Zhan Long

Chapter 407

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Chapter 407 Predicament

“Go! No one turns back!”

Holding my Emperor Qin’s Sword, Qing Qian and I were at the rear of the array. Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands flew up in the sky, and gazed anxiously at our rear as she said, “Guildmaster and Qing Qian, you two must be careful. We can’t lose you guys either. Otherwise, we would have to depend on someone like Sheltering Guest to lead us. We can’t have something like that happen.   

Sheltering Guest sneezed, “Damn, that burns!”

Sword Reborn raised his blade, “Everyone, head out of the city! The farther apart we pull from [Legend]’s forces, the safer we’ll be!”

A group of 500 players left the city as bait. They ran eastwards towards a high level training area where players seldomly visited. Even I have never been there. However there was one thing that I was certain of. The further we led them into this area, the more favorable it would become for us. There were too many players in [Legend], so they couldn’t be as agile as us. In a chase, they would run into many more obstacles.

Glancing back, the Magic Dragon Huo Li was soaring in sky unleashing his dragon breath upon the city walls. However, the Ba Huang City and Dragon City NPCs remained resilient, and continued to launch arrows and boulders at the dragon. After a while, a liquid began to oozing out of the numerous wounds the dragon’s body. I couldn’t tell if it was blood or something else. Either way, the anatomy of a dragon was something players wouldn’t understand.

Within the city, Little Scholar led a group of people and charged towards the city wall while [Vanguard] still had dozens people defending the city. Arrows flew down and made “Pa Pa” sounds as they hit Little Scholar’s shield.

Fang Ge Que knitted his brows tightly, and spoke with a voice that was not loud but with authority, “Little Scholar, don’t go after [Vanguard]. They are nothing to be afraid of. Jian Feng Han won’t be able to make any big ripples. Everyone, go out of the city! Pursue and slaughter [Zhan Long], [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract]! Mages use [Dimensional Leap], and swordsmen use [Blade Rush] to advance. We must use whatever means we can to shorten the distance between us, and overtake [Zhan Long]. I must see the corpses of Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Yue Qing Qian within 2 hours!”

“Yes! Guildmaster!” Without asking any questions, Little Scholar carried his spear and lept down from the city wall. He lead a group of [Legend]’s elites out of the city. Fang Ge Que also followed, leaving Fort Zi Feng an empty city. The slaughter was now happening outside the city.

Seeing the dust flying far behind us, Qing Qian was slightly worried as she said, “Brother Xiao Yao, [Legend] has at least 500+ wind elf players. They have high movement speed, and it’s game over once they catch us……”

I glanced at the map and replied, “Keep moving east through the Moonlight Forest. Everyone with more than a 10% movement speed bonus stay at Moonlight Forest with me. We shall wait for their wind elves, and attack them for some time before we talk about the next plan. Sheltering Guest, you lead the others, and continue east. Focus on the goal——the snowy lands! You’ll reach Ice Ridge Mountain if you continue East. We’ll find our new battlefield at the foot of Ice Ridge Mountain where there’s a tundra map.

Hearing my words, Sheltering Guest was shocked and asked, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, are we still going to battle [Legend]?”

I responded with a smile, “If we’re not fighting them, then are we sitting down and having a nice cup of tea with them? Go! Always be prepared for battle! Humph! Fang Ge Que thinks that he will win because his army is ten times the size of ours. Well, I will teach him a lesson today!”

Sword Reborn grinned, “What would you do if you were taught a lesson by him?”

I also grinned, and shrugged as I answered, “Then the 500 brothers will die with me. What else is there to discuss?”

Sheltering Guest burst out in laughter and said, “I am leaving. Only you guys can actually joke around at a time like this. I salute you two!”


Outside the city, [Vanguard]’s group of people scattered, and fled under the command of Jian Feng Han. Jian Feng Han was indeed a smart fellow to break up the whole into parts. As a result, Fan Ge Que had lost interest in such a disintegrated [Vanguard], and the 5000 people of [Legend] went straight towards the east of the fort, billowing dust as they came straight towards us. A huge mass of wind elf players soared high up above the sky. Tsk. Tsk. They are coming as according to plan.

The flying speed of the wind elves increased by 100%, therefore, they drew farther away from the whole formation within a short time. Feng Ge Que had to be very confident to be able to send 700 wind elf players to charge at the front while more [Legend] members were pursuing at their rear.

In the Moonlight Forest, the sunset glow hung over the sky, and the night fell. The sky darkened extremely fast.

I stood in the middle of the forest, and secretly chuckled. F*ck yeah! The night came at the right time! I glanced at the 500 people and ordered, “Sheltering Guest take 400 people, and chose some to stay behind in the forest and ambush with me. All those with more than 200 points of agility climb up the trees. For now, the flying altitude of the Wind elves is only about 30 yards. The uneven layout of the forest will affect their flying. Therefore, they can only fly below 30 yards, and won’t be above the trees. This is our chance! Sword Rebron, you lead a group of swordsmen and berserkers to ambush on the ground of the forest, and hide yourselves by using the vegetation as cover. Once we strike down those wind elves, you can slaughter them on the ground.”

 Qing Qian and Sword Reborn answered simultaneously, “Yes! Understood!”

I emphasized one more thing, “Most importantly, we shall only battle for five minutes, and retreat immediately when the time’s up. No matter how the situation of the battle is, we must leave. Otherwise, the team coming from the rear will catch up to us and we will be destroyed!”

