Zhan Long

Chapter 409

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Chapter 409 Kill the God

From within the fire, a pair of crimson eyes suddenly blinked open. They were the eyes of Huo Li. Only god knows why he would suddenly appear on Glacial Peak, but based on his body full of injuries, he must’ve undergone an extremely fierce battle. On top of that, Huo Li’s strength and health were drastically lower than they were before. He was even panting through his nose.


After a series of painful screams, a man got up from under the dragon’s foot. It was Little Scholar! Such a strong will to live, he didn’t even die after all of that?

After standing up, he touched his bloody shoulder and said, “Motherf*cker, it hurts….”

Fang Ge Que yelled out from afar, “Little Scholar, look out!”


Little Scholar looked back, only to see the Magic Dragon Huo Li’s cruel smile. Immediately, he pulled out a sharp claw and suddenly, with a “Pa!”, [Legend]’s flagbearer was flicked into the distant sky. As his body was flying through the air, it evaporated into light and scattered in the wind, finally killed by Huo Li.



There was another shriek. I walked over to look, only to see that there was a beautiful female general on the dragon’s back. It was none other than Frost! Her Severing Beauty Sword was stabbed through the dragon’s back. She had clutched on to this sword in order to stay on the dragon’s back the entire time. There was also a chain that circled around the dragon’s neck for her to hang onto. The chain had been heated to a burning red. One could imagine the lengths she went through in order to kill this magic dragon. On top of that, I could tell that Frost only had a sliver of health left. She was just about to die. It was horrifying to see how weak she was!


I yelled out, then charged forward three strides. With a lift of my battle boots, I kicked off Huo Li’s nose and leapt into the air, picking up Frost in one swift motion. Seeing her injuries made my heart break. Not so long ago, my master was a peerless beauty, and could even be said to be the most beautiful woman on the China Servers, yet now she was in such a pitiful state.

Frost’s emotionless eyes swept over me. She then cracked a smile, “I was able to see you one last time…..”

At that moment, the Magic Dragon Huo Li roared from underneath us and suddenly rose up. With great effort, he shook his head and neck. It looked as though he was trying to shake us off.

“Hold on to me!” Frost quickly yelled out.

I immediately reached out to hug my beautiful master’s shoulders. Soon after, in the midst of the dragon’s roar, Frost and I flew into the air with the Magic Dragon. Huo Li twisted his head to look at us, his beady eyes filled with anger. He let out a low roar and said, “Frost, you b*tch, are you planning on throwing away your life for Luo Lin?”

Frost’s bloody cape fluttered in the wind behind her, “Lord Luo Lin is the only hope for Dragon City. In order to let him survive, my life is but a small price. Huo Li, today is your doomsday. If I don’t kill you, I won’t pass away peacefully!”

Huo Li roared out angrily and began rolling in the air, leaving a fiery line across the horizon. He continuously twisted, jumped, and spouted a round of curses in dragon tongue.

I hugged onto Frost, fearful that I would be thrown off. If I fell from this height, I would definitely die.



I got a message from Qing Qian, “Brother Xiao Yao, you…. why did you go up into the sky with the magic dragon? Are you alright? Make sure you don’t get burned to death! Wu wu, what should we do?”

With a single heal, I was able to return some of my health. I responded with, “I won’t. Qing Qian, lead everyone towards the river. Once you step onto the ice, never look back. There are just too many people from [Legend]. On top of that, if Fang Ge Que doesn’t die, we won’t be able to defeat [Legend]!”


As I overlooked the Earth, I could see Qing Qian leading the 200 people from [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] across the Glacial River Valley. Behind them, there were the 4000 elites from [Legend], along with Fang Ge Que. After a series of intense battles, Fang Ge Que had already developed a wariness of [Zhan Long]. If [Zhan Long] doesn’t die, he won’t be able to relax!

Watching Fang Ge Que continuously chased after us, I could tell that [Zhan Long]’s people were suffering enormous losses. Within moments, we only had around 100 people left, while the enemy maintained their 4000. At that point, I realized that it was too late to do anything. We had actually lost….



In the sky, the Magic Dragon Huo Li angrily roared out and continued to twist around, using flames to burn Frost and me. Frost’s frost armor had already broken several times and it seemed too difficult for her to even condense the frost energy in her body to create another armor. Huo Li had to die soon, or else my beautiful master would disappear forever.

I analyzed the situation and suddenly seized one of the chains. I slid down the dragon’s back, and “Pa!” landed on one of the dragon’s blind spots. Here, Huo Li had no chance of reaching me. There was even a short sword lodged into the dragon, it was Luo Lin’s sword!


I grabbed onto the hilt and wrapped the chain around my waist, stabilizing my position. Afterwards, I pulled out my Cold Iron Sword and with a “Pu Chi!” I stabbed it into the dragon’s neck. Fresh blood oozed out of the wound. With this, I could better balance myself on the dragon. As Huo Li screamed in pain, I pulled out my Emperor Qin’s Sword and started hacking away at his neck. Lava-like blood began to seep out of the wounds. Huo Li could only endure the pain and angrily cry out, unable to do anything but claw away at empty space.

