The stripes of an enormous dragon carved onto the blade. Its stats floated in the air. Looking at them, my heart started pounding. Motherf*cker, a Saint Tier equipment really wasn’t the same as a Valkyrie Tier or Emperor Tier ——

[Dragon’s Kiss] (Saint Tier – Superior)

Attack: 2240 – 3050

Agility: +101

Endurance: +97

Strength: +94

Extra: Increases the user’s attack by 30%

Extra: Ignores 45% of the target’s defense

Special Skill: [Shield Breaker], penetrates the target’s armor and Mana Shield and deals 50% of the damage after penetration to their health.*
Allenwa note:Basically she gets to use a skill that nullifies the target’s defense, but only deals 50% of what that damage would do

Special Effect: [Dragon’s Kiss], has a 30% drain effect. On top of that, once the user attacks their target, it immediately decreases their speed by 50%

Special Effect: [Level Ignore], Decreases the Level Requirement by 20 levels

Level Requirement: 100

Holding this [Dragon’s Kiss] dagger, my heart was in the midst of confusion as heavy thoughts filled my mind. F*ck Yeah! A Saint Tier Weapon finally appeared. This was probably the first Saint Tier Weapon of the whole server? Plus, this Lv 100 weapon only has a level requirement of Lv 80 which inconspicuously increased the attack stat by 20%. A player that was able to wield this dagger was basically invincible before he or she reached level 120. With a 30% drain effect, the recovery during battles would be extraordinarily strong. In addition, the wielder would be able to break shields. One can imagine that once [Dragon’s Kiss] approached, any Mages, Knights, or Swordsmen would be powerless. Especially Mages, they would be killed in one strike even if their shields were used!

“Pa Da!”

I threw the [Dragon’s Kiss] dagger into my bag. Wan Er said that she would give me a gift, then this [Dragon’s Kiss] dagger would be my gift to her. How could the future Vice Guild Master of [Zhan Long] not have an unearthly weapon!

A soft sound was heard as the block of ice that Frost and I were sitting on floated to the shore. Glaciers were burned and melted all over the shore, and thousands of dead [Legend] players floated in the river behind me. The scene was horrifying!

Holding an unconscious Frost, I leapt onto the shore, and went westward. I was battered and exhausted with my armor covered in burn marks and slashes. The War Swept Cloak on my back, which was originally white, had been dyed red by the fresh blood, and holes made by arrows and spears were all over the cloak, even my face was covered with bloodstains. These dried bloodstains weren’t even washed away when I went into the water to kill Fang Ge Que.
On the Hell’s Core Plains, the strong smell of blood filled my nose. Bodies were everywhere, especially the few fields that had experienced big battles. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the fields had transformed into mountains of bodies.

As I gazed towards Fort Zi Feng, Ba Huang City’s flags fluttered above the fort which was not unexpected at all. After losing Huo Li and Lin Qiong, the two killer machines, Jiu Li City lost the war in the end. When Fang Ge Que, the spiritual leader of the players, and the 4000+ [Legend] players were killed by the broken ice at the Glacial River valley, the whole battle formation of Jiu Li City collapsed in an instant.

Holding Frost, I stepped forward, unable to move fast enough. Behind me, footsteps rang out. Yue Qing Qian had led Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands, and the remaining [Zhan Long] players here. There were only 20+ [Zhan Long] people left, and the rest of the players here were the members of [Blood Contract] and [Enemies At The Gate]. Yue Qing Qian ran towards me as her chuckles rang like the sound of silver bells. She exclaimed happily, “Brother Xiao Yao is so awesome! We have won!”

I turned to scan each and every one of them, and everyone looked terrible. I burst out in laughter and shouted, “Everyone has worked hard!”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands hastily said, “Guild Master, Hurry and go take a look in Fort Zi Feng. Right now, the important thing to us should be the Citadel Defending Decree. Whoever receives the Citadel Defending Decree is the biggest winner…….”

I nodded and dashed forward with all of my efforts but my speed still could not catch up with the others.

One of the [Enemies At The Gate]’s players felt puzzled and asked, “Guild Master Xiao Yao Zi Zai, why do you have to hold this NPC Beauty? Don’t you want the Citadel Defending Decree?”

I answered with a smile, “I do, but…… to me, she is a million times more important than the Citadel Defending Decree…….”


Our group of people climb up the east wall of the fort using the cloud ladder. In the end, just when we were about to reached the top of the wall, the battle within the city had ended!

“Ahhh. You damn intruders! We barbarians will never forget this! Await the battle of vengeance!”

The sturdy king of the barbarians collapsed at the front of the city hall, and equipment busted out to the ground with a purple and the red decree seen in the midst of the equipment!


Jian Feng Han held his bloody sword, and picked up the Citadel Defending Decree from the ground. He then raised the Decree high up and guffawed, “The final victory belongs to Ba Huang City! Hahaha…… All hail Ba Huang City!”

A group of [Vanguard] players and some players from small guilds immediately raised their weapons and yelled, “All hail Ba Huang City!”

I stood on top of the wall and was speechless. I absolutely did not expect that the Citadel Defending Decree would fall into the hands of Jian Feng Han in the end.

On top of the Fort, one of [Zhan Long]’s elite Swordsmen drew his longsword forcefully, and pointed directly towards Jian Feng Han who was within the fort shouting out loudly, “Jian Feng Han, don’t you think this Citadel Defending Decree is too hot for you to hold? Don’t forget that it was our Guild Master who came up with the plan at Bowl Valley which annihilated the men of [Legend], [House Of Prestige] and [Appearance Alliance]. It was also [Zhan Long] that blocked [Legend] at Hell’s Core, and it was also us who defeated [Legend] at Glacial River Valley. This Citadel Defending Decree should belong to our Guild Master. Jian Feng Han, you actually have the thick skin to take it from him?”

Jian Feng Han gripped the Citadel Defending Decree, then looked up at the wall, “Guild Master Zi Zai, if you want this Citadel Defending Decree, then take it. I, Jian Feng Han, do not care about things like this. All I care about is that Ba Huang City is the final victor!”

I gritted my teeth and coldly said, “Nevermind, it’s already in your hands, what more can I say? Go turn in the quest and end this event, everyone’s tired.”


In reality, I wanted the Citadel Defending Decree, and I also wanted to use it to help bring more repute to [Zhan Long]. But, at this point in time, if I were to take the Citadel Defending Decree, my name would be blackened. Gossip is a fearful thing, and three men talking can become a tiger. In the mouths of haters, even innocent people can become convicts. Even though I don’t care much about it, this is tied with the future of [Zhan Long]. I can’t let our future turn to dust over a mere decree!

Jian Feng Han held the decree, and turned in the quest. In an instant, the sound of bells resounded on top of the two big main cities. A beautiful period was finally drawn for the fierce and terrifying city war——


System Announcement: Player Jian Feng Han successfully handed in the “City Defending Decree,” therefore Ba Huang City received the ownership of Fort Zi Feng. All players of Ba Huang City receive Fort Zi Feng’s BUFF effect, their attack increases by 7% for 30 days. Player Jian Feng Han received reward: level+4, Charm+12 and received [Wings of Freedom] (Level 80 Saint Tier Cloak)!


System Announcement: This City War has ended. The final player points rankings are listed successively as follows: Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Mu Xuan, Yue Qing Qian, General Li Mu, Hero Old K, Ye Lai, Misty Cloud, and Bali Ruo Feng. Congratulations to player Xiao Yao Zi Zai on receiving the MVP qualification of this City War. Rewards received:level+2, Charm+20 and [City Battle Bell](Level 80 Additional Equipment)!

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