Everyone nodded.

Sheltering Guest led 400 people, and darted stealthily through the Moonlight Forest. With two long swords on my back, I jumped a few times up an enormous tree, and stood firmly on a tree branch. I hid myself in the dense leaves of the tree, and used the concealment of the night sky. Almost all the players out there wouldn’t notice my tiny dot on the map.

Carrying the dagger, Qing Qian stood above the tree opposite me and flashed a smile as she said sweetly, “Brother Xiao Yao, do you think Fang Ge Que knows we are ambushing them here?”


I nodded, heavily, “Based on the fact that Fang Ge Que could tower above the rest in this city war, he must be very smart. He must have guessed that we’re planning an ambush here. However, we must ambush in this area. Fang Ge Que wants to annihilate us, so he would never waste the time to go around the forest during the pursuit!”

 Sword Reborn hid his whole body within the plants as he spoke in the team channel, “It is said that Fang Ge Que possesses a magical mind reading ability. Our thoughts were probably exposed before him, right?”

I burst out in laughter, “Haha……”

Sword Reborn was speechless and asked,“What are you laughing at?”

I shrugged my shoulder and answered, “What do you think mind reading is? Let me tell you. Mind reading is a kind of mental energy that is similar to invading the brain waves. We are now located 1000 yards away from Fang Ge Que, which is 914 meters or about two miles*. Fang Ge Que is not God. He will read nothing!”

TL Note: This is referring to the Chinese mile while is about 1/3 of an English mile. Sorry for the confusion! Thank you commenters for pointing out the confusion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_%28unit%29

Sword Reborn laughed, “Okay. I have learned something. Then, everything will be fine!”

“Pa Pa Pa” sounds were heard from the sky soon. They were the sounds of the wind elves flapping wings. They came as expected, a mass of 700+ people. The array was seriously too powerful. It was smart of Fang Ge Que to use the advantage of race at a time like this time as the 700+ wind elves possessed extremely high maneuverability with an overall ability that was able to crush us. They were the trump card!

“Hold your breath!”

I stared outside at the wind elves flying past continuously, and said in the team channel, “Let’s attack after 100+ people go past. Everyone, clear the area around you. The archers and mages on the ground, prepare to target and shoot them down. It’s very easy to kill disconcerted wind elves. Everyone…… do you best!”

The crowd answered simultaneously, “Yes!”

As more and more people were seen flying over, my heartbeat accelerated. I counted to three , and immediately held my sword as I shouted, “Now! Launch an attack!”


I stomped on the branch as I lept out, and waved my Emperor Qin’s Sword. [Seven Star Fragment Slash] crashed into the bodies of 4 wind elves, smashing all four of them. One of the archers was even killed instantly. Next, while I was still falling, a wind elf knight directly below me suddenly looked up and exclaimed, “F*ck. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is really ambushing here!”

I laughed out loud, and gave him a fierce kick with my battle boots on his shoulder!


As I kicked him down, I used my strength to leap up several meters, and smashed my Cold Iron Sword on the head of a wind elf archer, ruthlessly stepping on him with my Divine Battle Boots. My calculations were very precise, and I dashed towards my third targets, two wind elf swordsmen. The instant they saw me, the two immediately activated [Combo]!

“Keng Keng Keng……”

At the same time his [Combo] struck on my Magic Spite Armor, my swords slashed one of the wind elf swordsmen in two. With a flash, I sheathed my Cold Iron Sword, and grabbed the other swordsman’s hilt, forcefully pulling him down towards the ground with me. His eyes were filled with terror, and he hastily wielded his sword, using [Skyshaker Slash]!

I lifted an iron fist and punched his forehead!


It was obvious that the speed of my fist was faster than the swordsman’s sword. After continuously throwing messy punches, the swordsman was killed before he fell to the ground. I then raised my arm, and opened my hand. A wind elf mage was directly hit by my [Great Realm Of Desolation], collapsing after howls of pain. Simultaneously, a firefox swept past in the sky, and Qing Qian’s [Grip of the Firefox] struck down a group of wind elves.

“Shua Shua Shua……”

Above the ground, arrows and magic flew causing the wind elves in the sky to become living targets. When they fell onto the forest floor, they were immediately cut down by a group of melee players led by Sword Reborn.

I held both of my swords, and darted again and again as the Flaming Tiger God roared. The light of the flames in the forest flashed repeatedly, and they illuminated the surroundings as the fierce battle started within a short time.

Practically every kill gave an abundance of points. These people had experienced numerous battles, and so the points they possessed were not just ordinarily high. Your own points would increase drastically by just taking 10% of their points.

The battle had continued for 5 minutes, and resulted in 100+ wind elf players were killed, and even more were wounded. However, not many of our people were left. I held my swords and retreated along the grassland towards the rear as I yelled, “Retreat! No one yearns to continue fighting!”

Qing Qian, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands、Sword Reborn and the others all retreated. About 30+ people flew out of the forest. Although we did not kill that many people, at least we succeeded in slowing them down.

The moment we left the forest, I heard Little Scholar’s laughter coming from behind us, “Humph, the battle result was not bad. We sacrificed 117 lives in exchange for their 72 lives. I would like to see how many more people Xiao Yao Zi Zai has that could be exchanged with us!”

Hearing his words, my heart sank. I did not know whether it was us who were tricked or them.

When facing adversity, we could only fight with determination! Otherwise, we could only expect failure!

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