Frost’s weak voice travelled to me, “Good. Now move up half a meter from where you are. That’s where the dragon scales change direction, in other words, it’s where your attacks will hurt the most. It’s also where his dragon power comes from. If you attack there, you will be able to drain away his strength. Without his dragon strength, Huo Li is nothing but an enormous rabid beast. Hurry!”

I nodded, “Understood!”

I continuously swung my Emperor Qin’s Sword and “Pa pa pa” kept hacking at the area. Huo Li’s painful screams cut through the clouds. With a shriek, he rushed towards the ground, as if he had gone crazy!

I could see on the ground, the Glacial River where a large number of players were being chased to death.


The Magic Dragon Huo Li suddenly smashed into a layer of ice, causing a crack in it. Then he flew up again, trying to get rid of the pain. However, it didn’t seem to do much and he wasn’t able to throw Frost and I off of his back either.



I fiercely stabbed my Emperor Qin’s Sword into the dragon, making his neck suddenly bulge up from the pain. I actually managed to force a dragon’s breath out of him with my stab. Flames soared into the sky, leaving behind trails of smoke like that of jets.

“Sha sha…..”

I gripped Luo Lin’s broken sword in my left hand and began swinging my body, opening up the wound even further. Huo Li twisted in agony. There had to be a cluster of nerve cells here. Huo Li’s flight pattern suddenly shifted, it seemed as though he was going in the opposite direction of my swings?

Now, this was pretty interesting. I twisted the broken sword again, making Huo Li fly left. Just to make sure, I twisted the sword left again and Huo Li agonizingly immediately flew right. It was as though he couldn’t control his flight direction anymore. I was right, this was where the nerve cells connecting to his wings were located!

A gust of wind blew back my War Swept Cloak as I came to a realization. Even though this was a dangerous situation, I was ecstatic. A new brainchild* popped into my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I immediately put it into action!
*[Editor’s Note: an idea or plan that a person is particularly proud of. Our translator is showing off their vocabulary :P ] Needed to put those SAT words to some use >.> < .< -Ciel

I began twisting the broken sword, forcing Huo Li to make a dive. I carefully maneuvered him so that Huo Li would fly right at the [Legend] players that were chasing after [Zhan Long]. With a swing of my Emperor Qin’s Sword, the enormous dragon’s neck began to bulge. In the next second, a long stream of dragon breath was spat out onto the layer of ice, melting 500 meters of ice!


Qing Qian immediately dashed forward, her eyes filled with excitement, “Brother Xiao Yao, he…he’s just too amazing….”

All of the [Legend] people’s jaws dropped.

I continued to maneuver Huo Li and made a turn. I then threw another dragon’s breath at the 4000 Legend players that were following behind us. I melted another layer of the ice, but the ice was too thick and didn’t collapse!

With another forceful jab of my Emperor Qin’s Sword, Huo Li’s energy disappeared. I had used up the dragon’s energy and had no way of using another dragon’s breath.

“This is illogical….”

I gave another jab and only heard a “Ka Cha”. My heart grew cold. Frost’s soft laugh suddenly traveled to my ear, “Kid, you didn’t find anything interesting, did you?”

I panicked. All I could see was the numerous [Legend] players crowded together on the ice. A new crazy idea popped into my head. I checked out Huo Li’s remaining health, only 1%. He was about to die. Yup. I’ll just use his last breath to help us!

With a twist of the broken sword, Huo Li cried out and made a dive. My target was Fang Ge Que and the other commanders!



A dragon with a body the size of a mountain suddenly broke through the ice. As if a key had fit into the lock, a large piece of ice broke and 4000 players from [Legend] fell into the water. After that, a “Shi Shi Suo Suo” sound came out from the river. An enormous Coelacanth appeared and began ripping apart the players that fell into the water. The agonizing screams were endless!

“I’m going to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai, even if I have to use my very last breath to do so!” Fang Ge Que shouted out while standing on a piece of ice.

Li Mu, Song Han, Matcha, and Old K’s tragic deaths suddenly replayed in my mind. It was almost all because of [Legend]. At that moment, a fierce anger began to rise up in my chest. I suddenly jumped off of the Magic Dragon with a sword in both of my hands and yelled out, “Fang Ge Que!”


In a fit of anger, I hacked the piece of ice underneath Fang Ge Que into pieces. On top of that, I grabbed onto the neckline of his Mage robe, keeping him from jumping off the ice. The two of us fell into the freezing river as coelacanths were ripping people to shreds all around us. The icy water seemed to clear my mind. Fang Ge Que’s eyes were filled with a stunned rage.

With a wave of his paper fan, he sent a [Blazewind Lock] and an [Ice Rock Blast] which exploded consecutively around my body.

The second I let go, I swung my two swords. “Pa pa pa” I threw a chain of even slashes, then activated [Fierce Ice Blade] and shouted, “It’s time to pay your debts!”


The [Fierce Ice Blade] immediately took his life. Fang Ge Que’s eyes widened. [Legend]’s Guild Master, [Destiny]’s number one player, had been killed, just like that, in the middle of the Glacial River!

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